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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

November 3, 2002

Joshiah: Well now. Well, once again, it is indeed an honor for us to be invited into your reality and into your vibrational level. And we would like to express our greetings and our gratitude to each of you for offering us this opportunity to interact and to share with you. Now, we would ask again, as is our custom, for you to express the intent, if you wish, to allow for an even further thinning of the veil. To allow for those entities that would be with us on this afternoon to have the opportunity as well to enter into your vibrational level and to have that opportunity to interact and to share with each of you. As always, that interaction is your choice. That expression of thinning the veil is your choice. We simply ask, if you choose, to allow for that to occur. Now, we would also ask again if you would allow us but a moment’s silence and we would briefly attempt to adjust the energy within this sacred space and to fine-tune our connection with our friend Elias (the channel).


Well now, once again, we would remind you before we begin with this afternoon’s information that should you choose to be involved in what we refer to as the silent communication, that telepathic exchange of information and interaction with other entities that are with us on this afternoon, you have but to express the intent and, as always, you will find that should you choose to close your eyes you will discover that it is quite easy for you to shift your consciousness within this sacred space and within this energy that you have created on this afternoon. And as you shift your consciousness and as you express that intent to become involved in that silent communication, you shall discover that that telepathic exchange of information most certainly does occur and, as always, many times is much more pertinent and much more accurate to your individual needs, if you wish, or you individual desires and requests, than what is the information that we express through this rather limited use of the vocabulary and through our friend Elias. And so we should encourage you, once again, if you choose, to allow that silent communication, to allow that telepathic exchange of information to occur. And as always, many times you shall find it much more beneficial than the information that we express.

Now, you create your reality. We have told you that so many times that it almost becomes redundant to continue to express that message. And yet, within there lies so many keys to so many of the seemingly difficult situations that you experience within this reality, within this consciousness reality that you create and exist in. So many of the difficult experiences—the ones that are important, the ones that you can’t change—are realities that you create as surely and as easily as you create the ones that you seem to have control over and that you can change. Absolutely.

Now, it is the ones, once again, that seem to cause you the most difficulty in terms of your existence within your consciousness state that are also the ones that you find are the most difficult to alter. You become involved in situations that influence your relationships, you become involved in influences, in situations that influence your ability to create and experience abundance, and you experience difficulties in areas regarding health issues. And those areas, to name but a few, are the ones that, once again, you find very difficult to alter. Those are the realities that you experience. They are the real issues within your consciousness and within your existence. They are the ones that seemingly are beyond your control, and therefore are the ones that for most of the entities existing within this particular incarnational period and within your consciousness state in your vibrational level have the most difficulty with. And yet you create it all. It is all your creation and most certainly you can change it. Absolutely.

You exist in your conscious state in a period within your linear time frame where you believe that there are, for example, many issues that are beyond your control in terms of your health. You believe, for example, that there are diseases that are incurable. And you, as individuals, have all experienced or have been associated with individuals who have experienced these seemingly incurable diseases and at that time most certainly you believe that you are not in control. You believe that it is beyond your capacity to alter that type of reality. After all, it is incurable. I mean, if it is incurable and it is proven to be incurable then absolutely you must be at the mercy of some type of reality that is beyond your control. Because it is incurable and you have got all types of scientific proof to support that theory that that particular infliction cannot be cured. There is absolutely no solution to the problem.”

And yet even in those instances you, as individuals, can all give examples of these seemingly incurable diseases somehow disappearing from the individual who has been afflicted with that particular type of incurable disease. You can all give examples of individuals who were supposed to die and they didn’t.

Now, within your incarnational period within your consciousness you look at those instances when those individuals who have seemingly beaten the odds, individuals who have beaten these seemingly incurable diseases, and you call that a miracle. You call that indeed an act of God, many times.

Well, it is an act of God. You are not wrong there. But it is an act of God that exists within each of you, not an entity that exists outside of who and what you are. And you call it a miracle because it was something that happened that was unexpected. It was something that happened that was unexplainable. It is something that happened that you cannot duplicate at will. And more importantly, it is something that happened that you cannot scientifically prove, and therefore you call it a miracle.

