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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

September, 2005

Q and A

Joshiah: Well, now. Well, once again, we are grateful for this opportunity to be invited back into your vibrational level. And before we begin we remind you that there still exists that opportunity for you to be involved in that silent communication, that telepathic exchange of information or interaction with other entities, should you choose to do so. Once again, this energy that exists within this sacred space is your creation, is your energy and you have the opportunity to participate, and to utilize that energy and alter your consciousness and enter into what you refer to as a meditative state and be involved in that silent communication, that telepathic exchange of information. And as always, that choice is yours.

Now. We have suggested many, many times that you exist in this illusionary reality as a choice, and as you choose to enter into this vibrational level and to participate in this creative process, you also agree to participate in various human consciousness belief systems. Belief systems that you might refer to as your laws of physics. Some of the most difficult beliefs that you have for you to alter in your consciousness is the belief in time and space. You believe that there exists a beginning and an end and that you are indeed somewhere in the middle of that beginning and end. You believe that there’s a past and a present and a future.

And it is rather ironic that as we attempt to give you an explanation of the reality that you do exist in we use terms that are spinoffs, if you wish, that are related to your belief in the concept of time and space. For we suggest that you exist in the now. And the now in itself infers that it’s now, that it’s at this instant, and that there’s a past and a present and a future, and the present is the now and that you somehow exist in that present. And that’s not an entirely accurate description of the concept of the now, for the now encompasses all, it encompasses the past as well as the present and the future.

However, once again, you in your conscious state have the difficulties in getting the grasp of that concept of the now, that it all occurs simultaneously. That you are so much more than what you perceive in your conscious state, that you are a multidimensional personality existing in a multitude of incarnational periods simultaneously, if you wish. But again, even to use the term, simultaneously, infers to that belief in time and space that is occurring at this instant and yet that’s not entirely accurate, for the now concept encompasses your past as well as your present and future.

And so, you as an entity existing within this vibrational level are experiencing a multitude of creations, all occurring simultaneously. And so the past and the present and the future are all occurring, if you wish, at the same instant. A very difficult concept to grasp, for once again, we continuously fall back to your reliance upon the terminology that is based upon that concept of time and space, and therefore not a truly accurate description of what you actually exist in.

It’s like us referring to the energy that you use to create this vibrational level and we refer many times to an electromagnetic type of energy, simply because that’s the closest reference that we can give you to give you a grasp of an understanding through the use of a vocabulary so that you can at least get some type of understanding that it’s an energy that you perpetuate, that you are, that creates this vibrational level that you exist in. And it’s an electromagnetic type of energy, but once again, that’s only in reference to some type of energy that you can get a grasp of the understanding.

And so it is, when we suggest that you live in the now, that you exist in the now, that this creation that you are participating in is in the now and that it is all occurring simultaneously, once again, is to attempt to give you some type of a grasp of that concept, that it’s all one, that it’s all occurring simultaneously, not necessarily suggesting that there isn’t a past and a present and a future but rather that it simply occurs all instantaneously, if you wish, for time is an illusion. It does not exist. It only exists in your conscious state.

When you enter into a meditative state and indeed enter into a dream state and you become participating in what we refer to as lucid dreaming, many times you can bring back into your consciousness some type of a grasp of that concept of no time. That grasp of a concept of the now, where you can experience indeed entire existences in an incarnational period in what you might see to be an instant of altered state of consciousness. For indeed, even to use the term, instance, refers to that concept and that belief in time and space, that there’s a beginning and an end, and you’re somewhere between that beginning and end, and it’s not really that way at all.

And yet, that belief in time and space can cause so many difficulties, if you wish to refer to them as difficulties, for individuals in your conscious state. For it’s that belief in time and space that allows you to have the choice to dwell upon your so-called past, to dwell upon either attempting to escape from that so-called past or to attempt to recreate that so-called past and many individuals get caught up in that little web, if you wish, of attempting to relive the past or to recreate the past, or to escape from the past. And as well, many individuals dwell upon the future.

You see, in your conscious state you believe that the past is set. You hold that belief as a human consciousness. You agree to participate in that particular belief in time and space and that the past is somehow concrete and that you can’t alter it from your conscious state. You hold that belief as strongly as you hold that there is time and space. Very difficult concepts to escape. You as a human consciousness—once again, it’s a human consciousness consensus—agree to participate in that reality and in that belief system and so it’s difficult to alter it. Absolutely. And yet, many individuals spend much of the so-called now, this instant, dwelling upon the past, something that they actually do believe in your conscious state is beyond your capacity to alter.

