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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

January 2, 2005

Q and A

Questioner: The people who, when it comes to spiritual-type information, the ones that seem to write a lot are like sages and yogis. But the anomalies, the Christs and Sai Babas, don’t seem to write anything themselves. And I am wondering why that is. They talk but they don’t [write].

Joshiah: It is really ironic that many of those that write will tell you that the information that you search for exists withinside. And if it exists withinside and the only way you can discover it is to go withinside, then how can you discover it when it is written by someone else? The two concepts don’t necessarily jive.

Individuals, many individuals who have made that discovery withinside themselves understand absolutely that it is not something that you can give to someone else. You see, you create your own reality, and we have suggested that many times. If you create your own reality and if every individual existing within your vibrational level creates their own reality, and the only realities that are created that are societal realities are realities that individuals agree to at some level of their consciousness, and the entire universe is created through an agreement, a consensus at a human conscious level, but nonetheless, each individual agrees to participate in that creation and no one else can force that individual to be involved in that process but what that that individual would agree.

Similarly, the answer to understanding who and what you truly are is withinside each and every individual. And if it is withinside each and every individual, it is not something that someone else can give to you. And so when individuals, many of the individuals discover that connection, if you wish, to who and what they truly are, well, with that discovery comes the understanding that they can’t give it to someone else, they can’t teach it to someone else, you must go withinside.

Many, many times we have suggested to you that the answers that you desire are withinside. They are withinside. You will not find them in a book. You will not find them on some recording or on some of your new mechanical devices, your compact discs, but rather, they are withinside. You may find that reading the books and listening to the tapes and listening to the compact discs triggers, if you wish, or sparks the interest to look withinside. But understand that you create your reality.

That becomes a very difficult concept for many individuals to grasp, to believe that they create each and every instance of their reality. And at some level within your consciousness you have put in place the access to certain information to trigger the search for the connection to that Piece of the One that you are, but you won’t find it in a book. You won’t find it any type of documentation in any type of medium. You can only find it withinside. The answer only comes from withinside.

And those that would teach individuals to search for that message would instruct them, first of all, that they do not have the answers but that the answers lie withinside each and every individual. And it is a personal journey. No one else can make the journey for you. No one else can give you an accurate description of who and what you truly are. To do so, to bring that entirely in your consciousness would indeed completely eliminate the illusion. This reality would be something that you understood absolutely the concept of the creation process. And if you could get that from a type of medium that was expressed from one individual to another, it would be very simple to destroy the illusion, to give you that grasp of understanding of who and what you truly are, and there is a very good chance that your entire vibrational level would disappear.

You exist within this vibrational level through choice. You as individuals choose to erect an electromagnetic type of energy that limits the understanding of who and what you truly are. And the only way that you can make a connection to that understanding of who and what you truly are is to go withinside. And even then, to bring that connection back into your consciousness is a very difficult process. To be able to express it in a written medium so that another individual can get a grasp of that understanding is impossible. If it was so easily done, many individuals would have understood and got a grasp of who and what they truly are, and, once again, in all likelihood you would end this vibrational level. For there would be very little reason to continue to create a reality that seems so much out of your control so that you can have the opportunity to experience such a broad range of feelings. That is why you are here. That is the choice that each individual, each entity existing within your vibrational level, has made.

You choose to limit the understanding of who and what you truly are while you are in your conscious state. You cannot bring that understanding forward and express it to another individual in a means that would be accurately understood that they may indeed understand their capacity to create their reality. And so, individuals who get glimpses of that understanding of who and what they truly are, usually—and there is, once again, a word that has limitations—but usually those individuals understand and grasp the concept that it is not something that they can teach another but that the other must make their own personal journey withinside to make that discovery.

And ironically, it doesn’t really matter whether or not you make that journey in your conscious state. You cannot fail to come to the understanding of who and what you truly are. This is not a win or lose situation. If you do not make that connection in your conscious state, it is of very little consequence in the entire creation process. You shall continue to create this reality. You shall continue to experience what it is that you desire to experience. You shall continue to exist in an illusionary society in an illusionary reality. Whether you have that connection with who and what you truly are and whether you can bring forth into your consciousness glimpses of that connection, really will have a very little outcome, if you wish, on this creation process and on this reality. What it does give you is glimpses into the understanding of the reality creation process so that you can accept the responsibility to create your reality consciously. It is not a necessity. It is simply an assistance.

