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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

October 6, 2002

Q and A

Joshiah: Once again, we express our gratitude for your inviting us back into your vibrational level and for this opportunity to interact with each of you in your reality. And we would remind you, once again, that the entities that are with us and the energy that you have created within this sacred space remains, and should you choose to participate in a telepathic exchange of information you have but to express the intent. Should you choose to close your eyes and allow your consciousness to shift, you will find that you have created an energy that will enhance that shifting of your consciousness and will enhance that interaction, that telepathic exchange of information with those entities that you desire to interact with. Once again, as always, the choice is yours.

Now, we have spoken to you many times of your creation of your reality, of your understanding of the reality creation process, of your understanding your belief systems, and how your beliefs can influence and do influence the reality that you experience. And that the information that we express to you is information that is contained within each of you. Once again, to believe that there exists an entity such as ourselves that is outside of your vibrational level that somehow has access to superior knowledge than the knowledge that you have access to is rather ludicrous. To believe that there are some type of intelligent beings existing in some other vibrational level that can somehow influence your reality is simply not true. You contain within each of you the information that you desire to hear and all of the knowledge of the reality creation process that you are involved in in this vibrational level.

Now, we have suggested to you many times that the information that we express to you is accurate, is true, if you wish, based upon your present understanding and belief systems. And as you alter your understanding and as you alter your belief systems, then it is absolutely possible that you can desire to bring into your consciousness a different understanding, a different message, if you wish. And the one that you are experiencing now may not be valid. It is not that it is not true in the context of being given at this time based upon your present understanding and belief systems, but rather, as you alter your beliefs and as you alter your understanding then what you once thought may be true may no longer be valid in your reality creation process.

And you can have all types of examples of what that type of reaction is and what that truth is. And truth is one of those rather elusive elements. Something like experiencing the guilt. Something like experiencing trust. What is truth? You see, you can have truth when you are interacting with each other and you give an expression which you may or not experience as being the truth. You can lie to each other. You can create a falsity that is the opposite of truth. And you understand absolutely what that particular interaction is about and when you are not expressing truth and when you are not experiencing an interaction of trust between two individuals.

But there are other truths that you hold and that you believe in that are not based upon that interaction but, rather, are based upon your belief systems. And as you alter your beliefs and as you alter your reality, then that truth can also be altered. Now, you believe in a linear time frame, in a past and a present and a future, and you believe that there is some type of evolution and progression and that what you believed in your so-called history is not true simply because you have now come to understand more of the interactions within your vibrational level, within your universe, if you wish. And so what you once believed was not so is absolutely so within your present understanding and belief systems.

Ironically, you exist in the now, and present and past are illusions. And that truth that it seemingly did not exist in your past is as a result of your altering your understandings and your belief systems. It is not that it wasn’t always there and it is not that it was always there, but rather, it is an alteration of your vibrational level. It is an alteration of this creation, of this illusion that you exist in in your conscious state. And so truth becomes a relative thing as you alter your understanding and your belief systems. And what you once held as an absolute may not be so absolute when you alter a belief system. Or—if you wish to use your linear time frame, may wish to operate within that past, present and future scenario—as you supposedly gain more understanding of your universe then you believe that what you knew in the past is not nearly as influential upon your experience in your vibrational level as what you know in your present.

It is rather ironic that, based upon your belief in a linear time frame, if you were to go back in your so-called history into the times of what we refer to as the Atlantean periods, you would discover that you had much more knowledge at that time about the universe than what you seemingly contain within your scientific knowledge within this incarnational period. But you have chosen to alter your belief systems. You have chosen to alter your understanding and thereby alter your reality. And so the truth becomes a relative thing, once again, based upon that belief and based upon that understanding. And as you alter that understanding and that belief, so you can alter what you perceive to be the truth. Not only can you alter what you perceive to be the truth, you can scientifically prove it.

You see, once again, it is an illusion based upon your beliefs. And when you believe, you create the illusion to support the belief. And you wish you have—if you wish to have scientific proof then you shall create that reality as well. And you perpetually create this reality over and over again. And you do it. And once again, it is difficult to give a comparison because you see you believe, once again, in that linear time frame and any reference that we can express to you is based upon that understanding of a linear time frame, of a beginning and an end.

