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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

February 2, 2003

Joshia: We are grateful and we look forward to these opportunities to interact with you. And we are, as always, quite anxious for the opportunity to learn from each of you. For you are, as we have suggested so many times before, leaders in this area of creation, despite the fact that many times you feel like you are not in control or leading anything.

Now. As always, there exists for you the opportunity to become involved in what we refer to as the silent communication. You have an opportunity, should you choose, to become involved in the telepathic exchange of information with other entities that are with us on this afternoon. That choice is yours.

You would find, because of the energy that you have created in this sacred space, that should you choose to close your eyes and to express the intent that it becomes very easy for you to shift your consciousness and enter into what you refer to as a meditative state, and during that state to interact with other entities and indeed with that portion that you refer to as your higher self to connect with that Piece of the One that you are, that is inseparable from you and yet so many times seems inaccessible from your conscious state. The choice is yours.

We would encourage you, however, to participate in that silent communication, for many times the information that you receive, while you may not have a conscious memory of it, is much more pertinent and much more accurate to your individual needs than is the information that we express through our friend Elias. And as well, many times that information comes to you, while you are in your conscious state, in forms of intuitive suggestions, those hunches and those intuitive nudges that you receive as a result of your expression and your desire. And as a result of that interaction there occurs, while you are in that meditative state, that telepathic exchange of information. So again, we encourage you, if you choose, to participate in that manner.

Now, we will attempt this afternoon to keep our comments within the perimeters of the limitations of your recording system as we understand and are quite fully aware that many times we run over, or at least come very near to running over, and at this time we realize that there are many others who are waiting to hear and to read the transcript of our interaction with you on this afternoon and we will attempt to pay attention to the time and to operate within the limitations, once again, of your recording apparatus.

We have spoken to you, in the last few interactions, of the messages that we bring in terms of being able to prove any of the suggestions or pieces of information that we express to you. And it is rather ironic that so many of the things that you hold as important while you are in your conscious state are things that you cannot prove scientifically.

We have suggested, for example, that you create this reality. And you cannot prove that scientifically. Ironically, you cannot disprove it either. Now, certainly you can have individuals who will go to all extents to prove that you are not responsible for your reality but along comes the exceptions and they will classify them simply as exceptions or as miracles or as phenomena that is unexplainable. But because you can’t explain it then they will deduct that it is not a scientifically proven fact and cannot be duplicated. And so when we suggest that you create your reality, it is one of those areas that you cannot scientifically prove.

You see, the irony of it is that if you could scientifically prove that you create your reality then you would destroy the illusion that you exist in, the illusion that you chose to establish and to participate in. And if you destroy the illusion, then this whole vibrational level that you exist in would lose its intensity, would lose the purpose for which you created it. And so you cannot scientifically prove that you create your reality, but that is your choice. That is your choice. You set in place the limitations. You set in place what you refer to as your laws of physics. You set in place what we refer to as the common consciousness agreements and belief systems for the creation and maintenance of this particular vibrational level, this reality, this illusion that you exist in. So you cannot prove it. Your choice.

We also suggest that you are the Piece of the One, or a spark of consciousness, if you wish, or a Piece of God, whichever terminology you wish to use. Ironically, all of those particular phrases are not completely accurate but they are the best that we can give you within this limitations that we refer to that come along with using a vocabulary. And so you cannot prove that you are a Piece of that Oneness, or a Piece of God, or have that spark of consciousness that allows you, indeed is responsible for, the creation of your reality. You cannot prove that.

And yet your scientists, while many of them would suggest that there is no superior being, that there is no other force outside of simple coincidence or perhaps outside of simple chance that have control of creation of your reality or your participation in it, there are also many scientists who would suggest that indeed there are forces that occur that are beyond their explanation. So you know that those scientists cannot prove it, yet at some point within their belief systems they recognize it. At some point they do believe it. At some point they have faith that there is more than what they can scientifically prove in terms of what we would refer to as a different vibrational level, a different concept of the reality creation process other than chance, other than coincidence.

So that cannot be proven. For once again, were you to scientifically prove that there is a spark of consciousness that exists within you that is responsible for the creation of the reality that you are experiencing, [it] defeats the purposes of the illusion. Defeats the purposes of creating and existing in this vibrational level at your conscious state.

