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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

July 4, 2004

Joshiah: It is indeed a pleasure to be with you on this afternoon and we would like to express our greetings to each of you and express to you as well our gratitude for your, once again, inviting us into your vibrational level and giving us this opportunity to interact with each of you in your reality.

Now. We should ask you, once again, if you would choose to express the intent to allow for a further thinning of the veil to allow for other entities that would be with us on this afternoon to also have that opportunity to enter into your vibrational level and, if you choose, to interact and to share with each of you in your realities.

Now. If you would express that intent and allow us but a moment we would adjust the energy within this sacred space that you have created and we would fine-tune our connection with our friend Elias (the channel).


Well now. We thank you for that moment and, once again, we express our greetings and our gratitude for this opportunity that we have to interact with you this afternoon.

Now. We would remind you, once again, that there exists for each of you that opportunity to be involved in what we have referred to as the silent communication, a telepathic exchange of information, if you wish, with other entities that are with us on this afternoon. You will find that should you choose to close your eyes and express the intent to shift your consciousness that it would be very easy for you to accomplish that shift and to be involved in that telepathic interaction with other entities. As always, the choice is yours. And as always, while you may not at times have a conscious memory of that interaction, nonetheless we assure you that it does occur and many times the information that you receive during those interactions is much more accurate and much more pertinent to your individual requests and desires than is the information that we attempt to express to you through that limited use of the vocabulary.

Once again, the information that exists within your vibrational level is available to each of you. You have but to believe and you have but to express the intent to tap into that information and it can be yours, absolutely. The information that we express to you, once again, is information—knowledge, if you wish—that you already have accessibility to. We simply bring forth into your consciousness that which you desire to hear based upon knowledge that you already have. For you see, it seems rather ludicrous to believe that there is some entity existing outside of your vibrational level that somehow has more knowledge of your workings within your vibrational level than what the entities who exist within your vibrational level either have access to or have knowledge of. And therefore, understand and believe that it is your knowledge, it is your vibrational level, and you—each of you—has that capacity to tap into that knowledge, to tap into the information that you desire to hear. You have but to believe and to express the intent and it can be yours, absolutely.

Now. We have suggested to you many, many times that you create your reality and it is an underlying theme in the message that we present to you. For it is one of the keys to understanding who and what you truly are and to having the ability and the capacity to consciously alter and to create that reality that you desire to experience in your conscious state. You exist in what we refer to as an illusionary reality and we have suggested that it is perhaps the most illusionary reality that you will exist in in all of the various levels of your consciousness.

And we suggest that because when you are in this illusionary reality that you are experiencing in your conscious state, you experience it from a state where you do not understand the process of the creation. It is like it is an illusion within an illusion. It is like you have this creation that you believe is an illusion and you create it from an illusionary position of not understanding that you are the creators. And from that point it becomes very illusionary and, once again, perhaps the most illusionary reality that you shall experience in all of your various levels of consciousness. In other senses, however, it is not so much different from other realities that exist in all of the vibrational level throughout all of creation.

You see, the realities that we experience are our creations as well and from that perspective, they are illusionary as well. We can alter them. And from the prospect of understanding that we create our realities, it becomes much easier to understand that it is an illusion and that we have the capacity to alter that illusion. And from that perspective it is, in a sense, more real than your reality.

When you are in your deep dream states you create your realities there as well. And for those who have developed the capacity to take a portion of their consciousness into that dream state and to become involved in what you refer to as lucid dreaming, you understand that it is an illusion, that you are creating that dream state, and you understand that you have the capacity to alter it. And from that position of lucid dreaming, not only do you understand that you have the capacity to alter it, but you do alter it. You alter it to create what it is that you desire to experience. And if the creation is not going in the direction that you desire to experience then you alter the dream, you alter the creation, you alter the reality, you alter the experience, and you alter the emotions and the feelings that are involved by that dream state. And then you come back into your conscious state and look back upon that dream state and believe that that was just an illusion, that that was a figment of your imagination and that is why it was so easy for you to alter it.

Ironically, when you are in your conscious state, this also is a figment of your imagination and you can, and do, do change it. Absolutely. It is just much more difficult for you to comprehend, once again, because of the vibrational level that you have created where you limit that understanding of the process of creation. Absolutely. You limit your understanding of the process of your creation. And we have suggested so many times, you do that for the purposes of making it seem that it is beyond your control and therefore it is more real. But it is an illusion. To understand it is an illusion and to understand and believe that you are the ones responsible for the creation is the key to being able to alter that illusion and to be able to alter that creation and that you can have whatever it is that you desire.

