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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

October 5, 2003

Q and A

(The channeling prior to the Q and A section was not recorded.)

Joshiah: Once again we express our gratitude for your inviting us back into your vibrational level and offering us this opportunity to interact with each of you in your reality.

We would remind you that there exists the opportunity for you to be involved in that silent communication. The entities that are with us on this afternoon are quite willing to enter into that telepathic exchange of information with each of you. You have but to express the intent, and that opportunity exists for you. As always, the choice is yours and we would not in any way attempt to suggest that it is an absolute, but rather to suggest that it is simply an opportunity that you may wish to partake of. And, as always, you will find that it is very easy for you to alter your consciousness and to enter into that telepathic interaction with those other entities and indeed with ourselves as well.

Now. You exist in an illusion. We have suggested that many, many times, that this vibrational level is an illusion. It is a figment of your imagination, if you wish. Important, yes, but nonetheless still an illusion. And you, in your conscious state, have agreed to participate in the illusion. And you have agreed, in that human consciousness belief system, that there will be time and there will be space.

Those two beliefs—time and space—lend validity to your illusion, perpetuate the illusion, and make it seem real. They are very difficult for you to alter or to step outside of, and yet so many would desire to alter that illusion. Particularly the illusion of space, which limits one’s ability to transport from one spot to another.

To limit your belief in space would actually require the understanding that time as well is an illusion, for each substantiates and gives credibility to the other. That it takes time to cover space. Nonetheless, it is an illusion. And there are times in your altered states of consciousness where you get glimpses of that perception of the illusion where time and space disappear. Where you can get glimpses of it all occurring simultaneously. When you can have so-called huge tracks of time slip by in an instant—to be simultaneous, to be instantaneous, to be just there in the now. And when you come back into your conscious state you can retain glimpses of that interaction. You can sense the feeling but you can’t apply it to your conscious states and that is because of your choices. It is because of your belief systems. It is because you agreed to enter into this vibrational level and to participate in the illusion.

Individuals alter their states of consciousness through various methods to have that particular activity or that experience where there is no time and there is no space. And you have many terms for it. Some would say they enter into a meditation. There are others who would say that it would be a self-hypnotic type of trance or state. And many times those who feel that they lack the ability to meditate or to self-hypnotize themselves would use a third party to assist them in that alteration of their consciousness, that entering into a hypnotic state. And they would have others to suggest to them, in what you may refer to as a guided meditation, to experience other activities either in this lifetime or, for many, in other lifetimes as well.

Those that are involved in those interactions, the participants of those interactions—particularly the ones conducting the hypnosis—are always quite amazed at the accuracy that the subject can recall the circumstances in a so-called past event. It is rather interesting as well that that so-called past event has to occur within this particular incarnational period and they can validate it. They can check it and say, “Oh yes, this occurred. We know that that was the date and it is amazing that individual under hypnosis can remember absolutely every instant and detail of the whole situation that they can’t do in their conscious state.” And they would suggest, “Oh, don’t we have a marvelous subconsciousness that has the capacity to store all of that memory.”

However, when that individual steps beyond this incarnational state and into another one, well, it gets a little more blurry there as far as the practitioner who is conducting the hypnosis goes. They can prove it when it is within this incarnational period; well then, absolutely, it is plausible, acceptable, and it is even amazing to the detail that an individual can have this so-called recall of their memory. When it goes beyond, well now, it is questionable because, “We can’t validate it anymore scientifically. We can’t prove it.” But it begs the question, is it any less accurate?

What is even more fascinating and something that your hypnotists and your scientists have a difficulty in accepting is that when those individuals are in that altered state of consciousness they are experiencing the event in the now. Do you wonder why they can recall it so accurately? They can recall it so accurately because they are actually experiencing it. They have removed the limitations of time and space, and they are actually involved in that interaction, in that activity that they are presenting and recalling. They have accomplished what so many attempt to do in their conscious state and that is to transform and transcend the limitations of time and space.

