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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

March 7, 2004

Q and A

Joshiah: Well now. Once again, allow us to express our greetings to each of you and to express our gratitude for your inviting us back into your reality, once again, for giving us this opportunity to interact and to share with each of you. For indeed, it is a joyous occasion for us and we come not only to express to you that information that you would desire to hear, but indeed to learn from each of you.

Now. We would remind you that the energy that you have created this afternoon will remain within this sacred space and the entities that have accompanied us remain and would be willing to interact with you should you choose to become involved in that telepathic exchange of information. The choice is yours. You have but to close your eyes and express the intent and you will find that as a result of your creation of this energy that it would be very easy for you to alter your consciousness, to have that shift, if you wish, to enter into that meditative state and be involved in that interaction.

Now. We have, in very recent interactions with you, spoke to you of this reality creation process, attempted to give you a concept that you can grasp and understand and logically apply to your creation and to your understanding of your creation process. We have talked to you of your DNA capabilities and of the capabilities that you have to consciously affect your DNA and therefore to actually manipulate the DNA that exists within your physical being in order to create the experiences that you desire, in order to create the reality that allows you to experience the feelings and the emotions that you desire to experience, and that you can consciously affect the energy that surrounds the DNA so that you can bring it into your reality. And our topic this afternoon is a reflection of that manipulation and of the techniques that you can use to develop the ability to influence that energy that surrounds your DNA to create the reality that you desire, to bring it into your consciousness so that you can have it.

You see, we give you the simplicity: you create your reality, you are a Piece of the One, and you cannot fail. That breaks it down to as simple as it can be given. And it is indeed the basis, the building blocks, if you desire, of this reality that you are experiencing. But in your conscious state, when you are seemingly aware of your surroundings, you as individuals involved in this vibrational level have chosen to separate from that understanding and you wish to make it much more complicated. You want to have all of these techniques and these methods that you put in place that validate this reality that separates you from the understanding of who and what you truly are.

You see, this reality that you experience in your conscious state is an illusion. It is a reflection of your beliefs. And it is indeed a reflection of your desires, your choices, your imagination. Because we suggest it is an illusion does not meant that it is insignificant. Absolutely not. We are not saying it is not important, but rather we are saying it is an illusion. You exist in an illusion that you believe is real. And you use all types of belief systems to validate that belief that it is real, to validate the illusion, to make it real, to make it seem like you are not in control, to make it seem like others can affect and do affect your reality.

And it becomes very difficult for you to sidestep those beliefs, beliefs which you have held, as individuals and as a society and as a human consciousness group. Belief systems that lend validity to this reality and make it seem like it is beyond your control; make it seem like it is something that you are separated from, that it is indeed a real, a real phenomena that you are experiencing. That you somehow just got dropped here. That somehow you just accidentally popped up and here you are experiencing this reality. When actually, you are the ones that create this reality. When in actuality it is your creation based upon your beliefs and your desires and your choices. It is a reflection of your imagination. Absolutely. And it is an illusion. Absolutely.

When you grasp the fundamentals, when you grasp that it is an illusion, and when you grasp that it is your creation and that you are a Piece of the One and you can change it all, then the illusion becomes much more pliable. You can manipulate it much better than when you believe it is real and it is beyond your control. When you grasp [it] as a truism, when you own the final belief that you cannot fail, you absolutely cannot fail to return to the understanding of who and what you truly are, when you own that belief system then you can indeed grasp how illusionary this reality is. Its significance is only there because you desire to have it there. Its significance is only there because you desire to believe that it is real in order to experience the feelings and emotions that you create. And when you grasp that understanding that you absolutely cannot fail then you begin to realize how illusionary and how insignificant your conscious state truly is. You shift into that conscious state by choice so that you can experience the feelings.

You are Piece of the One, you create it all, and you cannot fail. It is that simple. You can complicate it and you can muddy the waters, if you wish, by putting in place all of the techniques and methods that you use to create this reality. And indeed if you don’t own that belief system that you are entirely responsible, then understanding the methods and techniques that you believe in that will work for you to alter your reality can become very important in getting to that step where [you understand] that it is your creation.

When you as individuals begin to alter your belief systems, to consciously alter a belief system and then to see that alteration of the belief system being reflected in the reality that you are experiencing, then you validate your belief that you can create it all. Even if it is a minor thing. Even if it is just a minor little alteration it is like, “Oh, look at that! I can influence my reality.” And you take the next step, and you take the next step, until you begin to consciously own the concept that you do create it all, and that you create it from a position of love. And then you can bring the self-love into your consciousness much easier and you can have it all. And you can get that full understanding of the illusionary reality that you exist in. And then you can choose whether or not you desire to stay. You can make that choice.

