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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

May 2, 2004

Q and A

Joshiah: Well now. Once again, allow us to express our gratitude for your inviting us back into your vibrational level. We are truly grateful for these opportunities that you present to us, these opportunities to interact and to share and indeed to learn from each of you.

Now. We would remind you that there exists for you that opportunity to be involved in that telepathic exchange of information, that silent communication that we refer to that you may choose to participate in that allows you to have, once again, information that may be much more pertinent to your individual needs or desires than is the information that we express through our friend Elias (the channel). And should you choose to be involved in that telepathic exchange of information, in that silent communication, you have but to express the intent and you will find that should you close your eyes you would find it very easy to shift your consciousness and to enter into that meditative state and be involved in that silent communication. The choice, as always, is yours.

Now. This reality that you exist in is an illusion. That is a difficult concept to grasp in your conscious state. But ironically, when you are in your conscious state you are as far removed from who and what you truly are as it is possible for you to be. In your conscious state you exist in the most illusionary reality that you could exist in.

Now. This portion of your consciousness that you refer to as your ego has a tendency to tell you that that is not true. In order to validate this reality, in order to make it real, your ego tells you that when you are in your altered state of consciousness that that is the illusion. Your ego suggests that when you are in your dream state that that is an illusion, that is “just your imagination.” And ironically, it is the opposite.

When you are in your dream state you are in the state where you put in place the contracts and agreements to create the reality that you experience in your conscious state. You put in place all of the elements that will perpetuate this illusion that you experience while you are in your conscious state. And so, the conscious state is an imaginary state. It is indeed an illusionary state.

That is not, once again, to suggest that it is not important. Absolutely not. It is very important and it allows you to experience a broad range of feelings and of emotion that is not capable in your other states of consciousness. So, from that aspect it is very important. But nonetheless, it is an illusion. It is an illusion based upon your imagination and as such, if you can grasp that, it should not be such a stretch to imagine that you exist in other illusionary realities as well, that you exist in other incarnational periods, other states of consciousness that are also illusions that are, from your so-called inner consciousness, from your so-called subconsciousness, illusionary, imaginary states.

The real reality is in your subconsciousness and in your altered states of consciousness when you enter into that dream state and from there into the between incarnation states and, once again, should you choose to leave this vibrational level, in other vibrational levels where you absolutely understand who and what you truly are. It will not have any type of separation from that portion of who and what you truly are that you experience presently in your conscious state by that erection and maintenance of an electromagnetic type of energy that limits you understanding who and what you truly are while you are in your conscious state, while you are in this illusionary state, while you are your imaginary state.

So, if this is an imaginary state then it stands to reason that you can change it. It stands to reason that if it is your creation then you should be able to create whatever you desire. And you can. But you see, it is difficult to grasp that in your conscious state because to own that, to understand that absolutely, takes away from the validity of this reality that you experience in your conscious state. It takes away from making it seem real.

Now. There are various aspects within your day-to-day activities in your conscious state that you feel you are in control of and that you would agree are verging on that edge of being illusionary and imaginary and you feel quite confident that you can have some effect on some of those elements of your creation. But there are other aspects that are very real, other aspects that you believe you have no control over. Or at least if you don’t believe that you have no control over, you have difficulty in altering the beliefs that allow you to have control over. And so it validates this reality. It makes it real. It makes it beyond your control.

So, from your subconsciousness you do a very good job of creating a reality and then separating yourself from that creation process while you experience it from your ego state so that it can be real, so that it can seem like it is not an illusion, so that is can seem like you are not in control, so that it can seem like there is space and there is the passage of time, and this is such a real reality, how can it possibly be an illusion? And when you dwell upon that, when you hold that in your consciousness that this is all there is, then it also becomes difficult to grasp the concept that there are a multitude of other incarnational periods, a multitude of other realities that you are involved in and that you are creating simultaneously. Simultaneously. They are occurring at the same time.

