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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

May 4, 2008

Q and A

Joshiah: Well, now. It is indeed a pleasure to be invited back into your vibrational level. And once again, before we begin we would suggest that there exists that opportunity for you to be involved in that silent communication, that opportunity for you to alter your consciousness and to have that telepathic interaction or exchange of information and, as always once again, that choice is yours, absolutely.

Now. Your beliefs precede your reality. The reality you experience is a reflection of and a validation of the beliefs that you hold. The trick in this reality creation process from the conscious level is to get a grasp and an understanding of what those beliefs are. We continuously talk about beliefs and belief systems. You see, beliefs interact with each other, it’s like using the analogy, once again, that this reality that you experience in your awake and consciousness state seems to have some type of a solid, atmospheric presence to it. There are certain things within your reality that are quite solid and others that are not quite so solid from varying degrees. And yet, if you were to break them down into their basic components, the scientists will tell you that each particular material that exists within your vibrational level within your atmospheric system is comprised of very similar particles in the forms of molecules and atoms.

And yet, [the] entire experience that you have in your so-called awake and consciousness state as you physically move through and interact with these objects that exist within your Earth systems don’t seem to be just comprised of that basic element of atoms and as a result of the combination of atoms and molecules. And yet it is. Your scientists understand and can break it down to those basic components. And yet, when you look at a certain component within this reality in your conscious state it may have certain similarities that seem to be quite different from other elements. And yet once again, the basic components are quite similar. And so it is with your creation process that involves belief systems which are a combination of beliefs to make up that system, that belief system that influences your reality.

And so, the difficulty in this awake consciousness state of altering your reality by altering your beliefs is to understand what the belief is in the first place. To consciously understand. You see, at some level in your consciousness you understand absolutely what that belief is. And at some level of your consciousness you alter those beliefs continuously on a continual basis, reinforcing some, changing others, making others less important, and you consequently alter what seems to be important in your reality from day-to-day.

And so, one day your focus is on abundance, for example, the next day it’s on relationships, the next day it’s simply on yourself. It really doesn’t matter. It’s a matter of altering belief systems in what is important in those belief systems and where your focus is in that particular instant on which particular belief system to allow you to have that experience in your reality in your awake and consciousness state. And so, what seems to be important in one instant of your reality may not have nearly the significance or importance that another instance of your reality when you switch into a different belief system and give that other, second belief system more credibility and more importance at that instant than the other belief system.

And so once again, altering the reality is altering the belief systems and the difficulty is understanding what the belief system is so that you can alter the reality.

Now. How do you do that? Your beliefs are associated with your attitudes. Now, you can hold a certain attitude consciously. And you can [subject] yourself by using a method or technique, “If I hold this reality of being a positive individual that it will influence my creation and it will influence my activities and it will influence all of the things that I’m surrounded with in my day-to-day activities and I can have a more positive experience.”

Well, it really, really may not change to any of the interactions that you have with others, but it can certainly change your perspective of that interaction. And if you believe that, if you believe it consciously, and if you take that belief and put it into your subconscious to the point where you begin to experience realities that validates the belief, then indeed it can indeed be a very beneficial tool or method or technique that you choose.

But we’re talking about the spontaneous attitudes. Pay attention to the spontaneous attitudes. When you’re involved in a situation in a created day-to-day activity that you put in place, you have an attitude. A spontaneous attitude and you wonder, “Where did that come from?” Now, if you hold this other awake consciousness state that, “Well, I must not hold that attitude, I have to hide from that, I have to put that away, that’s a negative attitude.” Then you put away as well the opportunity to get a glimpse of what the belief system is that was the influence of that attitude in the first place. Pay attention to that spontaneous attitude. That one that occurs and you wonder where it came from. That one that seems to be against what you consciously believe you should hold as attitudes. Pay attention. It may not be a negative attitude at all. Also be aware that it could be an attitude that’s a quite positive attitude. And you’ll think, “I didn’t realize that I had that positive attitude. I didn’t realize that I hold belief in a belief system that’s allowing me to experience that type of an attitude.” Pay attention.

You see, when you continuously put them away, if you don’t alter the belief [that’s] causing the reality to be the experience so you can have that attitude in the first place, then you can’t change the beliefs. If you continuously put it away, if you continuously put it off and don’t recognize it and say, “I don’t have that belief,” at some level of your consciousness, once again, you hold the belief that’s reflected in the reality that you’re experiencing. Absolutely. Pay attention to the spontaneous attitudes so that you can have the opportunity to understand what the belief system is. From your belief systems and from your attitudes it influences, as well, your choices and your decisions and your thoughts. Where do those all come from?

