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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

October 3, 2004

Joshiah: … and as well to express our gratitude for your, once again, inviting us into your vibrational level and for offering us this opportunity to, once again, interact and to share with each of you.

Now. Should you choose to express the intent to allow for a further thinning of the veil there are those entities that would be with us this afternoon that would also welcome that opportunity to enter into and to share with each of you in your vibrational level. As always, that choice is yours, should you choose to express that intent. However, once again, those entities would be quite anxious for the opportunity to interact and to have what we have referred to as a telepathic exchange, an interaction with each of you. And we would ask as well before we begin that you would allow us a moment’s silence and we would use that moment to adjust the energy and to fine-tune our connection with our friend Elias (the channel). And if you would give us but a moment.


Well now. We thank you for that moment and, once again, before we begin we would suggest to each of you that there exists the opportunity for you to be involved in what we refer to as the silent communication. You have, should you choose, the opportunity to interact with other entities that are with us on this afternoon or indeed with that portion that you may refer to as your higher self should you choose to express the intent. And you will find that as a result of the energy that you have created within this space that it would be very easy for you to alter your consciousness. You have but to close your eyes and express the intent and you will find that the synergy of the energy that is assembled in this afternoon will assist you in that transformation and alteration of your consciousness and assist you in entering into that telepathic state of exchange of information with those entities. As always, on this afternoon, and as always, that choice is yours. As always, the information that you receive through that telepathic exchange of information many times is much more accurate and much more pertinent to your individual needs and desires than is the information that we express through our friend Elias.

Now. It has been, in terms of your measurement of time, over four of your years in this particular incarnational period since we began to have these interactions and these exchanges with you. And we have in that space of time been quite persistent and quite definite in the information that we have been expressing to you. We have consistently brought forth to you concepts, ideas if you wish, thoughts and feelings to attempt to give you the assistance that you desire, to enter into states of understanding that you desire, that you contain withinside each of you and that you desire to bring into your consciousness to assist you in this transformation into the new age and into the new energy. To assist you in accomplishing the conscious creation that you are attempting to achieve. And our messages have been very simple.

When you as individuals attend various types of classes and you are presented with someone who is there to teach you in any aspect that you desire to learn, the amount that you take away from that particular interaction and from that class will, to a large extent, depend upon the teacher. You see, normally when a student has difficulty or fails within a class the teacher must assume tremendous responsibility for that failure. For you see, it is the teacher’s responsibility not to teach the entire lesson that is to be learned, but rather to inspire the student to learn. When a teacher begins to lay out the entire lesson and begins to give in-depth explanations and does not allow the student to become collectively involved and does not allow the student to use their sense of discovery in order to achieve that which they desire, then many times the student fails. For the student does not become actively involved in the pursuit of that particular knowledge and rather is expected to act like a sponge and simply sit there and soak it up. And unfortunately it usually doesn’t work that way. And so for the teacher to give all of the answers, rather than to encourage the student to discover the answers, is not the role of the teacher.

As each of you have progressed through your so-called education system, each of you will have the opportunity to recall teachers that you would say were your favorites. Teachers that you would have stand out in your memories as being the best, if you wish, the most accomplished teachers that you had. And you would discover that there are certain similarities in their teaching techniques and one of them is to inspire. To inspire you as a student to discover the knowledge that is contained withinside. Although you may feel that you are attempting to achieve that knowledge through the study of various texts and books and whatever, nonetheless, the knowledge comes from the recognition that it is withinside.

And the teacher would have another outstanding characteristic that would be quite vivid in your memory and that is they would respect you as an individual. Respect comes from honoring one’s feelings. Respect comes from allowing an individual the opportunity to express their feelings and allowing an individual to be themselves and to work within whatever feelings and limitations that they may bring through that expression. And so there would be respect involved in that interaction.

