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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

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March 1, 2009

Q and A

Joshiah: Well, now. Well, once again it is a pleasure to be invited back into your vibrational level and before we begin, once again, we would remind you that there exists that opportunity for you to be involved in that silent communication, that telepathic interaction and exchange of information, should you choose to do so. Absolutely.

Now. We’ve suggested that there are multitudes of incarnational periods or realities or vibrational levels, whichever you choose for terminology to give an explanation of the realities that you’re involved in creating, that are existing within the same time and the same space. Realities that for lack of a better terminology or explanation are based upon belief systems that for the majority of time are put in place and established in your altered states of consciousness in your so-called past. In your history it was possible for you to some extent have a capacity to predict your future or the future of other entities involved in certain activities. Because the belief systems that were the major influence on the realities that you were experiencing in [an] incarnational period were put in place in an altered state of consciousness that many times you refer to as the between incarnational state or in that state where you’ve passed beyond your dream state into that altered state of consciousness, when you die, for example.

And in that state you choose to put in place belief systems in conjunction with other entities that will allow you to create and experience a reality that gives you the opportunity to experience certain emotions and feelings that are associated with that particular reality.

Now. In your so-called past—and that’s, once again, simply a term we’re using to allow you to get some type of a grasp on the explanation—in the past those belief systems were put in place for the most part in your between incarnational state, [at] a state of consciousness from which you could choose if you wish to leave this vibrational level or to reincarnate or to reexperience realities in this awake and consciousness state. Where you choose the circumstances and the other individuals with which you would interact in that incarnational period in conjunction with their agreeing to participate in that creation process. And you put in place possibilities that were belief systems that were stored in your so-called, what your scientists refer to as your DNA.

You see, you like to have certain elements of this reality that validate the reality that you’re experiencing. So you look at it and say, “Well, it’s because of this and this and this.” That’s why you have this reality. That’s why you’re experiencing it. It makes it seem like if those certain elements are in place that it’s beyond your control to alter the reality. “You see, lookit, it’s in your DNA. It’s here,” or it’s in your genetics that you will have this experience, and it’s beyond your control, it’s beyond your capacity.

And many of those certain realities and many of those experiences are very difficult for you to alter. Absolutely. You agree to participate in this type of creation process and so you choose to come in with certain elements and certain physical capacities or limitations and to sustain them throughout this entire incarnational period. There’s nothing wrong with that. Absolutely not. It makes it more real. That’s why you choose to do this. It’s why you choose to enter into this vibrational level.

And so, you put it in place in your genetics and in your DNA based upon the beliefs that you choose to validate. And you put in place as well other possibilities existing within that DNA that your scientists up to this point are looking at areas of the DNA that they don’t understand. You see, there are areas of the DNA that hold possibilities, possibilities that you might bring back into existence, possibilities that you might have that experience.

And in your so-called past, in a type of creation process where you chose, where you chose to not have the capacity to consciously influence the creation process, where you choose to put in place those beliefs in your altered states of consciousness, in your so-called dream states and indeed in the in-between incarnational states, [then that] possibility, indeed, at some point in your existence within that incarnational period was activated to become a probability, activated by altering the energy that surrounds the DNA and as result of the alteration of that energy the activation of the DNA turns the possibility into a probability and you experience it. And as, many times your various religions have referred to it as faith and your scientist would refer to it as, “Well, it’s there in your DNA and you can see that for some reason now this has come into activity and you’re going to experience that.” Whatever it might be. It might be some illness. It could be any type of reality or physical experience.

You also put in place belief systems for certain experiences that had nothing to do with your physical being or physical interior experiences such as disease or wellbeing, but rather interactions with other entities that would occur throughout an incarnational period that [will] allow you to have that experience, or once again, for the purpose of experiencing the intense range and emotions and feelings that are available to you when you feel you’re not in control.

And so, you interacted with other entities in other areas of creation based upon beliefs that were put in place at that level of consciousness that we refer to as the between incarnational state, in agreement with other entities. And so, this so-called fate, where in your awake and consciousness state it seemingly is beyond your control and yet some other entities in your so-called awake and consciousness state had that capacity to tap into the so-called limitless knowledge that is available to you and to predict your future, based upon beliefs that you have chosen to participate in and to perpetuate and to validate to make it seem real so that you could have the experience.

You in conjunction with the other entities that were involved in that creation process. It’s not a singular activity where you control other individuals who interact at your will. Absolutely not. But other individuals who agree to participate for their own validation of their own belief systems.

