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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

August 3, 2003

Q and A

Joshiah: … again to each of you. And we would, before we begin, once again remind you that there exists the opportunity for you to alter your consciousness and become involved in that silent communication should you choose to do so. The entities that are with us this afternoon, once again, are quite willing to enter into an interaction with each of you. You have but to express the intent and that interaction can be yours. The choice, as always, is yours. And we would encourage you, and you will find, once again, that should you make that choice that it would be very easy for you to alter your consciousness, very easy, should you express the intent, to close your eyes and to feel that shift, to feel that interaction.

Now. We suggested to you that your reality is made up primarily of energy and that you, as individuals and a human consciousness, you as that Piece of the One that we speak of, are the ones that are responsible for that energy—the creators of that energy. And that energy exists throughout your entire being, throughout your entire physical body, if you wish.

Now. There are individuals who have been involved in this so-called new age movement who have experienced interactions with that energy and have attempted to label that energy. And that is fine if that is what you wish to do. Individuals have called it your chakras as your sources of energy, different areas that exist throughout your physical being that have different types of energy. And once again, if that is what you wish to believe, that is fine.

Those individuals also would attempt to convince you that that energy can get out of balance and that it is necessary for you to rebalance that energy. And again, if that is what you wish to believe, that is fine. Many individuals who hold that belief actually experience some very comforting and beneficial reactions and interactions when they attempt to balance those chakras. And again, that is fine. If that is what you wish to believe, that is fine.

We suggest, however, that it is not necessary—that the energy, that spark of consciousness that you are, exists within each and every cell of your entire being. It has no size and it has no separation and it has no different (inaudible). It is similar throughout your entire body. And if it gets out of balance it is only because you believe that it gets out of balance.

Now. Again, if you wish to believe that balancing that energy will assist you in whatever endeavor you are attempting to create, then it will. For your belief precedes your reality. And if you wish to believe that it can be beneficial to have chakras and to balance those chakras, well then, go for it. For it will if that is what you believe. If you believe that your energy can get out of balance then you had best balance it. If you believe that others can assist you in balancing that energy then we assure you that there are those who will assist you. There are those who will enter into that agreement and into that contract and the assistance can be quite beneficial to both individuals. It allows you to experience the feelings associated with that interaction.

And we are not suggesting for an instant that there is anything wrong with that interaction or that creation. The choice is yours. Right or wrong is a human concept; it does not exist outside of your conscious state. It is a human consciousness belief that there is a right and a wrong way. We would simply caution that when you hold beliefs that allow others to have the capacity to create for you, when you hold beliefs that allow others to have the capacity to influence your creation, then you shall create the reality to support the belief, and you shall create realities where others seemingly can and do influence your reality. It is your choice, it is your belief, it is your creation and you can have that if you wish.

We simply ask you to understand that when you hold beliefs that others can and do influence your reality then you shall create the reality to support that belief. You create the reality. Even when someone seemingly interacts within, creates for you, or seemingly interacts and assists you in your creation, that is your choice. Understand that it is your choice. Understand that it is your responsibility. Understand that it is your creation. And if that is what you desire, then by all means create it.

We are not suggesting for an instant that you shouldn’t have those interactions and we are not suggesting for an instance that they can’t be beneficial in terms of your experiencing certain emotions and feelings. Absolutely not. We are simply suggesting that you understand that it is your creation, that it is your reality, that it is your belief, that it is your influence, that you are the one responsible for what it is that you experience. And if you desire to have someone else involved in that creation and in that experience, that is your choice as well. Simply understand that it is your choice, and accept the responsibility for your creation.

For only when you accept the responsibility for your creation can you begin to get a grasp of the belief system that you do create it all. And only when you understand that it is an illusion and you do understand and get a grasp of that belief that you create it all can you consciously begin to change, or reinforce, your reality, your creation, your illusion.

Now, if you have any questions for us we would be willing to attempt to answer them for you.

Questioner: Okay. Usually when (the channel) goes into a trance there is music playing and then when you come through you turn off the music. Only this time I noticed no music was playing and you pressed the machine. Is it a habit?

Joshiah: No music was playing because the machine was not working but it was still playing. The machine was turned on and there was a noise coming from the machine which you may not have been able to perceive but nonetheless was there. And we turned it off. And that had absolutely nothing to do with us. It is to do with your machine.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I have some questions that (name) asked me to ask. It is quite lengthy here so I will read it.