You have as a human consciousness desired to have a connection with your spirituality and you have searched for teachers, if you wish, that would give you the keys to that connection. And it has been an ongoing search that you continue to be involved in through many of your incarnational periods, one which you could trace back in your history to what you might refer to as the very beginnings of your recorded time. And as a result of that search there have been many so-called teachers that have arisen and attempted to give you the answers. Many of the messages that have been given by those individuals have been distorted, absolutely. They have been put into religions. And ironically, the majority of your religions are based upon one individual’s teachings. One so-called prophet, if you wish. One who seemingly knew the answers and attempted to give them to humanity. And humanity took those answers and turned them into religion, turned them into rules and regulations, and forced you to follow those rules and regulations in order to contact your spirituality.

When you look at that type of activity, when you look at those religions and those that are involved in those religious activities, they follow the rules. There is always a goal. And the goal is to achieve the right, if you wish, to enter into some type of heaven. It is like there is a good and a bad and if you don’t follow the good then you won’t reach heaven or some state compared to what you might refer to as heaven. And so the religions are not necessarily based upon the accurate teachings of those so-called prophets but rather based upon the concept that there is a good and an evil, that there is a right and a wrong, and that you must follow a certain path in order to stay on the side of the good and away from the evil. And you must do it right rather than wrong in order to accomplish whatever is necessary for you to enter into what they refer to as heaven.

And it is rather ironic if you study the various religions that each will tell you that if you don’t follow their religion then you are not going to make it. Christians tell that if you are not doing it in the Christianity way you don’t have a chance to get to heaven. Or for some if you are not a Moslem then you are not going to make it there either. If you don’t follow Buddhism you don’t have a chance of getting into heaven. And all the goals that are in the other religions are all “out to lunch,” they are not going to hack it.

Well, the irony of it is that the heaven that you search for does not really exist. It is not that you can’t have it and it is not that you can’t get that, for you see, as long as you exist within this vibrational level—whether you are in this so called conscious state or the between incarnational state—you continue to create the reality. And if you believe in that concept of a heaven and a hell then you can create that reality when you are in that state of consciousness. It becomes very difficult to perpetuate but you can create it anyway if that is what you desire. You can create hell if that is what you desire. If you honestly believe that you are an individual that is not worthy of entering into heaven then you can create a hell, absolutely. That is entirely up to you. You can create whatever it is that you desire. To sustain it in that altered state of consciousness, now that is the difficulty, be it a heaven or a hell. You can have it, absolutely, and you can enter into it, absolutely. To sustain it, once again, is an entirely different matter.

For you see, the truth is—and there are but a very few truths—the truth is that you absolutely cannot fail. That is the truth. It doesn’t matter what religion you believe in or if you don’t believe in any religion at all. It makes no difference. Ironically, there are individuals existing within your vibrational level, many in what might be so-called barbaric situations, who are much closer to that spirituality and the understanding of who and what they are than those who are in the so-called organized religions. But it doesn’t really matter, for you absolutely cannot fail. You see, the spirituality that individuals search for through those religions (chuckles) is not something they can lose. It is not something you have to find. And ironically, those individuals who believe that it is something that they have to find and they look to a religion to find it and they will even follow the rules and the regulations and they will say to you, “Oh yes, I have discovered all of the answers and my existence is just going along fine”—we would challenge that, absolutely.

Those individuals who have determined that that answers can be given by another individual do not really have the answers. And they will arise at various times of their existence, at 2 AM in the morning when they have been in a dream state, and when they have got a glimpse of the concept of reality and they are awakened, and at those times they really doubt that they know who they are and they really doubt that this religion that is supposed to carry them is really doing what it is supposed to be doing. And they really begin to doubt the rules and the regulations. “How can they be right and everybody else be wrong? How can they be the absolute ones and absolutely no one else in all of the other religions is getting it right? If there is a God that is so forgiving then why do they only accept the ones that believe in a various type of religion and reject all the rest? It doesn’t seem like a very forgiving type of individual.” And so they have doubts.