And so, you put that in place in your so-called past. And we hesitate to use that terminology but to give you some type of an explanation that you can grasp, you put that in place in your so-called past in your altered state of consciousness that you refer to as the between incarnational state and it became a probability that that would occur throughout some particular point in that incarnational period. All agreed to, all to participate in.

And it’s what we refer to as your so-called old energy. The choice that you made is not something that other entities said, “Well, that’s how we’re going to do it. That’s what you have to do and you don’t have a choice in how you participate.” Absolutely not. You choose to participate in the creation process that you’re involved in. You make all the choices. No one else makes them for you.

And so, you chose as individuals and indeed as societies and as a human consciousness to be involved in that type of a creation process. And you as a human consciousness and again as a society and as individuals have agreed to alter that so-called method, if you wish, of creation where you put in place all of the so-called possibilities in your altered state of consciousness at that between incarnational level. And you have altered this energy so that it’s possible for you in what we have referred to as the new age and new energy to consciously influence that reality, to consciously get a grasp on the understanding of the beliefs that you hold so that you can change them. And as a result of changing them you can alter your reality, consciously.

Now. That doesn’t mean that every individual is going to suddenly become consciously aware of their reality and who and what they truly are and understand that if they alter certain belief systems that they’re going to change their reality. Absolutely not. That’s a choice. You see, it’s all individual choices. The human consciousness has agreed and you have agreed to participate and to allowing that particular element of creation to occur, but it doesn’t mean that you’re forced to be involved in it. Absolutely not. You’re here by choice. You create your reality by choice. It’s a reflection of the belief that you hold. None of that is altered. But when it is altered, as you agreed to participate in, once again, is your capacity to do it consciously as opposed to being limited, through your choice, to put in the limitations to having to do it through your so-called unconscious or subconscious or in-between incarnational state conscious. You can do it consciously.

And you are fast approaching and for many individuals have already reached the point where that’s available to each of you. You have but to believe. You have existing within your so-called incarnational period now many entities who have so-called reincarnated, for lack of a better terminology, and that you refer to as Indigo Children or many of your so-called new agers have referred to as Indigo Children, who are children who are now involved in that type of creation process. Understanding that indeed it’s within their capacity to create whatever it is that they desire. And they’re creating it and it looks like they’re some type of genius or some type of talented individual that’s beyond the norm or the accepted norm for your awake and consciousness state.

That’s a capacity that’s available to each of you. You are so much more than what you perceive in your awake and consciousness state. The only limitations are the limitations that you place upon yourself. You exist in an illusionary reality, not insignificant, but illusionary, and you can change it if you desire. And now in your new age that you have chosen to put in place, indeed, you can do it consciously much more readily than you could have done it consciously before. Not that you couldn’t have done it more consciously before, it’s just now more available to you. It’s now much easier. It is now indeed something that you have but to believe. You have but to believe. And you can alter your belief system as consciously, and as a result of the alteration of that belief system you can alter your reality.

The reality you experience is a reflection of the belief you hold. It doesn’t change. Nothing changes. The reality creation process remains. The alteration is simply one that allows you to do it more from your conscious as opposed to your subconsciousness. And even that is a belief that you must hold.

If you don’t believe you’re in control, once again, the spark of consciousness that creates your reality validates the belief by proving to you that you’re not in control. Validates the belief by creating circumstances that you can stand there and look at and say, “Well, there. You see, I told you I wasn’t in control.” And the spark of consciousness that you are rejoices at the validation of that belief system, without judging whether it’s right or wrong or something you should or shouldn’t be involved in. Your spark of consciousness never looks at it and says, “Well, you know I don’t think I’m going to allow them to have that experience. I think it would be much better if they went this way. If I’m going to influence their creation so that they can experience this particular type of reality.” Absolutely not.

The spark of consciousness that you are creates your reality to validate the belief that you hold and it does so without judgment from a position of absolute and unconditional love. What’s altering in your so-called awake and consciousness state in your vibrational level is the capacity for you to consciously have an influence upon that reality at a level which has not been possible in your so-called past. It’s really that simple. It’s not difficult at all. What’s difficult is grasping the simplicity of the reality that you experience. If it’s so simple one has a tendency to believe that, “Well, I can’t be that stupid that I didn’t get it.” And yet it is really that simple.

Now. If you have any questions we would be willing to attempt to answer them for you.

Questioner: Nobody [have] any questions?

Joshiah: Rather interesting that we have no questions.

