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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

June, 2005

Q and A

Joshiah: Well, now. Well, it is indeed a pleasure to be invited back into your vibrational level, once again. And we would remind you, once again, before we begin that there exists for you that opportunity to, once again, be involved in that silent communication. As a result of the energy that you have created in this sacred space you will find that very easy to facilitate a shift in your consciousness. You have but to close your eyes and express the intent and the opportunity exists for you to be involved in that silent communication. And as always, the choice is yours.

Now. It’s rather interesting that the one emotion, if you wish, the one feeling that does not lend itself to being manipulated by others is that emotion of love, that feeling of love. And yet, many individuals existing in your conscious state believe that they are in situations where they are influenced and where the beliefs that they hold and the realities that they experience are influenced by others. And ironically, in your conscious state that possibility exists and it only exists because you allow it. Because you see, when you’re involved in interactions with others it is through your choice. Absolutely. At some level within your consciousness you make the choice. You make the choice and you create the realities that are a reflection of the beliefs that you hold.

And there are many individuals as well who would believe that the beliefs that you hold are beliefs that you have created from your conscious state. And ironically, most of the time that’s not the case. The beliefs that you hold that have the strongest impact upon this reality that you experience are beliefs that you have put in place from your subconsciousness, from your altered states of consciousness, from your between incarnational states, if you wish. And while it’s true the various aspects of the reality that you experience in your conscious state have a reflection upon future experiences, nonetheless, it’s still based upon your choices, it’s still based upon the beliefs that you hold.

And once again, many of those beliefs are established in your subconsciousness, in your altered states of consciousness, indeed, in your between incarnation states of consciousness, where you put in place the beliefs to create the physical reality that you experience in your conscious state, the illusionary reality that you experience in your conscious state.

Once again, when you are creating this reality you do so as a reflection of the beliefs that you hold. And you do so in what we refer to as the now, and that’s a difficult concept to grasp. You see, we continuously give you examples and analogies that are based upon a timeline that has a beginning and an end and that you’re somewhere in the middle. And it’s not that way really at all.

And once again, even to use the term of the now is to give inference to a timeline, for you’re in this particular aspect that you refer to as now, and that’s not accurate at all. Absolutely not.

But you create this reality as a whole, all of the particular incarnational periods, all of the between incarnational periods, all occur within the whole. And as you alter a belief system it reflects out through the various incarnational periods that you’re experiencing, absolutely.

Once again, you believe that you exist in a timeline, that there’s a beginning and an end, and you’re in this particular incarnational period, and you are born and you are going to die to this particular incarnational period, and there are certain events that are going to occur in the timeline. That particular belief system in time and space is one of the most powerful beliefs that you bring into your conscious state that validate this reality. When you’re in your altered state of consciousness, when you’re in your dream state and your between incarnation state, you can bring back, if you wish, into your consciousness certain memories, glimpses, if you wish, what it’s like to exist in the now, when you can have experiences in your past and in your so-called future and in your present simultaneously, when time has absolutely no effect.

And it’s when you’re in those altered states of consciousness that you alter the beliefs, primarily, that are reflected in your reality. And when you’re in your conscious state you have the capacity to make choices that are reflected, once again, back into your thoughts and feelings and the beliefs and attitudes that you hold, that are expressed in the reality that you experience.

And so, events that occur for many within this incarnational period, within your capacity to believe, certainly have influence upon your so-called future, because you believe that that’s what occurs, you believe that that’s the timeline, if you wish, and it validates the reality, it makes it real. The irony of it is that you hold the belief before you create the reality, it’s not the other way around. You simply hold the illusion that it’s the other way around. The belief precedes the reality. And so, therefore many of those beliefs are a reflection of the choices and decisions that you make, the attitudes that you hold, together impact upon the belief systems.

And many of those beliefs, once again, are put in place when you are in your so-called in between incarnational states and are brought forth into this incarnational period. You see, many individuals find it difficult to grasp this concept when we suggest to you that the only limitations to your creation in this reality are your imagination.

And so, here you have it. This individual who happens to be a very slightly built individual says, “Well, if that’s the case then I wish to be this massive individual who is very athletic and [allowed] to participate in all of the athletic sports, and I want to be very good at it. If I can do it all, then that’s what I wish to do.” Well, you see when you entered into this incarnational period, once again, you put in place the belief in time and space. A very difficult belief for you to alter, one of what we refer to as the human consciousness belief systems, and you chose, through various belief systems to be involved in this incarnational period in the physical capacity that you are in. It’s your choice.