You are not here by any other influence than the desire you have to be involved in the creation process in this vibrational level. There is no one who put you here and there is no test that you must pass. You are here by choice and you can leave by choice. You create your reality, you are a Piece of the One, and you absolutely, guaranteed, cannot fail. It is really all that simple. The rest are just details. Details that you hold as a human consciousness. Details which, while you are in your conscious state, are difficult for you to manipulate because you agreed as a human consciousness to participate in this reality creation process. But nonetheless, they are simply methods and techniques, and you can step outside of them and you can create your reality consciously. Absolutely. That choice is yours.

As you continue this transference into the new age and into the new energy, where the human consciousness has agreed that you shall have that capacity to create your reality consciously should you so choose, you will find it much easier to accept and to believe in those three basic truths that you create your reality, that you are a Piece of the One—you are the God that you search for—and you absolutely cannot fail. As you continue this transference into the new age and into the new energy, you shall have as individuals that capacity to do what others have done in your past and you have referred to them as being some type of god because they discovered the creation process in their conscious state, stepped outside of those human consciousness belief systems to the point where they could influence their reality in what seemed to be miraculous ways. You too have that capacity. You shall have that ability enhanced as you continue this transference into the new age and into the new energy, should you choose. And if you don’t choose, that is alright too. It doesn’t change a thing.

Should you choose to remain in that state where you don’t believe you are in control, should you choose to remain in what we refer to as the old age and old energy, and should you choose to create from a position of default, it doesn’t really matter. You still create in the same manner. You still are indeed that spark of consciousness that creates from a position of love, and you absolutely cannot fail. This is not a right or wrong choice. It is a choice that you can make as individuals. And if you choose to go in a different direction, if you choose to use different methods or techniques, it doesn’t really matter. You still cannot fail. You cannot fail to return to the understanding of who and what you truly are, to return at some time to a vibrational level similar to the one that you came from, or the very one that you came from, if that is what you choose. You absolutely, guaranteed, cannot fail.

Now. If you have any questions for us we would be willing to attempt to answer them for you.

Questioner: When [my son] and I were in the hotel room coming back from the Monroe Institute we were talking about because all of us as humans in this reality are omnipresent we should be able to remote view a site, start moving our consciousness to that site, and let go from the place where we started from, and trans-locate to the next place. Is there something wrong with that concept? I know you will say “whatever you believe you can choose.”

Joshiah: (Chuckles) You exist in an illusion. You already are answered before we begin. You exist in an illusion and whatever it is you believe, you can have.

Now. You have also, as individuals, entered into a vibrational level where you have as a consensus agreed to participate in a rather limited capacity in creating your reality from the conscious state. You have what you refer to as physical laws that are very difficult to manipulate. Physical laws that pertain to time and space. For it is through this agreement to believe in time and space that you lend legitimacy to this reality.

If there is a beginning and an end and you feel this progression and you feel somehow like a past has passed and a future is something that has yet to occur; and you have the past and that is set in stone but the future, “Now there, I can manipulate the future ’cause it hasn’t happened yet so I can make various choices that will have an influence upon my future, but the past, well, that has already passed and we can’t affect the past.” That is an agreement. That is an illusion based upon a belief system that facilitates this reality, that lends legitimacy to this reality.

So, in that time and space you have what we refer to as those laws of physics that limit your capacity to transport physically from one area to another. Is it possible? In your altered state of consciousness, in your dream states, and in your meditative states you do it quite readily. In those states where your reality is more real than the one that you experience in your conscious state you do it without ever questioning, “Is it a possibility?” But in your conscious state, well now, that is different because, “This is real, because now I have this limitation of time and space. And so it is difficult because I agreed to be involved in this reality creation process and I agreed that I would hold within my consciousness this belief system.”

Is it possible for you to alter that belief system? Absolutely. And we would suggest that there have been individuals in your so-called past that have developed that ability, that capacity, to actually transform; to be a multidimensional personality; to understand that they had the capacity to exist in various parts of your Earth systems simultaneously. You each have that capacity, and to some extent do it without the knowledge of one portion of your multidimensional personality being aware of the existence of another portion of your multidimensional personality.

It is very difficult to step outside that belief system but it is not impossible. One has but to believe. One has but to grasp the full understanding of the creation process, to understand that it is your beliefs that limit your creation process and it is your beliefs that expand your creation process. And they interact with each other. So you have some areas where you are quite capable of creating and others where, “Oh well, there should be no reason why I can’t do that but for some reason I can’t.” You can’t because you have agreed, at some level within your consciousness, to participate in a system which does not allow that occurrence. Is it impossible? Absolutely not.

