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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

October 6, 2002

Joshiah: Once again, it is indeed an honor for us to be invited back into your reality and for being presented [with] this opportunity to interact with you, once, again in your vibrational level. As always, we would like to extend our greetings to each of you and to extend our gratitude for each of you for creating this sacred space and for creating this opportunity.

Now, we would ask you, once again, if you choose, to allow for an even further thinning of the veil and to allow for those other entities that would be with us this afternoon to have the opportunity as well to enter into this sacred space that you have created, and have that opportunity to interact with each of you if you should choose to participate in that interaction. Now, we would ask for a moment’s silence if you please, and during that moment we would, once again, adjust the energy within this sacred space and we would fine-tune our connection with our friend Elias (the channel).


Well now, once again, allow us to express our gratitude for your creating this opportunity and inviting us back into your vibrational level and offering us, once again, this opportunity to interact with you in your reality and in your vibrational level.

Now, once again, as always, there are a multitude of entities that are accompanying us and that are quite anxious for the opportunity to interact with you as well, to interact with you in what we refer to as that silent communication, that telepathic exchange of information, if you wish, that you have the opportunity to participate in should you so choose.

And you will also find that should you choose to shift your consciousness and to become involved in that interaction, you will find it quite easy to accomplish that meditative state of consciousness. You have but to close your eyes and express the intent. And you have, as a group, once again, created an energy that assists you in that alteration of your consciousness, that slight alteration that allows you to become involved in that silent communication. And whether or not you remember or have any type of recall of that interaction, nonetheless, we assure you that if you express the intent, that the interaction does occur.

And as always, the information that you receive during that silent communication many times is much more pertinent and much more accurate to your individual needs than the information that we express through the rather limited use of the vocabulary. As well, while you are in that altered state of consciousness many of you will not recall the words that we speak to you this afternoon, but nonetheless we assure you that somewhere within your consciousness you will absolutely receive that information. And once again, as you receive that information from a meditative state, many times it will be much clearer, have much more meaning, and can be of much more assistance to you when you desire to use that information than the information that we express through our friend.

As we have suggested so many times, many times that information does not seem to be readily available in your consciousness, but we assure you that when you are participating in this reality creation process from your consciousness state that you shall have the opportunity to bring into your consciousness those intuitive suggestions that will assist you in understanding what it is that you desire to bring into your consciousness; to understanding what the belief systems are; to understand what those intuitive suggestions are that assist you in consciously creating your reality; in consciously understanding what your beliefs are; in consciously making the choices to create whatever it is that you desire to experience in your consciousness state and in this reality.

Now, we have spoken to you frequently and quite recently about belief systems and about attitudes and about paying attention to the spontaneous reactions you have to the various realities that you are creating and experiencing in your day-to-day activities to assist you in understanding what the belief is that exists within the particular belief system that is causing the reality that you experience, so that you can either change the belief or reinforce it, whichever you desire in order to either change that reality or to enhance it and perpetuate it so that you can have whatever it is that you desire to have.

And one of those emotions that we suggested that you pay attention to is the gratitude that you feel. And we spoke briefly about gratitude and how important it is to experience gratitude as an indicator of your feelings of love and of self-love, of your understanding that this reality creation process is your creation. And if you like what you are doing, then you should feel gratitude for that.

Now, unfortunately, within your consciousness state there are various degrees of gratitude—various types of gratitude, if you wish—that you can experience. There is the genuine gratitude, the gratitude that you can experience when you create a reality that you spontaneously recognize as being your creation and you spontaneously feel gratitude toward that portion which we refer to as the Piece of the One or that higher self or that Soul or whichever you desire to call that spark of consciousness that you are that is responsible for the creation of this reality that you experience. When you feel that genuine gratitude spontaneously, that is the kind of gratitude that we are speaking of that can indeed assist you in bringing into your consciousness the understanding of who and what you truly are.

