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Volunteer transcribing project information

There are over 30 Joshiah channeling sessions which do not appear on this site because they are waiting to be transcribed. If you would like to help make one of the Joshiah sessions available on this site, and listen to it yourself as well during the process, here are some considerations:

  • It is not necessary to have any previous transcribing experience. All transcripts are relistened to and any necessary corrections will be made at that time, so a perfect transcription is not required.
  • Most channeling sessions are recorded in two parts, the opening portion and the Q and A portion. The recordings are in the form of .MP3 files. Each portion will be e-mailed separately, and you would need to be able to receive an e-mail of approximately 5MB in size.
  • MP3 files can be readily transcribed using a variety of media players. There are also special-purpose transcribing applications which can make the transcribing process much easier.
  • One example of this type of application (and one that is recommended) is Express Scribe, from NCH Swift Sound. A free version can be downloaded at This program provides common transcribing functions which are easily accessed through the keyboard.
  • Given the nature of the recordings, the use of headphones is recommended, but not required.

In order that we can complete this project within a reasonable time, it would be helpful if you could complete your session as soon after you receive it as is convenient.

The initial transcribing should be followed, after a break of a day or so, by a relistening pass, where the session is played and compared against the draft transcription. It’s typical to find many small corrections during this editing pass.

When you feel you have done as much as you wish to with the session, please e-mail the text transcript back to us at the e-mail address below. You are, of course, welcome to keep the MP3 file.

After your session is received, it will be made ready and then published on the Joshiah site for others to read.

If you finish a session, and would like to transcribe another one, please let us know.

After you have started, if your availability to complete a session changes, please just let us know and the session will be reassigned. We do not wish anyone to feel any sense of obligation if you find at any point you won’t be able to complete a session.

We do ask, though, that you let us know if you are unable to finish a session within a period of a few weeks, because we want to complete and then publish all the sessions that have not yet been transcribed.

Thank you very much for your considerations and efforts towards this shared project!

Please use this e-mail address for all correspondence in regard to this project, as well as for any questions or comments.

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