We have also suggested that you cannot fail. You cannot fail to, at some time, return to that understanding of who and what you truly are, to alter your consciousness to a level or to a state, if you wish, where you have that capacity to understand completely who and what you truly are and to understand completely the creation process that you employ to create your reality. It cannot be scientifically proven that life exists after death, if you wish, that you continue on. And yet there are indeed many individuals who will suggest to you that they can have all types of memories with regards to other lifetimes and even memories of existing in what we refer to as the in between lifetimes or the in between incarnations.

There are many, many individuals who have experienced what you refer to as a near-death experience and have returned to this state of consciousness and have retained the memory of the participation and interaction with others while in that experience, and yet it cannot be scientifically proven. So, many of the things that we suggest to you cannot be scientifically proven.

You see, we could give you information on subjects that you can scientifically prove. But that is not necessary. You can find that information from a number of sources. And that is not what you wish to hear. That is not why you ask us to come, to tell you what you can scientifically prove or what you can find from other sources.

We are an entity that exists in another vibrational level, and that cannot be scientifically proven either. You see, we do not come to attempt to give you proof that we exist, or that we are indeed an entity or an energy that exists outside of your vibrational level. That is your choice to believe or not to believe.

There is only one individual existing within your vibrational level that we wish to influence to the point where they believe that we exist and that is to assist in the purposes of this transaction, and that is our friend Elias (the channel.) When we first began, we had interactions both in his conscious and in his subconscious state to convince him of our existence, and at that time we were quite successful. Other than that, we have absolutely no desire to convince you. It is your choice to believe and it is your choice to interact with us.

We do not come to attempt to prove to you that we exist at all. Absolutely not. That is not our purpose. We come because you express the intent and we come to offer you our unending love, our unending support. But we cannot be scientifically proven for, once again, were you able to scientifically prove that there are other entities existing outside of your vibrational level, you would destroy the illusion of this vibrational level and you would destroy the purpose for which you created it. And so it is your choice. It is your choice.

Now, there are many entities existing within your vibrational level who have, at various points within their existence, if you wish, within this particular incarnational period and within other incarnational periods, experienced certain phenomena which has left them convinced that the three truths that we speak of indeed do exist. Those individuals that we refer to that have experienced a near-death experience and have come back into this lifetime or back into this consciousness or back into this incarnational period, if you wish, all believe that there is so much more than what they experience in the conscious state.

Now, it cannot be scientifically proven, but they don’t really care. You will not change their perception of who they are by suggesting to them that it cannot be scientifically proven. And the scientists will come up with all types of explanation to explain the phenomena that they experienced. But it doesn’t matter. They do not believe the scientists anymore. The scientists cannot explain the out-of-body experience when those individuals actually perceive and remember and have accurate recall of activities that occurred, not only within their immediate surroundings, but in many instances miles and miles away from their immediate surroundings. And for those individuals who have had that experience, a scientific explanation or proof is not necessary.

You also have individuals existing within your incarnational period who have accomplished what we refer to as holding within their [consciousness] the understanding of who and what they are. They have had glimpses, be those glimpses either in the meditative state or in their conscious state. Regardless, they have retained the memory of that interaction and that connection with that Piece of the One that they are. While it cannot be scientifically proven, they don’t really care.

Because you see, there is another phenomenon that occurs when an individuals reaches those conclusions, that has it as an absolute belief and has accomplished that connection, that understanding, with their higher self or, if you wish, with that Piece of the One that they are, of who and what they truly are. They don’t care anymore about scientific proof because they get beyond that limitation. They believe. They believe because they have actually experienced it and they don’t really care whether someone else believes them or not.

And there are those individuals who are becoming quite adept at creating their reality. At least if not at creating the reality they desire, they are beginning to understand the process of reality creation and accepting the responsibility for the reality that they experience, which is the first step in this transformation into this new age and into this new energy in order to develop and come up with your own methods and techniques for reality creation process. And those individuals are beginning to grasp the concept of this reality creation process, to understand that they do create their reality. Even though they are not necessarily entirely in control of it, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that they understand. That is the first step.

And for them it cannot be scientifically proven either but they don’t really care. They create experiences in their day-to-day activities that they absolutely know spring from their belief systems and from their desires, from their attitudes and from their imagination. And they expect to have that creation. And they don’t really care whether you can scientifically prove it or not. They do it anyway.