You, once again, in your conscious state believe in a linear time frame. You believe that it has a beginning and an end. And that belief in time, as your belief in space, validates and lends legitimacy to this reality that you experience in your conscious state. It makes it seem more real. And so from that particular aspect of your understanding, you also believe that you are in this linear time frame at a certain point. And it is at that point that you believe that all of your consciousnesses exist, whether it be your conscious state or various levels of your subconscious states, whatever, you believe that they exist at that point in time, when in actuality, time is an illusion and your consciousness—all levels of your consciousness—exist throughout all of the so called linear time, every instant of your linear time. You exist in it all, not only in your seemingly present but in your past, present, and future.

Your consciousness exists in all of this illusionary time frame and so it becomes possible for you to experience what you believe are incarnational states, various lifetimes placed upon this linear time frame that you believe in. So, you can have various consciousnesses that you believe are in certain sections of your time frame.

You also believe that there may be certain sections of your time frame that you don’t exist in, where you were not walking upon this Earth, if you wish, and you did not (inaudible) experiencing a conscious state.

Time is an illusion. You exist within this vibrational level through your choice and you exist within each and every instant of the total expansion of your so-called illusionary time frame. You may not be experiencing a conscious state in some of those particular time frames, but nonetheless, you exist within this vibrational level throughout the total imaginary time frame. And so, many of the suggestions that we give to you, so many of the concepts are based upon that belief in a linear time frame, given within that context in order to validate what it is that we are intending to present to you, when in actuality, that linear time frame does not exist. It is an illusion.

And so your consciousness, which you believe only exists within this instant, exists throughout all of the instances, for all of the instances also are being experienced within this instant. Time is an illusion. You exist in the now. And from that perspective of attempting to grasp the illusion of your linear time frame you can get perhaps a glimpse of the understanding of the tremendous capacity that you have within you to create, the enormity of who and what you truly are, and to understand that your consciousness exists throughout all of your so-called linear time. It is not just concentrated in one instant and the instances in your so-called past are gone and you don’t have involvement in that anymore and that the future is yet undetermined and that you have not had involvement in that either.

The total creation that you are experiencing in this vibrational level is being experienced in the now and linear time is an illusion. When you can grasp that concept you can begin to get an understanding and perhaps a glimpse of the possibilities that exist before you. Because you see, if you exist in the total now concept, if you exist in this linear time frame from the very beginning to the very end in the entire illusion, then it stands to reason that you can alter your past as well as your present and your future. So, many individuals dwell upon the future, forget the past, exist in the moment, and look forward to the future, when it is all in the now. Dwelling upon the future and forgetting the past can many times be as deceptive and as unproductive as dwelling on the past and not paying attention to your future. You exist in the now.

And when you encompass and understand that your consciousness exists throughout your past, your present, and your future you can begin to get an understanding of the concept of the possibility to alter not only your future but also your past, your so-called other incarnational periods that you believe have existed in your past in your linear time frame.

We have used, once again, this linear time frame in order to give you some type of concept that you can grasp regarding your creation process. We have suggested that in your past incarnational periods you have had experiences and have made choices and you have developed belief systems that are indeed an influence upon this incarnational period. But if you can understand that all of the incarnational periods exist simultaneously in the now then you can understand that it is possible for you to alter those particular belief systems that you seemingly created and developed in other activities and creations that you are involved in in other incarnational periods. For they exist in the now.

Your consciousness that you believe is limited to this particular one instant is a consciousness that exists throughout the entire now situation. You are a multidimensional personality and that consciousness that you are exists throughout all of your incarnational periods throughout this entire vibrational level. You are not limited to this one particular instant that you choose, that you choose, to limit your understanding to while you are in your conscious state. You are in a multitude of consciousness states and in each of those consciousness states you believe that that particular activity that you are involved in at that moment is the only area that your consciousness can be focused upon at that instant. And it is because of your choice to limit your understanding of who and what you truly are in order to validate this reality in order to make it seem real to your conscious state so that you can experience the intensity of the feelings and emotions that are involved in the situations that you are creating and experiencing. Not only in this incarnational period, but in all of the incarnational periods.

And so, individuals exist in this incarnational period—and we drop back once again into that use of your concept of linear time in order to give you some type of an explanation that you can get a grasp of—individuals exist in this incarnational period and they believe that there are influences from other incarnational periods. And that is entirely possible. You see, whatever you believe, you can have. Absolutely. And so you hold that belief that other incarnational periods are influencing this incarnational period and they absolutely are if you believe that.