You see, within this particular incarnational period and within your consciousness, if you can’t scientifically prove it, particularly if you can’t scientifically prove it within this particular society that you are existing in, then it must be a miracle. If you cannot duplicate it at will, then it is certainly is not something that is scientifically provable and therefore it must be a miracle.

Well, the problem with that type of explanation is that miracles continue to happen and will occur. And if that is the case, if it is possible for a miracle to exist that falls within those explanations, then it should be possible to duplicate the miracle. Just because it cannot be scientifically proved does not make it real. Just because you cannot scientifically prove it does not mean that it cannot occur again. Absolutely not.

You see, when you create your reality through your belief systems and through your choices and through your decisions, when you create it using your imagination and your desire and your expectations, you are creating your reality in a manner that cannot be scientifically proven, and yet you do it. You do it on a continual basis. It is the method that is used to create your entire reality, and yet you can’t prove it. Then it should follow to reason that your entire creation is a miracle because it cannot be scientifically proven.

One of the stumbling blocks, if you wish, of one entering into this new age and into the new energy is the failure to bring your spirituality into your consciousness. The failure to set aside that belief that, “If we can’t prove it, it must be a miracle, it is not real.” You create your reality entirely from a position which cannot be scientifically proven. Absolutely.

You have other types of diseases within your reality as well that you experience within your conscious state. Other types of diseases that are based upon the so-called hereditary philosophy or explanation. That it is in your genes. That it is a particular disease that is transferred from one generation to another. That it, once again, is incurable. In fact, some of your seemingly most horrendous diseases are diseases that are hereditary; that are passed along through your DNA, that can be traced through your genes.

There is, as well, within your particular incarnational period in this linear time frame the belief that if you were to stop the progression of that disease by having those particular individuals who are carrying that defective gene halt their reproductive process that you could eliminate that disease from your existence. And that is a common held belief and one that is even being tried to be applied in certain areas and regarding certain diseases that are so-called hereditary diseases. Well, that is a rather oversimplification.

We are not suggesting that you can’t eliminate that disease. If you believe it, if you hold that as a desire and as a belief and as you make those choices, absolutely you can eliminate that disease. Ironically, you don’t have to even go that far if you don’t want to. But the other methods are not scientifically proven. At least this particular method you can scientifically support and therefore, because you believe it, you can eliminate it. The problem with that particular line of reasoning is that at some point within your so-called history, which exists in the now, you created that disease.

You see, if it is a genetic deficiency, do you think that the very first humans—if you follow that line of reasoning—that there must have been a very first human who carried within them that defective gene? And if so, then it should exist throughout all of your reality, throughout all of your vibrational level. And if that original individual did not carry that defective gene, then it must have been developed somewhere along the way. And if it was developed somewhere along the way, then what is to suggest that even if you eliminate it from your existence that there cannot be some other defective gene that develops, that suddenly shows up in your reality and suddenly you are right back where you started from. You are right back to having that genetic disease that can be inherited from one to another. It may be an entirely different type of [affliction], but nonetheless, it can be as equally devastating as the first.

You see, you can eliminate the first, and scientifically prove it by, once again, stopping the procreation of the individuals that are responsible for carrying that defective gene. And so that disease will disappear because you believe that it will disappear. You believe within your human consciousness that it is possible to make that disappear and therefore it can, through that method if that is what you desire to do. But you have individuals existing within your vibrational level who believe, who desire, to have a disease of some type to support their belief that there are indeed health issues that are beyond their control. And so you cure one disease, you shall create another to support that particular desire, to support that belief.

You also have within your consciousness state diseases that are not of the genetic type, but rather the diseases that are passed from one individual to another. And you, once again within your scientific community, spend tremendous amounts of efforts to find cures for those diseases. And you do. And you do. And you can look into your so-called history and find all types of examples where you have been very successful at that particular endeavor. And you can even find scientific proof that it is possible to eliminate, to eradicate, various diseases from your vibrational level. And if not to eradicate them, then to at least control them and to at least develop your so-called vaccinations that can control and give you some control over those diseases. Give you some immunity to those diseases.