So, many individuals, once again, in your awake and consciousness state believe that you shouldn’t have certain thoughts, that it’s not right to have that thought. [That if,] there’s this belief that you have that thought, it’s out there forever and at some point it’s going to come true and you’re going to have that experience, so you shouldn’t have that thought. What do you believe? It’s an illusion. If you believe that you put the thoughts out there and they exist forever, what’s forever? Forever is an illusionary concept that you believe in your awake and consciousness state, it does not exist. It’s an illusion. But if you believe that, if you hold that belief consciously and if you continuously try to point out and to find circumstances to validate the belief and to reinforce the belief, then you can have it, absolutely.

And then you hold those thoughts, and in order to validate that belief that if you have a thought it comes into your reality, suddenly you begin to have some of these thoughts that might be what you refer to as negative thoughts, and lo and behold, “There it is, I experience the reality, see, I validate the belief that if I have a thought it comes into my reality.”

Well, it’s not right or wrong, if that’s what you wish to have you can have it. But why would you? That’s the question.

And so, to have a thought, if you believe it’s going to influence your reality, absolutely, it can. But if you believe that though that thought process you can also get glimpses into what the beliefs are, and you turn that around, and you use your thoughts, once again, similar to your attitudes, to discover what the belief is. You wonder, like, “Where does that thought come from? What do I believe that allowed that thought?” So that you can concentrate on what the beliefs are, so that you can change it, consciously change it.

You’re entering into a new age and energy where it’s through your choice become impossible for you to alter your so-called subconscious belief systems consciously. And as a result of that conscious alteration of a belief system, to consciously influence and to correct your reality. So, pay attention to the thoughts. If you wish to put them aside and say, “Well, I’m not supposed to have that thought,” you can have that. But understand, the more that you push aside, the more that you shovel off and say, “I can’t do that because it allows others to influence my reality, because if I have that thought I’m going to give my power to someone else.” The more you influence that belief, the more you influence the possibility of becoming a probability in coming into your reality so that you can experience it to validate the belief.

Pay attention to your thoughts. Understand they’re your thoughts. Not some other entity’s thoughts, and they don’t go out there so that the rest of the world can suddenly jump on them and can come back to you and give you this type of reality, to validate that belief the minute you think something it’s going to have some influence on the entire existence of this Earth. If you want to have that you can have it, absolutely. It’s an illusion. You can have whatever it is that you desire. There’re no limitations to what you can have, but understand that if there’s no limitations on what it is that you can have then you can also hold all types of thoughts and not have them have any type of influence at all in your reality. You can have whatever it is you desire.

Pay attention to the thoughts. The spontaneous thoughts. “Where did that come from? What do I hold as a belief that’s influenced by the attitude and my thought process?” Because you see, it’s through that attitude and [that] thought process that you make your choices and your decisions on your day-to-day basis. “Am I going to allow this to come into my reality? Am I going to be involved in this?” And you see, many of the thoughts, indeed once again, as it comes full circle are influencing your choices and decisions, and your choices and decisions are influencing your attitudes and your beliefs and [then] they’re influencing your thoughts and your feelings and that’s influencing your choices and decisions and it’s a vicious circle. And if you don’t step in there at some point and pay attention and control that consciously, then it becomes very difficult for you to understand what the belief is, so that you can alter the belief.

That’s always the key. Alter the belief, you will alter the reality. The others, the thoughts and the feelings and what you choose and your attitudes indeed are conscious activities that can influence the beliefs consciously. But the belief can be a sub-conscious belief. To discover what it is, pay attention to your thoughts. Allow your thoughts to be your thoughts, not something that goes out to the universe and is that forever. If that’s what you want it, it’s all right, it really doesn’t matter. Once again, it’s an illusion. It’s an illusion, absolutely.

What are thoughts? A very good question. What are thoughts? Your scientists go through all types of experimentations to discover what thoughts are. What are thoughts? Thoughts are simply a reflection of beliefs. It’s really that simple. The reality you experience in your awake and consciousness state is a reflection of the beliefs you hold including your attitudes, and including your thoughts, and including your feelings.