A difficult concept for you to alter. Not impossible, but very difficult. For you see, because if you could alter that, if you could alter your physical makeup to that extreme then this entire consciousness state would be portrayed for exactly what it is, an illusion. And if that occurs, then it becomes very difficult to perpetuate the illusion from your conscious state in a situation where you no longer believe that you are in control, and therefore the very purpose of your being [that] enables you to experience the broad range and depth of emotions and feelings dissipates. And you destroy the illusion. And if you destroy the illusion there’s a very strong possibility that you’d leave this particular vibrational level, for it would not have the purpose for which you chose to come here.

And so, you make the choices. It’s absolutely within your capacity to alter them, but you make the choices. And you put in place the belief that in this incarnational period you will be involved in a particular physical attribute that will remain with you throughout the entire incarnational period. You make the choice. You hold the belief, and it’s a difficult one for you to alter. It’s a human consciousness belief. It’s one that you all agree to participate in to facilitate the illusion.

And within that physical capacity and within that so-called physical body you also believe that there is the capacity to experience the various physical debilitations, if you wish, physical diseases. And you also bring into this incarnational period the capacity to have those experiences. You put them in place long before you enter into what you refer to as this incarnational period. And again, we refer back to and reflect upon your belief in a linear timeframe, for it is not long before indeed you alter it constantly and constantly if you desire. However, you don’t believe that in your conscious state. It’s not a belief system that you hold. And to validate the reality, once again, you believe in time and space.

And so, you put in place these belief systems, these attributes that are possibilities for you to experience. And then as you continue within your so-called physical existence you make the choices and decisions, you hold the thoughts and the feelings and you reflect the attitudes, [desire, invoke or depress] the DNA, the energy that surrounds the DNA, that activate or deactivate the various aspects of the DNA that gives you the possibilities turned into probabilities to experience the creation of the disease or the particular attribute within your conscious state.

It’s really that simple. You can make it as complicated as you want. You can have all types of belief systems. You can put in place all types of methods and techniques to facilitate that activity, but nonetheless you make the choices to create the reality that you experience and many times you put in place the possibility before you enter into what you refer to as the physical body, before you create that illusion and you carry that with you if you wish to, once again, believe in a linear timeframe, throughout the entire incarnational period.

But it’s your choice. It’s not some attribute that’s given to you or forced upon you by some other entity existing outside of this vibrational level. Absolutely not. It’s your choice.

Now (inaudible) and you [indeed] will experience this and you will have validation of this through your scientific research is that it’s absolutely possible for you to alter that DNA. And we’re not talking about activating and deactivating various aspects of the DNA, but actually eliminating or creating various aspects of the DNA that either existed or did not exist previously. We have referred to what you, in your metaphysical terms, have called the indigo children as the children who will have the capacity to understand that this is their creation and have the capacity to physically alter their DNA.

Now, that DNA alteration will have impacts in areas that fall within your belief system for you to have some type of control over. You see, it’s really ironic that you as individuals have an easier capacity to change various aspects of your physical attributes that you can’t see than it is to change the ones that you can see or that you portray to others.

For example, you can, and it occurs within your physical attributes within your day-to-day activities you all have experiences or can at least relate to experiences where individuals have had some type of disease that is growing within them, a disease which occurs because of an activation of a particular aspect of their DNA, an activation of a belief system that they [have] and that they brought in for the capacity, should they desire to activate, should they desire to experience, should they hold the beliefs or they make the choices to have that experience, to facilitate that activity or that growth of some type of disease withinside them. A disease which can be very altering in terms of your physical makeup. It can even alter, to some extent, your physical attributes that you display to others. But most certainly has the greatest capacity to activate withinside the physical being where it’s not visible to others to your so-called naked eye.

Now. Through all these various beliefs, through practicing, if you wish, various methods or techniques that they believe will work—that they believe will work, that’s the important aspect, that’s the key, that they believe will work—they can alter their DNA. They can deactivate, if you wish, that portion of their DNA and they can eliminate that so-called incurable disease. And each of you have seen the so-called miraculous types of alterations and healings.

