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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

February 2, 2003

Q and A

Joshiah: Now, we once again express our greetings to you and our gratitude for your allowing us and inviting us back into your vibrational level and giving us this opportunity to interact with you once again.

We would quickly remind you that should you choose to become involved in that silent communication, in that telepathic exchange of information, that that opportunity exists. You have but to, once again, express the intent and to close your eyes, if you choose, and to allow your consciousness to shift ever so slightly, and there are, once again, entities with us this afternoon that would be quite grateful and willing to have that opportunity to interact with each of you.

Now, you create your reality. That is an absolute. And we have suggested many times that your reality is a reflection of your beliefs. And we say many times that you create your reality out of your belief systems. Because you see, many times in this reality creation process it is a combination of beliefs that form a belief system that actually influence and create the reality that you experience. And when you attempt to alter a belief, many times it becomes difficult because it interacts in what we refer to as a belief system or a combination of a group of beliefs that have a tendency to act together and, in some instances, to counteract one another in this reality altering process.

We would give you an example—and caution, once again, that examples are open to interpretation and can sometimes be poor at best, but nonetheless—in this effort for one to establish a set of principles and therefore enforce their character and consequently increase their capacity to like and eventually to love themselves, when they choose to alter a belief that you may, for example, when you are presented with circumstances that allow you to do either the right or the wrong thing—in terms of your morality or in terms of what you believe is right or wrong—you may choose to operate with integrity and you may set integrity as a principle that you are going to reinforce in this quest to strengthen your character.

Now, we like to suggest that when you act with integrity is when you do the right thing spontaneously. You don’t have to stop and think about it. You see, if you have to stop and think about it, you may do the right thing but you didn’t do it spontaneously, and so the integrity has not been full-fledged integrity but rather an afterthought of integrity. And so you determine, “Alright, I am going to operate with integrity.” Now, that is a new belief that you are going to add to your principles and you are going to apply it. “I believe that I can and do operate with integrity.” That becomes part of a belief system. And contained within that belief system may also be the belief that it takes time to make those changes. There also may be the belief that, “Every time I attempt to make changes I fail.” You may also have within that belief system the beliefs that you are not worthy. The belief that somehow to make any type of change would be very, very difficult indeed, if not impossible.

And so here we are, we have a belief system that encompasses a group of beliefs and some of them are contradictory to what it is that you wish to accomplish. And so you present it with the opportunity to operate with integrity. And all of the other beliefs enter into it and influence this reality and this experience. And you find yourself reflecting back and you think, “Oh, I didn’t operate with integrity. I hesitated there for an instant.” And if you believe that because of that hesitation that you have not accomplished what it is that you set out to do, then you can indeed chastise yourself. You can say, “Look, it is difficult to change. See, I knew I couldn’t do it. I believe I am a failure. I know I am not worthy.” And all of the other beliefs enter into this belief system and you dwell on the negative aspect of that interaction and you don’t like yourself.

Well, the opposite reaction can be that you can look at that interaction with others, at that circumstance, and you can say, “Well, at least I thought about integrity. That is something that I might not have done before in that circumstance. Look at that, I am gaining. You see, I can do it. You see, it does take time but I am learning and I am strengthening my character. I am beginning to like who I am better and I am beginning to apply my principles.” And when you look at it from that positive point of view then you can indeed influence your attitude that is a reflection of the belief, and you reinforce the new belief.

And you reinforce, as well, some of those beliefs that it takes time. But that is alright if that is the belief that you have to hold, if you believe that you need and exist in a linear time frame. And that is a very difficult one, we would suggest, for you to break because it is a human consciousness belief system. Then, when you can operate within that belief system, you can accomplish those alterations in your character, in your principles, and you can alter your belief systems.

You see, the choices are yours. The choices for the reactions to your particular activities that you experience are yours. And your reactions, the attitudes that you spontaneously express, are a reflection of your beliefs.