And so it becomes difficult to give you an explanation of what the now is and how you perpetually [alterate] and alter this reality, how you perpetually rebuild, if you wish, in this reality based upon your beliefs, based upon your understanding, both as individuals and as a human consciousness belief system. And that truth that you hold as so dear is based upon your understanding and your beliefs. And what may seem to be true one instant may not be true the next. And again, that is a difficult concept because it gives reference, once again, that there is somehow a past and a present and a future. Even the use of that term—past, present and future—is not accurate, for it is in the now. And even the now is not accurate, for that somehow implies that there is a present. And it is a combination of the entire so-called time frame that you exist in. And so as you alter your beliefs and as you alter your understanding, you alter your truths.

You can look back into your so-called history and you can have all types of examples of scientific proof of what was so-called available to their understanding within that particular time frame and there would be scientists within that particular time frame who had absolute truths that they could prove scientifically. And ironically, many of those proofs are based upon proving that if alterations or other variables are untrue and therefore if everything else is untrue then this particular item that you are trying to discover must be to truth. And when you begin to believe that that is the truth then you create the reality to support it.

But then along comes an individual who has a different concept and they hold a belief, and that belief takes hold within your human consciousness and it is brought into your reality and suddenly that truth is no longer truth any more. And you discover a new truth and you can discover all types of scientific facts that will support this new truth and prove that the old so-called truth was not true really at all. And you continue that process of alteration. And you would, within your scientific community, term that as discovery.

Ironically, that discovery is based upon the belief systems of the individuals who are doing the discovering. The individuals within your scientific community and indeed within your entire human consciousness belief systems hold a particular belief and create the realities to support that belief. And create indeed the realities that support the belief to the point that you can prove it scientifically and therefore it becomes a proof. And through being a proof it becomes a truth. And through a truth it becomes an absolute until, of course, you change it once again then it is not so absolute.

The only limitations upon your creations are your imagination. What is an absolute truth is an absolute truth because you, as individuals and as a human consciousness within this vibrational level, choose to hold that belief system. There are very few absolutes in your particular vibrational level or throughout all of the vibrational levels throughout all of creation. There are very few truths, very few absolutes.

You have the ability to respond to the circumstances that you are involved in and therefore you create your reality. That is a given. You can’t change that. You can take it any direction you want in terms of reality creation but you can’t change it. That is a truth. You create your reality, absolutely.

You are the spark of consciousness that has the capacity to create. That is a given. That is an absolute. That is a truth.

And you cannot fail. You cannot fail to return to the understanding of who and what you truly are. There are many within your vibrational level who have a fear that they may not return, that they will somehow be condemned to some type of damnation, some type of eternal hell. But we assure you that that is your creation. You cannot fail to return to the vibrational level similar to the one that you existed in before you chose to enter into this particular vibrational level for the opportunity to experience feelings without the understanding of who and what you truly are.

That is it. That is the basic beliefs, if you wish, the basic truths that exist not only within your vibrational level but throughout all of creation. You create your own reality. You are [the] Piece of the God, or the Piece of the One, or you are the spark of consciousness that has that capacity to create that reality. And you cannot fail. You are not in any way sentenced to some type of eternal obliviation in this particular vibrational level. Absolutely not. It is your choice to be here. And it can be your choice to leave, and you cannot fail but to have the opportunity to make that choice. It is a given.

So, all of the other so-called truths that you experience within this particular vibrational level are truths that are based upon belief systems, be they human conscious belief systems, societal belief systems, or your own individual belief systems. And you can change them. You can change them all. Absolutely. There is not one, there is not one belief in this illusionary reality that you are experiencing that you can’t change.

And when you change it then you alter your understanding and you alter indeed your particular vibrational level and incarnational period that you are involved in and you alter what you once perceived as truth. And the information that we give to you, once again, is truth based upon your present understanding and belief systems. And we ask you, once again, to receive it as information based upon your present understanding and belief systems.

And as you alter your understanding and as you alter your belief systems you may look at this information and find that it, once again, does not pertain to you and you can set it aside and ask for new information. And you can ask to grow in different ways and you can ask to be more responsible for the reality that you are experiencing. And that particular request shall be answered from withinside each of you, not from some entity that exists outside of your vibrational level.