You exist in an illusion; you can have whatever you desire. The only limitations upon your creation process is your imagination and your beliefs. Absolutely. You can have whatever it is you desire. And once again, there have been individuals in your so-called past who have developed and understood consciously that concept of transporting, if you wish, from one portion of your illusion to another. And it is actually not transporting at all, but rather a concentration of consciousness [in] one area or another. Time and space are illusions. There is no time and there is no space other than what you experience in your conscious state.

We exist in exactly the same space as you exist and yet there are those who would suggest that we are light years away, for we exist outside your vibrational level and therefore outside of your entire universe and therefore we must be billions of light years away. And that is an illusion. We exist in exactly the same space. There is no time or space other than in your conscious state.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: When I see Sai Baba is that because he is doing a classic out-of-body type of situation or is that just an omnipresence?

Joshiah: (Chuckles) Or, we would ask the question, “Are you doing a classic out-of-body?”

Many times when you are in your altered state of consciousness in what we refer to as the dream state you interact with many individuals that exist within various levels of consciousness within your vibrational level, and indeed you have the capacity to interact with individuals that exist outside of your vibrational level and you do so on an ongoing basis, if you wish. And so it should come as no surprise that when you are in an altered state of consciousness that you refer to as meditation—and for some, in a very near conscious state—[you] have that capacity to interact with others that exist either withinside your vibrational level or from outside your vibrational level.

When you were a child you interacted with other individuals consciously in what your peers and your adults at that time may have referred to as being imaginary, and yet they were very real. And that transaction was real, the interaction was real, those individuals were real and you did it consciously. And as you grew from childhood and as you began to reinforce the belief systems that you agreed to participate in, that interaction became more difficult and indeed faded until it was impossible and when you look back on it you thought, “Wow, did I ever have an imagination when I was four, but I lost it when I was seven.” Was it an imagination?

Your entire vibrational level is imaginary. Those interactions are as real as any other interaction. And you can have that capacity to do it consciously if you desire. When you do it consciously, when you interact with another consciously—and each of you has that capacity; it is not something that is limited to someone—it can be very frustrating in terms of existing in your own conscious state.

We have said to you many times that if you attempted to hold in your consciousness all of the contracts and agreements and all of the little day-to-day activities that you had agreed to participate in, you would indeed be classified as being insane. It would be very difficult for your ego to function, to concentrate on what you are creating for the purposes of experiencing the feelings associated with that creation at that particular moment.

As you develop this ability to consciously interact with others, if you are not careful enough to develop the ability to shut it off it can indeed as well be very frustrating; can lead to what many individuals might refer to as an insanity type of existence where other individuals’ thoughts and feelings and emotions are continuously bombarding you and impacting your creation process and leaving you feeling like you don’t really know which is your reality that you are experiencing or someone else’s reality that is having an influence on your experience.

You can do that consciously. Everyone has that capacity. Everyone has that ability to develop it. The question is, to what purpose would you wish to gain? What is there to be gained? Would it affect your ability to love yourself more? Would it affect your ability to create a better reality for yourself and for the other individuals that you express love to, that you create with? Or would you do it simply for the purposes of knowing that you can do it? If you know you can do it and it doesn’t assist you in your creation process, then why bother?

For you chose to enter into this conscious state, you chose to participate in this vibrational level and in this illusion and in this creation process so that you can experience the feelings associated with your creation. And so you can spend your time attempting to escape what you agreed to participate in, or you can get on with what you agreed to participate in, get a greater understanding of who and what you truly are and of this creation process so that you can have what it is that you desire, so that you can experience the self-love and the love that you can express and have returned to you from others. The choice is yours. The choice is an individual one. There is no right or wrong. Understand the consequences that come with your choices and do whatever it is that you desire.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I will just ask one. How does a person distinguish between what is your delusionary imagination and what is part of the collective imagination? So, what is real then?

Joshiah: (Chuckles) “What is real” does not exist in your conscious state. It is an illusion; you believe that it is real to add legitimacy to it, but it is not real. It is the most illusionary reality that you have the capacity to participate in.

Now. We understand your question as being when you are receiving images, if you wish, imagery that seem to come as your imagination, what part of that is imagery that you are actually participating in creating in different time frames, if you wish, in other incarnational periods or indeed in this particular incarnational period, and what is illusionary, imaginary realities that you have not experienced or will not experience? A very difficult question to answer because you see, you exist in an imaginary reality. It is all an illusion.

Now. Many individuals become involved in paying attention to the intuitive suggestions that seem to come like imaginary thoughts into their mind, imaginary remembrances and recollections of interactions with other individuals, either within this particular incarnational period or in other incarnational periods. In your conscious mind it becomes very difficult to separate the two. For you see, there is no time or space. It only exists in your conscious state.