And so is it surprising that their recall is accurate? Because you see it is not really utilizing the so-called memory or the so-called stored information in the subconscious but rather it is creating the experience in the now. For it all occurs simultaneously and those individuals have simply altered their perception, altered their concentration in this particular instant to some other particular instant that is occurring simultaneously within the now. So their recall is absolute because it is indeed an experience that they are actively participating in as they are expressing the information. Now, the trick is to understand that that exists in the now. The trick is to understand that it is not a trick of the memory. And the trick is to bring that into your consciousness—to believe that it is possible to consciously have those experiences.

It is also quite interesting that when an individual is involved in the so-called hypnotic state that the person conducting the hypnotism, the person conducting and directing the session has the capacity to suggest to the subject that they can step aside emotionally and simply see the event and not necessarily have to experience it. Well, it is rather interesting that there are individuals in the conscious state who have adapted that particular technique to consciously step aside and be involved in an interaction and to not experience the feelings that are associated with it.

Many of those individuals are the individuals that we would suggest your society would label as not having a conscience. Individuals that can be involved in what for some would be a very strenuous activity and for others it doesn’t even result in an increase in their heart rate. Individuals who have developed that technique without any concept of the so-called metaphysical activities. Individuals who have simply learned to step aside emotionally and to view it as if they were not active in that particular event. And we are not going to suggest that that is right or wrong, or good or bad, but rather that that capacity exists for each. Many of those individuals who have developed that capacity to step aside have done so through their attempts to eliminate their interaction in less than desirable events in this so-called incarnational period or even in other incarnational periods. And they have learned to utilize that ability whenever they feel that their emotions are threatened to the point where they feel that they can’t handle the feelings that are associated with the reality that they are creating and experiencing.

Again, we are not suggesting that that is good or bad. Absolutely not. But each individual, when you are in your altered state of consciousness, has the capacity to utilize that technique. And indeed you do utilize that technique on a regular basis, especially when you are in your so-called dream state and you have that capacity to enter into the dream state and to be involved in what you refer to as lucid dreaming. You use your capacity to control your emotions as you experience a particular event until you have altered the event in order to facilitate the feelings that you desire to create.

And so, when you are in that altered state of consciousness and in that whatever you wish to call it—a hypnotic state or altered state of consciousness or a meditative state or a guided meditation state—you have the capacity and do experience particular activities that you are involved in in the now that are occurring simultaneously to the one that you experience consciously. So it should come as no surprise to you that the details of those interactions are quite accurate and if those are interactions that have happened quite recently within this particular incarnational period then you can validate them if you wish.

But even your scientific minds should deduct that if you can validate most of them then you should be able to validate all of them. If the majority of the instances that you are recalling within that altered state of consciousness can be validated then it should stand to reason that they are all valid. And we would suggest to you that when you are experiencing that so-called past life—or in some instances, if you wish to believe that it is possible, then you can experience your future life as well—we would suggest that the memories are quite accurate because you are actually experiencing and being involved in that particular instant at that particular moment. You are actually transgressing the belief in time and space, and existing in the now.

Now, if you have any questions for us we would be willing to attempt to answer them for you.

Questioner: A question that I was wondering about is—and I realize that my physical body is my belief, my energy body is my belief, the chakra system is my belief—I will focus on my heart center and [be] expanding that energy to encompass my entire being. But every time—almost every time—I express the intent to thin the veil I feel my crown chakra activate. That is a belief. And obviously at some level of my being I believe that. The Maharashi said that when a person becomes awakened their heart, which is usually downward facing, becomes upward facing. That must be some kind of a belief. Do you know what it means?

Joshiah: You exist in an illusion. Now, many individuals attempt to understand the illusion and in order to validate that so-called connection with your inner self or your higher self, or in order to validate that you have somehow attained some type of connection with your higher self, individuals will hold beliefs that suggest that that connection has been accomplished. And once again, if you believe it you can create it.

Is it valid? Within the context that your entire vibrational level is an illusion and you can make it whatever you wish, then yes it is valid. Does it mean that for an individual to achieve some type of higher status that there must be some type of reversal in their physical organs? If you believe that then you can create it. Absolutely. Is it necessary? Well, if you don’t believe that it is necessary then it isn’t. Absolutely.

You see, there is no right or wrong other than what an individual believes is right or wrong. You can create whatever it is that you desire. It is rather ironic that one searches for one’s connection with a higher self, and yet you can never lose that connection. It is not something that you have to search for. It is not something that has gone away and you have to find it and bring it back. You hide from it. You hide from it by choice. Not because some other individual or some other entity said it was going to be difficult, but by choice. Your choice. Each individual makes that choice.