And it is rather ironic, that were you to study the same history, that you will find in many instances as you eradicate one disease suddenly there seems to be springing up from nowhere a new disease to take its place. And many times the new disease is much more difficult to eradicate or much more difficult to find immunization against than what was the original disease.

Now, your scientific community would never stop and ask why. The scientific community, which is separated from your spirituality, would not accept the fact that the reasons that those diseases exist is because of the belief systems within your human consciousness. And as you continue to hold those belief systems and as you continue to believe that there are indeed afflictions that are beyond your capacity to control, when you continue to believe that there are indeed individuals existing outside of your vibrational level that somehow can have a negative effect upon your existence in your consciousness state, then you continue to create the realities to support the belief. And for those individuals who believe that it is not possible to have control over their health issues, then they shall create the reality to support that belief. Absolutely. And it doesn’t matter how many scientific advancements are made in that area, as long as you hold the belief within your human consciousness state, you will not solve the problems. You continue to create the realities to support the belief systems.

Now, as you enter into this new age and into this new energy, it is becoming much easier to step outside of that human consciousness belief system. It is becoming much easier for you to understand that the realities that you are experiencing are as a result of the beliefs that you hold. It is becoming much easier for you to get a grasp of what that belief is or what the belief systems are so that you can bring them into your consciousness and you can change them. And when you change them, you shall absolutely change your reality.

And you shall have the opportunity to experience the so-called miracles. The unexplainable events. The unexpected happenings from a scientific point of view. And the events that absolutely are not scientifically proven. And the particular activities or the particular occurrences within your reality that others experience difficulty in duplicating. And you shall experience the miracles. You have that capacity. It is within each of you. It is not something that exists only for this one or that one. Absolutely not.

You are all equal. You are equal Pieces of the One, if you wish. You are all equal sparks of consciousness that have the capacity to create your reality. You have but to believe.

As long as there exists within your human consciousness the beliefs that there are incurable diseases, then you shall continue to experience incurable diseases. As long as there are beliefs within your human consciousness that there are hereditary diseases, then you shall continue to experience those particular types of diseases. Even if you develop methods to eliminate the existing ones, as long as you believe that the possibility exists for that disease to exist, then you shall create the disease to support the belief system. Absolutely. And as long as you believe that you have within you the capacity to create your reality entirely, then you shall have the ability to eliminate those particular diseases from your existence. To experience the miracles. To have the unexpected and the unexplainable occur.

You have but to believe. You have but to understand that it is an illusion. It is only real because you believe that it is real. And once again, it is because you believe that it is so real that it is beyond your control, that you have difficulty. It is not hard to create the simple little things. It is not hard to create the parking spot, it is not hard to create the green light, if that is what you wish to have. Those are the little things, the simple things, and you believe that it is not hard to do. Ironically, it is no harder to create any other reality than it is to create the parking spot. You just believe that the rest is so much more real. And because it is real, then you can’t control that.

Because disease is real—you can prove it, you can put it under a telescope or under a microscope and you can see it, you can prove it is real. “You see, it exists. It is right there.” You can use all types of your electronic equipment to prove that it exists. And therefore it is real. And when it is real then it is much more easy—much more difficult, rather, for you to alter because it is real. And it is when you begin to understand that it is not real, that it is an illusion, that it is only real because you believe it is real, it is your creation, when you begin to understand that it is an illusion then you can change it.

And you can change it quite easily—as easily as you create the parking spot. You create your reality and you do it through your belief systems. Understanding what your belief systems are regardless, regardless of what area of your existence you are concerned about, will allow you to alter that belief system and thereby alter your reality. Bringing into your consciousness that understanding that you create your reality and that you desire to have conscious understanding of what your beliefs are will assist you in consciously creating your reality, in consciously altering the reality that you find less than desirable, or sustaining the desire for the reality that you wish to have. It is your choice. It is your reality. It is your illusion and you create it all. Absolutely. Even the incurable diseases, the genetic diseases, are your creation. And if you desire and if you believe, you can change that. Absolutely.