Now, we are not talking about an attitude where you are involved in this situation and you get this feeling and you think, “Oh, I don’t like that feeling and I am going to push that one aside and I am going to create this other attitude.” That is a consciously created attitude and is not a spontaneously created attitude. It is the spontaneous attitudes that we suggest that you pay attention to, for they are a reflection of the beliefs that you hold. And those beliefs, once again, are contained within belief systems that interact with each other to create the reality that you experience.

And so, those opposing belief systems many times can put you into a situation where you feel that you have not accomplished what it is that you believe that you are capable of. It is not that you are not capable. It is that you contain many other beliefs in that belief system that influence your reaction and influence the experience and the creation.

The key is to pay attention, once again, to the attitude. The key is to single out those particular beliefs that you feel and believe that you can change. You see, for you to believe that you, “Simply are going to love yourself instantaneously and the heck with all the rest,” may not work. We are not saying it is impossible. We are saying it may not work. Because you see, you are attempting to change a multitude of belief systems. You are attempting to accomplish in one giant leap what you actually believe will take you a very long time to get there because you believe in that, once again, human consciousness belief system of a linear time frame. And you have chosen to operate within that linear time frame.

And so, one of the keys is to pick out beliefs that you feel are very easy for you to alter and pay attention to the attitudes that you express and work on the simple things until you develop the methods and techniques that work for you, until you can get a grasp and an understanding of those belief systems that seem to be hindering you. And then you won’t set yourself up to be involved in the alteration of a belief system that allows you to experience that failure that reinforces the lack of deservability, that reinforces the unworthiness. And so you throw your hands up in the air and say, “See, I told you I couldn’t do it anyway.” You can do it. Absolutely. You create your reality. Absolutely. We have suggested that attitudes are a reflection of belief systems and you can perpetually reinforce attitudes until you influence the beliefs. You see, you can change your beliefs. You can consciously change your beliefs. They are not something that are separate from you or some hidden dark secret that you do not have access to. Absolutely not!

Your attitudes are a reflection of your beliefs and you can influence them by the choices and decisions that you make, absolutely, by thoughts that you hold. You can practice your attitudes, and many individuals in your vibrational level do practice your attitudes.

Many individuals will get up in the mornings, for example, and they will read the script, “Well, this is going to be a rather mundane day today.” And at first it is not really an attitude. It is just a thought. But then they practice it and the next day they get up and say, “Oh, I am not so sure this is going to be a very good day.” And after, for some, many, many months and even years of practicing it, they have got it down pat. The reaction is instantaneous. The attitude is reinforced and the belief system is solid, “Aw, it is not a very good day at all. I never have a good day.” And you can create that. That is your choice.

But you see, you can as easily create the other attitude that it is going to be an absolutely awesome day and you that look forward to each and every day as an opportunity to experience a phenomenal reality that you are capable of creating. And while at first you may start out with that script reading that may not seem to real, we assure you if you practice holding the attitudes, if you practice believing that it is possible, you will create that reality.

The attitudes and choices and decisions will influence your belief systems and you will absolutely alter your reality. It is a given. Your reality is a reflection of your belief systems. And it is an accurate reflection of your belief systems. It is not haphazard at all. You create your reality through your belief systems, your choices and your decisions. And your attitudes are a reflection of that belief system. Pay attention to the attitudes, to the spontaneous attitudes. Not the ones necessarily that you think about second, seconds after your experience and say, “Wow, I don’t know why I felt that in the first place but this is how I really feel.”

It is the spontaneous attitudes. And while you can alter them, absolutely, they are direct connections to the belief systems that you hold. And they can be a key in assisting you in bringing into your consciousness the understanding of what that belief system is and developing the methods and techniques for altering it.

Now, many of the belief systems that you hold are beliefs that have come from past experiences that you created that you believe are the reason for that belief system. You see there are many individuals in your vibrational level who believe that the reason that they have beliefs is because of experiences that they have encountered, instead of the other way around. If that is what you wish to believe, that is fine. You can create the reality to support that belief, absolutely. In that situation, many times you feel you are out of control because those situations that have influenced your reality are in the past and you can’t do anything about that.