But so many times gratitude that you experience at the conscious level is gratitude that is based upon belief systems, gratitude that is generated by self-defeating belief systems. You may, for example, be experiencing a reality of abundance where indeed you have all of these particular material elements that you are desiring to bring into your creation and it is happening for you. You are getting all of the things that you wish and you feel gratitude. Not because it is your creation and not because of self-love and not because you are indeed a deserving and worthy individual, but rather gratitude because you are getting it and someone else is not. Gratitude because you had that opportunity and there is always these other poor folks around the world who don’t have that opportunity so you should feel grateful because you had the opportunities to experience the abundance and others do not.

There are those individuals who have the capacity to create and to experience all types of abundance in areas of creation of your food intake, for example. And in that area of abundance, once again, you sit down and you express your gratitude—not your gratitude because you created it but your gratitude because you have it as compared to others who don’t. During your childhood many were told you should be grateful, “Look at all those poor children who don’t have the opportunities that you have. You should be grateful that you have all of this food in front of you and you should consume it all because there are others starving in this world who would give their eye teeth to have the opportunity to experience that type of abundance.” And that is gratitude that is generated out of guilt.

You see, you have within your consciousness and within your belief system various types of guilt. You have guilt that is associated with your creating and being actively involved in a reality where you have some type of a belief system that that activity is wrong, that that activity is evil, if you wish. And based upon what it is that you believe, you create guilt. And that, as well, can be varying degrees. You have, for example, individuals who may feel that it is alright for you to be less than truthful in various circumstances. And the circumstance dictates the degree to which you will express the truthfulness. You may, for example, have individuals who, while interacting in one of your monetary transactions, may feel that if they shortchange someone by ten cents that that is not a big deal. That is not anything to really feel guilty about, especially if it is an individual who is involved in some type of a corporate organization and you feel that, “That organization can absolutely afford that dime a lot better than I can, so why would I worry about that?” So that is a varying degree of guilt because there can be other individuals who would turn around and travel back several blocks in order to give back that dime because within their consciousness that is a form of guilt that steps beyond what they feel is acceptable.

And once again, it comes back to your expression of character. What do you believe your character should be? What do you believe your principles should be in order to determine your level of guilt? And that is a guilt that is associated with your principles, with your character, with your choices of your participation in activities in your day-to-day reality creation process. That is a type of guilt that you can indeed lay down as being rather cut and dried, if you wish, and it is not hard for you to determine where that line of guilt sits for each individual.

And we would, once again, emphasize that it is an individual choice and it is an individual belief. There is no judgment upon that other than the judgment that you place upon yourselves. There are no entities existing outside of your vibrational level that sit down and somehow judge at what level you should participate in this reality creation process and determine where the line of truth begins and where it ends. That is your choice. And it is very easy for you to get a grip on that type of guilt. It is very easy for you to alter those particular guidelines. And we have suggested many times that you can determine your character and you can set up your principles in order to facilitate your understanding of who and what you are in your conscious state in order to assist you in bringing into your consciousness that understanding of self-love by loving the person that you are, by creating your particular standards and then living up to those standards and developing your character. And so that is a pretty easy line to draw where you would determine what is to be experienced as guilt and what it is not.

It is the other guilt that is much more difficult. The guilt that comes from your belief systems on whether or not you are worthy or deserving compared to others; or whether or not to create a certain reality is a reality that you have the right to experience; whether or not you believe that it is impossible for you to have abundance while at the same time being a spiritual individual, for example; whether or not it is possible for you to feel grateful that you have an automobile to drive in when there are so many individuals existing in your current incarnational period that don’t have that opportunity, in fact they have never ridden in an automobile. And so you feel gratitude through the association of guilt because of various belief systems that you hold. Beliefs that ironically may not even have their root in this particular incarnational period. Belief systems in your reality creation process that have interactions with other vibrational levels in other incarnational periods.

