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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

September 1, 2002

Q and A

Joshiah: … and we express our greetings to each of you and our gratitude for your inviting us back into your vibrational level and presenting this opportunity for us to, once again, share with you and to interact with you in your reality. Now, we remind you that the entities that were with us this afternoon remain, and should you choose to be involved in that silent communication you have but to express the intent, to close your eyes, and to allow your consciousness to shift ever so slightly and that silent communication, that telepathic exchange of information, most certainly does and shall occur. And as we have suggested so many times, that interaction many times is much more pertinent and much more accurate to the individual desires and questions than the information that we express through the rather limited use of a vocabulary through our friend.

Now, we talked to you quite extensively this afternoon about addictions and we suggested to you that an addiction comes as the result of the choice to experiment, to participate in an experience that then is repeated until it becomes a habit and then until it becomes essentially an addiction—an activity that you cannot stop that you choose to stop.

You refer to many activities that you perform in order to sustain your existence within this vibrational level and within this incarnational period. Those are belief systems that you brought in that you have facilitated and participated in from the instant that you entered into, so to speak, this particular incarnational period. For example, you have used and consumed oxygen throughout your body from the very instant that you were born. It was not a conscious choice to become involved in an activity, but rather an involuntary response that you agreed to participate in. It is one of those human consciousness belief systems that you agreed to participate in and which is very difficult to alter. Similar to your creation of your universe which is a human consciousness creation and very difficult for the individual to alter.

And so it is with your consumption of food. It is also a particular activity that you agreed to participate in for the purposes of sustaining your physical being. You have done it from the very first day, so to speak, that you entered into this particular incarnational period and all of your other incarnational periods that you have experienced since the time of Atlantis. In the Lemurian period it was not quite necessary that way. You had that capacity to choose what reality it was that you wished to experience and participate in, and to do it consciously—to do it in what you would refer to as your awake state. But since the time of Atlantis and all of the particular periods that you have been involved in since that time, all of the various civilizations and the destruction of your civilizations, you have held in place many of those basic belief systems that you bring in within each incarnational period of what it takes to sustain your existence within this vibrational level, within this reality that you are experiencing. And if you wish to refer to those as addictions, well, I guess you can, and we would suggest absolutely that those are addictions that you would have difficulty in altering. (Chuckles)

But we are suggesting that it is the activities you choose to become involved in while you are involved in this particular incarnational period or in any other incarnational period that you choose to experiment in. And once again, you may have set in place the circumstances and belief systems that will influence that decision and most certainly will influence the outcome of that decision, but nonetheless, it is your choice to become involved in an experiment. It is your choice to become involved in an experience that occurs within a particular incarnational period that develops into a habit that develops into an activity that you may choose to alter but cannot, and then becomes an addiction. And if you wish to include consumption of food in that, well, we would suggest that that is an addiction that you chose to be involved in and you chose it most certainly long before you entered into this incarnational period and it certainly wasn’t something that you experimented in just to see what would happen, just to have the experience while you were consciously aware of the reality that you experience in any particular incarnational period. And so there is that distinction.

What is an addiction? Well, that is up to the individual now, isn’t it? There are, of course, individuals in your particular Earth system who would spend their entire existence meditating and would absolutely not call that any type of an addiction, but rather that that is their purpose. That is what they choose to create. That is what they exist for. Whether or not that is an addiction is a personal choice.

You have individuals involved in your particular society that are involved in activities you may not agree with, that you may feel are somehow negative in terms of the influence it has upon that particular individual’s being, on that particular individual’s physical body, while that individual may not feel that negativity at all but rather feel that it somehow enhances their existence. And they understand that they are creating their reality and that is the reality they desire to create. They don’t have any desire at all to end it or to alter it. Is that an addiction? Well, that is a personal choice. It is a personal perception of what an addiction is.

As we suggested earlier this afternoon, when you become involved in an activity, when you make the choice to have an experiment or an experience that becomes a habit and when you choose to stop the habit, when you choose to stop the activity, that you cannot—that you do not feel worthy, that you do not feel competent, that you do not feel you are in control—then we would suggest you have an addiction. What may be an addiction to one may not be an addiction to another. Absolutely not.