So the messages that we bring to you, for the most part, cannot be scientifically proven but that does not make it any less real. You see, you exist in an illusionary reality and, ironically, the particular things, if you wish, concepts or ideas that can be scientifically proven are the ones that can be changed.

It is rather ironic, it’s a paradox, that that which you can scientifically prove can be changed. Many of the things that you cannot scientifically prove are the absolutes that you cannot change. You create your reality. You are a Piece of the One, the spark of consciousness that is responsible for that reality creation. And you cannot fail. All of the other so-called scientifically provable events, circumstances within your vibrational level, can be changed.

And if you look back over your recorded history you will find many circumstances, many incidences, where what was once scientifically proven turned out to be not quite so scientifically provable after all. And in fact, it changed. And the opinions of your scientific community have changed surrounding various events and circumstances in your reality. Does that mean that they were wrong in the first place? Absolutely not. What it means is that your human consciousness changed their belief system. Either your human consciousness or your societal consciousness belief systems or the individual belief system changed.

And while it is your human consciousness belief systems that control many of the scientific community’s ideas in terms of your physical laws, it is the individual belief systems that spark the change. It is the individual who has a belief system, a concept of an idea, who changes their belief and decides, “Well, it doesn’t have to be that way, maybe we can do it this way.” And then that belief catches on with other individuals.

You see, you interact with others in your altered states of consciousness. What you believe is brought forth while you are in your dream states and in your altered state of consciousness, and your thoughts and your feelings are set out there, if you wish, on display for everyone to tap into, if they so desire. And in your altered state of consciousness you express that belief system, that new idea, if you wish, and it may catch on. There may be others who grasp hold of that belief system and attempt to bring it into their vibrational level and into their reality in that particular incarnational period that they are existing in.

Belief systems are spread not only throughout this particular incarnational period throughout your so-called world atmosphere, but also leap the limitations of your incarnational period and can be expressed in other incarnational periods. You exist in the now, and that particular new concept of an existence that you hold may also be being held and expressed in another vibrational level or in another incarnational period, if you wish, that is either in what you refer to as your past or your future. It doesn’t matter. You exist in the now.

And so many of those so-called changes in scientific belief systems that have occurred over your incarnational periods, over your linear time frame, if you wish, occurred not necessarily because the scientists were wrong but rather because you have actually changed your vibrational level. You have changed the particular world that you exist in by changing your belief systems. And the scientific proof is no longer valid in the new reality that you are creating.

And so, once again, it is rather ironic that the easiest things to change are those, many times, which can be scientifically proven. The ones that you cannot change are the belief systems that you hold within you that you brought into this vibrational level that are responsible for the creation and maintenance of this illusionary reality that you exist in.

We have spoken to you also recently of the ultimate techniques in this reality creation process. And that is, once again, loving yourself. We continuously come back to the key technique, the ultimate technique and method for your reality creation, and that is to love yourself.

It seems like such an easy phrase, doesn’t it? And we have suggested so many times and you hear it so many times that you almost take it for granted. Love yourself! “Well, yeah, I have heard that before. I know how to love myself.” And you do. Ironically, within each of you, you create your reality from a position of love, of absolute, unconditional love. That is the only way you can create. That is the only way to create throughout all of the vibrational levels throughout all of creation. You can only create from a position of love. And so do you know how to love? Absolutely.

Many choose to hide from that fact. You choose to hide from that for purposes of perpetuating and validating this illusionary reality. It allows you to blame this creation on someone else. It allows you to enter into areas of self-pity, if you wish, areas of depression, and the “poor me” syndrome. You can’t do that if you love yourself and you can’t do that if you accept the responsibility for your vibrational level and for your reality. You can’t do that when you realize that this is an illusionary reality and you can alter it, and you create it and you are responsible for it. Each and every second of it, not just some of it.

And so, it is much easier to not accept that responsibility when you find portions of yourself that you can suggest, while you are in the conscious state, that you do not love. It is much easier to blame someone else than to suggest to yourself that you are responsible. And so, learn to love yourself.

Now, you can do it instantly. You don’t have to take time to do it. Absolutely not. But you, as individuals and as a human consciousness, have established this illusionary linear time frame and space in order to validate your reality. And so you, as, once again, a human consciousness, have agreed that it would take time to change.