Well, we suggest to you that you can do something about that. You can go back and change that reaction. You can go back and change that reality. And you can go back and change that belief system, not only in this incarnational period but in others. We suggest it would be beneficial to practice in this incarnational period because you believe and you can remember only back to the birth of this incarnational period, and many do not believe that it is possible to have memory beyond this incarnational period.

Ironically, other than these various outstanding circumstances that have occurred within this lifetime, those moments that are forever embedded in your memories as being life-altering moments, you don’t remember the past in this lifetime any more than you remember the past in any other lifetime. There isn’t one of you existing in this vibrational level that has a memory of your entrance into this particular incarnational period, and yet you all absolutely believe, understand and know that you were born into this incarnational period, but you don’t have any memory of that event. That doesn’t mean that you don’t believe that it occurred.

And we would suggest that you can have access to memories of other incarnational periods as surely as you can have access to memories in this incarnational period, if that is what you wish to do. Those circumstances will assist individuals who believe that their events that have occurred in their lifetimes have shaped their beliefs. We would suggest to you that it is not that way. That a simpler method is to believe that the events that you have experienced were as a result of the beliefs, not the other way around. And therefore you can change the belief.

However, if you wish to go back and change the event, you can do that too. You can go back, if you wish, and you can do it in the meditative state or you can do it in your dream state if you give yourself that suggestion. For some it is even possible to do it in your conscious state. You can go back and you can change your reaction. You can change the influence that that event has had upon your psyche, upon your ego. You can change the influence that that event has had upon your belief systems, if that is what you believe, and you can change the belief system. And you can alter the reality and the perception of that reality and therefore when you come back into your conscious state or back into what you refer to as your present moment, drop the influence of that interaction or that reality or that experience. You can do that. You have but to believe.

And there are many other methods and techniques, and you can develop them. Whatever you believe, you can choose. Whatever method or whatever technique you think will work for you that you believe will accomplish your goals, you can use it. As we have suggested so many times, you create your reality through your beliefs, and if you don’t like the reality, change the belief. And if you don’t like having to go back in order to reexperience those particular events, then understand that those events were as a result of the belief that you hold and change the belief and you will change the perception of that reality. And you can do it. You can do it.

And as you enter into this new age and into this new energy and as you begin to hold within your consciousness the understanding of who and what you truly are, you can do it consciously. You can do it consciously, and that is something that has not been possible in what we refer to as the old age and the old energy. The techniques that you applied in the old age and in the old energy are not necessary if you do not choose to use them. The choice is yours. Whether they work or not depends on what you believe. The only limitations to the creation possibilities is your imagination.

You create your reality through your beliefs. Your attitudes are a reflection of your beliefs. Those spontaneous attitudes, not the ones that you consciously use to replace the spontaneous ones. And you can, through conscious effort, alter your spontaneous reactions and as a result of that, influence and alter your beliefs through your choices and your decisions. Absolutely. You can alter your reality. You can alter your beliefs. You can learn to develop the techniques and methods to love yourself more. If you feel that it takes time, then understand that that influence will have an impact upon the time that it takes for you to make the alterations.

Love yourself. Love the shortcomings. Love it all. Accept it. For only through acceptance can you change. If there are influences upon your character and upon your principles that you feel are out of your control then you cannot change them because you do not believe that you have the capacity. If you do not accept them then you will not change them. For to reject is to assume that you are not responsible. If you are not responsible then you will create out of default and you will perpetuate the feelings of despair and you will perpetuate the feelings of inadequacy. You will perpetuate those feelings of not being in control. So accept those feelings. Understand that they too are your creation and that you can change them.

Now, if you have any questions for us we would be willing to attempt to answer them for you.

Questioner: Do you have any thoughts on the space shuttle incident yesterday?

Joshiah: Individuals involved in your vibrational level and involved in your reality creation process choose to experience a multitude of ranges of feelings. And in order to perpetuate and to intensify those feelings, they create what you might call extreme circumstances and they seem very real. We would suggest to you, however, that it is illusionary.