Now. There are many individuals who believe that there are a multitude of rituals that you must perform in order to find that connection, but once again, we suggest that it can’t be lost. It can’t be lost. It is who and what you truly are. It is not something that is outside of who you are, but rather is the very makeup of who and what you are. It cannot be separated from who and what you truly are. You are your higher self. You are that spark of consciousness that has the capacity to create your reality. There is no right way or wrong way to find that connection for the connection cannot be lost. Many individuals spend an enormous amount of their so-called physical time attempting to find, to discover that connection only to discover that they were never ever lost from it. That it is withinside.

The answer is so difficult to express and yet so simple to attain. You cannot lose the connection with your higher self. If you wish to believe that there will be some phenomena that will occur when you achieve some type of understanding, well then, you can create that. Absolutely. But is it necessary? Absolutely not. Is it possible? Absolutely. For some, does it occur? If you believe, then you can create whatever it is that you desire.

The only limitation to your reality is your imagination. And if an individual believes that as they achieve some type of higher status from what they were that it will somehow have an effect upon their internal organs, well, they can create that. Absolutely. Once again, is it necessary? Absolutely not. For you cannot lose that connection. It is not something that must be found, but it is something that exists withinside each of you.

So many individuals will spend so much time attempting to discover who and what they are that they miss the glory of existing within your vibrational level and to appreciate that which they create, not that which is created for them. They miss the opportunity to experience the joy and the peace that can come from the understanding that it is your creation; that it is there for you to enjoy; that you created it for the purpose of enjoyment, for experiencing a very broad range of feelings. You did not create it so that you could have to experience some type of disconnection from your higher self. That is a choice. That is a choice that has been made to sever your connection while in your conscious state simply for the purposes of validating, of making this reality seem real. But it is all an illusion. Your entire physical being is a figment of your imagination and you can create whatever it is that you desire.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Just out of curiosity, are you meditating where you exist?

Joshiah: Mediation is a phrase that you use to refer to an altered state of consciousness. You are, in your conscious state, as far removed from your true consciousness as you can possibly be. It is rather ironic that you believe that while you are in your conscious state that this is it. You believe that this is the state. That it is the other ones that are difficult to attain. But this conscious state, well, the ego says to you, “Oh yes, the conscious state. That is the (inaudible). That is the one. That is the one that you must operate from.” And yet ironically you, in your conscious state, are as far removed from the understanding of who and what you truly are as you can possibly be.

When you meditate you enter into what you refer to as an altered state of consciousness, and actually it is the reverse. You are coming back more to the understanding of your consciousness. And when you enter into the deeper state of the dream state you are even more closer to your actual state of consciousness. And when you enter in your between incarnation states—when you take that one step further than the dream state—you again are closer to the true state of consciousness that you are and you again have the choice to alter that consciousness even more and become even more into tune with the consciousness that you truly are. And from there you can enter into the state of consciousness where you leave this vibrational level and you become fully aware of your consciousness, of your capacity to create. You become fully aware of who and what you truly are and you enter into what you may refer to as the deepest meditation that is possible from this conscious state, and that is the state that we exist in.

Time is an illusion. We do not experience time from the context that you experience time while you are in your so-called conscious state. And yet in your conscious state you are, once again, in as deep a meditation as is possible to be. You will become more awake, not more altered as you believe.

When we suggest to you that you alter your state of consciousness to enter into a meditative state, that is to facilitate your belief while you are in your conscious state that this is it. That this is the state that is easy to maintain. The rest are difficult. And in actuality it is exactly the reverse. We guarantee you, absolutely guarantee you, that each one of you will fall asleep this evening at some time. You may not feel that you sleep long and you may say, “Well, I had difficulty sleeping, I had insomnia.” We agree with you entirely that you may have those experience, but we also absolutely guarantee that you will sleep at some time. You will run to the end of this creation process and you will desire to enter into an altered state of consciousness, into a sleep. Absolutely guaranteed.

