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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

July 6, 2003

Q and A

Joshiah: … and we would quickly remind you that the other entities that are with us on this evening are willing to interact in that silent communication, should you choose to express the intent and should you choose to allow your consciousness to shift to facilitate that interaction, that telepathic exchange of information. And, as always, the choice is yours.

We make suggestions. We never give any type of order or attempt to set ourselves up in any way as being superior or as being any type of a leader. That is not our intent. We come with the opportunity to interact and to share. We come for the opportunity to learn from each of you. For you are indeed leaders in this new age movement, leaders in this process of creation that is not duplicated anywhere in any of the other vibrational levels, this situation where you create from existing within the limitations of a veil.

Now. This creation process is accomplished through your beliefs, through your desires. And we have many times suggested that one of the techniques that may assist you in this conscious creation process is to understand what it is that you desire, to be very specific.

There are individuals who would ask how can they accomplish various realities, how can they achieve certain realities that they believe that they desire. But one of the problems is that they are not very specific in what it is that they desire. There are some individuals who might suggest, “Well, we desire to heal the Earth.” Well, that is a pretty tall order because, you see, first of all you assume that the Earth is in a state where it needs to be healed, that it is not in a state of your creation. And secondly it is assuming that all of the other individuals involved in your reality creation process wish to be healed.

There are others who would ask, “How can we bring peace to the entire universe, to your entire world, to your entire Earth system?” Well, that is assuming that everyone involved in your illusionary reality desires to be involved in situations of peace, in circumstances where there is no violence. And that is a pretty big assumption.

You see, when individuals make those general types of expressions of desire they are not being very specific, first of all, and secondly they are attempting to create realities for others. And you just can’t do that. You see, no one can create your reality but yourself. And you cannot create another’s reality for them. And so, when you express a desire to have some type of control or some type of directive alteration of someone else’s reality, we would suggest that that type of desire is not possible.

You see, to assume that someone has the ability to heal another is then also to assume that someone has the ability to heal yourself. And if someone has the ability to heal yourself then they also have the ability to make you ill, and they have the ability to influence your realities in any type of manner. And it just isn’t that way. You cannot heal someone else. They must heal themselves.

Now. If you were to express the desire to be of assistance in bringing others to a position where they may wish to heal themselves, or if they desire to experience healing, to assist them in that belief that they can heal themselves, to assist them in understanding that it is possible for them to experience healing, that is an entirely different matter. You are now entering into a situation where you are involved in an interaction with another individual where each agrees that one will act as an assistant to the other, and the results can be quite beneficial for both. Absolutely. And that is an agreement. That is a contract. And that type of desire is certainly within the realm of your accomplishments. You are now not attempting to influence another, but rather to assist another. And there is a marked difference in the two.

While it is possible for you to have an influence on another in terms of their conscious reactions, we would assure you that it is not possible for you to influence another’s reality in their subconsciousness, in that area where they create their reality and they understand absolutely what the reality creation process is and they understand absolutely that they are in control. When individuals express desires and that desire is such that the intent is to have control over another individual, then, while they may seemingly have that ability, we assure you that it can only occur with the other ‘s permission. At some level within their consciousness both individuals agree. At some level within their consciousness they set in place the contracts. And each creates their own reality.

Now. There are those individuals who would express desires that seem to be beyond their limits, that seem to be very, very difficult for them to accomplish. And we would suggest that the only limitations to your creation process is your imagination and your beliefs.

When you exist in your consciousness state you believe in time and space. You believe that there is a past, a present, and a future, and that there is indeed distance between two points. It adds validity to this reality. It makes it solid. It gives you reference points. It reinforces and solidifies the illusion. And so you believe in time and space.

Now. A validation that there is time is your belief in evolution, in change. And so you come into this particular vibrational level, you come into this incarnational period, and you choose the physical characteristics that you desire. And you enter into the vibrational level and in order to, once again, validate your illusion you suggest that the physical characteristics that you experience are as the result of evolution and of genetic transference of those traits from one to another. Time is an illusion and so that transference of traits is an illusionary creation.