And then there are the individuals who spend the majority of their time dwelling upon the future. Dwelling upon instances that have not occurred. Instances indeed that may or may not occur. Now, the irony of it is that you have the opportunity in your altered state of consciousness to alter the past as readily as you can alter the future. You have the opportunity to alter your entire existence if you so wish. You see, you exist in an illusion. But nonetheless, in your conscious state that’s a difficult concept to grasp and to put into action, if you wish, because you see, you, once again, agreed to participate in this vibrational level creation and to hold very firmly the beliefs in time and space.

And so to attempt to bring that into your conscious understanding for the purposes of altering your past and your future become very difficult [in] your conscious state. Not impossible but very difficult. And it is because you believe in that time and space that you can spend multitudes of your time, if you wish, dwelling on the past thinking you can alter it, and while you may alter it, absolutely it’s a very difficult concept to grasp in your conscious state because you agreed, you agreed to not have that capacity to alter it. And as well, to dwell upon the future can be as futile, for in your conscious state as well, the future has not occurred.

Now. You do believe that you can have some affect upon your future. Everyone existing in your conscious state would agree that the future is indeed something that you can make choices and decisions upon and you can have an influence upon certain elements about what you are about to experience in your future. You can have that opportunity to make the choices to be involved in various relationships or to end various relationships. You can make the choices to be involved in various types of activities in terms of your employment or to not be involved in that. You understand, absolutely, and believe that the future is within your grasp to make certain choices and decisions and therefore to have an influence upon.

Well, we would suggest that it’s not only within your grasp to have certain influences upon but it’s within your grasp indeed to have complete control over. However, once again, very difficult in your consciousness state because you believed, you agreed to participate in various beliefs that limit your capacity to consciously create that future.

And so, something that has not occurred is indeed within your capacity to influence. And so, when you dwell upon the future, and you do so by holding certain imaginations and by anticipating the creation of that reality and by expecting it, indeed you do influence your so-called future.

And it allows individuals to enter into another relatively useless emotion, similar to the fear and similar to feeling guilt. You also have that opportunity to be involved in the emotion of worrying. And you see, once again, when you make the choices and decisions and when you use your imagination and you have the expectation, you put in place the spark of energy that has the capacity to influence the probabilities that you can experience in your reality in your so-called future. And you can have it if you wish. You can have it all. Whether you believe it’s right or wrong makes absolutely no difference to your subconsciousness. You can have it all.

And again, this emotion of worry is one indeed that you have the capacity to experience in your conscious state and to believe that it’s real. Absolutely. It can be very intense. Because it’s real, because if you believe it’s real in your conscious state it can indeed influence your existence in your conscious state. For what you believe you will experience. The reality that you experience in your conscious state is a reflection of the beliefs that you hold in your subconsciousness and indeed even in your consciousness.

We can attempt to give you all types of examples but basically, to get right down to this creation process, it’s a reflection of what you believe. It’s a reflection of what you desire, what you imagine, and what you expect. If you wish to have a particular experience in your so-called future then you have but to use your imagination. You have but to have the desire. You have but to believe. You have but to have the expectation, and you can have it, absolutely. And your subconsciousness will create it without judgment as to whether it’s right or wrong. It will create it, absolutely accurate to what it is that you desire, what it is that you believe, and it does so joyously. It’s only in your conscious state that you decide what’s right and what’s wrong.

Now. It’s rather interesting, when you had the opportunity to observe someone who understands that the future indeed is within their control, and at least their perception of the future is within their control, the emotions that they are about to experience in that so-called future is within their control, exist in the now, [had] that opportunity to take their consciousness and indeed concentrated on activities that [occur] in the now. For you see, you believe, in your conscious state, that the future is something that’s about to occur. And many times it’s various elements in that future that are not within your control.

We can [continue to] tell you and we do continue to tell you over and over, that you create your reality and that it’s a reflection of your beliefs, but you have chosen to enter into a vibrational level where you in your conscious state believe that you are not in control of everything that you experience. And that’s a difficult concept for you to get past. If you can concentrate on the now, then you can let go of the worries of the future. When you can concentrate on the now then you can let go of the guilt that you’re experiencing over your so-called past. When you can concentrate on the now, you can have that opportunity to be at peace with that portion that we refer to as your higher self.

It’s interesting when you observe children who are involved in what you might refer to as very undesirable realities, and they are indeed functioning quite well. You can have the adults who sit there and worry about the past, which you believe you have no control over. And they sit there and worry about the future which you believe to a certain extent will occur regardless of what it is that you do, the future that will be indeed the result of what it is that you desire and imagine and expect, (inaudible) the adults will sit there and use their imagination to imagine the very worst, and to have that expectation and to dwell upon that future and yet to miss the opportunity to exist in the now. And the child who indeed can let go of the past, has not yet developed that consciousness perception of the future but exists in the now, can find all types of activities that will bring them peace and pleasure and understanding and being with one in the environment that they exist, in what for others can seem like a very horrendous type of existence.