Well, we would suggest to you that these so-called indigo children, your so-called future children, shall display that capacity to an extent which has not been experienced in your so-called past. Each of you has within you that capacity. You just don’t believe it. You see, it’s not that these indigo children are going to be somehow different than what you are in terms of their abilities. It’s that they’re going to believe that they’re different. They are not different. They’re individuals existing in other incarnational periods that are similar to, in terms of their creation capacity, what you are. These are not special, new people, absolutely not. Simply people who hold different beliefs.

That’s the key. You are an equal piece of the one. You create your reality. You absolutely cannot fail. That doesn’t change whether it’s an indigo child or someone that you believe is so far spiritually removed that they have no concept of spirituality or the capacity to create their reality. It doesn’t matter. It’s an illusion. It’s an illusion that you choose to participate in. And you can have whatever it is you desire. Absolutely. That’s the key. That’s what is so difficult to grasp and yet it’s an actual fact, is that you create your reality and if you create it then what’s there to stop you from creating whatever it is that you desire? The only thing that stops you from creating whatever it is you desire is that you don’t believe you can do it.

And these so-called indigo children will not consciously hold that belief to the same extent that you do. To the same extent that you do. [That’s] not saying that there are not going to be limitations, for that again is a choice. We’re not telling you that it’s going to be absolutely this or absolutely that. No one can predict your future. That’s your choice. This is your reality, you create it all. There’s no entity existing outside of your vibrational level that somehow has some magical answer to the creation process that you’re involved in or has the capacity to influence and direct it or to change it. It’s your creation. And then therefore they also have no capacity to tell you what’s going to occur. That’s your creation. That’s your choice. This is your vibrational level.

You, as individuals existing within this vibrational level, are the creators of the vibrational level. You, as individuals existing within this vibrational level have all of the knowledge necessary to create the reality that you experience. Not only do you have all the knowledge necessary but you utilize it. You just don’t believe it, consciously. And there’s nothing wrong with that. This is not a good or bad thing. You see, many individuals believe, “Well, somehow, if I can grasp that, I’ll be a better person. If I can understand how I create my reality, somehow that will make me be a better person.”

Well, what’s a better person? That’s a judgment that you make within your conscious state, not within your subconscious state. It’s a judgment you make of yourself, absolutely. And it’s a judgment that you make of others. But only in your conscious state. Understand that in your subconsciousness there is no such judgment as what is right or wrong or good or bad, that you might live this way or that way. Absolutely not.

You make that choice consciously. Now, when you make the choice consciously based upon what you believe are the proper principles, what you believe is the image that’s important to you, then absolutely you can strengthen your character. You begin to like yourself and you can love yourself more consciously. And as you love yourself more consciously, love is the key to getting that connection, if you wish, or at least realizing that the connection exists to that portion of your higher self that creates your reality. And you can have what believe your indigo children shall have.

Absolutely. That choice is yours. But it’s a choice and it’s a judgment that you make, not someone who has any, not any other particular entity living either withinside or outside of your vibrational level. Absolutely not. Your choice. You are the god that you search for. You create this reality and you absolutely cannot fail. The rest is illusion. The rest is up for grabs, you can change whatever you wish. Absolutely. You have but to believe. You have but to believe. For what you experience in your conscious state is an illusion, and it’s a reflection of what you believe. Absolute, no question, guaranteed. If you change the belief you will change the reality.

Now. If you have any questions for us we would be willing to attempt to answer them for you.

Questioner: A couple, a few weeks ago, as I was waking up I was in a dream with Nisargadatta, and he was, we were in a store like Costco, a box store, and I was telling him a joke about the Christ, and that probably isn’t at all what the dream was about. That’s what I brought back here. Was that the real Nisargadatta or was it just a dream creation that looks like him?

Joshiah: What is real? (Chuckles) We would ask you the question, were you the real (name of the questioner)? Or are you just an image that (inaudible) what you would like to have others perceive you as being? You see, once again, this is an illusionary reality. Individuals, regardless of which name that you would like to refer to them, are no more and no less than any other individual existing within not only this vibrational level but all of the vibrational levels.