Now. Because you have such a firm belief in the illusion of time and space it becomes very difficult for you to step beyond that belief that you inherit characteristics, physical characteristics, based upon an evolutionary process. And so the physical being that you experience in this incarnational period is the one that you chose and it is very difficult for you to alter that. It is very difficult for you to alter it because there is such a strong human consciousness belief in evolution, in linear time, in a past and a present and a future. And so as a result of that, you are—within this incarnational period—seemingly, seemingly stuck with what you have got. And there are certain characteristics and, many times, limitations that you have chosen to place upon yourself in this incarnational period in the physical being that you exist in. And as a result of those choices, those choices that you have made, it becomes difficult for you to fulfill certain desires.

Someone … now, we would use examples, and once again, we caution that at anytime when we would give you examples that there is always that possibility of interpretation to suit one’s individual needs and that is not our intent, but rather we give you an example simply to attempt to clarify a position or a point or an idea that we are attempting to convey, and so we would draw the analogy of someone who chose to be in a very small body in this particular incarnational period and they have a desire to become a basketball player. Well, it is not impossible, but it becomes very difficult.

In your present—and we use that term rather loosely—in your present reality the majority of your basketball players are in that six to seven foot range. And if someone has chosen to be existing within a four foot physical body in this incarnational period it becomes very difficult for them to be a basketball player. Now, for many that becomes a difficult concept to accept that they have a created that reality. They desire so much to be seven feet tall, and here they are at four and we are suggesting that is their choice? Absolutely we are suggesting that that is their choice. We are suggesting that that is their choice because they chose that particular physical body to exist in for the purposes of experiencing an incarnational period in that particular type of a body that may or may not have limitations as to what they can or cannot do.

Time is an illusion. That particular individual may be experiencing another incarnational period simultaneously where they are seven feet tall, where they are experiencing those feelings. And when they are in their subconsciousness state, when they are in their deep dream state, if you wish, they understand the interaction, the exchange of the feelings and emotions that are associated with each type of existence.

And so, many individuals have made choices to enter into this particular incarnational period, to enter into this vibrational level, to enter into your reality, and then wish that they had a different physical composition. And yet we suggest that it is their choice. Absolutely. And many times the solution is not to desire something which is beyond the physical capabilities of that body which you have chosen, but to find what it is that you can accomplish within that body that you have chosen so that you can experience what it is that you chose to experience in this particular incarnational period—so that you can create the reality that you desire that will give you that feeling of love, self-love, that feeling of loving each and every part of what you are and of who you are.

And so, understanding what you desire, understanding any limitations that you have are limitations that you chose for various reasons for the purposes of experiencing within this incarnational period. Understanding that they are your choices. They are not something that has been inflicted upon you. Absolutely not. And it is not that someone has been given greater assets because they happen to be seven feet tall and you are only four. Absolutely not. It is a choice that individuals made to enter into this particular incarnational period for the purposes of experiencing certain realities, certain feelings that are associated with those realities. It is your choice. Time and space are illusions. Your reality is an illusion.

You are here by choice, by your own choice, and if you wish to leave you can do so. Absolutely. There is no test that you must pass. There are no lessons that you must learn. There are only the feelings that you desire to experience. You are only here because you choose to be here. And if you wish to leave, you can do so. You exist in an illusion. It does not make it an illusion that has no value. We are not attempting to belittle your existence. Absolutely not. We are not suggesting for an instant that your illusion has no importance. Absolutely not. But rather that it is an illusion and that you can change it and that you can create whatever it is that you desire.

Once again, understand that your desires must be specific and that you have already put in place, many times, limitations for which you can experience in this particular incarnational period. That is your choice. Understand that your desires will work best within the limitations that you have put upon yourself. And if you are only four feet tall and you desire to be an NBA basketball player you may be better off desiring to be a coach for those basketball players and be involved in that manner and experience much more in terms of accomplishment and gratification.