You see, your perception of what’s right or wrong is a conscious decision. Your perception of what is less than desirable is based upon your consciousness thoughts. And when you become at peace within yourself and when you begin to understand who and what you are and when you begin to exist in the now, the worries of the future begin to dissipate. You understand absolutely that you can have whatever it is that you desire.

And so, the key is to have a desire. The key is to use your imagination. The key is to have an expectation. The key is to begin to like who you are. The key is to begin bring into your consciousness the understanding of who and what you truly are. The key is to put in place all of the principles that you desire to exist by; principles that make you feel like you’re an individual that you wish to be; principles that make you like yourself, not worrying about what others think of you; principles that allow you to feel as one with that portion of you that you refer to as your higher self; principles that allow you to like who you are, to put forth the image for yourself of who you are so that you can like who you are, so that you can love who you are.

When you begin to like who you are you begin to love who you are consciously without perception of what others think of you, without the perception of worrying about some other individual’s thoughts or feelings about who you are, but for who you are from yourself. When you begin to love who you are, then indeed you begin to lose that worrying about the future. And you begin to lose that concern about your past. If you can let it go, and you can exist in the now, then you can be at peace with who and what you are. And you begin to understand the true meaning of the existence within this vibrational level, that you absolutely cannot fail.

You are that spark of consciousness that has the capacity to create. You are the God that you search for. You create this reality from a position of absolute unconditional love, and you can burn that into your consciousness, and you can have the peace that you desire, you can have the understanding of who and what you are. You can indeed exist in a realm of confidence. You can exist in what seems like to be an absolutely impossible situation, and be at ease and be in control. And like the child who can develop some type of activity that gives them a feeling of joy, while they are surrounded by what adults might refer to as an absolute disaster, you as well can reach that peace, you as well can reach that understanding, and you as well can have that joy, when you are surrounded by what seems to be an absolute disaster and catastrophe. You can exist in the now, and you can put the past in the past. And you can stop worrying about the future, and understand that it’s within your control, absolutely.

The key, once again, is to like who you are, not for others but for yourself. The key is to love who you are. For when you begin to love yourself you can love others, absolutely. The key is to go withinside. For all the answers are truly withinside. You will not find them in a book. You will not find them on some CD. You will find them by going withinside. Absolutely.

Now. If you have any questions we would be willing to attempt to answer them for you.

Questioner: I have a question. You just said, “Go inside,” but I’ll ask it anyway. How does one know when one has changed a belief? Is it just when the reality changes? Because oftentimes the reality will change right back and then it becomes apparent that you haven’t really changed a belief at all.

Joshiah: Many beliefs, once again, are belief systems. Therein lies the difficulty. An individual gets a glimpse of a belief. And it hits you, and suddenly you wonder, like, “Where did that come from? I didn’t realize that I held that belief.” And it becomes difficult to change that belief for certain. And there are various methods and techniques that you can use to alter a belief, and we’re not going to get into them, for the only method or system that will work for you is the one that you believe. And so develop a particular method if you wish to change a belief.

For some, they write it out and simply burn the paper or throw it away and change the belief, it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you go through some type of alteration of a belief system. And you can do it physically, or you can do it mentally, or you can do a meditation, it doesn’t matter as long as you believe that it will work, and you change the belief.

Now. Many times, individuals get a glimpse of a belief and they don’t necessarily change the belief, but they simply try to hold a different belief and therein [falls] that difficulty of creating a reality that’s a reflection of the belief without altering the first reality, without altering that first belief system, and therefore that belief system rears its ugly head, if you wish, and the reality that you have created through the new belief system dissipates and you’re right back where you started. It’s important to understand that it’s an alteration of a belief system, not just the creation of a new belief system.

To give an explanation that’s very generic, absolutely, but for an individual to believe they have absolutely no deservability. They don’t deserve to have any type of abundance. And then to realize that they hold that belief, and so they create a new belief system and they begin to visualize all of this abundance and they begin to go through all types of affirmative techniques. They write little notes that say that they are going to have all of this abundance and they put all of these little indications all over their reality, all over their residences so that they can experience some type of mental conscious affirmation of this change of belief.

And so, they begin to create the abundance, and then along comes this disaster that consumes all the abundance, and then they look back and say, “Well, I really knew that I didn’t deserve anyway.” So they’re not surprised. And so you see, it becomes important that you change the belief. That you change the belief, you don’t just create a new belief, for new beliefs do not necessarily displace old beliefs, and that’s where belief systems come into play, where there are a multitude of beliefs that are very difficult to alter many times because it’s not just one belief but a series of beliefs.