And we will also absolutely guarantee that at some point, when you choose, that you will transgress beyond that dream state and you will enter into a between incarnation state. And we absolutely guarantee you that you will then enter into a state where you will have the opportunity to enter into another vibrational level. And we absolutely guarantee you that you cannot fail to enter into another vibrational level when you so choose to do so, and at that point you will be fully aware of who and what you truly are. You absolutely cannot fail.

This state that you refer to as your conscious state is the most difficult state for you to maintain and to exist in. From here on it just gets easier and easier and easier. And we exist in that easy state—in the ultimate meditation, if you wish. We understand the reality creation process. We understand who and what we are, as we understand who and what you are. We do not sleep, if you wish (chuckles), for that is, once again, a human consciousness creation that you create for the purposes of perpetuating your illusion.

We exist with the understanding of who and what we truly are. We understand that we create our reality and we understand the reality creation process. Absolutely. You as well cannot fail to return to that state. It is not a meditative state, but rather an absolute state of awareness of true consciousness; of your creations; of who and what you truly are; of the unlimited power that exists for each of you to create whatever it is that you desire, to create creations that are even greater than the universe that you exist in in this illusionary vibrational level that you are currently experiencing.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I was wondering in our Lemurian experience do we hold the belief that we need to eat food and to drink water?

Joshiah: We refer to the Lemurian experience for the purposes of attempting to give you concepts to this idea that there is time and space.

When you began this creation, this vibrational level, if you wish, what your scientists would refer to as the beginning, you at that time had the capacity—as you have at this time, you simply choose not to believe that you have that capacity, but you have the capacity to alter your consciousness so that you can experience existing within this vibrational level and then to step outside of it, if you wish. To step to the very outer limits.

Now you, as a human consciousness and as individuals, began to create a much stronger electromagnetic type of field that exists throughout your entire vibrational level that limited your understanding of who and what you are while you are in your conscious state and make it very difficult for you to so-call step outside of that consciousness. However, you still do it on a regular basis. You still enter into a dream state, into a very, very deep state of so-called altered consciousness in which you perpetuate this illusion.

During the Lemurian times you had more of that understanding of the reality creation process. You chose to step into, if you wish, this illusion while retaining much of the understanding of who and what you are. Now, was it necessary for you to consume food, if you wish, in order for you to sustain your existence? It is very difficult to give you an explanation that the existence rather appeared and disappeared at your whim. Your existence now is in the now.

While it is a difficult concept to grasp, you perpetually change your entire vibrational level in an instant. And again we suggest, “in an instant” in order to fit into the belief that there is time, when there is no time, when it exists in the now. And if it exists in the now, then the Lemurian time exists in the now. It is all simultaneous. You are simply concentrating, if you wish, on one particular aspect of your entire creation process.

And so the Lemurian time exists in the now as this particular time—this particular incarnational period that you are involved in that you believe that you are limited to—exists in the now. You, as individuals, are involved in a creation process that is an illusion that you, as a human consciousness, agreed that it would be necessary for you to consume particular types of energy in order for you to exist. It is an illusion. It exists because you believe it exists. This is one of the human consciousness belief systems that would be very difficult for you to step outside of.

And yet there are those who become enlightened (chuckles), and we use that word with tongue in cheek, but those who grasp the understanding that it is an illusion and many of them can cut down, if you wish, can almost eliminate their consumption and yet still exist. How is that? It is because of the belief that they hold.

When you existed in the Lemurian period it was not necessary for you to consume to exist, but that is not suggesting for an instant that you didn’t consume food to exist either. For the choice was yours. You had more of an understanding within that period of this reality creation process and of your ability to manipulate yourself within that creation process to experience various phenomena, various creations. And one of the creations that you chose to experience was the consumption of food and other aspects in order to sustain the so-called physical body. One that you created at will, if you wish, during the Lemurian period.

Many of those memories, if you wish—and again we hesitate to use that terminology for it infers that there is time—but during the Atlantean period, which many would assume followed the Lemurian period in this progression of time, in the Atlantean period there were still those entities that retained that memory, that ability to exist without the consumption of food. Or to exist for what you may term centuries of time on your Earth; that had the ability to come and go at will, if you wish.

However, to specifically answer your question, that during the Lemurian period the consumption of food was one of choice in order to experience the phenomena but not of necessity that you seem to believe that it is within this incarnational period.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I was just curious if there was consumption of meat. I have a feeling that the consumption of meat … we started to believe in that more so when we forgot our ability to create. But that may not have any validity at all. I am curious about it, that’s all.