Now, we thank you for allowing us that moment of explanation to each of you and we would now entertain any questions that you may have for us.

Questioner: I have a friend and spiritual mentor that crossed over recently and he came back, after a short period of time he came back to me in my sleep. And basically, he gave me a big hug and I was exposed to his energy, a bright white light and total love and joy. And I would like to know the dynamics and maybe the mechanics of this happening. And is it, would it be possible for me to express my gratitude to him in some way?

Joshiah: First we will address the interaction and the mechanics. We have suggested many times that you enter into this particular conscious state and while you may feel that this is when you are aware, we would suggest that it is exactly the opposite. That this when you are in your conscious state is when you are the least aware. It is the most difficult state for you to maintain.

You will never enter into the conscious state and stay there permanently. It is not possible. In fact, you understand, as a group understand, absolutely that you will indeed fall asleep, that you will enter into a dream state. And you know that beyond any type of doubt at all. It is a given. It is an absolute and within your belief systems that you cannot remain within the conscious state because, you see, this is an illusionary state. It is the most difficult state for you to maintain.

Now, when you enter into that altered state of consciousness, in what we refer to as the dream state, you interact with many entities. For you to attempt to contain within your conscious state a full memory of that interaction would just not be possible. You would be in a state of what you would refer to as insane. The complications of your reality creation process based upon the contracts and agreements that you enter into in your dream state is beyond your capacity to hold within your conscious state.

You are so much more than what you perceive you are, as individuals are so much more in terms of who and what you truly are than what you perceive in your conscious state. And while you are in that particular altered state of consciousness, in that dream state, you interact with entities that you are experiencing realities both within this particular incarnational period and other incarnational periods that are occurring simultaneously. You interact with many individuals both within this particular incarnational state and within other incarnational states simultaneously that are the same individual playing different roles, different circumstances that you each agree to.

And while you are in that altered state of consciousness, in that dream state, you are as close as you can come, if you wish, to being into what we refer to as the between incarnation state. You see, when you die, if you wish, when you pass over, when you end and terminate this particular incarnational state you simply alter your state of consciousness one more level into that between incarnational state. And the difference between that and a very deep state is not as great as what you may believe. And the difference is not as extensive as what it is to go from the conscious state into that deep dream state. Absolutely not. The difference is more like the alteration between the conscious state into a meditative state.

To go from that deep dream state into that between incarnation state is not that great of a shift in consciousness, if you wish. And when you first enter into that between incarnation state individuals remain well within what we refer to as the veil. That electromagnetic type of energy exists and surrounds you at your choice. And you, even in that altered state of consciousness, create realities based upon the belief systems that you hold, and they are as illusionary as this reality. Absolutely.

Now, it is during that state that you alter your consciousness even further, if you wish to use that particular terminology. You alter your consciousness to the point where you get a grasp of an understanding of who and what you truly are. And it is at that point that you can make a choice to leave this vibrational level or to remain within this vibrational level.

Now, when you are in that dream state, in that altered state of consciousness that is near the between incarnation state, you interact with many individuals, including this particular individual that you refer to, on a—if you wish to use a linear time frame—on a nightly basis. The memory that you bring back of that interaction is very distorted. It is not accurate.

Now, that is not suggesting that you can’t be in a dream state or in an altered state of consciousness and have what you refer to as a premonition, an understanding of an event, and bring back quite accurate memories. But once again, we suggest that that is not in the altered state of consciousness that you refer to as your deep sleep where you are in that dream state where you are planning, setting in place the agreements and contracts for your day-to-day activities. And during that point you will certainly interact with this individual and with many other individuals that you experience interactions with not only in this particular incarnational period, but in other incarnational periods. And that interaction, that communication if you wish, is real.

Now, it is very easy when you come back into this consciousness state to, once again, erect that rather strong electromagnetic type of energy, that veil if you wish to refer to it, and to believe, “Well, it is just all my imagination.” Well, we would suggest to you, as we have to others, that this entire vibrational level is just all your imagination. You create your reality based upon your imagination. What you believe occurred in your past, that comes back as a memory, is your imagination. And it is as imaginary as your future. Absolutely.