Understand that it is your choice. When you choose desires that are within your capabilities of achieving then you begin to experience those feelings of accomplishment, of self-love and deservability. When you begin to understand the process of altering beliefs in order to facilitate your desires and bring them into your reality then you can indeed expand on the desires. But when your first desire is to heal the Earth, and that is the only thing you are concerned about, well, you are setting yourself up to fail in that instance because it is very difficult for you to influence all of the other individual existing within your vibrational level. You simply cannot create for others.

Understand that you create your reality and allow others to experience the creation of their own reality without your attempting to create for them, and set that perimeter upon your desires and you shall experience much more fulfillment of your desires. And you shall—once again, because of your belief in a linear time, your belief in progression, your belief in evolution—also achieve more desirable results through that process of practice, of evolution, of accomplishing through repetition. Which is, once again, one of the very strong human consciousness belief systems that you as individuals agreed to become involved in and to participate in when you chose to enter into this vibrational level. And it is one that is very difficult for you to step outside of as long as you exist in this vibrational level.

And so, we would suggest that you be very specific in your desires and desire that which is attainable, that which you can accomplish. Desiring to heal the Earth, desiring to have absolute peace throughout your entire Earth, is a desire is beyond your capacity for it involves the creation for others and you simply cannot do that.

Now, if you have any questions for us we would be willing to attempt to answer them for you.

Questioner: One time it was mentioned that the Buddha and the Christ would come from different areas, and is there is big difference in the philosophy of, say, the Buddha consciousness—what is called the Buddha consciousness—and what is called the Christ consciousness?

Joshiah: We have suggested many, many times that there is no greater or less than and there is no different than. It is not to say that each individual is not unique, absolutely not. It is not to say that each individual is not a separate individual or entity from each and every other individual or entity. But you are each an equal Piece of the One.

When you exist outside of your vibrational level, or when you enter into a state of altered consciousness in what you might refer to as your deep dream state or your between incarnation states, you understand exactly who you are and you understand that you are a spark of consciousness that has the same capacity to create your reality as the Christ consciousness or the Buddha consciousness. You are equal to, no more or no less than, each and every individual spark of consciousness that exists throughout all of the vibrational levels.

Individuals that you refer to such as the Christ consciousness and the Buddha consciousness—and there are many, many consciousnesses that have existed within your vibrational level that had the capacity to bring the understanding of who and what they are into their conscious state—simply expressed that understanding to the best of their ability while in the conscious state. The understanding is the same.

When you, as an individual, or other individuals in your vibrational level enter into what you refer to as a very deep meditative state—and once again, your belief in time and your belief that it is difficult to accomplish many things. You believe that it takes practice to get to that state and so for many it is a rather long process. Not necessary, but one that you believe is necessary and so you create the reality to support the belief—but, through a rather long process of practicing you can enter into a state where you can connect with that Piece of the One that you are and bring back into your consciousness that memory and that understanding, the same understanding that the so-called Christ consciousness and Buddha consciousness expressed.

The beliefs are similar. And the basic messages are similar. There may be differences in the delivery, if you wish, and many times that delivery gets distorted through your so-called history and it becomes interpreted in many different manners. And it is similar to giving analogies that are open to many types of different interpretations. But nonetheless, when you come back to the basic truths, basic understanding of all of the teachings of the so-called higher consciousness, they each tell you to love yourself; they each tell you that the key to understanding is through love; the key to creation is through self-love; the key to connecting with that Piece of the One that you are is love. And the message is very similar—the only creation process that is possible is through love.