Joshiah: It is rather interesting that there are various individuals who would assume that the consumption of one particular product over another or one particular element of your creation than another is more valid than the other. And we would question that when one consumes an atom in order to perpetuate the so-called existence would it make any difference whether that atom was from an animal or from a plant?

You see, in the Lemurian period you, as individuals, created particular elements of your universe in order to exist within them, if you wish. You create the same elements in this particular incarnational period and you exist within them. It is your creation. You just have difficulty making the connection. You feel that somehow they are separate from you.

When it is your creation, would it make any difference whether it was organic or inorganic in order to sustain your existence within this vibrational level? You see, you hold the concept and the belief now that each and every thing that exists upon your Earth exists as a result of energy, and that energy primarily is provided by your sun. And you can go through all types of existences and you will find if you trace them back that eventually they will be traceable to the process which you have referred to as photosynthesis. And so it would follow that photosynthesis is the most important event upon your Earth and without photosynthesis you could not exist. As long as you believe that, then you create the realities to support it. Absolutely. And it is rather ironic that almost all of the energy that you consume—be it energy that you bring into your body through consumption or be it energy that you use to provide what you refer to as the comforts of your existence—come from that simple process of photosynthesis, the conversion of energy from the sun into useful energy within your Earth system.

It is rather interesting that in other so-called existences—what we refer to as the Atlantean existence—you understood the energy that you use to create this vibrational level, to create this illusion, and you understood how to manipulate that energy in order to use it to provide the so-called comforts that you provide in this particular incarnational period from the so-called photosynthesis process. Photosynthesis that may have occurred millions of years ago, but nonetheless from the process of photosynthesis.

During the Atlantean period you understood the concept of utilizing the very energy that makes up your entire universe, including your sun and your photosynthesis and the plant and animal life that exists within your vibrational level. And so it becomes very difficult to give you an absolute answer of when you began to consume particular elements in order to sustain your existence within this vibrational level. The irony of it is that it is an entire illusion; that you exist within the illusion; that your physical body is your creation and you have created an illusion that needs to be sustained because of belief systems that you carry within each of you. Nonetheless, it is an illusion. It is an illusion.

You believe that when one dies that there is an end. And there is no end. That is not an end. Absolutely not. If you wish to use your linear time frame, when one dies one is actually awakening, not dying. One is actually becoming more aware of who they truly are, not the other way around. It is when one enters into this vibrational level that one withdraws from the understanding of who and what they truly are. The process is exactly the opposite from what you believe while you are in your conscious state.

When various elements on your Earth die to sustain other elements, understand that that is as a result of your creation. It is as a result of your creating an ecosystem that sustains each other. It never, ever changes and disappears. It simply alters its form.

You, as individuals, exist within an illusionary reality. When you choose to leave this vibrational level you do not take away a portion of the illusion but rather they remain. They become transformed. They can become utilized in other areas of the creation. And you as well will be consumed.

There is somehow the belief that when an animal dies and it is consumed that that is somehow for many a very negative response. And yet we assure you that every animal that dies is consumed. Absolutely every one is consumed. And we would assure you that every plant that dies is in some manner consumed and transformed. It never disappears. It simply is transformed into another element of existence within your illusion.

And so it becomes very difficult to give you a specific answer as to when entities began to use that consumption. For we would suggest that from the very beginning, from the Lemurian time, you experimented with those particular creations for the purposes of experiencing the feelings that were associated. And part of it was experimentation in the area of consumption in order to maintain an existence in this vibrational level.

Questioner: As far as things on the planet that we find enjoyable, for example, would be smoking and drinking and things like that, why as a mass consciousness did we decide to make those negative experiences that were harmful when really they are, like you say, photosynthesis. From a plant we grew the tobacco and everything came, so why did we have to decide that? That everything we like has to be bad for us? And how do you step out of that if you are a smoker and decide “no”? It is pretty hard to get out of that and say, “This is not going to kill me of cancer or give me emphysema or this is not going to harm me,” when the belief system is so around you everywhere you go now. It is like you are almost, you are looked [down] upon because you are.