Now, there are, of course, exceptions to those particular guidelines that you have established. For example, when someone experiences a near-death experience and they come back from that near-death experience it can be, and many times is, a life-altering experience and it occurs instantaneously.

Many individuals can enter into a meditative state and have a similar experience and it also can be a life-altering experience. But for the most part when you, as individuals, make a choice to begin to love yourself, it takes time. It takes time because of your choice to believe in and to choose to operate in that linear time frame.

And so you set in place methods and techniques in order to begin this process of loving yourself. And we are not in the habit of giving you methods and techniques, however, we would suggest to you as we have in the past that you begin to love yourself by first of all recognizing, being honest with yourself, on what your principles are. Loving all of those parts of who and what you are, even the ones that you don’t like.

You begin by setting out your principles, and being honest with yourself. Not just setting out the principles that you believe are the ones that you desire, but as well setting out the principles that are the ones that you know exist withinside of you and you have difficulty in eliminating. You set them all out, and then you either reinforce or change them.

As you explore your principles and you come to one that you recognize as being less than desirable, then you change it. First of all, though, you must recognize it. And first of all, you must accept it. And first of all, you must love it. Love yourself. And if you don’t like the principle as it is, then change it. And if you do like it, then reinforce it.

Then begin to live by those principles. Many times individuals become involved in this process and as soon as they run into difficulties or they recognize that they have been involved in a situation where they haven’t applied their principles that they desire to have but rather have lapsed into applying principles that they are not quite so proud of, then they feel that they have failed. And they begin to believe that they are failures. And they perpetuate the failure and they enter into despondency and they enter into feelings of depression.

Well, we would suggest to you that when you recognize that you have had a lapse in your principles, the solution is to not feel despondent or to chastise yourself but to honestly recognize that you are, while in your conscious state, an individual that has made the choice to operate from a position of not understanding who and what you truly are, and to forgive yourself. And to love yourself. And to recognize that you, while you are in your conscious state, have chosen, have made the choice, to participate in those so-called shortcomings, and love yourself.

Accept that that is how it is, and if you don’t like it, change it. But to not change it from a position of feeling failure, but rather change it from a position of recognizing that you have the capacity to change and to be an individual that you love consciously.

As you apply your principles, you strengthen your character. And the more that you apply your principles, the easier it is to love yourself. And there is indeed a very real phenomenon that occurs when you love yourself, you begin to have the capacity to love others.

You see, you can’t love another if you don’t love yourself. It is just not possible. How can you give something to someone else that you don’t have to give in the first place? When you love yourself you begin to spontaneously love others, and you will find that that love will be returned. When you love yourself you will begin to hold within your consciousness the feelings of deservability. You will begin to hold within your consciousness the feelings of self-worth. And you will begin to create realities that you desire. So love yourself. “Love yourself” is the key to this conscious reality creation process.

You, once again, create your reality whether you choose to believe that or not. You cannot escape from it. The irony of it is that whether you are existing in a desirable or a less than desirable reality, it takes the same amount of effort. It is just a different belief system. Individuals who are existing in what you refer to and would believe as a desirable reality that you may be envious of are creating that reality from exactly the same raw materials that you create your reality from. They don’t have any special gifts that are not available to each and every individual involved in your reality creation process in this vibrational level. Absolutely not.

You are a Piece of the One, if you wish, you are a spark of consciousness, no more than and no less than any other spark of consciousness that exists not only within your vibrational level but throughout all of the other vibrational levels throughout all of creation. The reality that you experience in your conscious state is as a result of the beliefs that you hold. And when you hold the belief that you are a failure, when you hold the belief that you are not worthy, when you hold the belief that no one loves you, then you create the reality to support the belief. And the result are entities that are involved in some depression, [or] despondency.

The solution is to begin to alter your perception of who and what you truly are; to bring into your consciousness that understanding of self-love; to give to yourself, not for the purposes of meeting some condition, but to give to yourself for the purposes of experiencing joy, security, trust; to be honest with yourself; to dream the things necessary for yourself in order to create those dreams that are associated with love. For love, once again, is a state of being and a state of doing. When you love yourself you enter into the doing for yourself. When you love others then you just simply extend the doing outwards to the other, and they will return the love. But first you must love yourself. “Love yourself” is the key.