Once again, the answer is to go withinside. The answer is to begin to like who you are. The answer is to love yourself, consciously, and to have the capacity to love others.

Many individuals attempt to create various realities through altering beliefs but they don’t work on the basis of understanding and believing, first of all, that they create this reality. And secondly, [that] they are the spark of consciousness that they search for. And thirdly, that they cannot fail. That’s the key, and we perpetually go back to the basics. Because if they don’t do the basics the rest won’t work. If you don’t do the basics you haven’t broke the mold, so to speak, you still exist within this consciousness and believing that you are not in control, believing that there are other entities that can have an influence upon the reality that you experience.

You must first break that particular belief system and you do that by going withinside. You do that by promoting self love, you do that by putting in place the principles to enhance the character in order to project the image for yourself so that you like who you are. And then the rest begins to fall into place. And then you begin to get glimpses of the beliefs. You begin to be that individual who seems to always be so calm. You see, you begin to be that individual who seems to be able to instantly get a grasp on the situation. And it’s because you have changed the basic belief systems, and it reflects out through everything that you experience.

It’s like an individual who desires to fly an airplane. They wish to be a pilot that has the capacity to fly this huge jumbo jet that carries all these passengers, but they don’t want to bother to take the very first class that explains the basic principles of aeronautics. That’s a waste of time. “We want to get right on to flying the jumbo. We want to eliminate everything in between.” And so it is that many individuals desire to change beliefs that are affecting your reality without understanding that first you must have the belief that you create it all. If you don’t have that belief it is going to be very difficult to be able to change the reality by changing some other belief. You must have the belief that you are the spark of consciousness that creates this vibrational level and that you absolutely cannot fail. When you can hold those three, and when you begin to like who you are, then you can indeed learn to fly the jumbo jet, absolutely.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Yes, thank you.

Questioner: Yes, Joshiah. I have a question. I seem to no longer to be able to see and understand people’s auras. (Inaudible) is that a cause for concern, or what should I do about that?

Joshiah: Every individual existing within your conscious state has that capacity should they desire to exercise that belief and to experience it. The majority of individuals do not exercise that belief system, if you wish, and it has absolutely no effect upon their creation process. There are many individuals who have that capacity to be what you refer to as a psychic, to tap into another’s thoughts, if you wish, and to express to that individual what it is that they are experiencing. Each of you has that capacity. You choose through the erection of the veil to limit that capacity. It’s a choice. It’s a choice that’s made at various levels of your consciousness and it’s not right or wrong and it certainly is not something to be concerned about.

And so it is in seeing auras, as well. It’s not something to be concerned about. It’s something that you can readily develop and for yourself it’s something that you can readily put back into place if you so desire, but it is not something to be concerned about unless that’s what you would really like to do. And if you would really like to do it there are various exercises that you can practice that will allow you to, once again, see that aura. However, it’s not necessary unless you wish to do it for your own personal entertainment.

It has no effect at all upon your creation process. It has no effect upon one’s ability, indeed, to know truly who and what they truly are. It’s rather ironic as one becomes more in touch with who and what they truly are that it seems to be easier for them to be so-called psychic or to read auras but that’s not always necessarily the case. There are many individuals who can see auras who are absolutely not in touch with who and what they truly are, so one does not necessarily have a reflection upon the other and is not something that we would suggest you need to be concerned about. It’s something, however, if you desire there are various techniques that you can utilize and you will readily bring back into your consciousness that capacity to see auras.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Yes, thank you.

Joshiah: Then, if we have no more questions, we would like to, once again, express our gratitude for your offering us this opportunity to enter into your vibrational level.

Understand that what you create in this reality in your vibrational level is indeed on what we would refer to as the leading edge of a creation process. There are many entities who are interested in what it is that you facilitate and participate in in your creation process. You are on this vibrational level by choice. You are not in any way put here because you must in some way elevate yourself or your awareness, absolutely not. You are here by choice. And you have the capacity to leave here by choice. It’s your choice to remain, and it shall be your choice to leave. Absolutely.

We are quite interested in your participation in this creation process, but we are only interested enough to welcome these opportunities to get glimpses of your reality. We’re certainly not interested enough to step into it. And many times, as we have suggested in the past, we wonder why on Earth you have chosen to step into it. But nonetheless, we, once again, welcome that opportunity to interact and to share with each of you. We indeed learn from each of you in your capacity to experience such a broad range and depth of feelings and we are grateful for these opportunities. We, once again, suggest that should you choose to interact with us you have but to express the intent, for we are not separated by time or space but rather by a vibrational level. And we welcome the opportunity to interact, to share with each of you, to offer you our unending support and our absolute unconditional love. And until the next time that you invite us we would wish each of you farewell, with love and with peace.

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