All individuals come into this vibrational level erecting an electromagnetic type of veil that limits that understanding of who and what they truly are, and then many of them spend their entire incarnational period trying to remove that electromagnetic type veil that they agreed to, on a human conscious level, to participate within and to erect and they spend that entire incarnational period, once again, trying to remove that which they agreed to put in place, only to end this incarnational period and find out that they were never separate from their spirituality at all. They simply put up that veil that limited their understanding from their conscious state of who and what they truly are.

And when they enter into that between incarnational state they, once again, make the choice, “Do we continue to participate in this vibrational level or can we choose to leave?” And once again, if they choose to continue in this vibrational level then they enter into this particular conscious state by erecting that electromagnetic type of veil of energy that exists throughout each and every atom of your vibrational level to limit the understanding of who and what they truly are in their conscious state. And it is a choice that they make. It is not something that is inflicted upon an individual. And many individuals may, once again, spend the entire incarnational period attempting to connect to that which they agreed to set aside for the purposes of experiencing this reality and experiencing the broad range and depth of feelings that can be experienced within this conscious state in this vibrational level.

And for those individuals who journey withinside, this reality becomes much more fulfilling. It can become much more gratifying because they can accept the responsibility for their creation, and also accept that they do not have the capacity to create for others nor to attempt to or to have the capacity to remove that electromagnetic type of energy, that veil, for others.

It is an individual and personal journey that must be made. And regardless of whether or not individuals accomplish that connection with their so-called higher self from their conscious state within this vibrational level and within this incarnational period, we assure you that you absolutely cannot fail. You can consciously create your reality without making that connection.

You can consciously create your reality by understanding that you create it all, by understanding that you are a Piece of the One, without necessarily having that connection and that experience with that Piece of the One from your conscious state. You can create this reality by accepting that it is your creation, by understanding that you create it through your beliefs and your belief systems and it is indeed a reflection of your belief systems. And you can develop any numerous types of methods and techniques to accomplish that ability, that capacity to consciously create your reality and you don’t necessarily have to do it by entering into some type of an altered state of consciousness and connecting with that which you refer to as your higher self, that which you have worked so hard to limit your connection with through establishing and creating this vibrational level and through choosing to enter into it.

And so, a simple answer to your question is that you will not find the answers listed in a book. You may find clues, if you wish, you may find keys, you may find indeed the incentives to attempt to make that journey withinside, but those individuals who have made that journey withinside and who have connected with that portion of their higher self understand as well that they do not have the capacity to teach you, to give it to you, to allow you to have that understanding through their experiences. It is an understanding that must be made within each and every individual, not through someone else’s experience.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Yes, it answered that one and a whole bunch of other ones. Thank you. Have you said the same thing all along and I just didn’t hear it?

Joshiah: (Chuckles) When we first began we said that there were but three truths: you create your reality, you are a Piece of the One, and you absolutely cannot fail. This reality that you exist in is an illusion. The only limitations to your illusion is your imagination. All of the rest are up for grabs, including, if you wish, that ability for one to connect with one’s higher self. It is a very, very simple process made complicated by one’s desire to erect that electromagnetic type of energy in order make this appear real. That is the only limitation. There are no others.

It doesn’t mean that this is a difficult process. You create this reality effortlessly. Many times it may seem like it is a very difficult process. It only seems that way because of the beliefs that you hold that you desire to make it difficult. Because you see, if it is difficult it is real. And if it is real then the feelings and emotions are much more intense and, oh, it is such a much more intensive reality and therefore it is much more fun. And you get so much more out of it if you are not in control. But you create it effortlessly. Effortlessly.

You as individuals have the capacity to create whatever it is that you desire. Not only do you have that capacity, but you do create it. It is a reflection of your beliefs. And you do it effortlessly. You do it whether you believe it or not in your conscious state. You are so much more than you can perceive. And you have the capacity, through whatever method that you wish to use, whatever technique you believe will work for you, to do it consciously—another choice that you have made as a human consciousness that is beginning to be reflected in this creation process in this illusion that you are experiencing.

