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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

November 2, 2008

Q and A

Joshiah: Well, now. Well, it is indeed a pleasure to be invited back into your vibrational level, and once again, we would like to express our greetings to each of you. And before we begin, we would once again remind you that there exists that opportunity for you to be involved in that silent communication, that opportunity for you to enter into that meditative state and in that altered state of consciousness interact with other entities and to receive that information telepathically, if you wish. And once again, of course as always, that choice is yours, absolutely.

Now. This reality that you are existing in and experiencing is, once again, a reality that’s illusionary, although not insignificant. And a reality that’s a validation of the beliefs that you hold. And so, we’ve suggested the reality you’re experiencing is a reality that indeed gives to you that which you desire. And for many individuals that becomes a very difficult concept to grasp. Particularly if you’re involved in the creation and interaction and in a reality that you find as being less than desirable.

You have a tendency to question, “How can that be? That that’s a reality that I desire to experience, but it’s such a crappy type of reality.” The reality that you experience, once again, is a validation of the belief that you hold. And while you may indeed desire consciously to be involved in a different type of reality, many individuals hold what we refer to as conflicting belief systems. They make it difficult to achieve that so-called conscious desirable reality.

You perhaps believe that you’re not worthy. You perhaps believe that a certain type of reality or existence is beyond your means or your capacity to achieve. You believe that it’s very difficult for you to sustain a type of reality should you be successful in reaching that goal, of experiencing that which you consciously desire. And as a result of holding conflicting belief systems you have difficulty experiencing and perpetuating the so-called consciously desirably reality. The difficulty comes in giving up that which provides you with some measure of comfort. It’s very easy to accept that you’re not responsible. It’s very easy to accept that there are other individuals. It’s much easier to ask the question, “Why is this happening to me? Who’s causing this?” rather than to accept that it’s a reflection of your beliefs. “And what is it that I hold as a belief that’s the result of the reality that I am experiencing?”

The difficulty comes in changing. Many times, those beliefs are beliefs that you held in your so-called between incarnational period, and that level of your consciousness is very difficult for you to access from your awake consciousness state. Entering into meditative states can assist, absolutely, but still, it is very difficult to achieve that understanding, that ability, to put the consciousness aside, to put the ego completely aside. And to trust that it’s within your capacity to go withinside to allow the personality and the ego to step completely aside, and to put it off as being illusionary and unimportant in terms of [this] accessing your so-called inner self, and understanding of the beliefs that you hold. [If you] put off the ego and to put off the personality, it [could] then suggest, indeed, that there is a spark of consciousness that exists within you, that’s responsible for the ego and responsible for that personality. Responsible for the conscious belief systems.

[And] it’s not always that way. It’s an interaction. You put off the so-called higher self constantly, you put in place that electromagnetic type of veil, put in place with the exception of your so-called higher self and indeed sustained by a belief system that you have chosen to perpetuate and to exist within the limitations that are enhanced by that so-called energy. While at the same time believing in your awake and consciousness state that your ego and your personality are what’s really important, or what are difficult to set aside.

And we’re not saying they’re not important. We’re simply saying to access connection to your so-called higher self, to go withinside is greatly assisted when you can set the ego aside, when you can set the personality aside, when you can let go of your conscious state completely while maintaining awareness and go withinside. A very difficult challenge when you don’t believe, indeed, that you are worthy. When you don’t believe, indeed, that you’re responsible for the creation of the reality that you’re experiencing. When you don’t believe that you are so much more than what you experience your awaken and consciousness state. Or if you believe that there are other entities that are responsible for influencing your reality and creating the experiences that you have in your day-to-day activities. And if those other entities, indeed, are responsible for that creation and you set aside your consciousness and your ego, ah, that could be dangerous. You see, if you hold those beliefs and they influence your capacity to connect with that so-called higher self, and to go withinside and to discover what it is that you truly believe.

You see, many individuals would say in their consciousness state, “I desire that type of reality. Why can’t I choose it?” You desire it consciously, but only with certain circumstances and limitations. It’s like you’re walking down a path, and set in front of you is this glorious path, and it’s a paved path, it’s very easy to walk on, very comfortable. You know the way on the path, it’s very simple. And off on the left hand side of the path within reach of your grasp are these necessities to sustain your existence.

So, you walk down the path. And you are comfortable. And here are these necessities that are within arm’s reach. What more could you want? But over, only a small ways across this vastness is a real different type of existence and you can see the individuals existing in that reality. They have different types of relationships, and they are involved in different creation processes, and they seem to be so joyful in a much better state. And you desire to be involved in that type of creation process.

But you see, in order to get there, you have to walk across this expanse, and it’s the expanse that you are worried about. Because here’s this path that’s very easy to stay on this path. And you can see that between you and the reality that’s on the other side there is indeed this expanse that may be unknown. There could be some difficulty in making that transition. And so you stay on the path.