Individuals involved in that particular event, or in any other event occurring within your vibrational level, have, at some level of their consciousness, chosen to participate in that activity for the opportunity to experience the feelings associated with that activity. The individuals involved in what you might refer to as a tragedy created that reality. Not an individual creation. Absolutely not. A reality that is influencing many other individuals who have chosen to remain in this incarnational period.

It is rather ironic that the individuals who remain in this particular incarnational period actually have a much deeper and a more intense reaction and memory of those events than the individuals who were actually participating and ended this particular incarnational period.

We would suggest to you that based upon, once again, your linear time frame, that those individuals are in a state of consciousness where they understand absolutely what has occurred. They are in a state of consciousness where they are now creating a reality similar to one that you exist in, although much more solid in terms of their ability to manipulate, but nonetheless, based upon their beliefs. And they, at this particular point in time, once again, understand completely what the activity was that they were involved in, and are to some extent less influenced by the outcome of that particular reality than the individuals who have chosen to remain in your vibrational level and shall—once again, within a linear time frame—perpetuate the feelings associated with that event for a very, very long time.

You see, many times when an individual leaves this vibrational level those that remain within your conscious state, within the incarnational period, feel that those individuals who have left have somehow suffered and are continuing to suffer. And actually, it is the other way around. Those individuals, within what you might refer to as an instant, transform their consciousness into a state of understanding that is beyond what is within your conscious comprehension, and the tragedy ends.

However, for those that choose to remain, the tragedy can live on and be relived and reexperienced over and over again. So the true tragedy is not with those that leave but rather with those that choose to stay.

And all individuals involved in that particular event and in any other event, whether it be tragic or whether it be a glorious and joyous occasion, choose to be involved. Absolutely. It is not an accident. But rather, it is, once again, a circumstance, a reality created based upon beliefs, for the opportunity for individuals to experience a rather broad and a wide range of feelings that is not possible in an altered state of consciousness. And the individuals that we would referred to as “died” in that particular tragic event ended, from the conscious perspective, that range of feelings and have a much broader understanding and sense of being than the individuals who chose to participate and remain in this incarnational event, in this incarnational period.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Also, I wanted to know something different. When you come into Elias’ (the channel) body like that, do you feel what he feels now? Do you know what it feels like to be in a human body?

Joshiah: We sense the feelings. We transmit and receive information through a transmission and reception of feelings and of a transmission and a reception of a thought process as opposed to experiencing, if you wish, the physical limitations that are inherent to your physical body.

So, no, we do not experience many of the physical attributes, if you wish, that Elias experiences, although it is within our capacity should we choose. But we are more interested, rather, in the intense feelings that are associated with feelings that are involved around emotions as opposed to being involving physical aspects of your feelings.

And so, quite simply, while it is within our capacity to experience that physical through our interaction with Elias, we have a tendency more to be concerned about the emotional feelings, and to share and interact and to share with Elias our emotional feelings as well.

And as we have suggested in the past, many times when we are interacting with Elias, he will be experiencing other phenomena, other feelings that he, in his conscious state, is rather reluctant to share. And that is his choice. And many times while we are interacting and we are sharing that experience and those feelings with Elias, you will notice that he has tears or a different expression on his face that does not in many times coincide with the message that is coming through his use of the vocabulary. That is as a result of that other part of the consciousness, if you wish, interacting, sharing, experience feelings that are similar to the feelings that you have the capacity to share in when we suggest that you become involved in that silent communication and telepathic exchange of communication.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: So when you are sitting there, how do you see us? Do you see us as lights? And the other entities that are here, do they look different? Or do you just sense that we are here?

Joshiah: You ask a question that is from a physical perspective, and we suggest to you that a physical perspective is an illusion and there is no such thing as time or space. And when you take that concept that there is no such thing as space, that it is an illusion, then you understand that if there can be no such thing as space then there is no such thing as size. That it is indeed a concept that is held within your human consciousness.