In that sense, the message is the same. And you do not have to contact with the Christ consciousness or a Buddha consciousness or with some other entity existing outside of your vibrational level. That information, that truth, if you wish, exists within each and every cell of each and every being that exists within your entire vibrational level and is accessible to everyone. For it is who and what you are. You are an equal Piece of the One, a spark of consciousness equal to, no more and no less than, any other spark of consciousness including the Christ consciousness and the Buddha consciousness.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I have had some dreams recently that seem to again be an entirely different flavor than other ones I remember. I have had in the past three weeks, though, three specific ones that I can remember where it was very clear in the dream that someone had died. One was an acquaintance, one was a friend, and one was a public figure from films. And I am having a lot of trouble trying to figure out how that … normally I can figure out a lot of connection to myself in the dreams and why I might have them … but these ones, the flavor was very different and I am having trouble deciding what the dream has to do with me. Although I know it has everything to do with me because it is my dream. These people dying, and this theme of people dying, I was just curious about that and I wonder if you could comment on that?

Joshiah: First of all, once again, time is an illusion and it is an illusion that exists while you are in your conscious state. When you are in your dream state there is no time—you exist in the now. And many times when you leave the dream state and come back into the conscious state you attempt to apply time to that distorted memory of what you had and experienced in the dream state, of the particular realities that you were desiring to create from the dream state. And so you have experienced certain events, or activities, phenomena that occur in your dreams, and you attempt to apply a time frame to that particular experience. And it just doesn’t work that way.

Not only is the dream distorted, the time as well is distorted. You exist in the now. It is possible for an individual involved in the dream to experience a phenomena if you wish, to experience an activity that is occurring in what you might refer to as a past lifetime, and then an individual comes back into this consciousness and says, “Oh, I remember this particular event from four centuries ago,” and yet that particular event is now. It occurs simultaneously.

And so when you experience interactions, when you experience activities such as the death of another individual, many times one becomes fearful that that is the event that is about to occur in this particular incarnational period, in this particular time frame if you wish. And yet, while we are not suggesting that it is not an experience that is accurate and true many times, it is nonetheless an experience which in terms, once again, of your linear time frame may have happened in your past or maybe in your future. Perhaps maybe in your future in what you might refer to as a future incarnational period.

Once again, when you bring back that memory from the dream state it is very distorted. You distort it on purpose, for were you to remember accurately all of the particular activities that you were involved in, first of all you would have difficulty remaining in the same, what you refer to as, the same consciousness state, and as well it would destroy the illusion. It would give you a grasp of the true concept of how illusionary this reality is. And it is doubtful whether you would stay. It is doubtful whether you would perpetuate that illusion. And so you choose to put in place the veil that limits the understanding and the perception, that total and absolute recall, from your conscious state what it was that you were participating in in your subconscious, in your altered states of consciousness, in your dream state.

However, and once again, it falls upon belief systems, as you continue this transference into the new age and into the new energy we have suggested many times that it is possible for you to take your consciousness into your dream state so that you can get an understanding of how you can alter your dream state consciously and that would facilitate you in the process of bringing back into your consciousness more of that dream state, more of the understanding of how it is that you manipulate your beliefs in order to alter your realities, in order to alter the illusion.

As a consequence, when you continue that practice you begin to bring back more glimpses, more of an understanding of the illusionary reality that you are creating in your dream state and bringing back into your conscious state, and many times there comes with it that altered flavor, as you refer to, of the understanding of the dream.

The dream has not changed. The ability for you to bring back more of the understanding of the process of the creation has changed. And that has altered your so-called flavor of the dream. The dream itself, that process of creating through dreaming, is consistent. It is a process that is in place, if you wish, that is practiced, facilitated, throughout all of the vibrational levels. It has not changed. You have not changed that process since you chose to enter into this vibrational level—and if you wish to have a linear time frame, it has not changed for millions of years—but rather your perception, from your conscious state in this incarnational period, of that dream is what is changing.

It is seeming that the dreams are changing. They are not changing. Your perception of the dream is changing as you continue this choice to bring into your consciousness the understanding of how you create this reality so that you can change it consciously.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about (person’s name)?