And it can, once again, be a mental or a physical addiction. It does not necessarily mean that you have to absorb any kind of a substance to be involved in what you may refer to as an addiction. There are those individuals who become involved in mental activities that they feel they are no longer in control of, and they feel that that is an addiction. And as we have suggested once again, when you reach that point that it feels that you are no longer are in control, if you wish to have the scientific proof you will find there has actually been an alteration in the DNA of that physical makeup. It is, once again, creating a reality to support a belief system. And you have the capacity to reverse it if you wish. And you can create whatever it is that you desire based upon your imagination. Absolutely.

When you feel that you are involved in any activity that you chose to experiment or to participate in that has reached the point where it went beyond what you may call a habit and became an activity that you no longer thought that you could stop at will but that you desired to stop, then you have indeed created for yourself an addiction. It is within your mental capacity an addiction, and you have the opportunity to alter it, most certainly. We suggested earlier this afternoon, many times the belief systems are difficult to get a grasp of because they are belief systems that you brought in from these between incarnation states, so to speak.

But nonetheless, it is your choice. It is your belief system. You create the reality that supports the belief system. Absolutely. And you can alter it if you desire. And if you don’t wish to alter it, if you wish to continue in that activity and you don’t feel that it has control over you, then who is to judge whether or not it is an addiction? For once again, judgment is within your human capacity. There are no entities existing outside of your vibrational level that judge whether something is right or wrong. That is your judgment. It comes from within. And if you believe that you are involved in an activity that you no longer have control over but you wish to stop and you continue to believe that it is beyond your capacity to stop that activity, then you create the reality to support that belief system, absolutely, and you are involved in what we would call an addiction.

Now, if you have any questions for us this afternoon we would be willing to attempt to answer them for you.

Questioner: When you have twins born, identical twins, and they come in as two different people, is it one entity that has decided that they wanted to experience two lifetimes at the same time? Or is it two different entities?

Joshiah: A very interesting question, and one which has been posed many times, we are sure, by many entities who have been involved in that particular activity (chuckles), who have chosen to not only be involved in experiencing an incarnational period as what you refer to as a twin, but also the individuals who choose to be the parents of those particular twins.

We would suggest that these individuals are individuals. They are exactly that. They are individuals who have chosen to participate in an incarnational period where two beings have within them the same physical makeup, so to speak. And you would find that at their birth, at their conception, and indeed during the first few years of their existence, were you to study the DNA of those particular individuals it would be almost identical. Almost identical.

You see, even in your almost identical matches of DNA where they would suggest that there are absolutely no discrepancies, that one individual is related to another through their DNA, there are still many differences. The DNAs are not absolute matches. Absolutely not. In fact, those scientists involved in that activity would suggest to you that there are many so-called markers that are not similar. It is rather how many are similar which points to two individuals being physically related to each other.

And you would find that were they to do a study of the DNA of two children who came into this particular vibrational level as twins, that even there the DNA would not be exactly alike. Even then there are belief systems that are brought in that influence that DNA, that physical makeup of that being. And although those twins are identical we would suggest the association is more physical than spiritual, that they are two entities who have chosen to become involved in this particular incarnational period to experience that phenomena. However, in other incarnational periods they may be siblings, or they may be parent and siblings, or they may not even be closely related and simply associated with each other, but have chosen to enter into this particular incarnational period to experience that closeness or that similarity, and the multitude of experiences that are created and are possible because of that association.

You will also find that as those individuals mature, were your scientists to study their DNA they would find that the number of so-called markers that are different would be more proportionate or a greater portion than the number that were different at the time of their birth. In other words, as those individuals grow and as they develop their individual personalities and as they alter their belief systems, they actually alter their physical makeup. And they become more different with age.

Now, that does not mean that they are not closely associated. It does not mean that they do not have the capacity to share telepathically information which each of you has the capacity to also share in, but because of their similarity in their physical makeup and in their DNA—which is also indeed reflected in what you would refer to as the makeup of their minds or their mental capacity—they seem to—and we put an emphasis on that phrase “seem to”—have a greater capacity to have a telepathic interaction and communication. And it is because that particular interaction and that particular telepathic wave, so to speak, is very similar to the ones that are created within their own mental beings, within their own brain, and therefore very easy for them to tune into.

