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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

November 2, 2003

Joshiah: … greetings to each of you and to express to you as well our gratitude for your once again inviting us into your vibrational level and offering us this opportunity to interact and to share with each of you.

Now, we would ask, as is our custom, if you would choose to allow for an even further thinning of the veil to allow other entities that would be with us on this afternoon to also have that opportunity to enter into your vibrational level and to have that opportunity to interact and to share with each of you. If you would but express that intent, we assure you that there are many entities who are anxious for that opportunity.

Now, we would ask, once again, that you allow us a brief moment in which we would adjust the energy within this sacred space that you have created and we would fine-tune our connection with our friend Elias (the channel).


Well now, we thank you for that moment. We would, once again, remind you that there exists for each of you on this afternoon the opportunity to begin to be involved in what we have referred to as the silent communication. A telepathic interaction and exchange of information with those entities that would be with us, and indeed with ourselves, or with that portion which you would refer to as your higher self, if that is what you wish. A telepathic exchange of information which many times is much more pertinent, much more accurate to the individual needs or desires or questions that you may have. That opportunity is yours.

And you would find that as a result of the energy that you have created within this sacred space that it is quite easy for you to alter your consciousness, to shift into what you might refer to as a meditative state. You have but to close your eyes and express the intent and the collective energy of this group will assist you in that transformation of your consciousness to enter into that meditative state. And while you may not necessarily have a total recall in your consciousness of the interaction, nonetheless, we assure you that the interaction does occur and that the information many times is brought to you in that conscious state when it can have the most impact, if you wish, upon the creation that you are desiring to experience. So the choice is yours. As always, you can meditate or you can sit and listen to us. Whichever pleases you will be fine.

Now. We have suggested to you many times that you are entering into a new age and a new energy. And we use many of those phrases and explanations in order to accommodate and to fit into your beliefs in time and space in your human consciousness existence that is dependent upon time and space. And so [when] we suggest that you are entering into new age and a new energy, it is like there is a past and a present and a future, and you are about to experience the future—the past has already occurred. And to use that phrase in itself lends to the belief that indeed there is time, but actually you exist in the now.

And even to use the phrase that “you exist in the now” is reference to that belief system that there is time. It gives you some type of connection to an understanding of what the now is. And like so many of the phrases that we attempt to communicate with you it is limited by the vocabulary. Because the now, once again, infers that there is time and space, that there is a past and a present and a future. And of course the present within your belief system is now.

Yet in the true concept of what the now is it includes all. It is not like there isn’t a past or a present or a future, but rather that it is occurring simultaneously. But even that is not an accurate phrase. For it occurs in different levels, if you wish, of your consciousness, in different what we refer to as vibrational levels. And even that is not accurate. But once again, it is a terminology that gives an explanation that you can at least get a grasp of.

And so, you exist in the now. You exist in an all-encompassing vibrational level concept where all of your past, present and future realities are occurring simultaneously. And so when we use that phrase that you are entering the new age and the new energy it gives the impression that that is a future that is coming from the past, and actually it occurs simultaneously.

Now. In the so-called old age and old energy you, as individuals involved in this vibrational level in this conscious creation process that you are actively participating in, chose to have an agreed to, if you wish, future based upon that belief in a linear time frame. You chose—as individuals, as a human consciousness, as a society, as the entire encompass of all your belief systems—to have a predictable future, if you wish. You chose to set in place the events which would occur. It was like an agreement that was made at that human conscious level that these particular things would occur and it would occur based upon your belief systems in a linear time frame.

So, you had these occurrences in these various vibrational levels and these various incarnational periods that you are involved in. And it was possible for you while in your conscious state to have glimpses, if you wish, to get an understanding of what those beliefs were that you had predetermined to hold in an incarnational period. And in fact, a predetermined hold over what you might term as many, many incarnational periods or centuries of your time in your linear time frame. Predetermined. And so it was possible, once again based upon a concept of a linear time frame, it was possible to predict. But it wasn’t all that difficult because you had agreed that that would be the unfolding of events that would occur across those centuries. They occurred simultaneously.

Now ironically, your future occurs simultaneously as well. And this new age and this new energy is a simultaneous action that is occurring. It is not something that is in your so-called future that you cannot perceive. But there is a difference. There is a very marked difference in this new age and new energy compared to your old age and your old energy. That difference is that you have decided as a human consciousness to alter that predetermined format for your future.

You see, in this now concept you continuously rebuild your entire consciousness vibrational level. The state that you perceive while you are conscious is continuously being repeated, if you wish, continuously being duplicated, reproduced in an ongoing manner. And you, as individuals, have the opportunity to alter it all. You can change your past as well as your future. Not only can you, you do. Ironically, you do.

Now. In this new age and this new energy you have agreed as a human consciousness to alter the very energy that makes up your entire universe, entire vibrational level. And as the results of altering that energy, you have altered your perception of what it is that you would create in your future. You no longer (chuckles)—and once again, we use a linear time frame to give an explanation that is not accurate because it doesn’t fit in a linear time frame, it exists in what that now concept is, but nonetheless—you have agreed as a human consciousness to allow for a manipulation of your future.