You are so much more than you perceive. You are a multidimensional personality that creates the reality that you experience and you create many other similar realities simultaneously and you experience them as well. And from each particular state you have in place an ego that says, “This is all there is. This is the real reality. The rest are all imaginary illusions.” If you happen to cross over, if you happen to have an experience either in your conscious state or in your altered state of consciousness or in your dream states, that comes back as being illusionary. “Well it must just be my imagination. It can’t be real because this is what is real. I can reach out and touch stuff in this reality and it is real, it is solid. Absolutely.”

The irony of it is that it is only solid because you believe it is. It is an illusion. It is an illusion that you create. It is an illusion that you hold various beliefs about that make it seem real, that make it seem like you are not in control and therefore make it valid in terms of the creations that you are experiencing so that the feelings are real. They are very intensified and many times seemingly beyond your control. That is the purpose of the whole creation process. That is why you do it. That is why you are in this vibrational level.

And so, to have that ability to transform your consciousness into other areas, either within this incarnational period or within other incarnational periods, has one to form the tendency to believe that that is just your imagination, that is not real. Those other incarnational periods are just a figment of your imagination, they are not real.

Well, in a sense you are absolutely correct. They are a figment of your imagination and they are not real. But they are just as real as this one because, you see, this incarnational period is a figment of your imagination as well and it is not real.

When you are in your conscious state you exist in an illusion—the most illusionary existence that you will experience throughout all of your consciousness levels. Throughout all of the creation processes, this conscious state that you are in is the most difficult one for you to maintain and it is the most illusionary. And so it is in all of your incarnational periods, and so it should come as no surprise that it appears to be your imagination. For it is your imagination on one hand, and on the other hand you have got this ego that says, “It just can’t be. If that is all true then this reality can’t be all that real.” And if it is not all that real then the ego is not in control, and if the ego is not in control then for sure you can’t have these experiences, they just can’t be all that intense and they can’t be that real, that can’t be valid. So the ego loses a purpose and it becomes difficult to maintain the reality. It becomes difficult to maintain the illusion and you begin to break down that electromagnetic type of energy that limits the understanding of who and what you truly are.

And so, it should come as no surprise that when you are experiencing either your so-called altered states of consciousness, that allow you to transform your consciousness to other areas within this particular incarnational period, or whether you are experiencing alterations of your consciousness in such a sense that you experience other incarnational periods, they seem like illusions. When you pay attention to the intuitive suggestions and when you pay attention to the so-called imagination impressions that come into your consciousness and as they become clear and as they become more intense and as the feelings become more intense and you begin to get details that you can verify, then it, once again, leads you along that area of progression that you desire to experience to validate the passage of time to make this reality real, to make this illusionary reality real.

At the same time, because you have experienced various seemingly imaginary impressions that you can validate, that you can verify actually occurred, the combination leads you to believe that you have within you that capacity. Ironically, once again, if you believe, you will create the reality to support the belief. And if you believe that it is possible for you to experience the reincarnational periods, to experience memories from those particular activities, then you will bring it into your consciousness. You will, once again, through your desired passage of time to validate this reality, have that validation also of your other incarnational periods, the so-called evolution of your progression in your belief systems, in your understanding that you are a multidimensional personality and it can all be valid.

And suddenly, when you begin to believe from your conscious state, when the belief that you have held in your subconsciousness comes into your consciousness and you have the events that validate the belief, then suddenly you can become very comfortable at projecting your consciousness to other areas of your existence, be they within this particular incarnational period or within the other incarnational periods. It doesn’t really matter.

You see, time and space are illusions. You can enter into any time or any space that you desire. The only restriction is your belief systems and your imagination. You can be anywhere that you desire. Absolutely. You have but to believe. And because of your choice, once again, to have that progression of time; your belief, once again, that you must learn; your belief that through learning and the progression of time you can validate the experience and it can be real, then you can own it in your conscious state. And you can be, to use some of the terms that are quite fashionable these days, be a remote viewer if that is what you desire.