You also have within you then the capacity to understand then if you exist in the now you have the ability to go into those other incarnational periods and change whatever activity that you are involved in that is responsible for influencing the reality that you are experiencing in this conscious state. We have suggested to you on other occasions that that is not necessary. We have suggested to you on other occasions that if you wish to do your so-called past life regressions and you wish to look in your other areas of your consciousness in order to influence and perhaps get understandings of what it is that is being responsible for the experiences that you are creating in this reality then it is possible for you to do so if that is what you wish. But it is not necessary.

You have but to hold the belief that your other incarnational periods are not having any type of negative influence on this incarnational period. And you can hold that belief and in this instant in this incarnational period you can stop all of those other influences. And for that reason we suggest many times that when you do your so-called past life regressions that you do so only for the purposes of entertainment. If you give that past life some type of ability to have an influence on the beliefs that you hold in this particular incarnational period and if you believe that they can have that influence, then you can create the reality to support the belief. Absolutely.

Once again, understanding that this vibrational level, that this reality, that this incarnational period that you are experiencing is an illusion is the key to developing that capacity to consciously manipulate it. If you can understand that it is an illusion, then it stands to reason that your other incarnational periods as well are illusionary and you can alter them as well if that is what you desire to do. It is an illusion.

That is not to suggest that it is not, doesn’t have some type of seriousness attached to it. It is not to suggest that it is not important. Absolutely not. For it is important. It is important in the sense that it is what you desire to create. It is what you desire to be involved in. But nonetheless, it is still an illusion. And if you can understand and if you can believe that it is an illusion then you can alter it. And as you hold various beliefs, understand that that illusion is indeed a reflection of those beliefs. And if you believe that other incarnational periods can influence this incarnational period then you can have that. Absolutely. You can have whatever it is that you desire. It is an illusion.

When an individual existing within your conscious state decides to develop some type of motion picture or projection, they take their imagination and they create an illusionary reality that they capture as images of light burned into a band of what you call film. And they reverse [the] process and pass light through the film and you see the illusion projected upon the screen. And you understand absolutely that the producer of that particular film can watch it, see a particular portion of the illusion that is being displayed upon the screen, and simply cut it out. Or they alter it. “We will have to retake that particular scene. I don’t like that scene. I am going to put a new one in there.” And they use their imagination and they create whatever it is that they desire to see portrayed.

You as individuals existing within your vibrational level in your conscious state do exactly the same thing. You just don’t understand in your conscious state that it is your creation. And you don’t understand the process to alter it because you believe it is real. You believe that it is real and you have all types of situations to prove that it is real. You have all types of these illusionary realities that are occurring that spark within you deep emotions and senses of feeling that validate the reality of your illusion.

Many individuals would suggest that, “Yes, this is an illusion. Absolutely. I can understand. I get a grasp of that concept. No problem.” And then, suddenly, you are faced with situations that you are creating. Situations that tug at your emotions and you begin to experience feelings of perhaps fear, feelings of loss, perhaps feelings of anger, and suddenly it is not so illusionary anymore. “Well yes, it is illusionary. I can sit down and meditate and when I am in that state I understand that that is an illusion, and there are certain aspects of my reality that I create and I have no trouble with and I understand that that is illusionary.”

But then, ironically, there are those moments when you look back and you say, “Yeah, but those ones are not really important. The really important things, now that is real. The really important things that cause me to feel fear, the really important situations that cause me to feel anger and to feel that I am in a sense of losing control of my reality, now those are real. It is difficult to believe that that is not real. It is difficult to believe that others are not having an influence and creating certain circumstances that are influencing my reality and I don’t have a choice in that. Because you see, that is real.”

You can have all types of situations that you are involved in where you feel you are in control. When you arise in the morning, you can set your alarm and you can get up at a certain time. You understand that you are absolutely in control of that and you can even determine what it is that you are going to have for a meal. You can go through all of that process. But then something may cause you to have a feeling withinside. There is a sudden pain, perhaps, somewhere withinside and it strikes a note of fear, and suddenly that is real. Suddenly, you don’t feel in control of that. Even within your own physical being you have difficulty in accepting the fact that it is your creation. And if there is anything that you should have control over it should be within your own physical being. And ironically, you absolutely do. But it is that belief that you are not in control that creates the reality to support the belief. And it is a difficult concept to grasp in your conscious state, to wrap your mind around and to absolutely believe that you control it all.