So, it should come as no surprise that those individuals sense, so to speak, the feelings of another, the desires of another, even at times the thoughts of another, even when they seem to be separated by miles of your illusionary space. Because you see, space is an illusion. It doesn’t matter if those particular individuals are in the same room or on opposite sides of your Earth. It makes no difference. That communication exists. And it seems—and once again we emphasize seems—to be more prevalent and easier for them to accomplish. We assure you that that capacity exists within each of you should you choose to develop that particular activity.

So, to answer your question we would suggest that in most instances the individuals who choose to be involved in that so-called twin relationship are not entities that are experiencing similar lifetimes from the same Piece of the One. They are not two separate incarnations of the same entity, but rather two entities choosing to be involved in a similar incarnation and to experience all of the particular activities that are possible when two individuals share so much of the same DNA, so much of the same genetic makeup.

You will find in most instances in the cases of twins, when you become familiar with the two individuals that they have very different personalities, as different as any two other siblings involved in the family group relationship.

Once again, what seems to be so outstanding is their ability to communicate with each other on a telepathic level, for them to share feelings, for them to be able to perceive what the other is feeling, what the other is thinking, what the other is actively participating in.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Yes. You said “most of the time.” Does it happen the other way sometimes?

Joshiah: You see, there are no absolutes in your vibrational level. For us to say that it is absolutely (inaudible), then that would, of course, always leave room for doubt. For as we have suggested, the only limitations to the possibility for you to create in this reality is your imagination. And so, if an individual desired to have that type of creation, there is no rule which says that it cannot be experienced.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I wanted to ask about the Indian that said, “You go the way of the Black Hawk.” Was that a dream, or was that a real person, or was that a piece of me talking to me, or was it just a reflection that I dreamed up to say that?

Joshiah: As we have suggested in the past, so many times when you bring back memories of dreams or interpretations, they are distorted. They are not an accurate representation of what that interaction truly was. We would suggest to you that in the dream state it is absolutely possible for you to interact not only with what you refer to as your higher self or that Piece of the One that you are, but also with other portions of who and what you are, of other incarnational periods. And you not only have that capacity to interact but most certainly do, and you don’t bring back that memory. You do not bring back an accurate portrayal of what actually happened. You bring back distorted memories. Because if you brought back an accurate understanding of what you were involved in and participating in [in] your dream state, then this reality would have absolutely no validity. You would understand how illusionary it is and how you manipulate it, how you create it. And so when you bring back these memories they are distorted.

We would suggest to you that being distorted, many times that information—although it may be interesting and you may find it entertaining—many times is not pertinent to your particular involvement or reality creation process. We have suggested that many times you get perceptions while you are in your slightly altered state of consciousness that seem to be, and you recall as being, a memory but rather are what you may describe as having perceptions of your future. And many times you attempt to assist yourself in describing your future, for whatever reasons. It may be for the purposes of removing yourself from what you perceive to be a harmful situation. Or it may be the exact opposite, of allowing you to enter into particular activities for the purposes of various experiences that you may find very enjoyable. Nonetheless, those are perceptions that you receive while you are in that slightly altered state of consciousness. And you can do that, if you wish. That is not that difficult a trick to perform. Each of you has that capacity if you desire to do that, to get an understanding of what it is that you are about to experience.

The problem with bringing that into your consciousness without the understanding that you create it is that you can fall victim to creating through default. You can have other opportunities presented to you and you decide to follow a certain opportunity because you were told in some type of intuitive suggestion that that is how is had to be. Well, it never has to be. And once again, for us to give you information based upon perceptions of your dreams is to instill in you that same perception that that is how it is because someone said that is how it is, and so that is what you look forward to and that is what you expect, and you limit your imagination and your capacity to create various other types of experiences which may be more exciting and more exhilarating and more beneficial, if you so choose, than the ones that you chose to create because someone else said that is what is about to happen. So you often limit your understanding and your perceptions in your altered states of consciousness for that very reason.