It is rather ironic that in other incarnational periods in what you might refer to as your past, when you existed in what many would refer to as very primitive lifetimes, you had that capacity and you used it on a day-to-day basis to enhance your existence. Many of your so-called indigenous peoples and nations would tell you that in the past they had what they might refer to as shamans or various spiritual people who had the ability to project their consciousness to various aspects of their reality in order to enhance their existence, in order to assist them to respond, if you wish, in the creation of their reality that allowed them to have an existence that was desirable, that took them to areas where they were capable of finding the elements that were necessary to sustain their existence. It was an accepted fact within those particular elements and aspects of your incarnational periods, in those so-called primitive existences that you participated in; that you participated in. There should be absolutely no reason, except for the limitations of your belief system, that you cannot have and recreate that experience within this incarnational period. The choice is yours and you have but to believe.

The irony of it is that when you look into your past and you see these recordings in your history and they seem so remote and they seem so distant, that you were the individuals that were involved in those particular elements that you are reading about or discovering in your recorded history. The same individuals that exist within your vibrational level in this particular incarnational period were the individuals, for the most part, that existed in all of the incarnational periods throughout all of your so-called recorded history. They are the same people. They are the same entities. You are experiencing multidimensional personality types of existences in other incarnational periods. And it is all an illusion and it is all based upon what you believe and what you desire and what you imagine and what you expect to experience. It is based upon the choices that you make in your between incarnational periods, in your dream states, and in your conscious states to create the reality that you perpetuate and experience in your day-to-day activities. It really is an illusion and you create it all and you are involved in it all throughout all of your existence from the Lemurian times through the Atlantean times right up to your present day existence, if you wish to follow that concept of a linear time frame. It is your creation and you as individuals are involved in it all.

You believe that this is real because that is what your ego demands in order to validate your particular aspect of concentration on this lifetime while you are in your conscious state. In your other states of consciousness you are aware of all of the activities that you participate in and of the many so-called egos that you hold within the various aspects of your multidimensional personality as you create and experience all of the lifetimes, all of the incarnational periods throughout all of your existence within this vibrational level. A difficult concept to grasp, but one which, if you can but attempt to get an understanding, can assist you in also validating the memories and the recollection of the events that you created and experienced in other incarnational periods so that they can be real, so that you can understand that it is not just your imagination.

You can absolutely affect your past, your present, and your future by getting a grasp of the understanding that you are a multidimensional personality existing in the now; that this is an illusion; that this reality that you experience in your conscious state is an illusion and you can, and do, perpetually alter and change it. Perpetually alter and change the so-called memories that you experience in your conscious state.

In your subconscious you have the whole aspect of understanding of the creation process and of who and what you truly are. And you have within your subconscious all of the information that is available throughout all of this vibrational level. All of the so-called knowledge is yours. It is there within each and every one of you. You have but to believe and you have that capacity to tap into it and to bring it into your consciousness. You can create whatever it is that you desire. Your only limitations are your imagination, your belief systems, your desires, your expectations, your love of yourself and of this reality that you experience. It is all yours. It is all your creation and you can have whatever it is you desire.

Now. If you have any questions for us we would be willing to attempt to answer them for you.

Questioner: In the Ramtha material he talks about that thoughts are kind of like a god essence and that we use thoughts to create this reality; and we slow the thoughts down, they become light, we slow the light down, it becomes electrum down, we slow the electrum down, it becomes particles, we slow the particles down in their vibrational rate and they become solid matter. And when a person experiences slight moments of that no-thought state, is that a short-circuit of our creative system or is it a window to our unlimitedness? Or is that just whatever a person believes?

Joshiah: (Laughs) You know our answer before we give it to you—that is what is humorous.