And they begin to delve deeper into following the rules and the regulations in order to become even stronger in their perpetuation of the beliefs in their religion to give them some sense of direction. For they believe that if they don’t do it right then they are going to fail. And once again, you absolutely cannot fail. So you can hold that belief and you can, when you enter into your in between incarnational states, create a reality that supports that belief. And you can, if you so desire at that point, sustain that reality but it becomes very difficult because you are at that stage of your consciousness where you begin to understand the creation process and that it is an illusion and that it is your creation. And it becomes difficult for you to sustain. However, in your conscious state you can, if you wish, hold those beliefs and you can create realities that support the beliefs absolutely. They are illusions. Your entire existence within this vibrational level is an illusion. Once again, that is not to suggest that it is not important, or that it doesn’t have significance. But nonetheless, it is an illusion and you can change it.

There are those individuals who, once again, believe that religion is the answer to their search for their spirituality, go through this existence continuously searching for something that is withinside. And like the teacher who encourages the student to learn by opening up a text and discovering the answers for themselves, so it is that the individual searching for their spirituality discovers the connection to their spirituality when they look withinside. For the answers are indeed withinside. You will not find them in any of the religious books. You will not find them written in any texts. They are withinside. When you glimpse that inside, when you glimpse the spark of consciousness that you are that has the capacity to create, you will know the answers. You will have no doubts. You will not need to have another individual tell you that you must do this or you must do that. You will understand the limitlessness of who you are and what you are. You will understand that you are a Piece of the One.

And so, when we came to you over that four years ago and we suggested to you that there were but three simple truths, those are two. You absolutely cannot fail—this is not a win or lose proposition. You absolutely guaranteed cannot fail to come to the understanding of who and what you truly are. And who and what you truly are is a spark of consciousness that has the capacity to create, and does create the reality that you exist in. And therein is the third truth that we brought to you so many days ago—that you absolutely create your reality.

You see, once again, so many of your religions would have you believe that you are not in control of the creation of your reality, but rather that you should put that creation into the hands of someone else and allow them to create for you; that you should indeed do all of the right things and none of the wrong things in order for that someone else to create what it is that you desire; that if you do the wrong things you are not going get that what you desire; that if you do the wrong things then this so-called superior being may not give to you that which you desire. Well, it is rather ironic that those individuals who are involved in that very strong religious practice also experience what you might refer to as less than desirable realities. Each of you, as individuals existing within this vibrational level, experience what you refer to as less than desirable realities.

When you came to this particular vibrational level, you came by your choice. You came here for the purposes of experiencing the broad range of feelings that is possible for you to experience in this creation process without the understanding of who and what you truly are in your conscious state. And as a result of that desire, which you expressed to experience in those realities, you create the less than desirable realities for that very purpose. It is not some other entity existing outside of your vibrational level that looks down on you and smiles at you one day and gives you everything that you like and then the next day takes it away because you didn’t do something right. Absolutely not. It is a day-to-day creation of your realities based upon your belief systems, based upon your desires, based upon your choices and decisions, absolutely. It is what you imagine to bring into this vibrational level for the opportunity of experiencing that particular activity so you can experience as well the feelings and the emotions that are associated with your interaction and with your perception of that reality. That is why you are here. You have not been put here by some other entity. You are not here to have to learn a lesson. Absolutely not.

All of the religions that say you must do this or you must do that are giving you directions that take away your power, that take away your power to think for yourselves, to decide what you believe is right or wrong based upon your set of principles, based upon what it is that you desire and based upon what it is that you believe you wish to bring into your reality. If you don’t like the reality that you are experiencing, if you don’t like who you are then change that. But don’t change it by looking towards some written particular piece of literature that is going to give you the answers. Absolutely not.

We are not suggesting you can’t look at that to give you insights, but understand that it is insights into what someone else perceived and many of those insights came from withinside that individual. And if you wish to get the perception of that insight then you look withinside, for that is where the answer lies. It is not someone else’s perception but rather your perception of what you experience withinside yourself. Know who you are and what you are. Understand in your conscious state that what you experience is as a result of your choices, as a result of your beliefs. Understand that who you are and who others perceive you as being is as a result of your choices and what you would establish as your sets of principles and how you perpetuate those principles and how you put them into effect to strengthen another’s perception of your character and so that you can strengthen as well the perception of your own character so that you can begin to love yourself and to understand that it is your creation. Own it. And it is a reflection of who and what you truly believe you are. It is that simple.