Now. This becomes a difficult concept to grasp because it’s like referring to the now that you exist in, this all-encompassing now that all of your realities, all of your incarnational periods exist in simultaneously. All individuals are one. That becomes a very difficult concept to grasp. And when we suggest that you are the Piece of the One, that in itself is a very limiting aspect, because it refers and infers that there must be this huge One and that maybe I’m just this small piece and it’s not that way at all. We’ve suggested many times that you are an equal Piece of the One, no more and no less than any other Piece of the One. But you are the One.

You see, similar to the now, you are the One. It doesn’t mean that you’re not an individualist, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have the capacity to make your own choices, absolutely not. But it means that you’re connected. You see, it becomes very difficult to grasp that concept, that you are connected not only to every other individual that exists within your vibrational level but to all of the individuals or all of the entities, if you wish, or all of the sparks of consciousness that exist throughout all of creation. And if that’s so, then it also means, (inaudible) what you might refer to as your conscious mind, that you are also a piece of each and every atom that exists throughout your entire universe.

That challenges, if you wish, the scientific mind, that every individual existing within your vibrational level exists within each and every atom of your vibrational level. And they are all the One. They’re all connected. They are not separate, and yet they are individuals. It’s like each incarnational period exists within the now. You have the capacity to experience each one separately, absolutely, and when you’re in that conscious state that’s the most important one. The rest have absolutely no meaning in terms of having importance, other than they may have some type of influence upon this one and for that purpose you would like to go back and alter them.

But it’s difficult to grasp in your conscious state that you’re also in those other incarnational periods and perhaps in those you’re looking at this one and thinking, “Oh, there’s something there I don’t like at all. I wish I could go change that and then my life would be so much better in this incarnational period.” And it’s all one. It’s all a One. And you and every individual existing, every individual, even those that many would hold up as being somehow superior, are equal Pieces of the One, are involved in the Oneness, if you wish.

So, what is real? When you interact with an individual in a dream state, what is real? And when you refer to that individual as having some type of definite personality or attributes what is the significance? For indeed if that individual has those personalities or attributes then so does every other individual existing, not only with your vibrational level, but throughout all of creation.

A difficult concept to grasp, absolutely. But when one can grasp that then one can begin to realize the limitlessness of the potential of your capacity to create.

Does that answer your questions?

Questioner: Yes. Thank you.

Questioner: I’ve been thinking about something for a while and I think maybe you’ll give me a different perspective on it. What would a higher self entity, somebody who realizes they are the god, do in a situation that they are finding uncomfortable? Would they physically go and talk to people and change things physically so that things are better for them or would they go inside and change the beliefs so that the reality kind of changes?

Joshiah: First of all, every individual is a higher self entity. It’s a level of believing so in your conscious state. You see, once again, each individual is that equal Piece of the One. It is not something that you can be separate from. It’s not something that you must achieve. It’s not some lesson that you must learn, absolutely not. It’s a choice.

Now. Involved in a particular activity where you understand absolutely that you create your reality, then you’re there by choice. As well, you will understand that you do not have the capacity to alter or influence other individual’s reality that they are experiencing unless they agree to alter belief systems and to alter their interaction and perception of what is occurring.

It’s rather interesting and unique that individuals can be involved in a day-to-day activity and you may have four or five individuals participating. When you finish, if you wish, or complete that activity and if you were to separate the five individuals and ask each of them their perception of what it was that occurred, you will probably get five different answers. Five different answers of the same activity and participation, because of their choice to create and to perceive what it is that they desire. Not what another individual desire for them. Absolutely not.

And they are there by choice. It’s not an accident. You create each and every instant of this vibrational level and it’s not an accident. In your conscious state, you create it. You can make the choices to alter it, absolutely. You believe, however, in time and space and so it becomes difficult for you to consciously alter and have it [re-begin] because that would destroy that illusion of time and space. And so you need that validation. And so you enter into that activity and you [all] see it through to the end what you believe to be a passage of time. And you have a perception [of] what occurred, based upon the belief that you hold and based upon what it is that you desire, that you desire to experience in that activity and in your participation in that activity.

To believe that somehow some entity can be evolved to the point—if you wish to use that term evolution—where that can influence others and alter that reality so that others have a different type of experience, just does not occur. That would be to take away the other’s capacity to make a choice, to experience a reality, and create what it is that they desire based upon their beliefs.