As you continue into this new age and this new energy, you will find that it would be very difficult for other individuals to predict your future because you no longer hold that human consciousness agreement, that belief system that you could have a predetermined future that can be predicted, that can be prophesized. That is all about to end.

You see, it has already ended because you exist in the now. The future is there as well as the present and the past. But in this future, in this so-called future concept, as you have altered this energy that is the very basis, the very building blocks, of your entire universe you have allowed, you have allowed, for the possibility of understanding at the conscious level how you create this reality. You, as a human consciousness and as a society and as individuals, have set that in place, if you wish, that an individual who desires to be involved in conscious creation has that capacity should they choose to do so.

It is very important that you understand that it is should you choose to do so. You see, you don’t have to choose. There is no absolute. You have, as individuals at the human consciousness level, chosen to alter the energy that allows for individuals to enter into this so-called new age and new energy concept where you can create consciously, where you can get an understanding consciously of who it is that you truly are. But you don’t have to go there if you don’t wish to. You have that capacity to remain in what we refer to as the old age and old energy. You have that capacity to continue to create from your deepest dream states and have absolutely no concept of the reality creation process while you are in this so-called conscious state. That choice is yours.

You see, this entire creation is your choice. It seems like such a complex reality that you exist in—and in many ways it is, absolutely—but it is your choice to make it that complex. We continuously, in our message to you, give back that which you wish to hear and that is the simplicity of the building blocks of your reality: you create it all, it is your responsibility, you are that Piece of the One, and you cannot fail. And it is a combination of those belief systems that you expand upon and you build upon and you create this reality.

You create this reality. And it is based upon that very concept that you existed in that so-called old age and old energy. It was your choice. It was a human consciousness choice. And you, when you decided and chose to step into this vibrational level, agreed to the terms. You, as individuals, agreed to be involved in a reality creation process where you limited the understanding of who and what you were at the conscious level. You agreed to participate in a reality where the so-called events that were about to occur over many, many lifetimes or centuries, if you wish, could be prophesized. You, as individuals, had set in place—and we refer, once again, to your linear time frame and ask you to understand, however, that it occurs in the now—set in place the belief systems that would allow you in a so-called lifetime that experienced three centuries ago to be as predetermined as a lifetime that occurred as little as fifty years ago. You, as individuals involved in a human consciousness agreement, set in place the beliefs for the major events to occur over those spans of time.

That was the old age and the old energy. Individuals entering into incarnational periods many times put in place their entire belief system for the experience of that particular incarnational period. And many of those incarnational periods were very short, if you wish. It is not that it is more difficult for you to create a longer life span than it is a shorter life span. However, when you are involved in this reality creation process and you put in place all of the belief systems that were to occur over what you refer to as an entire incarnational period, other individuals involved in that incarnational period had to agree, if you wish, to the terms of that reality creation process.

You see, you create your reality. Absolutely. Other individuals assist you, however, in creating similar types of realities so that you can interact with each other, so that you can experience similar events and experience similar feelings. You have those who would believe that they are absolute healers, for example, but the only way that they can be successful in their absolute healing is to experience an individual who is willing to participate in that creation process. An individual who is willing to suggest at the conscious level that they have absolutely no control over their illness and they give it to someone else. It is a choice. The two individuals agree to participate and one can seem to experience the fulfillment, the other can seem to experience that they do not have the capacity to heal themselves. Ironically, each creates their own reality. You cannot heal anyone but that other one chooses to allow you to heal. You cannot be involved in any type of an abusive situation but what one allows the other to be dominant while the one is being abused. It is an agreement.

Now. Individuals involved in that so-called healing process will have a tendency, and we suggest only will have a tendency, to experience more fulfillment, more of an understanding of the reality creation process if they hold the belief that the healing must come from withinside. If you wish to believe that another can facilitate that healing, well, that is entirely up to you. You can create whatever it is that you desire, and there is no right or wrong but for what you believe or decide is right or wrong. Right or wrong, or good or bad, if you wish, or evil is a human consciousness concept. You can only create from a position of love. Bottom line. No exceptions. Absolutely none. And so you have two individuals who desire to be involved in that healing process.

Now. In the old age and in the old energy if it was predetermined what you would participate in [in] a particular incarnational period, it was very difficult to alter that perception, that belief system consciously. And so you had individuals who were willing to play the part of the individual who has the illness or the disease and you had the other individuals who are willing to play the part of the healer. And so they each played their part to experience the feelings that were associated with that type of interaction. The one individual who was being the healer experienced that feeling of having the power to influence others’ day-to-day activity, others’ creations, if you wish. While the individual who chose to be the one that was being healed had the experience of receiving a gift from another. Is there anything wrong with that? Absolutely not. Absolutely not.