Joshiah: We hesitate to tell you. When we refer to various questions that are answered we attempt to answer them in such a manner that they are open for broad and general interpretation. To answer your question is to give you insights (chuckles) into an individual that you know the answers to. You want us to validate your insights. You want us to validate. You don’t need our validation. You know the answers to your questions. Trust your instincts. Trust the feelings that you get inside.

You are very perceptive. Absolutely. You understand that perception. Sometimes you choose to set it aside. Sometimes you choose to not listen to that intuitive. And you are a very intuitive individual and you know that and you sense that consciously. You don’t need us to tell you the answer to your question. You know the answer. Trust your intuition. You are very good at it.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: We are back to the contract thing. And if you have tried to manifest something and it is just not manifesting then that means that you really don’t believe it needs to be manifested. Is that correct?

Joshiah: We are not suggesting that you really don’t believe that it needs to be manifested, but rather that you somewhere hold belief systems that are influencing that reality and making it difficult to create what it is that you believe you desire.

Many times when you are involved in an interaction and when you are involved in created an experience, pay attention to the gut reaction, if you wish, pay attention to those first intuitive suggestions that come to you.

You see, many times an individual will be involved in a particular activity and there will be an emotion rise and they will say, “That is a terrible thought. That is an awful emotion.” And they suppress it and they hide from it. They don’t want to believe that that is how they really believe. They refuse to believe that that is how they really feel, and yet those feelings are associated with the attitudes and beliefs. And through paying attention to the spontaneous emotions, the spontaneous thoughts, the spontaneous feelings, one can get a grasp of the belief that is responsible for creating the reality.

So you create your reality through your beliefs, absolutely, but many times those beliefs are not consciously readily available. You must work on bringing them into your consciousness if you wish to change them.

Many times individuals have desires. They may desire to be involved in a loving relationship, for example, and yet hold a belief that they do not deserve a loving relationship. And so they create the relationship because that is what they desire, but they hold a belief that is an opposing type of a belief system so they destroy the relationship just to prove that they are not worthy. Then they desire it again and they become involved in another relationship and then they choose individuals who will assist them in destroying that relationship just to prove that, “You can’t really trust someone, can you?” Just to prove that, “You can’t really have a commitment because I believe that I am not worthy; because I believe that individuals cannot commit to another; because I believe that you cannot really trust someone else. But I desire it so much that I am going to go out and set up another situation to become involved in that particular relationship to have what I am certain must be a very loving interaction because I can see other couples that are experiencing that and so it must be available for me.”

And so, you create that particular reality because that is what you desire, but then you hold opposing beliefs that it is not really what you can have, that you are not really worthy, and besides that, you can’t really trust someone else, can you? You can’t really become that vulnerable. And so you choose individuals to participate in the creation so that you can prove to each other that you can’t commit. So that you can prove to each other that it just cannot be lasting; that you can’t really trust someone; that you can’t really be intimate to the point where you share everything. And so you have a desire to create a reality but you hold a belief that destroys the reality.

So, the key is to grasp that initial emotion that you experience and to understand it, to bring it forth, and to love it. If you don’t like it, change it. To understand what the belief is. It is like, “Oh my god, I didn’t think that is how I felt. I didn’t think that is how I believed. Where did that come from?” And to recognize it. Don’t hide from the thought. Rather bring the thought forward, understand it, and then change it if you don’t like it. And begin to change the beliefs and you will see a change in your entire reality.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I would like to just ask where is the power of prayer? Is prayer something that is just non-existent? Do you not address anyone?

Joshiah: You exist in an illusionary reality and you can create whatever it is that you desire. To suggest that prayer has no power is to suggest that you cannot create through a belief in prayer, and that just simply does not exist.