Your thoughts and feelings are indeed interacting with each other. There are many who would suggest that you simply go with your feelings and there are others who would suggest, well, you must think about what it is, you can’t just react on your feelings. Well, ironically, you can’t separate the two. For you to have a feeling, [it] invokes a thought. And when you have a thought it invokes a feeling. It is difficult to separate the two.

Now. The thoughts and feelings are a response to your belief systems which are reflected in your attitudes. And so it is the belief systems that are filtered out through your attitudes and affect your thoughts and beliefs, your choices and decisions, and create the reality that you desire.

Now. You can, if you wish, believe that it is the thought process and how you think that affects the reality by various stages of altering the vibrational level of your thoughts. If that is what you wish to believe, you can create realities to support that. But we come back, once again, to the basic understanding that the reality that you experience is a reflection of your belief. It is the belief that is important. The belief precedes the reality. And the only beliefs that you cannot change are that you create this reality, you are a Piece of God, and you cannot fail. You know those as well as we do by now and we do not have to repeat them to you. But many times an individual steps outside of that particular aspect of understanding and subjects [themselves to] other beliefs, beliefs that are indeed all up for grabs and that are all as valid as any other in this reality creation process. If that is what you believe, then you can create through that process absolutely. And you can come up with all types of validations.

You will create the illusion to support the belief. Absolutely, without fail, guaranteed. If you believe, you will experience the reality that supports the belief. If you believe that the thought processes can be altered through their various areas of vibration until they become what you experience as solid matter, you can indeed create realities to support that belief. Ironically, you can even, through scientific experiment, duplicate that activity. But it comes down, once again, to understanding that the belief precedes the reality.

There are those who believe that they are absolutely not in control of their reality. There are those who believe that their thoughts have absolutely no effect on what it is that they experience in their day-to-day activities, and they create the reality that supports that belief. It would be very difficult to have them hold that concept that what they think is what they experience, that the thoughts become the solid objects that they are interacting with. It is the beliefs that become the solid objects. It is the beliefs that precede the reality.

And so, if you wish to believe that through your thought process you create your reality, you can have that. But understand, once again, that the thoughts and feelings are as a result of your attitudes that reflects your belief systems, and from that you make your choices and decisions and you create this reality. If you imagine it and if you can hold that imagination to the point where you can sense it and use all of your senses—and we are not just saying sense it by believing that it is there, but sense it in terms of your touch and your feel and your smell, if you can make it real—and by using that imagination then you would expect it to come into your reality, then you can have it, absolutely. And an individual can hold a belief, and that is the key, an individual can hold a belief that if they hold a thought, that through that thought process they can indeed create a certain reality.

Well, to hold a thought process you have the desire. And that thought is rounded out in terms of your imagination. And then because you believe that that thought can become reality then you expect it. And you create the reality and you can look back and say, “Look at that, I held that thought. And through holding that thought I created that reality. And so thoughts are slowed down until they become real.” There are various individuals who use this technique and they give it all types of different terminology like affirmation—if you continuously think something over and over you can create it.

Well, first of all, you must believe that if you continuously think something over and over you will create it. And then from that belief you begin to imagine what that would be like. And you begin to desire it. And then you begin to expect it. And then you create the reality. But first it springs forth from the belief.

It is the beliefs that are important. And you can have whatever it is that you desire, whatever it is that you imagine. The only limitations to your creation is your imagination. And if you wish to imagine that your thought processes become your reality then you can create that, absolutely. But it must first be a belief that you hold. And the creation of the reality supports the belief. It gives it validation. It makes it real. And it validates this illusionary reality and makes it seem real. And it enhances and it indeed strokes your ego to say, “Yes, look at that, I consciously had it right,” when subconsciously it is your belief systems, and the key is to understand consciously that it is the belief system.

