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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

Unknown month, 2005

Using imagination meditation - Part 2

(The original audio recording of this mediation is available on the CD “The Importance of Using Your Imagination.” Please see the Audio section of this site for more information.)

(The meditation continues from the previous recording.)

Joshiah: And so we will begin.

And we would ask you to close your eyes. Close your eyes and just begin to relax. Breathe deeply and with each breath that you inhale, inhale relaxation. Inhale peacefulness. And as you exhale feel the tension leave your body as you relax. Relax.

Any stray thoughts that enter your mind simply allow them to evaporate or to lock them away. Concentrate on relaxing and feel the relaxation with each breath. As you inhale the relaxation feel it begin to spread out from your chest. As it spreads out and down your arms, and with each exhale feel the tension being removed from your body and relax.

As the relaxation spreads from your chest up through your neck and into your head feel your relaxation in your eyes and in your eyelids as you relax. Relax. A gentle relaxation creeps down through your abdomen, around your hips, and down into your legs. Each breath drawing the relaxation deeper into your body. Each exhale taking away the tensions and all thoughts as you relax.

And the relaxation creeps down over your knees and down into your ankles and through your feet and you become relaxed. Relax. And as you become more and more relaxed begin to hear only the sound of our voice. Peaceful. Comforting. Relax. Relax as all the tension leaves your body. Relax.

And as we begin to count down from five to one you will become more and more relaxed. And you concentrate only on the sound of our voice as you become deeper and deeper into relaxation. Five. Very peaceful. Very relaxed. Four. Feeling yourself going deeper and deeper. Three. All tension completely gone. Two. Hearing only the sound of our voice. Feeling completely relaxed [and safe] and comfortable. And one. You are there. Completely relaxed, hearing only the sound of our voice. Completely at ease. Feeling very comfortable.

And you find yourself standing on a very long and very inviting pathway that drifts off to the future and it turns and twists among a very beautiful forest. And it’s lined with lights and it’s paved with very smooth cobblestone and it’s very inviting and very easy for you to walk along and you feel compelled to simply walk along the pathway. Smelling the trees and hearing the sounds of the forest. And feeling the smooth cobblestones under your feet. Seeing the lights that beckon and invite you along the pathway.

And you walk along the pathway around each bend, seeing the new sights and smelling the forest and hearing the birds. And the pathway’s well lit with beautiful lights all along the sides, on both sides. And as you follow the pathway and you come around a bend you see on a hill just across a small valley there’s a very beautiful glass building. It looks like some kind of castle that’s lit up from the inside and it has all types and shades of light that radiate, like lights shining through a crystal and it’s very inviting and it compels you to go along the path down through the valley and up into the edge of this very gorgeous and beautiful building and all of the different colors of light that stream through it. A crystal building that looks like it’s made out of glass.

And as you stand the door opens and invites you to step inside. And as you step through the door you feel a very beautiful warm feeling and sense of comfort and of being safe. A place indeed where you can achieve whatever it is that you desire. When you step inside you realize that the lights that seem to be radiating out through the crystal of this building are also radiating inside of the building and it’s like the light’s coming from either side and you can feel the colors of all of the different spectrums of light.

And in the center of this building there’s this glass table sitting there and you walk over to it and you realize that it’s like a bed and it beckons you to lay on top of the table. And you crawl upon the table and you find that it’s not hard at all but it’s rather comfortable. It just looks like glass but it’s really quite beckoning and it’s very, very soft and very comfortable to lay on.

And as you lay on it you begin to feel like you’re floating on air. You begin to feel like you’re suspended by the light and you realize that the light is energy, all different types of energy that are radiating through the crystal. Energy that suspends you, holds you up above the table. And you begin to feel the energy that begins to enter into all the areas of your body. The energy begins to indeed engulf you. And it begins to balance the energy within your physical being.

And you can feel the energy within your body changing and becoming balanced, becoming more and more comfortable and you feel more and more at ease as the light continues to send its energy into your body from all sides as you float there. And you lay there feeling very comfortable, beginning to feel very, very balanced indeed.

Now, you imagine your consciousness lifting up and floating above your physical body. Your consciousness being your entity and your energy rising up and looking down upon your physical body and from that area and from that perspective you look down and you recognize the parts of your physical body that you would desire to heal. And you find that you have the capacity to concentrate the energy that exists within your crystal building, to concentrate on those spots that you desire to heal and you can feel the energy concentrating and it’s very powerful. It’s very powerful and you realize that it’s well within your control and you concentrate that energy and you direct it to where you want it to go into your physical being.

(Long pause.)

And now you take your consciousness as you look down upon your physical body suspended in the energy and you allow your consciousness to enter into your physical being, to be that spark of energy that you are, and allow your consciousness to begin to travel down from the tip of your head through your physical being and imagine your consciousness simply transgressing through your physical body. And as it goes imagine your consciousness having the ability to simply touch those areas of your body that you believe need to be assisted in healing. Your consciousness will know without any thought on your behalf. It will simply travel down from your head to your toes. An energy that you are. An energy that knows all of the areas of your body that need to be assisted. And allow your consciousness to simply, randomly move through your body marking those areas, touching those areas that need assistance.

And continue to feel the energy, the energy that’s coming through the crystal building that suspends you, suspends your physical being above the table. Imagine now your consciousness completing its journey through your body and once again returning into your physical body, becoming one with each and every cell of your entire being, still held up and suspended by the energy and surrounded by the light.

And now rise up off the table. Your body feeling much better, feeling much more energized. And when you are to leave the building you realize that there’s another door at the back that beckons you to walk through it. And when you get to the door you realize that there are very, very intense shafts of light that are forming a screen that you must pass through, and in order to pass through that screen only those parts of your physical being that your higher self did not touch are free to pass through the screen, and the parts of your body that are causing a problem can only pass through the screen without their difficulties, without their inhibitors.

When you pass through the screen you feel yourself simply pressing through the intense lights and you feel the changes in the areas that were touched by your higher self and you sense the benefits. And you sense that all of the inhibitors are gone, destroyed by that intense lights that you stepped through like a curtain that your physical being passed through.

And you find yourself standing outside of that very beautiful crystal building. And the pathway leads away and leads back to your consciousness. And you walk down the pathway feeling refreshed, feeling like you are existing in a new physical being, feeling very light, very energized as you return back to your consciousness and you walk down the path, back into your reality.

We will begin to bring you back to your consciousness. We will count down from three to one and when we reach the number one you will be wide awake, feeling very refreshed, and having indeed a complete and entire ability to recall and to remember your experiences.

And so, at three you begin to come awake. And at two, being very, very aware of your physical being. And at number one being wide awake and being quite conscious and being quite aware of your surroundings.

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