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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

December 1, 2004

Joshiah: The entities that are with us on this afternoon also would welcome that opportunity to interact with each of you, to share information with each of you, and to assist you in bringing into your consciousness the answers to the questions that you have. And many times, information that you receive through the interactions with those entities is much more pertinent and much more accurate than the information that we express through this friend of ours and through this rather limited use of the vocabulary.

For you see, we interact through a process of thoughts, through an interaction, through a process of transmitting feelings and that thought and feeling is then transmitted into your vocabulary. And there are limitations in that transference and in that communication. However, there exists for you the opportunity to interact in what we refer to as the silent communication. To have a telepathic exchange of information with those entities that are with us on this afternoon. The choice is yours. As always, the choice is yours. We never ever suggest that you should do something, but always suggest that you have a choice to do something. And the choice for you to be involved in that silent communication exists and it is your choice. And should you choose, you would find that it is quite easy for you to alter your consciousness, to have a slight shift in your consciousness and to experience that interaction with other entities that are with us on this afternoon. And we assure you that while you may feel that you have somehow missed out on the information that we are suggesting, we assure you that you do not miss out on anything, but rather that that information will be received as well.

You, obviously, as you sit here on this afternoon, hear the words that we express through our friend Elias regardless of whether or not you can consciously recall them. You will have stored within your subconscious the retention and memory of that interaction. And just as you shall have difficulty, should you choose to shift your consciousness, in recalling the words that we express to you and the messages we give you on this afternoon, understand as well that the message that you receive telepathically shall be as legitimate even though you may have difficulty in recalling it. It may come to you in a sense of feelings, or of images, whatever, it doesn’t matter. You may even believe that you have not experienced an interaction, but we assure you that you will.

And we assure you that that interaction can, if you choose, have a profound impact on your capacity to create your reality consciously. Information can come to you at times when it can be the most opportune in your bringing into your consciousness the understanding of your beliefs that are the responsible aspect of your reality creation process. And bringing into your consciousness an understanding, even if it is a brief understanding that you can’t seem to get a grasp of, but nonetheless an understanding, an intuitive suggestion, of how you do create your reality; of what choices to make; of what beliefs are having an influence and how to change those beliefs. All of that information exists within each of you.

The entities that are with us this afternoon do not necessarily give to you information that you do not have within yourself, but rather assist you in bringing it into your consciousness. So, the choice is yours. If you (inaudible) form of a vocabulary. And you continue to name individuals to give them some type of an expression that you can bring forth when you wish to refer to that individual. And so, you have given us the name of Joshiah, and that is fine.

We are a multidimensional personality. In our vibrational level we do not have those limitations that exist within your consciousness, by your choice, to have the requirement for some type of identification. You see, we recognize each other by our personalities, by our thought process, by our feelings. We understand and recognize each individual.

And so we are a spark of consciousness. We are a multidimensional personality. And we understand the reality creation process. We have the capacity to create our own reality, and we do so. And we understand how we create that reality. We create it from a position of love. You see, the only possible way to have any creation is from a position of love. And we create our reality without the limitations of what we refer to as the veil that exists within your vibrational level.

Our vibrational level—our plane of existence, if you wish—is in a sense far removed from your existence and yet we exist within the same space as you exist in. For you see, space and time are an illusion. They are your illusions while you are in your conscious state in this vibrational level. And so, we are not separated by time or space, but rather by an electromagnetic type of energy that we would refer to, for lack of a better term, [as] a vibrational level. And that vibrational level in terms of vibrations, in terms of energy, is somewhat removed from the one that you exist in. [If you choose] to listen to our message rather than be involved in that silent communication, that’s alright too. It doesn’t really matter to us. You see, we don’t judge what you do. What you do is your choice. It is your creation. We come because you express the intent. We do not come to tell you what you must do.

And so, before we can begin this afternoon we would give you some of our newly—seemingly newly—arrived guests some information on who we are, and what we are, and why we are here. And then information on who and what you are, and why you are here.

We give you the name of Joshiah. And that is a name that was chosen by our initial group that we interacted with when we began these transferences in your linear time frame in this incarnational period. That particular group chose the name Joshiah, and we would have used any name that was chosen. It didn’t really matter. You see, we give you that name simply for your convenience so that you can identify who we are.

You see, within your conscious state, you still desire and require that you have some type of identification in the …

(Transcript ends.)

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