However, should you begin to understand and you begin to get the intuitive suggestions that we have forecast will come into your consciousness—and you understand that it is from your inner self, it is not something that exists outside of you, and you have the capacity, if you wish, to alter it—you then have the capacity to make the choice to alter your reality by understanding the belief system and creating what it is based upon your desires. Then you shall, when you accept that ability to respond, begin to bring into your consciousness those so-called prophecies, the predictions, these influences and these understandings and these intuitive suggestions of what is about to occur within your reality so that you can change it if you wish or you can indeed intensify it and perpetuate it if you wish. But it comes from the understanding that it is your creation, that it is your interpretation, and you have the capacity to alter it. It is not set in stone.

Because you bring into that consciousness the understanding does not mean that it is there and therefore the prediction is set in place and, “I must get prepared for either this disaster or this euphoria,” whichever one you desire and whichever one you believe is about to occur. You can change it all. It is your creation. When you bring back into your consciousness these distorted memories, once again, we suggest that they have very little value in terms of influencing your day-to-day creation process. It is when you get those intuitive suggestions, it is when you get those premonitions of what is about to occur in your future, that you understand that it is your future and you can change it if you wish. It is your premonition. It is your reality. You create it and if you don’t like it you can change it, and you can do it consciously. And as you continue this transference into the new age and into the new energy you will begin to receive more of those intuitive suggestions, more of those premonitions of what is about to occur in your reality, and you can change it if you wish by altering your belief systems, by altering your choices, and ultimately altering the reality that you experience.

Now, we realize that that doesn’t really answer your question, but it was a nice opportunity to get out that information.

(Group laughter.)

Questioner: I don’t quite know how to word my question, but I notice that the so-called new energy answers come to me very quickly. Sometimes almost as quickly as I can form the question; other times quite quickly after I have formed the question. But there are still situations where the answer doesn’t, I don’t recognize the answer to a question or a dilemma or a problem. And I am puzzled by that and I would accept any comments.

Joshiah: The answer is a very simple one. We have suggested that you as a human consciousness—and not you as a particular individual, although you are involved in the process—have chosen to establish a linear time frame for this transference into the new age and into the new energy. And while you may not consciously be aware of that agreement, of that consensus, so to speak, nonetheless you are involved in the process. And it is a human consciousness belief system and a very difficult one for you to step outside.

So, this transference into the new age and into the new energy in terms of your linear time frame has not been completed, but rather is nearing completion. And as it nears completion you shall have more of these intuitive suggestions, more answers to your questions that you have come into your mind consciously from what you may refer to as your higher self or your inner consciousness or the Piece of the One that you are. It doesn’t matter what the terminology is. It is from within that the answer comes.

Now, you—as an individual and as a human consciousness—still believe that this transference into the new age and into the new energy is not complete. You still believe that you have not completed the transference within your individual self. You still believe that there is a transference occurring of that actual energy that makes up your particular vibrational level, and therefore you, once again, create the realities to support the belief system. “I am almost there. But sometimes I can’t get it. I must still have a ways to go. I can get it most of the time, but sometimes it seems like the most mundane questions don’t get an answer and yet some of the most complicated ones, I readily get an answer. What is the problem here?”

Well, it is not that you are failing. Absolutely not. You can’t fail. And it is not that you are somehow lagging behind, but rather that you are involved in that human consciousness agreement, in that human consciousness belief system. And you are creating the reality to support that belief even though you don’t necessarily hold that belief at the conscious level.

We have suggested many times that you were involved in this particular vibrational level based upon a consensus and a human consciousness set of beliefs. One of them being, for example, that you must breathe in order to exist. And you accept that so absolutely that you never question it. Well, there are other belief systems as well that you agreed to that you are involved in and one of them is that there would be a linear time frame, there will be a set time for the transference into the new age and into the new energy to occur.

We have also suggested that, as a human consciousness, you have shortened up that linear time frame, but nonetheless, you have not yet achieved it. And consequently, you support that belief system by creating those instances where you desire to have the answers but they don’t come. As we have suggested, they may be answers to seemingly the most mundane questions while the difficult ones seem to be answered almost before you can even perceive what the question was.

You see, you have the answers within you, absolutely. We suggested that the information you receive through these interactions is information you desire to hear. It is information that you have within you. You have all the answers within you. You simply hide from them in order to sustain the belief systems that you hold that you exist in a reality that is not entirely within your control.