You create your reality, absolutely. If you wish to believe that there are other individuals that influence your reality then you can create the reality to support that belief. And if you wish to believe that as you pray to those individuals that those individuals can influence your reality then you can most certainly can create that illusion as well. There is no limitation to these creation process other than your imagination. And so, if you wish to become involved in a process where you pray to someone else to create your reality then you can do that.

Many times the problem with that type of a reality belief system is that you give up your power. You begin to give others seemingly the ability to create your reality to support the belief that others do create your reality. You see, to believe that you do not create your reality is to make a choice. To do nothing is to make a choice. To sit and say, “I have absolutely no control over my reality” is to make a choice. And when you make that choice you can hold that belief and you will create the reality to support the belief. Is there anything wrong with it? Absolutely not.

You see, good or evil, judgment on what is right or wrong, is a human consciousness creation. It does not exist outside of your vibrational level. And so, when you believe that you have absolutely no power over the control of your destiny then you create the reality to support that belief. Absolutely. Is it right or wrong? Only if you believe so.

Right or wrong is a human consciousness concept. If you wish to believe that there are entities that can create your reality for you, if you wish to believe that there are entourages of angels that surround you and create your reality for you, you can create that belief. Absolutely. It is all an illusion. The key is to understand that it is an illusion and it is your creation. It is not right or wrong, but rather an illusion. And if you wish to have entities existing outside of your vibrational level that you believe can create for you then you can create the illusion to support that belief.

The key is to understand you can create the illusion to support the belief. No one else creates it for you. It is your creation. It is not right or wrong. If you believe that prayer can assist you then absolutely prayer can and will assist you. It is your belief. It is your illusion. You can create whatever you desire. You can create whatever you desire.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: What I have isn’t really a question and I don’t understand it and you may not wish to comment on it, but what came to my mind as a question is, “It is only uncharted waters.” Does it mean anything?

Joshiah: You are entering into—and I say “you” as a human consciousness—are entering into a new age and a new energy. And we have spoken of it many times. In fact, this interaction that we are experiencing (channeling) is occurring more predominantly throughout your entire Earth system than it has since—to use your linear time frame—the beginning of your time on this existence on this vibrational level.

You had—once again, as individuals—chosen to terminate this particular vibrational level at this particular time in your linear time frame and you have now altered that choice as a human consciousness. And you are definitely entering into uncharted waters. You are entering into a new age and a new energy. You have, as a human consciousness, chosen to alter your entire makeup of your vibrational level. You are actually in the process of altering the very energy that makes up your entire illusion.

Now. Some individuals have chosen to remain in what we refer to as the old age and the old energy. That doesn’t mean that they are right or wrong. That is a choice that they have made. At some level, however, within their consciousness they have agreed to allow this new age and new energy to continue to evolve. And we say “evolve” because you have also chosen to put in place a time frame for this alteration to validate, once again, your belief that there is a linear time, that there is space.

Now, as you continue to enter into this new age and this new energy, and you are much more closer to completing it than you are to the beginning of it, we would suggest that you are most definitely entering into uncharted waters. You are, once again, entering into a situation where you shall have the capacity to create your reality consciously and still exist within the limitations of the veil. That particular type of creation process has not been duplicated anywhere in all of the vibrational levels, including the one that you exist in.

There have been individuals who—once again, to refer to your past—have come very near to those capabilities. And you have held them up many times as gods. You have held them up as being individuals who are somehow superior. And each of those individuals would have suggested to you that they were not superior, but rather that they understood the truism that they create their own reality and that the opportunity for you to have that understanding in your conscious state also exists.

Well, up to this particular point—and once again, we refer to your linear time frame—that has been a very difficult concept to bring into your consciousness because of the limitations that you, as a human consciousness, have chose to put in place. Well, now you have chosen to alter those limitations. You have chosen, as some might suggest, to thin the veil, to allow more of your subconsciousness to come into your consciousness state to allow you to accomplish what seemingly was once impossible for you to accomplish. And you are most definitely entering into uncharted waters. You are most definitely entering into …

(Tape ends.)

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