We will often say that, “I do not believe this or that,” until we experience this or that. But obviously, at some level of our being, we did believe this or that or we would not have experienced this or that to start with. So my question is this: at which level of belief do we create at? Is it sometimes consciously believed and sometimes subconsciously, but still known or at least acceptable to some extent to our consciousness? Is there one level of consciousness that is a more powerful belief system creator? Sorry for the repetition.

People will often say, “Well, I do not believe in ghosts or UFOs and yet I see one and now I am a believer,” but quite obviously there were already a believer or they could not have experienced it. Can one level of consciousness overrun another? Or is it just that the mixture of belief systems pushes and pulls the experience into different directions?

Joshiah: We have spoken many times of your creation process and of belief systems. Now, once again, in an attempt to give you some grasp of the concept of belief systems we have broken them down into three areas. You have your, what we refer to as, the human consciousness belief system—the belief system that gives you your physical laws, if you wish, the ones that are very difficult for you to manipulate or to alter because it is a human consciousness. You, as a human consciousness and individuals involved in that human consciousness, agreed, reached a consensus if you wish, that these particular beliefs would be absolutes. Difficult for you to alter. Difficult—not impossible, but very difficult.

And then you have the societal belief systems—belief systems that exist in certain areas where you have chosen to interact that do not necessarily apply to other areas. You have, for example, belief systems in certain areas of your civilizations that interaction can occur telepathically. And those individuals do interact and exchange telepathically and do it quite effortlessly, almost without even any type of conscious thought about it. It is just something that is accepted. It is a belief within their society. And yet within your society, where you seemingly have gone in the other direction, where you need scientific proof of everything that occurs, you have suppressed many of those abilities. And yet it is still possible for you to interact in such a manner. You just don’t believe it as a society.

And then you have the individual belief systems. Individual belief systems that apply to each individual that is involved in first the human consciousness creation belief systems and then in the societal belief systems. And the individual belief systems are the ones that allow you to interact in your day-to-day activities and in your day-to-day creations, and are responsible for your reactions to those interactions that you perpetuate, that you participate in, that you create.

Now. In what we refer to as the old age and old energy the majority of your belief systems were dealt with while you were in your altered state of consciousness—in your dream states, if you wish. And many individuals create their reality entirely from that portion of their consciousness, if you wish, from that state of their consciousness while they are in their dream states, in their altered state of consciousness, and they perpetuate it based upon belief systems that they hold.

Now. You believe in a linear time frame, once again. You believe that there is a beginning and an end. And so it becomes difficult to hold the concept that while you are in that between incarnation state you determine various belief systems that will affect your incarnation state while you are in your consciousness. You choose the belief systems that you will bring into this incarnational state that will affect your day-to-day activities.

And in that old age and old energy, in fact, you put in place many of the belief systems that almost laid out your entire life system’s occurrences, especially the major ones, the ones that would have the most effect upon your experiences, and you put them in place and then you hid from them. Then you became conscious and you said, “I don’t believe that at all,” while you are in your conscious state.

We have many times suggested to you that you pay attention to the spontaneous reactions that you experience and you will get a glimpse of what the beliefs are. The beliefs that you hold in your subconscious, the beliefs that you chose while you were in your between incarnation states that would influence this incarnation period so that you could experience certain emotions and feelings, so that you could experience certain events, so that you could have events occur that would influence your entire incarnational period. You put in place the beliefs. And as always, the belief precedes the reality.

Now. Individuals will hold, in their conscious state, this feeling that they don’t believe in certain things—to use the example given in your question—that they don’t believe in ghosts or in UFOs, and yet within their subconscious they do believe in those particular aspects of creation. And you see, this entire vibrational level is an illusion. Your entire experience in your conscious state is an illusion. You can create whatever it is that you desire. And when you hold the belief you will create the reality that supports the belief.

Now. Once again, individuals will suggest that they do not believe in certain things such as the UFOs and such as the ghosts, and yet they have that experience, that experience occurs. If they would pay attention to that spontaneous, instantaneous reaction or thought they would discover that it was not such a surprise. It was, “Oh, you see, I really did believe. I just didn’t want to acknowledge it in my conscious state.”