We’ve suggested many times that if one were to look for the answers one must go withinside. And we have suggested many times as well, that the method that you use to create the reality that you’re experiencing is not nearly as important as your belief in that method. The more complicated that you make the process and the more difficult it is to duplicate and the more complicated that you make your method or technique then indeed the more difficult it will seem for you to achieve the desired results. And yet, as entities who choose to believe that they’re not in control the tendency is to make it difficult. For you see, if it’s difficult then the rewards are much more gratifying than if it’s simple.

It’s a paradox. It can be very limiting in one’s ability to create your reality. To make it more difficult is not always the answer. We’ve suggested that the true answers to this reality and to understanding who and what you truly are can only come from withinside. And it’s very easy to make that journey, but for many, if the journey is easy then, once again, the destination may not be worthy enough to try the journey. And yet, we assure you that the destination is well worth the effort to attempt the journey and to make the journey as simple as you possibly can and yet still validate your beliefs.

We’ve used an analogy many, many times. That when you have a body of water and lined up along that body of water are a multitude of vessels. And one comes down upon the shore and desires to cross that body of water. And off the shore there’s a fog bank that makes it look like you have absolutely no idea how far or how difficult the passage is going to be to reach your destination. And so, many entities run up and down the shore checking out the various vessels that are available to make the journey. And they spend their time making sure that this is the proper vessel, that this one is properly equipped or that that one has the necessary crew or that that one is the most seaworthy to complete the journey.

And they get tied up in the method, they get tied up in searching for the proper vessel. And another individual comes down, walks up to the first vessel and says, “Well, this one looks great. I think I’ll try that.” And has the belief that it will carry them on their journey. And they complete the journey successfully and it may be the most simple of vessels that’s available on the entire shore.

For you see, the irony of it is, as we have suggested, is that you could walk across the water. You cannot get lost. The journey is very simple. It’s only perceived that it may be difficult because of the unknown. Don’t make it difficult. Make it easy. Choose a method or technique that you will believe can work for you and make it simple. Understand, indeed, that the answers are withinside each of you. If you attempt to find them by reading a book or by following another’s method or technique that you may be apprehensive about, understand that those particular elements of knowledge that are available to you are but keys that can trigger your [inquisitiving,] that can give you that desire to search within, that can indeed be the element that encourages you to take that step, to go withinside, to find out who you truly are, to get a glimpse of the spark of consciousness that’s responsible for the creation of the reality that you’re experiencing in your awake and consciousness state. Choose the easy method. It’s not difficult. The only difficulty is the one that you place upon it. It can be as difficult or as simple as you choose to make it. Absolutely.

The reality you experience is a reflection of the belief you hold. Such a simple statement. And yet within that statement is the key to the entire creation of whatever it is that you desire to experience in this awake and consciousness state. Literally. We’re not suggesting that it’s some far out type of a program that you must be involved in. Absolutely not. It’s something that you’re involved in consciously, continuously, every day. It’s not new. It’s understanding the reality you experience is a reflection of the beliefs you hold. Entirely without exception. Completely.

If you can grasp that concept and understand that if you don’t like your reality, understand the belief, change it, and you will change the reality. Or if you like the reality, understand the belief, reinforce it, and you will strengthen and enhance the reality. It’s that simple. The keys to having that ability: like who you are, begin to love yourself consciously, go withinside, and pick or choose a method or a technique that is simple and that you can believe in. You cannot fail. You absolutely cannot fail. You are all that is. You’re the spark of consciousness that creates the reality that you experience. You are so much more than you perceive. You are the god you search for. Absolutely. You cannot lose it. You cannot be separated from it. It’s a given. It’s a guaranteed. It’s a guarantee you gave to yourself. You cannot fail.

Now. We would like to express our gratitude to each of you for allowing us this opportunity to interact and to share with you. For indeed, for us it is always an enjoyable experience. It gives us an opportunity to get a glimpse into your reality without having to commit to the entire experience which we have absolutely no desire to do, we assure you. And at the same time we’ve got the opportunity to interact with our friend Elias and to share, indeed, our experiences and reality at his level of consciousness where he gets glimpses into the other realities that exist in the same time and space that you exist in. That opportunity exists for each of you and we are grateful for the opportunity to interact and to share with you. And we would remind you that we are not separated by time or space but rather by a vibrational level and should you choose to interact with us you have but to express the intent and we would welcome that opportunity to interact and to share with each of you. And now we would bid each of you farewell with love and [with peace.]

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