Difficult concept to grasp, but nonetheless, all are higher entities, all are equal parts of the One, if you wish. There is no such thing as being able to achieve, if you wish, some state where you suddenly have this higher self that is in a state or a capacity to achieve what someone else cannot achieve or to influence some other’s reality. You can achieve, if you wish, a conscious understanding of who and what you truly are, but it’s not necessary for you to be that so-called higher self, for you cannot be separated from who and what you truly are. You cannot lose it. It’s not something you have to find. It’s not something you have to gain. It’s who and what you truly are. You simply chose, as other individuals existing in your vibrational level, to hide from that aspect.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Yeah.

Questioner: I’m reading this book right now, or trying to. It’s called The Face of God, and it’s a scientific sort of one. And it’s really been bothering me, but anyway, the people in the book are from another planet, supposedly, you know, they’re a lot more superior. They’re called the Elohim people. And they claim in this book that they have created us on planet Earth here, and that they are our fathers and they are our creators. And I thought we each created ourselves. And I don’t know, I had great difficulty trying to read the book, it really bothered me. And so, I thought, well, maybe it’s because it’s not true.

Joshiah: (Laughs) The truth is a very illusionary concept, for what is true? You see, you use so many phrases, and we’re not suggesting you particularly, but the human consciousness and human individuals in your conscious state use so many phrases to describe certain things or to express various emotions without really examining what that refers to, what is truth. You see, what is truth in this instant may not be truth in the next instant, and so does that make one a lie and the other the truth? Or which one is the truth and which is the lie?

You see, you have examples within your so-called past, and we refer to now, once again, your linear timeframe, where there were absolute truths, absolute truths that have as not possible, for example, for you to travel from one side of your Earth to the other without ever setting foot on your solid ground. The truth that individuals would have died to perpetuate—it was an absolute given—and to believe that it would be possible for you to step onto some craft that would take you to the other side of the Earth within less than one day would have been a lie. Because you didn’t believe it was possible.

You, you as individuals existing within this vibrational level within that particular incarnational period, you didn’t believe it was possible. You, not some other entities, but you. Now, you exist within [an] incarnational period where you understand and believe that it is possible for you to accomplish those feats. And so, which is the lie and which is the truth?

Depending on where you stand, if you’re in that other incarnational period, you in that other incarnational period, then that’s the truth and the other is the lie. But now, in this incarnational period, it’s reversed. That which is the truth is now the lie and that which is the lie was now the truth. And so which is right and wrong? Which is true and which is a lie? It’s only based upon beliefs that you hold. If you alter the beliefs you can alter the reality. If you alter the reality you can alter the truth. What you believe to be the truth.

The truth is you exist in an illusion. The truth is that you create your reality. The truth is that you are a Piece of the One. And the truth is that you cannot fail. The rest is illusion.

If some individual wishes to believe that there are these entities that have the capacity to create this reality for you, then you can create the illusion to support the belief. It’s an illusion. If you believe that there is a god that has a capacity to influence this reality then you will create the reality to support the belief. If individuals believe that there’s some entities existing in your so-called outer space that can influence your existence within your Earth system, then you can have that. It’s an illusion. You can have whatever it is you desire. You just can’t, you can’t escape the fact that it’s your creation, that you are that Piece of God that you search for and that you absolutely cannot fail to come to that understanding. The rest is illusion.

Now. When you listen to someone else giving you the answers, there will always be shortcomings. When you search for the answers in a book, you will not find them. When you search for the answers by attending various functions, and religious, particular activities, there will always be a shortcoming. The only way to find the truth is to go withinside. The only way to eliminate that fear that you experience in your conscious state is to go withinside. The only true answers are withinside. And it’s an individual journey that cannot be made by someone else. And individuals who fear that there are other entities that can influence their reality have definitely not made the journey inside. They’ve not experienced in their conscious state who and what they truly are.