When an individual is involved in an interaction with another and they feel that they have love for humanity, they feel that they don’t harbor any ill feelings or hatred towards anyone, that is a belief that they hold in their conscious state and they go out of their way almost to eliminate any thoughts that do not perpetuate that belief, and then suddenly they participate in some type of activity with another and instantly, spontaneously, an emotion of anger—and in many times an emotion of what you refer to as hate—instantaneously comes to the surface and the individual suppresses that. “Oh my god, I was not supposed to have such an evil thought and there it was. Where did that come from? Oh, I can’t think that way. I have to change my thought.” They change the thought but not the belief. They change the thought but not the belief. And so they will perpetuate the experience again and again and again to support the belief, a belief that they hold in their subconsciousness. The belief that they have the capacity to change

There are many techniques that you can use to change those beliefs—there is no right or wrong way, there is no better method—the method that you chose, the method that you believe will work for you is the method that you should use to change that belief. Many individuals in this so-called new age movement will enter into a meditation—what you refer to as a guided meditation—and they have all types of visualizations of various occurrences that assist them in changing that belief. Some type of visualization that allows them to destroy the old belief and create a new one, and that will work fine if that is what you believe. It doesn’t matter what the method or technique is as long as you believe that it will work, it will. It will work. And you can change the belief.

When you change the belief then you will find that the next time that you are involved in a similar type of occurrence that your response will be different. The instantaneous response will be different. Instead of anger you may experience understanding. Instead of hatred you may experience tolerance and compassion. And when that spontaneous reaction is the one that you desire to feel, then you will have changed the belief. Then you will have begun to create the reality that eliminates those types of occurrences from your reality creation process.

And so, to answer the question, there are various levels of consciousness where you hold your beliefs. You hold them in your subconsciousness and you hold them in your consciousness. The ones that you hold in your consciousness are the easiest ones to change. Many times, however, what you hold in your consciousness you have a conflicting belief system in your subconsciousness. And the one that is in your subconsciousness will create realities that seemingly destroy the ones that you have created through your conscious beliefs.

And then you have those beliefs that you brought in through your, what we refer to as between incarnation states. And those, perhaps, can be the most difficult for you to get a grasp on and change. But nonetheless, you can make that change. Nonetheless, you can get a grasp. You have but to believe. And you have but to desire to develop the method or technique that will work for you to change your beliefs.

As you continue this transference into the new age and into the new energy it is becoming much easier for you to consciously get a grasp of those beliefs that were once held within the subconscious, and to consciously alter your creation for your reality. In the old age and in the old energy many of the beliefs were brought in, if you wish, from that between incarnation state and influenced your entire incarnational period.

And you will find as you complete this transference into the new age and into the new energy, that the so-called new children, which you have termed the indigo children, will come in with the understanding that they have the capacity to consciously alter their beliefs and thereby alter their reality. They will come in with that new age concept being fully operational while in their conscious state. And their children and their children’s children—should you continue on this transference and should you continue to perpetuate this illusion of time—shall have the capacity to understand that you can only create from a position of love. They shall be what we have referred to as the children who will perpetuate peace.

And so, you hold beliefs in various areas of your consciousness. And many of the beliefs that individuals have difficulties with are beliefs that they have developed while in their dream state or beliefs that they brought in from their between incarnation states. And it is very difficult to lump them all into one particular part and say, “Well, I am going to change them all.” That is a difficult concept.

We suggest that you create your realities from your beliefs, absolutely. And we use the term belief systems because there are many beliefs that influence a reality, not just one—many. And many times your attempt is to put your finger on the one belief when actually there may be several that you have to work with. Pay attention, once again, to the spontaneous reaction. Pay attention to that spontaneous thought that you receive and you will get a glimpse, you will get a key to understanding what your beliefs are.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: (Question is read for someone not attendance.) “Are there any higher self entities in America, yet are of the old energy, as in, “not indigos”?

Joshiah: (Chuckles) Ah, (name) has asked this question before. (Chuckles) Interesting. We would ask (name) if he does not believe that he is reaching that state?

So many times, as individuals in your conscious state, you dwell on what is seemingly unimportant and trivial information. You exist in the now. There are individuals existing throughout your entire vibrational level who are discovering, at various instances within their existence, their capacity to understand who and what they truly are. We have suggested to you many times that as you continue this transference into the new age and into the new energy that the possibility for you to consciously understand who and what you truly are will be very difficult. And that is your choice. Absolutely. We are not suggesting that is not possible, but rather that you have held a belief that makes it difficult. And as a result of that, you shall get glimpses—instances, if you wish—where you will be in absolute control of your creation process. Instances where you will get that flash of inspiration, that glimpse of who and what you truly are, and be what you might refer to as this higher self consciousness. And then there will be instances when you will have difficulty repeating that emotion or that feeling or that understanding.