But when you are in an altered state of consciousness you can get a grasp of an understanding that space is an illusion. And from that perspective you can understand as well that the Piece of the One that we suggest that you are has no size limitations. No size limitations, be that large or small.

You see, so many times when you suggest in your conscious state and the use of your language that there is a limitation in size you almost automatically go to a large size, that there is no limitations in a large size. But as well, it can be exactly the opposite—there is no limitation in how small each individual, each entity is, not only in your vibrational level but in all of the vibrational levels throughout all of creation, for they are equal. And there is no greater. There is no less. There is no larger or smaller. But rather, all are equal and space is an illusion.

When we interact with each of you, we see—if you wish to use that term “see”—an entity that is total. For you are a multidimensional personality which is so much more than what you can perceive. And again, even the use of “more” insinuates that you are somehow bigger and that is not necessarily the case. But “more” in terms of personality. “More” in terms of the total sum of who and what you are.

You are a multidimensional personality. In particular incarnations you choose to experience the various feelings that are associated with gender, and you change. You do not lose that part of your gender that you do not experience in this incarnational period, but rather, you simply choose to ignore it, to block it out, if you wish, to hide from it.

Now, when we interact with you we see the total gender. We see the total you, if you wish. We see the total multidimensional personality as an equal, as a Piece of the One, as a spark of consciousness that has the capacity to create, as a spark of pure light, if you wish. Or perhaps better phrased, as a part and a spark of absolute love. That is what we see.

We do not experience, or consider you, or in any way believe that you are confined to and limited to the physical body in which you have chosen to experience this particular incarnational period, in this illusionary reality.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Is the spark you see a color, though?

Joshiah: We recognize and interact with each other on, once again, feelings and thought waves. That is the interaction. And it is difficult to explain because, once again, an explanation through the use of a vocabulary puts limitations. That is an inherent capacity when expressing ideas through the use of a vocabulary.

And so many times, as we have suggested, your telepathic exchange of information, which uses, rather, feelings and thought process, transcends that limitation of the vocabulary. And so when you ask do we see certain areas, certain perceptions, certain colors, that is, once again, putting limitations upon. We can see you in anything that you wish and believe that it is capable for you to present for us to see.

You see, to suggest that one is a color is to suggest that one has limitations. To suggest that you have limitations is to suggest then that someone else can be greater or less than. And it is just not that way.

Whenever you hear a message which says you must accomplish something in order to transcend, in order to become more, it suggests that you are less than. And that is simply not the case. You may choose to believe that you are less than, and you may choose to believe that for the terms of creating realities in this particular incarnational period in this vibrational level, but it does not make it so. You can create that experience in your consciousness but, as we have suggested so many times, you are an equal Piece of the One. No more, and no less than. You cannot change that. There is no greater and there is no less. It is who and what you are. It is who and what we are. It is who and what each and every spark of consciousness throughout all of creation is.

You do not have to transcend. You do not have to grow. You do not have to learn lessons. Those are choices that you make. They are nothing that you have been subjected to or must in some way pass a test in order to accomplish this greater feat. It just does not occur, other than you believe and attempt to create that reality in this incarnational period.

We assure you that you cannot fail to come to the understanding of who and what you truly are. You do not have to learn any lessons. You do not have to accomplish any feat. You do not have to gain any stripes or colors. You are already there. It is an absolute. It is a given. Accept it. Bring it into your being as being an absolute that you can bank on, and allow it to influence your reality and to influence your creation and to influence your belief systems. You cannot fail!

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: So are you saying that this reality is just for entertainment?

Joshiah: Creation is for the purposes of entertainment—if that is a terminology that you wish to use.

You see, you create for the purposes of creating feelings. We create for the same purpose. And it never gets dull. It never gets to a situation where you say, “Well, that is it. I am done. I have created everything that there is,” you see, for when you create something and you experience that feeling, you experience the expansion. And again that is a limitation of words by the use of your vocabulary but, rather, it is a phrase which is as accurate as we can use to describe that when you create an expansion you do not believe that that is all. But rather, you experience joy at the ability to create.