And that’s not a good or bad. It’s not a right or wrong. It’s not that there’s some condemnation if you don’t have that experience, absolutely not. It’s a choice. It’s a choice that you make, and it doesn’t particularly matter in the outcome of this reality that you’re experiencing. It simply validates the illusion that allows you to experience that broad range and depth of feelings. And if someone believes that there are entities existing outside of your vibrational level or indeed in your so-called space area that can have an influence on this creation and upon your Earth systems and indeed upon the individuals that exist on this Earth, that’s not so much different than to believe that there’s a God that creates this Earth and creates all the individuals on it, absolutely not. But it does allow you to experience fear. It does allow you to experience not being in control. It gives you a rush, and that’s what you’re here for. That’s why you chose to enter into this vibrational level. It’s not necessary, but it’s a choice that you can make.

And once again, the only true answers are withinside. If it is someone else’s answer, if someone else attempts to put it into words or phrases you will not grasp the concept. It must be discovered withinside.

It is ironic that you as individuals (inaudible) withinside. Realize as well, that it’s not possible for them to tell you the experience, other than to suggest, if you wish to have that experience of connecting with your so-called higher self or with that Piece of the One that you are in your conscious state, you must go withinside and make the journey yourself. It cannot be done by someone else and it cannot be expressed for you in words or in some type of book or indeed through some religious rote. It’s a particular, personal, individual journey that individuals must make themselves.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Yes, thank you.

Questioner: I understand that (inaudible) part of our creation we chose a certain body to come here with, whether it’s male or female. Is it possible to come here and have the experience from the perspective of an animal?

Joshiah: (Chuckles) You create this reality, absolutely. Now. There are individuals existing within various societies within your Earth system who understand, if you wish, their connection to your so-called Earth and to all that exists within it. Now. They may not have the full understanding or comprehension that it’s their creation, but nonetheless, they believe that they are a part of that creation and through that part of creation they have a connection to all of creation. A different concept from understanding that you exist, not only throughout all of creation, but you are all of creation.

However, those individuals who hold that belief that they have a connection through all of creation, as well are a part of that creation have the capacity to experience, if you wish, existences not only within other animals, but indeed within other aspects, what you might refer to as [inanimate] objects within your creation.

You can have whatever it is you desire. There are no limitations other than your imagination. And so, those individuals who believe and feel that connection with creation will give you quite accurate descriptions, if you wish, of what they experience when being interactingly involved with those other so-called creation or animals or [inanimate] objects within your Earth system. It’s an illusion, you can have whatever you desire. The only limitation is your imagination. Absolutely.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Yes, thank you.

Questioner: How do you, or what does it mean to go within yourself?

Joshiah: You exist in various levels of consciousness, what we refer to as other vibrational levels, where you are completely aware of who and what you truly are, of the creation process, of your connection, if you wish, with all of the other entities of the Pieces of One. Where you are aware that you only create from a position of love and that you are absolute love. And then you have a level of consciousness when you enter into this vibrational level—and this is a rather unique vibrational level, it’s not duplicated throughout all of creation—where you’ve set aside that understanding of who and what you truly are, and you put in place what we refer to as an electromagnetic type of energy that limits that understanding of who and what you truly are, not only in your conscious state but through various levels of your unconsciousness.

And you have what we refer to as the between incarnation state, a level of consciousness where you put in place, for the most part, the choices and decisions and the beliefs that you will bring into your incarnational states. And then you have what we refer to as the deep dream state, where you, once again, manipulate and make the agreements, set in place the contracts to facilitate the creation of the day-to-day events and activities that you will participate in.

And then you can have altered states of consciousness that you refer to as meditative states, where you can again put in place the alterations of belief systems and contracts that facilitate your day-to-day activities.

All of those levels of consciousness that we have referred to in progressive order become further and further away from the full understanding of who and what you truly are. And then you enter into your conscious state, the most removed state that it’s possible to enter into, where you believe in your conscious state that this is it, and this is all that there is. And yet, it’s the most limiting capacity of consciousness that you can be involved in.

To go withinside is to alter your consciousness to enter into [a] meditative state or even into a dream state, if you wish, and take with you part of the consciousness to keep active the understanding and to facilitate the experiences so that you can bring them back into your conscious state and get a glimpse of an understanding of who and what you truly are, of the absolute limitless potential that exists.

And so, when we suggest that you go withinside, it’s to alter your consciousness to the state where you can connect, if you wish, consciously with that portion of who and what you truly are that creates this reality that you experience.