So, it is not that there are individuals who are more advanced. Absolutely not. This higher self concept is to believe that there exists those who are superior and those who are inferior, there are those who are more advanced and those who are less advanced. And it is just not that way. Each of you is an equal Piece of the One. Each of you is the spark of consciousness that creates your reality. Each of you is that higher self. Each of you are equal. There is no more and no less. There is no higher or lower. That was, once again, a human consciousness concept.

There are many individuals throughout your entire vibrational level who are beginning to get a grasp of the understanding of this illusion and to have the ability and the capacity to alter it consciously. The irony of it is that you all alter it. The irony of it is that you all create it. And the irony of it is that you are all equal in that creation. To suggest that one is higher because they can do it consciously, or that someone is inferior because they do it subconsciously, is to perpetuate the human conscious belief system that there is more and less; that there is somehow a beginning and an end; that there is somehow space.

You are each equal and you all create your reality. Absolutely. To do it consciously rather than subconsciously is simply altering the way that you create your reality. It is not making it necessarily any better. There is a comfort sometimes when you are in your conscious state to not have to accept that responsibility and, for many, that may be perceived as being in the higher state.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: (Question is read for someone not in attendance.) “If a person were to teleport into a high population area, or do anything contrary to the laws of time and space, would the non-contracted people around this event just not notice it—like the Indians with the Spanish galleon—or would they simply embellish some event that fit with their belief?”

Joshiah: (Chuckles) It is and is entirely possible and is occurring that individuals can, if you wish, transport their consciousness to other areas of your vibrational level. (Chuckles)

The irony of it is that each of you has that capacity. Each of you is involved to a certain extent in that interaction and that experience, but because you choose to believe that it is not possible you do no retain that memory, if you wish, of that interaction or of that experience. You put it off many times as imagination. Or you simply absolutely refuse to consciously recognize it.

Your reality is an illusion and you can experience any portion of the illusion that you desire. Your reality is an illusion and you can experience any portion of the illusion that you desire.

You see, to believe that it is difficult to transport your consciousness to another area of your illusion is to believe that there is space, that there is time, to believe that this is real. And if it is real, how can you get there? It is only when you understand that it is an illusion, it is only when you hold that belief that it is an illusion, that you can get a grasp of that concept of transporting, if you wish, your consciousness.

And it is not so much transporting because to transport means that you must go from one spot to another. That is not it at all. It is more like focusing on a different part of your illusion. For time and space are illusions. You choose to focus your consciousness upon this particular aspect of your illusion and so it becomes difficult for you to focus that concept, to focus your intention, on another part of the illusion.

And yet, this so-called tele-transportation is simply that. Simply being able to recognize your ability to place your concentration in another area of your illusion. And there have been individuals existing in your conscious state who have perfected that ability that have also retained the memory of those interactions; who have affected and perfected the ability to concentrate on different areas of your illusion and to bring back, if you wish, the memories of that interaction. It is not a difficult concept. It is just difficult because you believe that there is time and space and how on Earth can you be on the other side of your Earth while you are existing on this side? And as long as you hold that belief and as long as you question how it is possible, then it will be very difficult to accomplish.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I am not sure, but I think he might be focusing more on the idea of the non-contracted people around the event just not noticing. I think he is thinking if you teleported or focused on another area and actually manifested your body there, would other people who were not contracted to see that just not see you? Or would they make something up that fit with their beliefs? That is just my guess at what he is asking.

Joshiah: Once again, (name) is infatuated by the concept of being able to project consciousness, to teleport, if you wish. You exist in a non-space. You exist in a vibrational level that is existing in the same space as every other vibrational level and every other incarnational period that is occurring throughout your entire vibrational level. You choose to tune into this instant and to be recognized within this instant. If you chose to tune into a different area of your vibrational level, you could interact as freely in that particular aspect of your creation as you could in this aspect of your creation, and retain the memory of that interaction. Now, if you wish to, on the other hand, project your consciousness and simply be a spectator of that illusionary creation, that is your choice as well.