So, when you get this imaginary remembrance that comes into your conscious state, the question that rises is, “Well now, is that my imagination? You see, I have never, ever experienced that in this incarnational period. I am not even sure that the other incarnational periods even exist so it must just be my imagination.” Well, it is all your imagination, absolutely.

Now. Do you bring this imagination into fulfillment so that you can experience it? That is an entirely different scenario. We would suggest that in order to separate imagination that you haven’t experienced or that you don’t believe that you experienced or you don’t believe that you are going to experience from the imaginary images and perceptions of realities that you have experienced, that you pay attention. You pay attention to the spontaneity with which you receive that imaginary suggestion, the spontaneity in which your imagination is responding to certain situations.

And then when you receive that message, if you wish, that intuitive suggestion, that imaginary response, if it is involved within this particular incarnational period specifically and if it is an interaction with another individual, attempt to verify it. If you can verify certain situations and you, as an individual and other individual have that capacity to receive those intuitive suggestions that seem like your imagination, if you can verify that then you will indeed begin to intensify that interaction with others and with your so-called higher self or your subconsciousness and bring into that consciousness the imaginary and intuitive suggestions that you can further verify.

Soon you begin to trust. You begin to trust—which is the response from self-love—that you can bring into your consciousness the imaginary images that are true, that are experiences that you have had not only within this incarnational period but either in your future or your past incarnational periods. And then you also begin to get a concept through this trust, which is a reflection of self-love, that, “Hey, if that is an imaginary occurrence either in my future or in my past then I should have the capacity to influence that imaginary creation and turn it into whichever direction I wish.” And you begin to create consciously through the concept of self-love, through the concept of trust, through the concept of believing that you have within you that capacity to bring into your consciousness the so-called memories that are based upon your imagination and yet you understand absolutely, you believe that they are real, therefore you can change them.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Yes, sorry to be so tedious. (The questioner is one who jokes about asking the same question repeatedly in different words.)

Joshiah: It is quite refreshing to go in a different direction of discussion with you. (Chuckles)

(Group laughter.)

Questioner: At the beginning or sometime during the channeling part, actually just near the beginning of it when I was drifting off, there was a person that I recognized, of course, at the time, and now I can’t remember very much about it at all. But it seemed as if it was someone, a tradesperson like a carpenter or a plumber or something like that. And again it was one of those things, I thought, “Oh, it is good to see you,” but then I realized shortly after that that they weren’t here. Do you have any information on who that might have been? I am trying to keep memories of these things and bring them back to consciousness but they slip pretty fast.

Joshiah: (Chuckles) Your question and the answer to your question lies in response to our last question where you begin to get these intuitive suggestions that many times you lose a consciousness connection to that impression and it becomes, definitely falls into the category of, “Well, it must have been my imagination.”

Now. We refrain quite often from predicting the future because you see, you can manipulate your future. It is an illusion. For us to tell you that certain things are to occur are based upon your belief systems and if we suggest to you that that is going to occur then suddenly you hold a belief system and, “Wow, that occurred. Now did that occur because Joshiah told us it would occur? Did that occur because I held a belief system based upon what Joshiah told us and that is why it occurred?” So we caution you to be aware, and we cannot predict your future. That is not our intent. We can only predict based upon the belief systems that you hold presently.

Now. To reflect back upon our question and our response that you can pay attention to those imaginary suggestions that come into your consciousness, and they can indeed be a reflection of your past or your future, and you can change them if you wish. You can manipulate them. You, as you altered your consciousness, began to have at that point an interaction with your so-called future. And we would suggest that the tradesperson is someone that is going to be interacting with you in the very near future. And when they interact with you we would ask you to remember our conversation. But more importantly, to remember your impression, to allow that impression then to come forward and to say, “Ah ha! I did have that impression. I have that capacity. I can understand it. I can perceive. And it comes to me in imaginary perceptions but nonetheless real.” And you can create it in this illusionary reality.

So, we are suggesting that while we are predicting your future, it is within your control. We have absolutely nothing to do with that. What we are suggesting that as you altered your consciousness you had one of those glimpses of that imaginary perception that our friend (name) spoke of, and you can verify it. You can bring it into your reality to make it real. And you shall have that capacity to do that should you so choose. And when it happens, once again, we ask you to reflect back upon your emotions, if you wish, and your understanding of what that perception was when it occurred so that you can recreate it, so that you can have it, whatever you desire.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Yes, it does and I understand your caution quite clearly. Thank you.

(End of questions and we thank Joshiah and the others.)

We would like, once again, to thank you for indeed it has been a pleasure and as always has been very enjoyable. And we would remind you, once again, that we are not separated by time or space, and should you choose to interact you have but to express the intent and we would welcome that opportunity to interact and to share with each of you.

And so, until the next time that you so graciously invite us back into your vibrational level, we would bid you farewell, with love and with peace.

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