You desire to be involved in the other reality, but you have this conflicting belief that you must stay on the path. To give up what you have becomes be very difficult. It’s much easier to stay on the path and to have access to these necessities than it is to take the chance. Step off the path and do away with the old belief system in order to gain access to the other reality, the other desires that you have consciously, that are overridden by the subconscious desire to maintain what it is that you’re familiar with. To maintain the deservability aspect in your creation process. To believe, indeed, that there are other elements that are influencing your reality, and as long as you stay on the path, as long as you maintain this so-called safe haven the other influences can’t affect you. That’s why you don’t take the chance, as much as you may consciously desire, it means giving up something on the other side, it means altering a belief system. And for many that’s a very difficult concept to grasp, particularly if you don’t like who you are, consciously.

We’re not suggesting that there are individuals who don’t like who they are consciously, and so they’re not getting what it is that they desire, but rather that there are certain aspects that cause you to doubt who you are. “Is it really possible for me to do that? I mean, am I really worthy of that? [Well,] there’s this other individual that’s achieving that type of reality. But is it within my capacity to do so? I really wonder. Maybe I even doubt.” And so, you doubt. And when doubt, you begin to hold the belief and you validate the reality that you’re not worthy.

It’s not that you’re not worthy. It’s not that there are [no] aspects of your so-called personality that you don’t rejoice in. And it’s the rejoicing in those elements of your personality that allow you to experience the particular elements in your creation that you find to be quite enlightening, if you wish to use that terminology, or quite rewarding. That allow you to experience those so-called positive emotions and feelings. But you just keep feeling there’s so much more, “Why can’t I have that more?”

The answers are with inside. You see, once again, to leave the path and to cross that expanse that’s unknown is not a dangerous aspect at all. It’s a reality that you create. But the answer to that journey and what is necessary are withinside, going withinside is the key to the reality creation process. Absolutely. All of the questions that individuals have can be answered from withinside. You won’t find the answers written in a book or given by any type of lecture or by listening to any CD’s, absolutely not. The answers are withinside. To touch who and what you truly are you must go withinside.

And when you begin to get a glimpse of who and what you truly are, then indeed that ability to bring into your consciousness the understanding of your creation process becomes much easier. The ability to understand that the reality that you’re experiencing is a reflection of who and what you truly are and the beliefs that you hold becomes much easier for you to hold in a conscious state, an understanding that’s available, should you choose.

And you begin to realize that what you’re experiencing, indeed, is a result of what you desire. “The path is comfortable,” that’s a desire. There may be aspects of it that you find undesirable, but to give up the path in order to give up the undesirable aspects of traveling the path becomes very difficult.

And so you desire to maintain that particular type of existence. And that desire overshadows these so-called desires that you might have when you glimpse other realities and think, “Oh, wouldn’t it be nice if I could have that?” or “Wouldn’t it be nice to be involved in that relationship?” Or, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have that type of existence?”

And it’s not always got to do with abundance, absolutely not. It has to do with existing without stress. It has to do with existing with knowing who you are. It has to do with having that capacity to understand that other individuals are creating their reality and that you cannot be responsible for it. It comes to understanding that you are indeed all that is. And in understanding, indeed, understanding as well that it’s all within your capacity.

And the irony of it is that when you understand [when it’s all] within your capacity, many times, what it is that you desire consciously dramatically alters. And it’s not right or wrong. It’s simply a choice that you make. In your choice, in your reality. The choice is yours, absolutely.

And once again, it’s understanding what it is that you desire. Not only consciously, but in your so-called subconsciousness. Because you achieve that which you desire. Desire, imagination and expectation are the keys to the reality creation. But if your desire is overshadowed by a so-called subconsciousness conflicting belief system then the desire, indeed, becomes very difficult for you to achieve. The imagination can be there, but the expectation dissipates. As a validation of the original belief system is sustained, in maintaining the simple path, the easy way, the comfortable way, of not accepting the responsibility. The choice is each individual’s, it’s not something that is forced upon you, absolutely not. And it’s not right or wrong. Once again, you are the god that you search for, you create your reality, and you cannot fail. The rest is illusionary. And you can have whatever it is you desire. Not only can, but do.

Now, if you have any questions, we would will be willing to attempt to answer them for you.

Questioner: Anybody got any questions?

(No questions.)

Joshiah: Many times when we interact it’s important to understand that what we expect is that which you desire to hear. [There’s not] (inaudible) where some entity that exists outside of your vibrational level and has access to information or knowledge that is not available to each of you, absolutely not. As we’ve suggested many times that concept is ludicrous. We express to you that which you desire to hear. And many times the information that we express to you is simply, once again, a validation that indeed we’re giving to you information that you desire to hear. And [so it] comes as no surprise that many times the questions or the thoughts that you desire to have expressed are answered and given.

It’s information that you desire to hear. It comes from withinside each of you, not from some entity that exists outside of your vibrational level. And it’s information that, once again, is available to each of you, you have but to express the intent. You have but to go withinside, and the answers are there. All the answers to any questions that you may have, absolutely.

Now. Once again, we would express our gratitude to each of you for allowing us this opportunity to interact and to share with you and we would remind you that we are not separated by time or space but rather by a vibration level. And should you choose to interact, we would welcome that opportunity to interact with each you, and share with each of you. And until the next time we are offered this opportunity we bid each of you farewell, with love and with peace.

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