Now. You believe in time and space. And you believe that you must have a beginning and an end and a beginning and an end and you believe that for something to be validated, to be important, and to have some type of value it must take time and effort and practice and evolution to reach that step. And so, it’s more possible for you to grasp it consciously that it’s real, to validate it, if you have to suffer to get that, if it has to take time, if you have to work at it. And so you believe that you have to practice this alteration of consciousness in order to facilitate reaching the point, if you wish, or accomplishment, of being able to access that so-called higher self that you truly are and to have the memory of that connection return with you into your conscious state.

And you make that connection on a regular basis when you enter into your dream state. You just don’t have the capacity to facilitate, fully comprehend, and to bring back into your conscious state that interaction. You bring back distorted aspects of it, but when you do it consciously, by altering your consciousness and entering into a meditative state, if you wish, or an altered state of consciousness, call it whatever you wish, and you take with you what you might refer to as a lucid part of your consciousness so that you can remember bringing back into your consciousness what it was that you experienced, and when you experience that love, that overwhelming interaction, that connection, if you wish, between your consciousness and your subconsciousness, then you will understand what we mean to go within and to make the discovery.

And you will understand and grasp the concept that there is no words that you can use to explain to others what it is that you have experienced, for it’s your experience and theirs will be different, theirs will be unique and yours will be unique. And when you do that, when you make that connection, you will never again fear death from this particular incarnational period. You will never again fear that there are other individuals who can have some type of influence over you or cause you some harm that [move] beyond what you refer to as your physical capacity.

You will understand absolutely that you cannot fail to come to the understanding of who and what you truly are. You will become overwhelmed with a sense of absolute and unconditional love that you are, that you will be reduced to emotional tears.

It’s an experience that each individual can only make themselves. You will not find it in a book. You cannot do it by having someone else tell you that this is what you must do. You must simply make the choice to go withinside, through an altered state of consciousness, if you wish, with the intent of having that unique experience. And it will be unique. The method will be unique. And it will work. You have but to believe, and the experience will be overwhelming in your conscious state.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Yes.

Questioner: [You speak here of] the indigo children in the future being able to change their DNA or we will not have a future. Is it possible for me to change the DNA to cause the cancer in my body, so (inaudible)?

Joshiah: Absolutely. You see, when we refer to the so-called indigo children, well, they’re individuals that are absolutely no different than other individuals existing within your particular incarnational period, indeed, or any other incarnational period throughout your entire so-called history, other than you believe.

You see, it’s the beliefs that are reflected in your reality. A difficult concept, absolutely, to alter many of those beliefs because they’re beliefs that you put in place in your so-called in between incarnational periods, involves very deep areas, if you wish, of your subconsciousness. But nonetheless, completely within your capacity to alter. You have but to believe.

The key is a belief. And not a belief that someone else can do it. Not a belief that you must pray to some entity to give it to you. It’s not something that is given. It’s something that is yours and is your creation. You must own it. You see, if you don’t first of all own that it’s your creation then you can’t change it. Many individuals have a difficulty with this concept, that you create it all. You see, you create a reality and you get up in your so-called morning and you go back to business and all of these things are occurring and they’re all such nasty, terrible things, “I don’t want any responsibility for that. That’s not my creation. You’re telling me I created that? And I wouldn’t do that to my worst friend, and yet you’re telling me I created that, absolutely not. That’s my neighbor that’s doing that. Or that’s God that’s doing that. Or maybe it’s the Devil that’s doing that [to me], but it certainly isn’t me.”

Well, if you hold that attitude then you can’t change it either. You see, as difficult as it is to accept the responsibility, it’s the only way that you can alter the reality. If you don’t accept that it’s your creation, then how on Earth can you change it?

A difficult concept to grasp. A difficult concept to grasp if one is suffering from what seems to be an incurable disease, and to accept the responsibility for that and say, “Well, that was my choice. I chose that. I held the beliefs that allowed that to participate and to facilitate within my physical being. And then I can also alter it.” Accepting that it is your creation gives an individual the power to alter the creation.

And so, to answer your question is it possible to alter the DNA so that the disease does not return, absolutely. But first of all you must accept the reality, you must accept the understanding that you created it in the first place. And then make the choices to make the alteration, absolutely. It’s within each individual’s capacity to create whatever it is they desire. They have but to believe.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Yes, thank you.

Questioner: Okay, I have a question that I’m trying to put into a question form.

(Recording ends.)

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