Many of you have spent many incarnational periods convincing yourself, for example, that if you were poor that you could be more spiritual. And spirituality is a very sought after emotion, a very desirable state for you to acquire while you are in your conscious state. Many individuals in your vibrational level in this particular incarnational period feel somehow that they are separate from their spirituality, that it is lost. And they have been through many incarnational periods where they have perpetuated that belief system. In an attempt to make contact with that spirituality they have put in place all types of belief systems, one of them being that if you wish to be spiritual then you cannot be wealthy. The two don’t go hand in hand. Money is the root of all evil—you have all heard that expression, absolutely. And if you believe it, then you create feelings of gratitude through guilt, not gratitude through joy of the creation that you are responsible for. You feel gratitude because someone else is suffering and you don’t have to suffer.

And once again, we come back to your paying attention to the spontaneous reaction that you experience when you are involved in your day-to-day activities. Not the ones you have to think about, “Do I feel gratitude for this particular activity because there is another individual who is suffering and I am not, and therefore I should be grateful?” If you have to think about that then the gratitude is not spontaneous. It is a gratitude that you have developed through a conscious thought. And somewhere within your subconsciousness there lies a conflicting belief system and you have difficulty maintaining the reality. You have difficulty maintaining whatever it is that you have imagined and desired and brought into your consciousness state, be it abundance or be it relationships, be it self-love, be it the belief and trusting in other individuals. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what the reality is that you are experiencing. [Understand] that the gratitude must be spontaneous. It must not be built upon some type of a belief system that originates in guilt.

When you, once again, experience that particular type of emotion, that spontaneous reaction of, “Oh, I feel gratitude alright but I feel it because I feel sorry for someone else and therefore I must be grateful that I am not that individual,” understand first of all that you can’t be that individual and you can’t create their reality for them. That is their choice, that is their belief system. They create their reality. Now, you can be involved through a contract and agreement, if you wish, to assist them in creating that reality but it is their choice to be involved. It is their agreements, and it is their contract, it is their beliefs that are influencing the reality that they are experiencing. And you can change your beliefs ’til you are blue in the face, you cannot change their reality. They must change their beliefs to change their reality.

You experiencing that emotion of gratitude based upon the guilt of someone else having a less than desirable reality, first of all, is judging that your reality is better than theirs, and secondly, that you then somehow influence their reality if you are grateful for what you have. And it doesn’t work that way. You create your reality. Each individual involved in your vibrational level creates the reality that they experience based upon their belief systems, based upon their desires, their imagination, based upon the choices that they make.

Many of those individuals have made that choice in another incarnational period or between incarnational period, absolutely, but it is still their choice. And they have within them the capacity to get in contact with that portion of the Piece of the One that they are in order to alter that belief system, in order to have an influence upon their reality if that is what they desire to do. Absolutely. But you cannot make that choice for them.

And so you to experience gratitude based upon guilt because someone else is suffering and you are not won’t work. That is not the type of gratitude that will convince you to continue to perpetuate your belief systems to create the reality that you desire, and you shall experience difficulty maintaining that reality. You shall experience difficulty in maintaining the belief systems that are necessary to perpetuate that reality. And you shall, once again, when you lose that reality, feel that you somehow are not worthy.

And so it comes back, once again, to understanding that you create your reality. You cannot create the reality of others. You can influence it if there is indeed an agreement, and you make those agreements primarily in your dream states, absolutely. But that does not mean that they do not have the same opportunity to make the choices to create their reality. And experiencing feelings of gratitude based upon someone else’s reality will not sustain your reality. Absolutely not.

And when you feel that loss of that reality and when you feel the difficulty in sustaining that reality, then you, once again, believe that you are not worthy and you fall back into that little trap that you have created for yourself where you don’t feel that you love that portion of who and what you are. You don’t love yourself enough. “Well, if I loved myself enough I could completely generate whatever I want and because I don’t have what I want then I must not love myself enough. And I can’t sustain it. When I do successfully get what I want I can’t keep it, so I guess I don’t love myself enough. Or even worse, I guess there is a God that doesn’t love me.”