That becomes a difficult concept to grasp when you believe you’re not in control. It becomes a difficult concept to grasp when you believe that there are other entities that are influencing your reality. It becomes difficult to believe that you indeed control your thoughts at some level of your consciousness. Completely and entirely. You may not be consciously aware of what the belief is that’s the result of that thought but nonetheless, we assure you that you control the entire, your entire reality. Not just some level of it. You can’t say “Well, that’s not a thought that I can be in control of. That’s not something that I have absolute control of. I don’t know where that thought comes from.” It’s like saying, “I don’t know where that attitude comes from.” It’s because you choose to put in an electromagnetic type of energy that limits your capacity to understand in your awake and consciousness state who and what you truly are and you work within the limitations that you put upon yourself. But there are limitations that you choose to put there, it’s important that you understand that. Because you see, if you don’t grasp that concept, then you can’t begin to grasp that concept that it’s possible for you to go withinside and to understand what the belief systems are that you hold, so that you can alter them, if you wish to alter your reality.

If you don’t believe that you put in place that electromagnetic type of energy then it’s difficult to believe that you are in control of your attitudes and of your thought process. Each of you will understand that to a certain extent you’re in control of your choices and decisions, and even at that point there will be some who will say, “Well, I never had a choice there. I didn’t have a choice.” You always have a choice, absolutely. Now, that choice you may feel you didn’t have but it may be as a result of a choice that you had made in your so-called past, that’s put you into a situation where you experience some type of reality where you believe you don’t have a choice, but you’re only there by choice, absolutely. You always had a choice. And you always had that choice as well to make a decision. Always.

The reality you experience is a reflection of the beliefs you hold. It’s really that simple. It’s understanding the beliefs that’s the difficult part. It’s the understanding and developing the method or technique to alter the belief that’s the difficult part. The method or the technique, once again, is not nearly as important as your belief that it will have the capacity to alter your belief system. It’s that simple. You can make it more complicated, not only can but you go to great lengths to do so, but nonetheless, it’s that simple.

Now, if you have any questions we would be willing to attempt to answer them for you.

Questioner: When you say about (inaudible) you have a positive attitude. And other entities, like … how do you get into the detachment. Explain … to detach from negative controlling things, like jealousy, guilt, you know, and detach from other entities trying to control, even though, you know, you’re sure, you believe that you have a positive attitude?

Joshiah: It comes back to the basics, that one has to like who they are. You see, to allow one to be controlled by another, first of all you must believe that you’re not in control of your own destiny. To allow yourself to be controlled by another is to give them a power that you give to them. They don’t have it. There’s not something that it’s inherited, or their special right, absolutely not. It’s something that’s given up. And it’s given up from that point of view where one believes that they’re not worthy, where one believes that they don’t have that capacity to control their life and to be involved in relationships or situations that are not controlling. Like who you are. Put in place the principles. Apply the principles, strengthen the character, and begin to like who you are.

And when that happens, when one takes control of their situation or their life, the entire interactions with others changes. When we first begin to interact in this particular incarnational period, we lack some substance. But if entities chose to begin to believe, if they choose to choose to consciously believe, if they chose to make that choice to enter into that so-called new age and new energy concept, and so all that as attitude and as a belief system, that there is a very strong possibility their entire relationships would change. And so, it’s a choice to enter into that understanding and that new age and that capacity to consciously alter one’s reality.

And once again, when one makes that choice, it’s quite possible that relationships will change. Relationships that even individuals in the so-called present situation might find very desirable, may not want to change that relationship, may be quite comfortable, and yet when they begin to accept responsibility for their creation and begin to consciously get a grasp of the reality creation process and begin to change their belief systems, well once again, it comes back to that situation where in your so-called level of consciousness where you interact with other individuals you begin to indeed alter your interactions and your belief systems and your contracts and your agreements with other people and some relationships may change, drastically change. Absolutely. And is not always what you might refer to as a change that you desire in your awake and consciousness state. It could be quite a dramatic change where relationships that you once felt were very precious might be lost or changed.

The same situation holds when one’s involved in a relationship that you feel is rather abusive, or a less than desirable relationship. And you take control of your destiny. Where you begin to like who you are, consciously. Where you begin to put in place those particular characteristics that you would like to display for others so that you can be who you wish to be. And you begin to like who you are. You begin to love yourself consciously. And your entire interaction changes. And one refuses to be involved in any type of an abusive relationship. At some level of your consciousness it all changes.

And so it comes back to the basics. Pay attention to the attitudes, pay attention to the thoughts. Don’t put them off and say, “I can’t have that thought.” Let it run out, find out what it is that’s causing that thought. Attempt to discover what the belief systems are. And to change them. And to change them. And if you don’t like who you are then you will continuously put in positions and enter interactions and relationships that validate that belief that you’re not worthy. [When] you begin to like who you are, when you begin to like who you are consciously and as well influence your subconsciousness, that all changes.