We have suggested to you many times that there are individuals existing both within and withoutside of your vibrational level who interact with you when we meet and when you express the intent and when you as a group create a synergy that assists that interaction. Now. Some of you have perceived that interaction. Some of you have perceived those individuals and when it was all said and done you thought, “Well now, I wonder if that was my imagination? I am certain that that person was here. I saw that person.” Did that person interact with individuals and do so from a perspective of being a spectator? Or did you consciously allow for that interaction to be such that there was a perception of someone actually being with us?

So, once again, the choice is yours. You see, (name of absent questioner) to allow others to have some type of responsibility for his creation, and it is his choice. You exist in the now. You are involved as individuals in a multitude of interactions that is beyond your ability to comprehend in your conscious state. You exist in the now in a multitude of incarnations that are occurring simultaneously throughout this entire vibrational level. It is all an illusion.

If you can exist in a multitude of incarnational periods that are existing throughout your entire history, if you wish, your entire span of time, should it seem so difficult to believe that you can experience an interaction with another individual who is simply in the same time frame as you are but in a different space? We are suggesting it is possible for you to interact in different time frames, not only different spaces. And so the latter should be quite easily accomplished compared to the former.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: There is one more here and I think you may have already answered it in another one but perhaps there is something I am not understanding.

(A question is read for someone not in attendance.)

“There must be varying degrees of higher self entities. And so, is it like holding the understanding of who and what they are like 80%, 30% of the time? Or how does that work?”

Joshiah: Yes, we have, to an extent, answered that question already. The very belief that there is somehow a higher self entity is to suggest that you are not there yet. And that belief in itself can be limiting.

You are an equal Piece of the One, you are an equal spark of consciousness that has the capacity to create. There is nothing smaller and there is nothing larger than who and what you are. It is not what you are becoming, it is what you are. It is not something that you have to attain. It is yours. It is who and what you truly are. The key is to understand that concept. The key is to understand that you don’t have to grow, that limitations to the experiences that you wish to have in this conscious state are your limitations put in place by your belief systems.

It is your creation. You create it all. You are the spark of consciousness. You don’t have to gain anything. You just have to believe. You simply have to understand that it is absolutely your creation, and then understand that while you are in a conscious state it is all an illusion.

You see, to believe that when you reach some level of expansion of your higher self, that somehow when you reach that magical level then you will understand, is to suggest that it is not possible to understand it till you get there. Each and every one of you has that capacity to understand. It is not something that you have to accomplish.

So many times we have suggested that the answers are within. They are not something that you should search for on the outside of who and what you are. They are within. You are the creators. It is your vibrational level. And you cannot fail. And you cannot fail.

And it is an illusion. Perhaps the most important concept to understand is that it is an illusion. It is not real. And by believing that you must somehow attain this higher self understanding is to give [a] validity to the illusion, to make it more real. And when you do that it becomes more difficult to alter.

You all know that you can take certain materials such as a piece of putty and you can manipulate that and you can turn it into whatever you want, and you believe that that is possible. But now for you to take a piece of stone and manipulate that, well, that is not nearly so easy because, you see, it is real. It is hard. It doesn’t have the same consistency as the putty. And yet when you break it down into its most minute particle you will find that they are very similar. What makes them different is your belief. What makes them different is that you believe that one is more solid than the other.

What makes this reality real is your belief that it is not an illusion. It is solid. You can’t manipulate it. If it were an illusion you could change it at will. But it is not. It is solid, isn’t it? You can’t manipulate it. And as long as you hold that belief that it is solid and that it is not an illusion, then it becomes difficult to manipulate. “But maybe it would help if I could attain my higher self status.” You are that higher self status. It is real and it is difficult to manipulate because you believe it is that way. You are the creators and you can change it. It is an illusion.

You do not have to attain any status. There are no lessons to be learned here. No one is here because they have been put here to achieve any type of higher self status. Absolutely not. You are here by choice. There is absolutely nothing that you must learn. There is absolutely nothing that you must do or achieve. You simply have to believe.

Look within for the answers. Look within for the solutions. For you create it all, and the solution lies within. You are that higher status, higher self, that you search for. If you can create something that is so real that it seems so beyond your grasp to change, if you are that powerful, then it should be easy to create an illusion that you can change. And this higher self status is not something that you have to work at. It is not something that you have to learn. It is not a lesson. It is an understanding. It is a belief.

You are a Piece of the One, and you create your reality, and you cannot fail. If you can but grasp those three simple beliefs then you can grasp the illusion. And you can, while you are in your conscious state, get glimpses of the enormous type of multidimensional personality that you truly are that can exist in absolutely no space at all.

(Tape ends.)

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