That God exists within each of you. It is who and what you truly are. You can only create your reality from a position of love. Even those realities that you (inaudible) are less than desirable are realities that you create from a position of love. There is no other way to create within your vibrational level or within any other vibrational levels throughout all of creation. The only possible way is to create from a position of love.

Now, you hide from that particular knowledge quite well, but nonetheless, it is one of the very few basics that we continue to tell you you cannot alter. You can only create from a position of love. There is no other way to create. And each individual involved in your particular vibrational level in this incarnational period creates their reality, as well, from a position of love.

While that can seem difficult to accept, many times when individuals are involved in what you refer to as abusive types of relationships, nonetheless, they create from a position of love. And it is very difficult to convince those individuals involved in that type of reality creation process that they should feel grateful, that gratitude is necessary in order to begin this process of consciously creating. Gratitude is one of the emotions that you can experience spontaneously.

When you experience it spontaneously, once again, we suggest that you pay attention to those particular feelings in order to duplicate them, in order to recreate them, in order to understand what the belief systems you hold are in other areas of your creation process so that you can change it. And those involved in those abusive situations, at some point within their reality creation process there are instances when they feel that they have accomplished a creation that they find desirable, and the key to altering their total reality is to begin to feel gratitude for themselves. Gratitude that they have within them the capacity to create even those seemingly insignificant types of realities that bring them joy. That they are a worthy individual. That it is their creation and that they can change it. Absolutely.

Understanding that gratitude is spontaneous and not based upon guilt. When gratitude is based upon guilt, once again, even if it is a minor type of reality creation process and one that seems rather insignificant, it is an indication that somewhere within your belief systems you feel that you are not worthy. You feel that somehow because another individual within your particular vibrational level is not having the same opportunities, is not experiencing the same reality that you are, that somehow you don’t deserve it either.

Once again, we suggest to you that those individuals that are experiencing those realities that you judge as less than desirable are creating that reality based upon their belief systems and based upon their choices, based upon their imagination, based upon their desires. And if they make the choice to not be responsible for their reality, if they make a choice to lose their ability to respond, they nonetheless make a choice to create a reality. They simply decide and make a choice to create it based upon default rather than to create a reality that they desire. Regardless, it is their choice. It is their choice.

And ironically—and this is the true irony of your experience within this consciousness state—it is no more difficult to create abundance than it is to create poverty. It is no more difficult to create circumstances where you are involved in loving relationships than it is to create the reality where you feel that you are alone and you are depressed and despondent. It is no more difficult to create a reality where you experience joy than it is to create a reality where you are constantly unhappy. It takes no more effort to create any type of reality as compared to another within your consciousness state in this vibrational level.

The reality that you are creating and experiencing is an illusion. It is an illusionary reality and you can change it. You can change it to whatever it is that you desire, and ironically, you do create whatever it is that you desire. And if you desire to not have control over your reality, if you desire to allow other influences to create your reality then you will create a reality that supports that desire, absolutely. It is still your choice. It is still your reality. It is still your desire. It is still your belief system. You create your reality based upon your belief system, absolutely. Bottom line. There is no ifs, buts or maybes. You are responsible for what it is that you experience. And each individual involved in your vibrational level is responsible for what it is that they experience based upon their choices, based upon their belief systems, based upon their desires.

And if you don’t like the reality that you are experiencing you can change it. And again, there are a multitude of techniques available. Whatever you believe, it will work for you. And we have made suggestions that you pay attention. And you pay attention to those spontaneous reactions. You understand what it is that you believe. You understand what you believe is guilt and what is not guilt. Understand that the guilt that you experience is based upon your belief systems, based upon your choices. It is not in any way a guilt that is somehow inflicted upon you, thrust upon you, that you don’t have a choice. You have a choice, absolutely. And if you don’t like the experience, if you don’t like the emotions that well up inside you, then change. If you don’t like that guilt that you experience when you are involved in transactions with others, then change what you would call your set of principles. Change your standards. Don’t expect others to change. You are the one that creates your reality. It is you that must change. And when you are involved in experiencing gratitude based upon guilt, determine what the guilt is and change that belief.