You see, you create this reality, absolutely, and you do it from a position of love. That is a given. You can’t hide from that. You may not feel or express or experience that love in your conscious state, that is your choice, but you can alter that as well. Regardless, you do create this reality from a position of love.

It is like going on a journey—and we hesitate to use analogies because so many times then there are often misinterpretations from what our true message to you is, but nonetheless—creating your reality is like going on a journey. This journey is into an area of your universe that is created through your belief systems. And so what you believe will create the area that you journey over. Now, in order to facilitate this journey you have thoughts and feelings, and your thoughts and feelings play a part in this journey that you are about to embark upon. And so you plan a route, and the route that you plan is based upon your choices and decisions.

And so you have these thoughts and feelings that set out your roadmap, if you wish, and your choices and decisions choose the route that you will travel. And your destination is determined by your desire. Your imagination is the vehicle that will assist you on the journey, that will do the transportation for you. Your imagination will allow you to steer along the route that is set out by your choices and decisions as you travel [in] this universe that you have created through your belief systems. And the fuel for your vehicles is your expectation.

You see, you will make the journey. You will indeed create the reality, absolutely. But without desire, your destination will be one that you choose out of default rather than out of conscious choice. Without imagination you will not have the vehicle that will transport you to your destination, to your desire. And if you don’t really expect to get there, if you don’t have the expectation to fuel your vehicle, then it doesn’t matter how much you desire or how much you imagine. If you don’t really expect to get there, you will, once again, create out of default, and you will travel in this system of beliefs in a haphazard manner from choices and decisions that are made not feeling or believing that you are in control.

And your thoughts and feelings that you experience in your day-to-day activities will be a reflection of that lack of direction, of that lack of belief system, of that lack of precise choices and decisions based upon that destination which is your desire; and that imagination which is your vehicle; and that expectancy which fuels it all.

You will make the journey. That is your choice. If you wish to go around in circles, that is also your choice. If you wish to travel on foot and experience all types of hardships, that is also your choice. If you wish to believe that you are not in control of the destination, that is also your choice. But you have already chosen to be involved in the journey. How you get there, where you go, and the form of transportation, is your choice. You can have as a direct route as you want, or you can make choices and decisions that will give you all types of detours. That is your choice. But you have already made the choice to be involved in the journey.

To participate and continue on that journey is also your choice. You can end it any time you wish. That is also your choice. And we don’t mean “end it” necessarily by ending this incarnational period. Absolutely not. For you see, even when you end this incarnational period you do not necessarily leave this vibrational level. Once again, that is your choice. You do, however, enter into a state where it is much easier for you to become in contact with who and what you truly are, and at that point you may or may not decide to reincarnate. That is your choice.

You create this reality. You are involved in this vibrational level through your choices, your beliefs. And you can only create it from a position of love. You are entering into what we have referred to as a new age and a new energy where there shall be new rules for this creation process, where you shall have the capacity to create it consciously, where you have the capacity to develop the methods and techniques that allow you to make the choices and decisions for most of the belief systems that come into your consciousness so that you can alter your reality consciously. The choice is yours.

If you don’t believe that you are worthy, if you don’t believe that you have deservability, then first work on loving yourself. Get the steps in order, if you wish. For you can only create consciously from a position of love. In order to be successful at conscious creation you must first be successful at conscious self-love and the ability to love others. And with that conscious self-love will come the capacity to feel that you are deserving, to feel that you are worthy to have whatever it is that you desire. The choice is yours.

You create your reality, you cannot fail, and you are a Piece of the One. Those are the three things that you cannot change. The rest is all up for grabs, and you begin to alter that by loving yourself consciously. You begin to create the reality that you wish to have by believing that you are worthy of that reality, by presenting to yourself, and then to others, a character that you, that you, believe is worthy of having that reality that you desire to create.

Now. We would break for a moment or two and if you have any questions we would be willing to return and attempt to answer them for you. And we would remind you that while we are in our intermission or in any other time, for that matter, we are not separated by time or space but rather by a vibrational level, and should you choose to interact with us you have but to express the intent. You will find that if you express that intent and if you close your eyes, then you will indeed have assistance in altering your consciousness and participating in that interaction. We welcome and are grateful for those opportunities.

And now we would leave you for a moment or two, and we will return if you wish, with love and with peace.

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