If you work on the belief system, the belief system will be reflected in your attitudes and it will affect your thoughts and your feelings, and it will affect the creation that you experience. It will affect your desires and your imaginations and your expectations, your choices and your decisions—all of the elements that you put together consciously to create this reality that you experience. And if you desire to not do it consciously then you will do it subconsciously. It doesn’t really matter. The choice is yours. You will create this reality absolutely. The choice is yours—you can do it from default, or you can do it, if you wish, by believing that your thoughts become real. Whatever belief you hold, you will create the reality to support the belief. Absolutely.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: My question is that while I am creating my future, that I am concerned that what I am creating for myself may adversely affect or hurt other entities. Is that a lawful concern? Or should I be concerned with that?

Joshiah: Once again, there is the belief that an individual can affect another individual’s reality. You can only affect another individual’s reality because they allow that participation to occur. You cannot create for another individual.

Now. If you hold various beliefs that you will create a certain reality and you believe that that reality can have an adverse affect on other individuals and the other individuals agree to participate in that creation and to experience that adverse affect, then you both can experience it and you can have it, absolutely. It is a difficult concept to believe that your actions and all of the creation that you are participating in with other individuals is as a result of agreements.

You see, individuals existing in your conscious state many times believe that it is reactions and actions of others that have caused them to experience the difficulties; believe it is these others who are making all of these vicious elements against you that are causing you to experience this negative existence. And yet it is an agreement. It is an agreement to participate.

That becomes a difficult concept for one to grasp when one feels a sense of being victimized, absolutely. And we understand that. Because in your conscious state it is real, and in your conscious state it becomes very difficult to accept the responsibility for something that seems so negative. It becomes difficult to love oneself when one is feeling that one has been subjected to all of these adverse conditions that you feel you had absolutely no control over. But ironically, at some level within your subconsciousness, and with other entities in their levels of subconsciousness, the agreements and the contracts were put in place to perpetuate the reality and to support the beliefs that an individual holds. And it is the beliefs that are difficult to change.

Many of the beliefs are held within the subconsciousness. Many of the beliefs come from other incarnational periods, if you wish, or between incarnational periods where you made the choices to bring those belief systems into this reality for the very purposes of experiencing these so-called negative creations so that you can experience the feelings. And that can be difficult for the ego to accept in your conscious state—that you create it all, that it is your creation, that it is an illusion, that you are involved in all of these creation processes and that the other individuals that you feel may you be adversely affecting are only being adversely affected because they make the choice to be involved and to participate in that creation process.

We have suggested that one of the keys to creating the desirable realities is to love yourself absolutely. That seems like such an easy statement to say, we understand that. If you can understand that at some level within your subconsciousness you create this reality from an absolute position of love, there is no other way to create. You create your reality from a position of love. And you create these seemingly difficult realities also from a position of love. And if you can do that, if you can understand that it is within your capacity to create from that position of love then you can get a glimpse of what it is like to bring that love into your consciousness so that you can love who and what you are.

That, once again, becomes a very difficult concept for many to grasp in the conscious state. Individuals experiencing seemingly negative realities, abusive realities, violent realities, have a difficult time loving themselves and loving the creation that they are experiencing. And yet that is the key to changing. That is the key to bringing into your consciousness that which you desire. To love yourself absolutely, unconditionally, and if there are aspects of an individual’s characteristics that they don’t love, that they have difficulty saying, “Well, I really like that part about me, I must love it even though it is something that I don’t desire,” then we would suggest that you take the steps to change it.

We would suggest that individuals who have difficulty in loving themselves because there are certain aspects of their character that they have difficulty in accepting, then change that. Take the necessary steps to make the changes so that you can love yourself unconditionally. When you love yourself unconditionally then you will understand that when you make choices and when you make decisions and when you create through your desires, that you will be creating for the purposes of experiencing the emotions and the feelings that you wish to be involved in and you allow others the right to be involved or not to be involved. And if they choose to be involved, you respect that involvement and you do not look upon it as saying. “Well, I am the one that is responsible for that creation. I am the one responsible for all of the negativity in their reality.” Absolutely not.