We have spoken to you before of the DNA that exits throughout each and every atom of your entire being. The DNA that your scientists are discovering is only partially explainable in terms of what it is that you are experiencing physically in your body in your conscious state. There is so much more of the DNA that seems to be inactive that scientists can’t give an explanation for, that they don’t know why it even exists. We suggest that it exists as a result of beliefs that you hold of the possibilities of circumstances that can occur within your particular incarnational period in your conscious state. And it is the beliefs that you hold that activate the energy that surrounds your DNA, that either activates or deactivates various parts of your DNA that allows you to experience the physical attributes that you experience in your conscious state. Be they attributes of illness or health, it doesn’t matter.

You see, this spark of consciousness that you are creates whatever it is that you desire based upon the beliefs that you hold, based upon the choices that you make, based upon your decisions, absolutely, based upon your imagination and your desires. It will create it all. It doesn’t matter. There is no judgment or there is no right or wrong. It creates an illness as easily and as well and as [reality] as it creates a well being. And the belief that you hold activates the energy that surrounds the DNA and that energy influences the DNA and brings into being, or takes out of existence, various aspects of your physical being. Be they attributes, once again, of either illness or health. It makes no difference. You as individuals have created those circumstances, those realities, based upon your belief systems. It is all an illusion. Absolutely. And you can change it. Absolutely.

Your scientists are discovering, and are about to discover within your next few years, some various miraculous experiences. There are about to be individuals who have been born into your new age and into new energy who will seemingly miraculously alter their DNA and alter what seem to be once incurable types of illnesses and diseases. Even illnesses and diseases that up to your so called—and we resort now, once again, to your linear time frame—up to your so called present have deemed to be incurable and have deemed to be as a result of genetic inheritances. Your children and your children’s children will alter those seemingly incurable and inherited diseases by altering their DNA. And it will begin by altering the belief that will alter the energy that surrounds that DNA that will actually physically alter attributes of the DNA so that when it is inspected and put upon a graph there will be drastic alterations in the very physical makeup of the individual’s DNA. Each of you has within you the capacity to do that. Absolutely.

Many individuals look within their bodies and they have a particular problem and they say, “Well, I would like to solve that problem.” And they dwell on that one problem. “Forget all about this fact that it is illusion. This is not an illusion. This is real. I feel this every day. This is absolutely real and it is going to be difficult to change because I have tried everything. But I think I can do that if I can concentrate on that one area, then I can have it change.” And the very belief that it is difficult to change and the very belief that you have tried everything validates the belief that you have that this particular disease or ailment may be difficult for you to rid yourself of.

And there are other individuals who have a particular ailment or disease and they will believe that there are others, be they your doctors or your spiritual healers or whatever it is that you wish to designate them as, who have the power to heal. And when they go to that individual they will experience seemingly miraculous results. And the miraculous results come because they believe that that individual had within them the capacity to heal them. They believe. You see, that is the key word. Your beliefs! Your beliefs will indeed be reflected in your reality. Absolutely, in your illusionary reality! Absolutely. And you can change it. You can have whatever it is that you desire. Not only can you have whatever it is that you desire, but you do have whatever it is you are desiring. You create your reality absolutely. Each and every instant of it.

Each and every atom that you experience throughout your entire universe is as a result of either your human collective conscious creation or your individual beliefs and creations. But nonetheless, you as individuals are involved in and responsible for the creation of your reality. Absolutely. But you can change it. Understand that it is an illusion. Understand that it is your creation. Understand that you are the spark of consciousness that creates this reality and understand that you absolutely, guaranteed cannot fail. The rest is all up for grabs. The rest is all based upon belief systems that you choose to hold that are reflected in your reality. Absolutely, guaranteed. Without exception. There is not one instant, not one particular instant in your so-called linear time frame, not one atom existing in your entire vibrational level that you are not responsible for the creation of. And it is all an illusion. Absolutely.

You can and do have whatever it is that you desire. You have but to desire, you have but to believe, you have but to use your imagination, you have but to believe that it can be created and to expect that creation to occur and you will absolutely have the capacity to consciously create, to consciously create whatever it is that you desire.

Now. We would break for a moment or two and if you have any questions for us we would be willing to return and attempt to answer them for you. And in the meantime, we would remind you that we are not separated by time or space, but rather by a vibrational level and if you wish to communicate with us you have but to express the intent and we would be with you always. And we extend to you, as always, our unending support and our unconditional love.

We would leave you now for a moment or two, with love and with peace.

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