Imagination is a great thing. Imagination is indeed one of the elements in the process that you use to create this particular vibrational level and to create the reality that you experience. The interactions that are possible with others who are in that altered state of consciousness that you refer to as passed over is absolutely possible. You have but to believe.

For some individuals it is not even necessary that they alter their consciousness in order to experience that interaction. However, that interaction for the most part with individuals who have difficulty in holding the belief systems regarding reincarnation and regarding so-called life after death, who believe that there just might be that possibility that there is not life after death, then the interaction with those individuals can be very imaginary indeed and very difficult to bring back into their conscious state to enjoy, if you wish, to have that understanding that that capacity to interact with another individual, regardless of the state of consciousness, is possible.

You see, there are individuals involved in your vibrational level who quite frequently drop into this particular group when we are involved in this interaction. They quite frequently interact. And some of those individuals have the capacity to remember that interaction when they go back into what they refer to as their conscious state. But through their state of meditation they interact with the individuals involved in this group, absolutely. And many of the individuals in this group retain memories of that interaction.

That type of interaction between individuals involved in this particular incarnational period is no more difficult than the interaction that is possible between individuals that you believe have passed over. Individuals who have a slightly more, if you wish, altered state of consciousness. And so is the interaction possible? Absolutely. It can and does occur quite frequently. You have but to believe.

When someone suggests that you were born into this particular incarnational period, you have absolutely no memory of that event occurring but you don’t doubt it for a minute. Absolutely not. Simply because you can’t remember it does not mean that you doubt it. Absolutely not. You not only do not doubt it, you absolutely believe that that is the only possible way to get into this particular vibrational level and into this incarnational period.

Well, we are suggesting that while you may not have the capacity to remember the process of interacting with other individuals in other areas of their altered states of consciousness, [it] does not mean that it is not possible and that you and each individual in your particular incarnational period possesses the capacity, possesses that ability to experience that interaction. And it can be indeed a very enlightening experience, an agreement, if you wish, between two individuals to assist each other in understanding the various levels of consciousness that are available, to assist individuals not only within your particular incarnational period and on your so-called side of the veil from understanding, but from other individuals who have so-called passed over, or who have stepped through that level of consciousness into that so-called died state, to understand that they too are in an area of their choice of a state of consciousness that they can indeed validate. That they can understand that coming back into this incarnational period is a choice, and that leaving it is a choice. And from that state they interact with other individuals in other vibrational levels and they get the understanding that they can alter their consciousness even more if they desire. And they can, once again, choose to either reincarnate or to enter into other vibrational levels. The choice is theirs.

This is not any type of a test. This is not any type of a lesson that you are subjected to, but rather, it is a choice. It is a choice to be involved in a reality creation process where you have the opportunity to experience rather intense feelings without the understanding of who and what you are.

Individuals who pass over, if you wish, are involved in that same process. They have not at that point stepped outside of what we refer to as the veil. They have not stepped outside of your vibrational level. They have simply altered their state of consciousness one step beyond what we refer to as your dream state. And interacting with that individual is absolutely possible. And it can be very real and it can be very enlightening for both individuals on both sides of that so-called point of consciousness.

We would assure you that the individual involved in that interaction is as grateful for that experience as you are.

Does that answer your question?

(End of questions. We thank Joshiah and others.)

Well, isn’t that interesting? We are either getting very good at giving you information or you are not believing us. One or the other. (Chuckles).

Well now, as always, it has been a very enjoyable experience. And as always, we suggest to you that we are grateful because you are, in your own right, leaders in the areas of what we refer to as reality creation process. You are involved in a rather unique experience and unique experiment, if you wish, that is not duplicated in any of the other vibrational levels. And we are always grateful for the opportunity that you offer us to interact with each of you in order for us to learn from each of you. For it is indeed a learning experience for us, and as always, we are deeply grateful.

And we would remind you that we offer to you simply our unending support and our unconditional love. And you have but to express the intent and we would be with you always. For we are not separated by time or space but rather by a vibrational level. And we would welcome that opportunity to interact with you at any time.

Now, until the next time that you invite us back into your vibrational level and present us with this opportunity, we would bid you farewell, with love and with peace.

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