You believe in time and space. And we’re not just suggesting one individual here, but your entire, so-called human race believes in time and space in your awake and consciousness state. And so, you believe that it takes time for, to change certain belief systems, you believe that it takes time to change relationships, you believe that it takes time for one to begin to alter their opinion of who they are consciously. And as a result of that belief in time and space, the so-called passage of time validates that indeed there has been some type of evolution or some type of change that has occurred. And it makes it more real, it makes it more acceptable.

You can do it instantly, if you wish. If you do it instantly then it doesn’t have that chance to be validated through the other belief systems that you hold, though this so-called human consciousness belief systems that are necessary to be validated in order to make it seem real and that you can present it to other entities that you interact with in your awake and consciousness state.

And so, it takes time. You believe it takes time. It validates, it makes it more real in your conscious state. More acceptable, so that you can own it. So that you can have it.

It’s important to understand that every individual existing in your entire vibrational level utilize exactly the same methods to create their reality. You have but to believe. You have but to have that attitude that you will indeed sustain the belief systems, that you would create it consciously. That one is a worthy individual. And you validate that belief system that one is a worthy and deserving individual by applying the principles, by strengthening the character, for yourself, not for others. And then you begin to like who you are more and more. It’s not that an individual doesn’t at some level of their consciousness love themselves absolutely and unconditionally, absolutely not. And it’s not that one in your so-called awake consciousness state doesn’t have certain aspects, that you think, “Look-it, I’m really good at this, and I’m really good at this but why can’t I have that? I want that as well. What’s the belief that’s holding me up from getting that particular element of creation?” And you can have that as well. You have but to believe. You have but to believe that you deserve that as well as you deserve any other aspect of your reality that you create and that you find desirable. You can have it all, absolutely.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Yes, thank you.

Questioner: Beliefs like gravity and time and space are human consensus beliefs, you’ve said before. Are there other beliefs that are human consensus that do not apply to, like, the physical laws of this reality?

Joshiah: Absolutely. Beliefs that there is indeed in place an electromagnetic type of energy that you refer to as the veil. That’s a consensual belief that’s put in place, one that you cannot validate scientifically. It is the belief, as well, that permeates not only your so-called vibrational level but exists through other vibrational levels that you put in place as well, that electromagnetic type of energy that limits other entities from other vibrational levels having the capacity to influence your reality.

There are many so-called beliefs that you hold at the human consciousness type of belief system where there is that consensus that are beliefs that are based upon the use and the concept of energy versus the use and the concept of what you can experience in your awake and consciousness state.

At other levels of your consciousness you as well hold belief systems that are human consciousness belief systems as long as you sustain and exist within this vibrational level you cannot understand [at] various levels of your consciousness who and what you truly are.

You see, in your awake and consciousness state individuals believe that if they die, that’s it, you’re done. You enter into this other realm and depending on what it is that you hold as a belief it may be some type of a disastrous type of reality or it may be a very, very beautiful type of reality or it may be something in between. You simply alter your consciousness one level beyond the so-called dream state. But you still exist within this vibrational level. It’s still just a simple alter level of consciousness.

And that, as well, is a human consciousness belief system that every an individual existing within your vibrational sustains and yet you cannot in your awake consciousness state validate it.

So yes, there are a multitude of so-called belief systems that are held in the human consciousness consensus that are not applicable necessarily to your awake consciousness reality and experiences.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Yes, thank you.

Joshiah: Well, now. If we have no more questions then we would suggest to each of you that it has been indeed a very interesting interaction and a very enjoyable one as well. We would remind you that the information that we express to you is simply that which you desire to hear. It should come as no surprise to any of you that that information that you experience and that you receive indeed is information that pertains to many of the desires that each of you have come here to have expressed, for once again, we tell you what you wish to hear. All of the information that we express to you is available to each of you. We do not have access to any type of information that is not available to each of you, you have but to believe, you have but to go withinside. The answers that we give to you are and the messages that we express to you have definitely limitations based on the use of a vocabulary and based upon attempting to give you explanations that fit within your belief systems in time and space and existing within your conscious state. And that within itself puts upon very certain definite limitations.

So, if you go withinside and develop that capacity to go withinside and to search for the answers that you desire, you can have that. Absolutely. For once again, we simply tell you that which you desire to hear. Not something that’s not available to each of you. You have but to believe. You have but to make the attempt and the (inaudible) can be yours absolutely.

So once again, we would like to express our thanks to each of you, our gratitude for you allowing this opportunity and we would remind you that we are not separated by time or space but rather by a vibrational level and we would welcome the opportunity to interact and to share with each of you, you have but to express the intent. And in the meantime we would bid each of you farewell, with love and with peace.

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