You see, that is a choice. It is a choice to experience various feelings in your reality creation process in your day-to-day activities and interactions with each other. And that is a choice. As long as there is one who is willing to be involved in that interaction there will be others who will be willing to participate. And ironically, it is not the healer who is necessarily in control but rather the individual who is being healed who has the most capacity to control that interaction.

For you see, when you enter into this new age and this new energy and you begin to get a grasp of the understanding that you can alter your belief systems consciously and thereby alter your creation, alter your experiences, then you begin to understand as well that this is your creation. And if it is your creation then you have the capacity to change it. And if you have the capacity to change it then you must have the capacity from withinside to heal yourself. Not only do you have the capacity from withinside to heal yourself but you always did. It is not new. No one else can create for you.

You can be involved in interactions where it seems like there is another that is creating for you but that is your choice to allow that other to have that seemingly power over you. But it is your choice. It is your creation. When you understand that the healing comes from withinside then you can indeed, if you wish, be involved in interactions with others and if the others that you are involved with understand that they facilitate, that they assist you in bringing in that healing by a combination of your energies and your belief systems, that is fine. You can do that. And you can experience some rather miraculous results. For as we have said before many times, when more individuals hold a belief system then the possibility of bringing that reality into your creation is magnified. And so when two individuals interact with each other, understanding that each is assisting the other in creating a synergy of creation processes, of amalgamation of belief systems, whereby they understand that that the only healing can come from withinside the individual but if the other wishes to accept an assistance then that’s fine, then the results can be rather dramatic.

As you enter into this new age and this new energy you are going to presumably experience many more of that type of phenomena where individuals are interacting with each other not for the purpose of one healing the other, necessarily, but for the assistance in each other experiencing the results and the feelings that are associated with that type of interaction. The feelings of giving unconditionally for the purposes of experiencing love; the purposes of bringing into your consciousness the understanding of being worthy; of bringing into your consciousness those feelings of gratitude; of bringing into your consciousness the feelings of self-worth, the feelings of co-creation for the benefit of more than one, of allowing the other to be responsible for their own creation and assisting them in achieving that responsibility. The things that you do to express love.

You will find that the results of that type of interaction will be phenomenal when compared to the interaction in the old age and the old energy where one believes that they have the power and the other one believes that they have none. Similar creations, each individual choosing to be involved in a similar interaction, but the results, the ultimate results, the ultimate achieving of what it is that you truly desire will be absolutely phenomenal in comparison. That is what you have the opportunity to experience in this new age and this new energy. That is what you are bringing into your consciousness.

You will have the understanding of what it is to experience love consciously, to experience who and what you truly are consciously. And through that experience, to assist others to understand who and what they truly are and to receive that loving experience and to bring into their consciousness that understanding and that concept of self-love, to bring into their consciousness the understanding of their reality creation process.

As you continue this transformation into this new age and this new energy you have—and once again, we refer to your linear time frame—already set in place the perimeters, if you wish, the changes in belief systems that will allow you to consciously create your reality by bringing into your consciousness that understanding of self-love and of who and what you truly are, understanding that the only creation that you can experience must come from within; of understanding and accepting the responsibility for your creation process and of allowing others to accept the responsibility for their creation. Not only allowing them to accept the responsibility for their creation but assisting them in facilitating that creation process through this concept of conscious creation, through this understanding consciously the value of unconditional self-love.

You have as individuals already, once again, begun that process. And as it continues, should you follow the belief systems that you have put in place, it will be impossible to predict your so-called future because you will consciously understand that if you don’t like what is occurring you can change it. You can change it.

And should you continue on this so-called transformation into the new age and new energy that you have put in place already, then the individuals that choose to reincarnate shall, once again, bring in with them the understanding of who and what they truly are. The so-called indigo children. The children of the new age and the new energy. You have, once again, as a human consciousness agreed that it would take time for this transformation. And should you, once again, follow that so-called plan of transformation, that time line, which is an illusion (chuckles), you will discover that the next children, the next so-called generation, will be the children who will understand that the only possible way to create is from a position of love. The children we have referred to as the peacemakers. The children who will bring in what has been so difficult for you to achieve in your so-called past—the concept of world peace.

For you see, the experiences of violence of your so-called wars were put in place by your human consciousness choices and belief systems centuries ago and have been accurately predicted because it was already agreed upon in your human consciousness level. However, you will discover in the very near future that what seemingly was once impossible becomes possible; that areas that have been subjected to that violence will have the capacity, should they choose, to end the violence. And the children will have a huge impact upon those decisions.

Now, we would break for a moment or two and if you have any questions for us we would be willing to return and answer them for you. And we would remind you that we do not leave, but rather we are with you always. For we exist at a different vibrational level and should you choose to interact with us, you have but to express the intent. For we would be with you always. And we welcome that opportunity to interact and to share and indeed to learn from each of you.

Now, we would leave you now for a moment or two and if you wish, we would return, with love and with peace.

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