Understand, once again, that you create your reality. That each individual involved in this vibrational level creates their reality. That you are a Piece of the One. You are that spark of consciousness that has the capacity to create not only in this vibrational level but when you leave this vibrational level, in any other vibrational level that you shall choose to enter into. And that you cannot fail to return to one of those vibrational levels. It is a given. There is no test that you have to pass. There is no particular progression that you must go through. Absolutely not. It is your choice to be here and you can make the choice to leave, absolutely. It is a given. Accept that.

Believe that—that you create your reality. That you cannot fail to return to a vibrational level that you came from. And that you are the God that you seek. That you are the spark of creative consciousness that is responsible for this illusionary reality that you experience in your conscious state. When you begin to understand the depth and complexity of those three rather simple belief systems, then you shall have the capacity to create your reality consciously, to get a firm grasp on these feelings that well up withinside you, these spontaneous feelings that you don’t have to think about, they are just there. And by getting a grasp of those particular emotions, have the opportunity to understand what the belief is, to either change it or reinforce it. The choice is yours. The choice is yours to be in touch with who and what you truly are. You have but to believe. You have but to make the choice and use your imagination and desire. It is within your capacity to bring your consciousness state into your reality creation process.

In this new age and new energy that you are creating it is no longer necessary for you to create from your dream state or your altered state of consciousness—your between incarnation states, if you wish to use that term. You are developing the capacity to create your reality consciously and it would assist you to understand the feelings that well up inside and to understand whether they are feelings based upon guilt or whether they are based upon absolute spontaneous gratitude for who and what you truly are; to love each and every individual cell of your being; to understand that the God that you seek exists within each and every cell of your being. It is who and what you truly are.

When those particular reactions of gratitude become spontaneous on a regular basis then you shall indeed begin to experience that joy that comes from the understanding that you do indeed create this reality and that you can create whatever it is that you desire and you can do it consciously. And whether or not you wish to do it instantly, we would leave that one up to you, absolutely.

Once again, it is your choice. It is your choice and you have the capacity to believe whatever it is that you desire. Beliefs are not beliefs that you cannot alter. Absolutely not. Your individual beliefs are the easiest to alter, and then you have the societal beliefs which are much more difficult, and then, of course, the human consciousness belief systems that we would suggest are very difficult for you to alter, but nonetheless, you can alter your belief systems.

And it is the individual belief systems that have the most influence upon your reactions to the realities that you are creating. It is the individual belief systems that have the most effect upon whether or not you feel joy or gratitude or whether you feel guilt or despondency for the realities that you are creating. And you can change those individual beliefs, absolutely. There are a multitude of techniques, and you can develop whatever one you desire. And we are not going to, once again, get into telling you how to exist or telling you what you should or should not do. That is your choice. You have but to believe and you can create whatever it is that you desire. And you can come up with any type of method or technique that you desire to use to alter your beliefs. And if you believe, they will all work. They will all be right. Absolutely.

Now, we would take a few moments break, if you wish, and we would be happy to return and attempt to answer any questions that you may have for us this afternoon. And we would remind you, once again, that during our intermission that we do not leave this particular place that you have created. That we remain in this sacred space and this energy. And that should you choose to interact you have but to, once again, express the intent. For once again, we are not separated by time or space but rather by a vibrational level. Time and space are your illusions and they do not exist in the now, and therefore we can interact with you whenever you express the intent and whenever you desire. And so we would break for a moment or two and, if you wish, we would return, with love and with peace.

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