You, as an individual involved in this transference into the new age and into the new energy, are right where you choose to be, are right where you desire to be. And you are supporting your belief systems by creating the reality that you experience. Now, it is not that it is impossible for you to have completed this transference into the new age and into the new energy as an individual. Absolutely not. But rather, we suggest just very difficult. Because in order to do so you must step outside of that human consciousness belief system that at some level you have agreed to participate in.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I have a question regarding something you mentioned before. You said our myths of creation are based in some fact, although it is distorted. I just recently read something about in a few of our religions, part of the creation story is that this triune god breathed breath into seven individuals, for lack of a better term, and that those seven souls, I believe, are called the Eloheim, or something to that effect. And that everything in this world was created by them or through them and that everyone inhabiting this world is part of one of those seven individuals.

And I was just wondering what the fact was that that was based on, or if that is based on any fact. I don’t understand that idea of seven individuals, what that would even represent. Could you comment on that?

Joshiah: Once again, we have suggested that the basis of many of your mythologies are absolutely on fact, but many times very distorted. Absolutely so.

You see, you—as a human consciousness and as an individual involved in this vibrational level—are the creators of your reality. Absolutely. You, as an individual and as a participant in the human consciousness, perpetually recreate and recreate this vibrational level. There is no past, there is no present, and there is no future. That becomes a difficult concept to accept in your consciousness state. It becomes a difficult concept to believe that you can alter your past as readily as you can alter your future, that it all exists in the now.

The particular mythology that you refer to is only accurate in the sense that individuals involved in this reality creation process create this vibrational level. From there on it becomes mythology. It is no less real or more real than any of the other belief systems, than any of the other religious practices that people believe in. And they create realities to support that belief, absolutely so. There are individuals, many individuals, existing in your vibrational level who believe that there are entities existing outside of your vibrational level that create this reality for you, and they perpetuate that belief by creating experiences that support the belief system. Does it make the belief system wrong? Does it make the belief system less real? Absolutely not. This is an illusionary reality.

As we have suggested, with that type of belief system you create a reality that is based upon the belief that others can influence your reality and therefore you create through what we refer to as default. And the problem with believing in any of the mythologies and placing any type of value, so to speak, on that belief system is that it gives away your power—it gives away the power of creation to other individuals to believe that there is this superior being who first had the capacity to create individuals that then spread out and created all of the rest of the individuals involved in your Earth system.

Each individual involved in your vibrational level is here because of a choice. A choice that they made personally. It is not a choice made by anyone or anything else. It is an individual choice. It is an individual choice that they have the ability to stop if they so desire. They can leave this vibrational level at any time.

You exist in the now. There is no past and there is no future and there is not even a present in terms of a linear time frame. And yet the past and the present and the future all exists and it exists simultaneously and it is possible to change it all. And if individuals hold that belief that there is this master being who created various individuals and then created the rest of your particular existence within this vibrational level, then they shall create all types of realities to support that belief system, and ironically, they shall be as valid as any other reality.

Once again, the problem with believing that other entities have the capacity to have that influence upon your particular realty and your particular experience in your particular vibrational level is that you create through default. You create realities to support the belief system that others can have that influence, that others have that ability to have an influence on your vibrational level. Your neighbor may not hold the same belief system and may have absolutely none of those experiences, may not have any of those similar feelings, and may not experience realities that are anywhere associated with that type of a belief system. Your neighbor may believe that they create it all, that they are a Piece of God, and that they cannot fail, and so that they can look at those particular other realities and other belief systems and realize that they have a choice whether or not to be involved. And if being involved means giving up their power to create their reality, then most likely they will choose not to be involved.

Does that answer your question?

(End of questions. We thank Joshiah and the others.)

Once again, we would like to thank you and, as always it has been a very enjoyable experience and we are grateful for these opportunities to interact and indeed to learn from each of you. For you are, once again, indeed teachers in your own right. You are involved in a particular reality creation process that is not duplicated anywhere throughout all of what you would refer to as creation.

Now, we remind you that we are not separated by time or space but rather by a vibrational level, and should you choose to interact you have but to express the intent and we would be with you always and we would offer you our unending support and our unconditional love. And until the next time that you invite us into your vibrational level we would wish each of you farewell, with love and with peace.

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