And yes, we have said from day one that it is an illusion, it is your creation, and you do have the capacity to look withinside to discover who and what you truly are, that all of the answers—including the information that we deliver to each of you—comes from withinside each of you. And we have said that from the beginning, absolutely.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I have a question. So when we go into sleep time and dream time, that is another reality, illusionary reality that we are in that we are also creating, and so we don’t really sleep, we just change. And so if we have a dream and we bring that dream, well, we bring the dream forward into this reality, and the dream happens to be a death experience that we go through, is that something that actually we did create in that other dream time reality? Or is it a message that we want to bring to this reality?

Joshiah: It is a very difficult concept to give an explanation to your creation process because you see, you believe in a linear time frame and you believe in space. And they are illusions. Well, you believe that there is a passage of time when you enter into that dream state and you enter in your sleep state, that the time passes and then you wake up and you exist within this conscious state, and then you go into the dream state and then eventually you die and you go into the between incarnational state and then you go into, once again, another new incarnation and you again through the process. It’s not really that way.

You exist in the now. We cannot find within your vocabulary an accurate explanation that would give you a description of the now. But suffice to say, that your dream state exists simultaneously to your conscious state and every incarnational period exists simultaneously—all at the same time, all occurring now. Not meaning that there can be no separation, but rather that that separation is not time or space. And you, when you enter into that dream state, put in place the agreements and the contracts for the reality that you experience in your conscious state. You also put in place, in the between incarnational state, the agreements and the contracts that you will experience in your conscious state. And it all occurs simultaneously. And when you come back into your conscious state the dreams that you experienced in that deep dream state, in that state of consciousness where you put in place the agreements and the contracts, does not accurately come back with you into your conscious state.

Many times individuals have so-called premonitions, dreams that come to pass, and they believe that that dream was indeed the agreement and the contract they put in place when actually the agreement and the contract was done at a much deeper conscious level and you are not aware of that agreement or that contract from your conscious state. That electromagnetic type of energy, that veil that you erect, does not allow you to bring back an accurate undistorted vision of your dream states, of your contracts.

Now. Many individuals in your so-called old age and old energy had the capacity to tap into what you might call the human consciousness agreements and predict your future. That becomes increasingly difficult as you begin to understand the capacity to create your reality consciously. If you have the capacity to create your reality consciously and you exist in the now, suddenly what you are experiencing in that dream state when you are putting into place the agreements and the contracts, you are as a human consciousness and as individuals developing, putting in place due to your choices, the ability to—while you may not understand what the contracts and agreements were in that deep conscious state, nonetheless, you are putting in place the capacity to alter that creation process consciously. You, as a human consciousness and as individuals, are beginning to grasp that concept to believe that you have the capacity to create consciously and therefore what you create and the agreements and the contracts that you put in place in your between incarnational periods and in your so-called deep dream states in that deep altered state of consciousness do not necessarily come to be in your conscious state when you recognize in your conscious state what your belief is and you use whatever method or technique you desire to alter that belief and thereby alter the reality.

Now. You as individuals in your conscious state have difficulty getting past the concept of time and space. They are two of the so-called human consciousness agreements that you agreed to participate in that are the most difficult for you to alter. And so, when you create this reality consciously it is much more valid to you, it is much more real if it takes time for that alteration to occur. And so you hold the belief that if you can alter a certain belief that there will, over a period of time, be an alteration in your reality. That period of time exists to validate your belief in time and space. It is not necessary. You could alter your reality instantly. But if you altered it instantly then you would begin to wonder whether or not it was real to begin with because, you see, you wouldn’t have that time or space concept to validate the reality.

And so, if it takes time, and if you must suffer a little along the way, then it becomes so much more real and, “Oh yes, then I can alter my reality.” And it validates the human consciousness belief system in time and space and that makes it real. But you can as individuals in your conscious state begin to develop methods and techniques to alter your reality consciously, to alter your beliefs consciously. Beliefs, realities, that you have put in place in your so-called altered state of consciousness, in your dream states and in your between incarnational states. And it all occurs simultaneously. The fact that you believe that it takes time is only an illusion. It occurs simultaneously. It occurs instantly, if you wish, it occurs in the now.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Yes, thank you and I guess we do believe it takes time because some of our thoughts we wouldn’t want to create. And so if we think a thought and we have to instantly change that thought we would go, “Whoops, we don’t want that to happen.” So what you are saying, that because everything happens in the now, we consciously create, there is no time or space, it actually does happen. But maybe, where does it happen?