Now, we would like to do something a little different with you this afternoon that we have not done for quite some time. And we would like to ask each of you, if you choose, to be involved in a very mild form of a meditation. And we would ask you each to, if you choose, once again, to make yourself very comfortable and to close your eyes and to allow yourself to relax. Close your eyes and breathe deeply and allow yourself to relax. Relax and feel the presence and the love of the energy that surrounds you. And allow your consciousness to be set aside, to relax. Relax.

We would ask you now to use your imagination. Use your imagination—the key to your creation. And imagine, if you would, a source of energy that exists above your being, that exists just overtop of your head. And you can imagine that energy in any form that you wish. Imagine it in the form of a light, if that is what you desire. Or imagine it in the form of a wave, if that is what you desire. Just allow your imagination to envision that energy existing above your being.

And now slowly bring that energy down and draw it within your top of your head and just within the very top of your being. And allow it to come down to the area that you refer to as your sixth chakra, to the area that you refer to as your third eye. And feel the energy settle in there. Feel it energize and vitalize that area of your being. And imagine that energy expanding that particular part of your brain. Imagine that intuitive part expanding, enlarging, pushing out, opening up that third eye. Opening up that intuition. Allowing that intuition to grow. Allowing that ability to receive the intuition messages to expand. Feel that pressure expanding gently.

Now, allow the energy to come farther down through your head, to come farther down and to surround that small gland that exists within the very center of your head. The pituitary gland that has such an effect upon the entire physical body. That gland that has the capacity to emit very minute chemicals that trigger other glands throughout your physical being to operate properly. Feel the energy encompass the center of your skull and surround that pituitary gland. Feel the energy balance. And gently, very gently, enter into and manipulate that pituitary gland. Feel that energy control the particular nerve endings that are all centered in the pituitary gland that trigger the responses from the mental suggestions, from your thoughts, from your emotions, that trigger that pituitary gland to release the chemicals that control so much of your physical being. Feel that energy balance electric responses from your brain to the pituitary, gently balancing.

Now feel the energy fall farther down. Allow that energy to come down. Feel it enter into your jaws and into the back of your neck. Feel it cascade down over your shoulders and enter into your torso and down your arms. Pay attention when it reaches a spot that it draws your imagination to. Pay attention when it reaches a spot where it triggers a response and allow your thoughts to travel to that spot. Allow your concentration to be centered on that spot where the energy triggers a response and allow the energy to manipulate and to balance, and to assist in transforming that spot, and to balancing that spot, and removing any type of difficulty you may be experiencing in your physical being in that spot.

Feel the energy travel down through your torso, down into your legs and down to your feet. And as it travels through your entire physical being, once again pay attention to the spots where it dwells and allow that energy to assist you.

That energy is your energy. That energy is the essence of who and what you truly are. That energy has the capacity to eliminate from your existence any disease that you may experience, be it a disease that you would term as the incurable, transmittable diseases, or be it a hereditary disease, it doesn’t matter. You have within you the energy that makes it possible for you to experience the so-called miracles, the elimination of whatever type of affliction it is that you have allowed to enter into your physical being. You have but to believe.

Now, we will slowly ask you to come back to your consciousness, to gently, gently allow your consciousness to return, to gently once again come back to the state where you can consciously hear our voices. To allow yourself to, once again, be awake if that is what you desire.

Now, we would break for a moment or two, and if you have any questions for us we would be willing to return and attempt to answer them for you. And we would in the meantime remind you that we do not leave this sacred space, and indeed we are not separated from you by time or space but rather by a vibration level. And should you desire for us to be with you, you have but to express the intent and we are always with you. And we are always grateful for the opportunity to interact with you, to share with you, to offer you our unending support and our unconditional love. And we would leave you now for a moment or two, with love and with peace.

(There was no Q and A session recorded.)

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