Joshiah: (Chuckles throughout the question.) You exist in a societal belief system absolutely that influences your creation. Influences your creation because you choose to believe.

You see, that societal belief system is not enforced upon you, it is one that you choose to actively participate in. Is it difficult to alter those beliefs? Absolutely. When it is a human consciousness and a societal belief it becomes difficult for you to alter that belief. It becomes difficult to alter the belief, for example, that there is time. It becomes difficult for you to alter the belief that there is not space, that it is all an illusion. For you have agreed to that. It becomes difficult for you to alter what you refer to as sociological or a societal belief system that you have agreed to participate in.

Now, it is rather interesting that there are various societies, if you wish, that don’t share your beliefs, that don’t experience the same hazards to your health that others experience. But that is your choice. Is it difficult for you to alter that? Absolutely. Is it impossible for you to alter? No, it is not impossible for you to alter. You continuously see individuals involved in the so-called nasty habits that your society has labeled that cause all types of problems and yet those individuals do not experience the problems.

It is rather ironic that you would look at and choose two particular aspects of your society that you would term as being less than desirable. We would question why. For there are many other aspects in your society that are influencing your reality to an extent which are having perhaps an even greater detriment to one’s physical existence than the smoking and the drinking, and yet your society accepts them as being …

(Tape is turned over.)

Joshiah: … as being accepted.

Each of you consume many aspects in your own day-to-day activities that influence your entire physical being and have an influence many times that is more detrimental even than the smoking or drinking, and yet you continue to have that consumption. And you believe that it is not harming you, and many times it does not harm you. There are others who believe that it has an absolute terrible effect upon their existence, and it does.

You see, there are certain individuals who will be very particular about what it is that they consume. And we refer back to our example of consuming meat, for those individuals who would never eat meat. “Absolutely not. It can’t be good for you.” And they hold that belief very strongly. And when they do consume meat they become very ill. And it can have a very detrimental effect upon their existence and upon their health. And yet there are others who do not have that belief. They do not cater to that type of thinking at all and they simply say, “Not only will I consume meat but I belief that it assists me in remaining healthy. It assists me in having a very strong and healthy physical body.” And guess what? It works for them. Why is that so? We would suggest that it is because of a belief. We would suggest that your entire existence is an illusion and you can believe whatever it is that you desire.

If you wish to believe that consuming anything will be detrimental to your health, we assure you that it will. And conversely, if you wish to believe that you can consume various elements and it will not be detrimental to your health then it won’t. You even have examples throughout your history where individuals consumed what others would assume to be an absolutely deadly poison and yet those individuals survived. Survived and indeed experienced no ill effects. Why is that? It astounds your scientists that such things are possible and yet it is all an illusion and you can create whatever it is that you desire. Absolutely.

There are some individuals who cannot even sustain one bite from a bee and there are others who regularly sting themselves with bees in order to facilitate their health. Why is there a difference? You can scientifically prove that there is a different makeup. You can scientifically prove that their DNA is different and one is [more] tolerable than the other. We would suggest to you that the DNA is a reflection of your belief systems, that you create it all. And the DNA which would give one person the ability to sustain and to partake of the so-called nasty habits of smoking and not receive any ill effects is a DNA that they have put in place through their beliefs. And those that create the cancers and the illness through the smoking do so because of a DNA that they likewise have chose to put in place, to hold, based upon their belief systems.

You exist in an illusion. You can determine what will and what will not be healthy for you, and you do so on a regular basis. You do it as a human consciousness, you do it as a society, and you do it as an individual. And when it is something similar to what you refer to as the nasty habit of smoking, that is a human consciousness and a belief system that exists as well in your society, then it will be one that is very difficult for you to step outside of as an individual.

(End of questions and we thank Joshiah and the others.)

We would like, once again, to take the opportunity to thank each of you for indeed, as always, it is a joy and a pleasure. And we appreciate these opportunities to interact with and to share with each of you. We come to learn.

The information that we express to you is information that is contained within each of you. It is not information that we somehow have access to that you are denied access to. Absolutely not. The information and the answers to all of your questions and your inquiries exist within each of you. You have but to learn to look within.

Now, until the next time that you offer us this opportunity, we would bid you farewell, with love and with peace.

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