You create your reality, you are a Piece of the God that you search for, and you absolutely cannot fail. And if you don’t like what you are experiencing then change it. And you change that by changing the beliefs. And if you don’t believe that you can change the beliefs then you must work withinside yourself to begin to love yourself more and to understand that the creations you are experiencing comes from love. You only create from love. You cannot create from any other area. It is not possible to create from evil, for evil indeed is a human consciousness concept and does not exist outside of your vibrational level. You can only create from a position of love. And you do create this entire vibrational level, your entire existence, each and every atom, from a position of love.

You have within you the complete capacity for unlimited, unending and boundless love. And you have the capacity to bring that into your consciousness. You must first of all believe that it is in you and you must believe that who you are is an individual who has that capacity to love yourself unconditionally and endlessly and to bring that into your consciousness. And if there are aspects of your consciousness that you don’t like, that you don’t desire, if there are certain parts of your characteristics or your personality that you don’t like or don’t desire, then change them. It is really that simple. You complicate it by bringing in all of the rights and wrongs and the rules and the rotes. You can have that if you desire but it is not necessary. What is necessary is to love yourself unconditionally. What is necessary is to believe that you create it all. What is necessary is to understand that you are the God that you search for. It exists withinside. And if you really desire to have that connection, look withinside. Do not look anywhere else. And understand that you absolutely cannot fail to come to that understanding. It is not something that you search for. It is not something that you can lose. It is an absolute guarantee.

Those are the simple truths. You can complicate them and twist them in any manner that you wish but you cannot destroy them and you cannot change them. You can change everything else within your vibrational level—it is an entire illusion. If you don’t like it, change it. All of it. There are but three things that you cannot change: you create it all and you are a Piece of God and you absolutely cannot fail. And it all comes from a position of love. Everything else is entirely illusionary and you can change it. Absolutely. If you desire to discover who you are, look withinside. Don’t look to the religions to give you the answers. They are simply someone else’s perceptions of the answers that they have discovered withinside themselves. And ironically, while you can assist someone else and you can suggest to them various techniques that they may use to have that internal journey, it is one that they must make themselves. You cannot do it for someone else. And no one else can do it for you. They can only give you suggestions.

And you will notice that as we have been very consistent in not giving you various methods or techniques, it has been for a very specific reason. Because we understand that the best technique or method that you can use to discover that interior self that you are is the one that you believe will work, not one that we suggest would work. And so we consistently stayed away from saying, “This technique would be superior to another,” but rather have suggested to you that any technique or method that you desire to use will work if you believe. If you believe.

You see, the entire vibrational level, once again, is an illusion and you create your reality based upon your beliefs. Absolutely. And so we come back to where we began. We come back to reemphasizing the important part of our message: that the answers that you seek are withinside, that you are a Piece of God, you are that spark of consciousness that has the capacity to create, no more and no less than any other spark of consciousness throughout all of creation, you create your reality absolutely, and you absolutely cannot fail. It seems like such simple concepts and yet when you get a true grasp of those concepts, when you begin to understand how profound they are, more profound than any of the other answers that you may receive that we or anyone else may give to you, they are the keys to bringing that love that you hold withinside entirely into your consciousness so that you have the capacity to consciously create your reality. That ability is yours. Absolutely. You have chosen as a human consciousness to enter into a new age and a new energy and you stand on the threshold of completing that transference into the new age and the new energy where it shall be absolutely possible for you to consciously create, should you believe and should you bring into your consciousness the basic understandings of the creation process.

Now. We would break for a moment or two and if you have any questions we would be willing to return and attempt to answer them for you. Now, we would remind you that we are not separated by time or space but rather by a vibrational level and should you choose to interact with us you have but to express the intent and we would welcome that opportunity to interact and to share with each of you. And now we would leave you for a moment or two and we would return, with love and with peace.

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