Allow them to accept the responsibility for their interactions and for their participation. For only when you believe and allow others to accept the responsibility will you create the reality that allows them to feel that they too have that capacity to be involved, that they too have the right to understand consciously that it is their creation, that they make the choice to be there, not you. It is their choice. Allow them to make that choice. Make the choices that will indeed allow you to bring into your consciousness that understanding of absolute and complete self-love. For, once again, that is the key.

Believe that it is your creation. Use your imagination to create what it is. Understand what your desires are. Make them very, very distinct so that you know exactly what you want and exactly what it is that you desire so that you can use your imagination to fill it out and that will affect your choices and your decisions and it will affect how you will feel. And you will feel a change in your belief system. And you can absolutely create what it is that you desire and you will understand that through this process of understanding self-love and bringing self-love [into] your consciousness you will allow others to have that experience.

You allow others to create what it is that they desire and you will do so without judgment whether it is right or wrong but with an understanding and a sympathy, if you wish, and a compassion and the opportunity to offer unconditional love and unending support regardless of what you might feel is for them a negative creation, a negative experience.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I was going to ask a question about the Dalai Lama who is touring in Canada and wondering if people of his spiritual worth are recognized on the other side as being delegates for peace and harmony on Earth?

Joshiah: First of all, we have suggested many times that each individual existing within your vibrational level is a Piece of the One, if you wish, a spark of consciousness that has the capacity to create. There is no greater and no less than. Each are equal to not only within this vibrational level but all of the other vibrational levels throughout all of creation.

Now. There are individuals who exist within your vibrational level that seem—and we emphasize seem—to somehow have a greater contact with their spirituality. Well, many times we would ask you to understand the concept that those individuals who seem to be less spiritually many times are working much harder at their creation process. They have erected a much stronger veil. They are doing a much better job of creating this illusionary reality. For them it is more real.

And so, individuals like the Dalai Lama are not in any way superior to any other individual that exists throughout all of creation. Individuals who are on the so-called other side, individuals who exist outside of your vibrational level can have absolutely no impact upon your creation process and do not judge what it right or what is wrong or feel that some individual is superior to another. That is a human consciousness concept.

If you were to ask some of these individuals, for example, the Dalai Lama that you refer to, he would be one of the first to tell you that he is absolutely no more and no less than anyone else, that he is no more spiritual than anyone else, absolutely not. He is simply an individual who has contacted with that portion that you refer to as your higher self; has, if you wish, a more conscious connection with.

You see, ironically, you cannot be separate from who and what you truly are. That spark of consciousness that you are, that spark of consciousness that has the capacity to create, that higher self that many search for, that God that is within that so many search for, cannot be separate from who and what you truly are. You cannot lose it. It is not something you have to search for. It is withinside of you. It cannot be lost.

You see, to find something, first you must lose it. To search for a connection with your higher self means that at some point you feel like you have lost it. Well, you can’t lose it. It is part of who and what you truly are. And individuals who operate at different awareness levels are no better and no worse than any other. They are no greater and no less. Each individual, not only within your vibrational level but in all of the vibrational levels throughout all of creation, are equal to each and every spark of consciousness that has the capacity to create. There are no greater and there are no less.

Does that answer your question?

(End of questions and we thank Joshiah and the others.)

Well, once again, we would like to express our gratitude for your allowing us to have this interaction. We are truly grateful for these opportunities for it allows us the opportunity to experience that broad range and depth of feelings that you experience in your day-to-day activities.

Now. We would remind you that we are not separated by time or space, but rather by a vibrational level. And should you choose to have an interaction with us you have but to express the intent and we would be with you always. And we welcome those opportunities to interact and to share with each of you. And we would offer you as well our unending support and our unconditional love.

Until the next time that you invite us back into your vibrational level we would bid each of you farewell, with love and with peace.

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