Joshiah: Individuals believe that this state, this conscious state that you are presently involved in is it. This is the most important one. But you as an individual are a multidimensional personality. If you were to look at a huge capacity of water, what you might call an ocean, if you were to take a drop out of that ocean and isolate it and concentrate on it and make it the only thing in your universe that you were concentrating on at the instant, then all of the rest of the ocean would disappear and that little drop would seem to be the only most important part. That is it. There is no more. Your total concentration is on that one drop of water. And yet, when you look at our analogy you understand that there exists an entire ocean of water and that that one drop, while it has significance, is no more significant than any of the other drops of the ocean. And you can pick up any other drop that you wish and give it the same significance, and yet they all occur simultaneously.

You as a multidimensional personality are an individual that is like that ocean, and you dwell in your conscious state on this particular drop, while eliminating all of the other equally significant drops that are in the multitudes of who and what you truly are. And it becomes a very difficult concept for you to understand that all of your thoughts, all of your ideas, all of your beliefs can be created simultaneously in the now in many different directions and yet still allow you to dwell on the one drop of water in your conscious state.

We have suggested many, many times that if you were to bring into your consciousness all of the understanding of who and what you truly are, of all of the creations that you are involved in and actively participating in and creating, that you would not have the capacity to hold it consciously and you would [be] treated as if you were absolutely insane. It would just not work. You can’t bring that concept into an individual conscious state. And yet you have that capacity to be so much more than what you perceive. You dwell in one drop of water at a time and yet ironically your consciousness has the capacity to dwell in every drop of water that exists throughout your entire ocean. That is how much you are. You simply don’t have the capacity to grasp that in your conscious state.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Yes, thank you and I am going to pay particular attention on some of the thoughts that I am thinking. (Laughs).

Questioner: I have a question. This reality that we are in right now, I think you have said before is about as far removed away from what we truly are as we can be. So dreams and meditation and things like that are all closer, not that distant separates but you understand. So what about writing something like a story? Would that be more illusionary than being here or more real than being here?

Joshiah: A very interesting question. Many of your so-called artists, and you use the example of someone writing but it may be someone involved in any other type of expression, enter into what you might refer to as an altered state of consciousness. And many of those individuals will write and almost do so without conscious thought. The conscious thought is to continue to write, not about what they are writing. And so it is an expression of the so-called inner self, inner consciousness, can be expressed through various types of mediums.

Some of the truly great artists or some of the truly great work that has been presented in forms of art, be it of writing or of various other types of expressions, are indeed expressions through that so-called inner self, what you might refer to in some aspects as channeling that information. And so those individuals can be in an altered state of consciousness and yet seemingly still be consciously aware of what it is that they are doing. And yet the consciousness is to simply continue participating in that activity but not really thinking about what it is that they are expressing.

And many times those individuals would suggest that they have absolutely no concept of where their inspiration came from. They would suggest that that is not really their conscious creation, but rather that it simply occurs, and it is almost like coming in contact with that concept of who and what you truly are. And ironically, the individuals who do that, that have that capacity to create, that have that capacity to alter their consciousness and remain in what seems like a conscious state and to write or to do other various forms of expression, will be the first ones to suggest to each of you that you also have that capacity, that it is not a talent that is limited to any individual, but rather is available to anyone who has but to believe that they have the capacity to perform similar acts of so-called channeling or trance writing or artistic expression, whatever terminology you wish to use to describe it.

And so, in a sense, to answer your question, many times when individuals are in that form of artistic expression such as writing, they are in some sense or in some form connecting to a portion of their higher self, if you wish, a portion of that spark of consciousness that they are that is not readily available to you in your conscious state.

Does that answer your question?



Well now, if we have no further questions we would like to express our gratitude to each of you for allowing us this opportunity. And as always, it has been a very enjoyable experience and we welcome these opportunities to interact and to share with each of you.

And we would remind you that we are not separated by time or space, but rather by a vibrational level and should you choose to interact with us you have but to express the intent and we would be with you always and we would welcome the opportunity to offer you our unconditional love and our unending support. And until the next time that you invite us back into your vibrational level, we would bid each of you farewell, with love and with peace.

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