And then there is that desire to experience more and to create more for the purposes of experiencing more, and it perpetuates itself. And it is creation. And it is what you do and it is what we do. And you create for the purposes of experiencing the feelings. And you learn to do it for entertainment purposes and for joy. It helps bring to you a feeling of self-worth, a feeling of understanding, and a feeling of a grasp of how illusionary this reality is so that you can change it. You can make it what you want. And it can be entertaining.

It is when you believe that you are not in control, it is when you believe that you are under the influence of other entities, that it is no longer entertaining. And you create the reality to support the belief and it can be a very despondent and a very unentertaining reality.

When you begin to understand that you create your reality, when you begin to develop the methods and techniques to create that reality, when you begin to get a grasp of how illusionary this reality is, then yes, you do create it for entertainment purposes and to experience those feelings that you desire to feel—not those that you feel that you must be subjected to in order to learn some lesson or in order to get a grasp of what this is really all about.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I was also wondering about—I don’t feel when I come here and I do this that I am shifting my consciousness. Is there anything else that I can do or believe or intend or whatever? Or am I shifting? I don’t think I am.

Joshiah: So many times—once again, within the limitations of your vocabulary—individuals like to label. You will use that terminology of “shift of consciousness” and for some, they would suggest that you must alter your brainwave pattern in order to alter your consciousness. And they would label that alteration. And they do that simply so that they can give to another some type of idea of what it is that they are experiencing and so that it becomes a reference point. And say, “Oh yes, I think I understand what you mean.” The experiences may be absolutely opposite, but it is a reference point where they both feel that they can return to. “Yes, I can get back to that state. Absolutely.”

Now, are you altering your consciousness? It depends upon what your belief system is in an altered state of consciousness. You see, it is possible to alter your consciousness and have an absolute total recall of the activities that you are involved in.

Now—and we hesitate, once again, to give you any type of guidelines, for we fall into that same trap of attempting to put certain concepts and ideas into certain slots so that others can understand—however, when you alter your consciousness, for many the understanding that they have altered their state of consciousness is when they lose their awareness of the passing of time.

You see, time is an illusion. It is one of the most perpetuated illusions that you use in your conscious state to validate this illusionary reality. When you alter your consciousness, when you become involved in a thought process that takes your conscious mind off of that concept of time, you have altered your consciousness. And many times, an instant may pass and you come back into, if you wish, your conscious state and you believe that, “I have been unconscious for many, many minutes,” when actually you have only missed that consciousness time frame for an instant.

Or it can be exactly the opposite. You can feel like you have only been gone for an instant and there can actually be a lapse in your linear time frame of many, many minutes. And you may have, while in that state of consciousness, been very aware of all that is occurring around you except for that one thing—the passage of time. And we would suggest that that is indeed an alteration of your state of consciousness. And there can be many other expanded explanations and definitions and experiences that validate using it as an alteration of consciousness.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: So are you saying that I am shifting my consciousness?

Joshiah: We would ask you to answer your own question (chuckles). You see, so many of the answers to the questions that you ask us are withinside you. And while we can give them to you, absolutely, many times it is much more beneficial for you to understand and to get a grasp of what those answers were. For they can assist you in influencing the beliefs and altering your reality. And for us to simply give it to you, you can simply believe that we somehow have the answers that you do not. And it is not that way at all. Absolutely not.

We are not, in any way, in possession of any knowledge that is not accessible to each and every one of you. You have but to look inside. You have but to believe.

Does that answer your question?

(End of questions. We thank Joshiah and others.)

Well now, it has been a very entertaining afternoon and we appreciate the opportunity to interact with each of you. It is for us a very enjoyable experience.

Now, we would remind you before we leave, once again, that we are not separated by time or space, but rather by a vibrational level, and you have but to express the intent and we would be with you. We offer you, once again, our unconditional love and our unending support and we would be with you always. You are never alone. If you feel alone, it is your choice. It is your belief. It is an illusion.

And now, until the next time when you so graciously offer us this opportunity to interact with you, we will bid you farewell, with love and with peace.

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