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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

August 4, 2002

Joshiah: It is indeed a joy and an honor for us to be with you on this afternoon, and we would like to express our greetings and our gratitude to each of you. Our gratitude for your allowing us, once again, to enter into your reality and for the opportunity to interact with each of you and to share in your vibrational level and in your reality.

Now, we would ask you, once again, if you choose, to express the intent to allow for an even further thinning of the veil and to allow for those entities that would be with us this afternoon to have the opportunity as well to enter into your vibrational level and to have the opportunity to interact and to share with each of you. And we would ask you, as is our custom, for a moment’s silence to allow for our adjustment of the energy within this sacred space, and to allow for our fine-tuning our connection with our friend Elias (the channel).


Well now, we thank you for that moment and we, once again, express our gratitude to each of you and our greetings to each of you on this afternoon. As always, we would remind you that within this sacred space that you have created there exists the opportunity for you to interact with entities and with ourselves through what we term that silent communication, through a telepathic exchange of information. And that opportunity is enhanced by the energy that you, as individuals, have created within this sacred space. And should you choose to close your eyes and to express the intent to allow your consciousness to shift, you would find that it is indeed quite easy to enter into what you refer to as a meditative state.

And in that state, should you, once again, express the intent, there exists that opportunity for you to have that telepathic exchange of information between what you refer to as your subconsciousness, or your higher self, and the other entities that are with us on this afternoon, an interaction that many times brings into your consciousness information which is much more pertinent, much more accurate than the information which we express through this rather limited use of the vocabulary, a vocabulary which has limitations and many times it can give different inferences than what is intended—information that you receive and interpret based upon your acceptance and understanding of that vocabulary—whereas when you have that silent communication, that exchange of information is more on the level of thoughts and feelings as opposed to an exchange based upon a vocabulary. And therefore, once again, it is much more accurate and many times is much more pertinent than the information that we exchange with you through our friend.

Now, once again, your vocabulary can be very limiting at times. Indeed it is open to various interpretations that many times are quite different from individual to individual. It can have different meanings, based upon one’s understanding and interpretation of your vocabulary, of your language. And many times we have used various words in different ways in order to relay what intended meaning of that particular word within your vocabulary is. We use the word “dis-ease,” for example. And we put an emphasis on the “dis-ease,” as opposed to the way many of the entities existing within your vibrational level in this incarnational period would interpret that word as, “It is a disease.”

You see, to suggest that it is a “disease” is to suggest that it is some type of an illness, some type of a sickness, that is somehow being perpetuated from elements and forces outside of your physical being. But when we suggest that it is a dis-ease, then the emphasis comes upon the importance of understanding that the illness or the sickness many times is caused by discomfort or dis-ease within the physical body. It is a reflection of beliefs. It is a reflection of attitudes. It is a dis-ease. It is a state of being uncomfortable, so to speak, which is reflected through physical illness.

So it is a dis-ease which is first of all formed or given birth within your belief systems, within your attitudes, within your choices and decisions, absolutely. And that dis-ease reflects itself in physical discomforts, which you would refer to as illnesses. So many times the word disease is used to reflect an illness, and in its original conception it was an understanding that there was a dis-ease within the mental capacity of an individual that was reflected in a physical ailment. To understand that it is a dis-ease and if you deal with the discomfort, then many times you remove the illness or the ailment or the sickness.

You see, what you experience within your physical reality is a reflection of your belief systems and of your choices and decisions and your attitudes. Absolutely you believe it, and as you believe it you create the reality to support the belief. And when you perpetuate beliefs in a discomfort or a dis-ease, then you create the reality to support it, resulting in that illness or that sickness. And it can be varying, and indeed you can even have all types of scientific proof to support that that ailment is present, absolutely. But nonetheless it is as a result of that dis-ease.

There are many other words within your vocabulary that have similar types of inferences that have been rather distorted. At the last meeting that we were with you we spoke of love and of self-love and of one’s ability to respond, to have a response to another and indeed to have a response to oneself. And we spoke of what you refer to as responsibility—and that is the ability to respond. Once again, it seems like such a simple word, and we use it so many times when we suggest that you accept your responsibility for this reality that you are creating. The ability to respond.

Within your present incarnational period, there are many who would not like to accept that ability to respond. There are many who would like to feel that there are others who are having an influence, whether they be others existing within your vibrational level in this particular incarnation period that you interact with on your day-to-day activities, or whether it is guides or whether it is some entity existing outside of your vibrational level, whatever. Many individuals within your vibrational level in this particular incarnational period would like to hold the belief that others are having an influence upon their reality. Well, that could be an absolute possibility because you see, once again, you create the reality that you experience to support your belief systems. And if that is what you believe, then you can create all types of circumstances to support the belief system. But nonetheless, it is still based upon your response. It is still your response-ability, regardless of what reality it is that you are experiencing.

You create the reality, absolutely, based upon your belief systems. You hold belief systems, and as a result of those belief systems, you have various attitudes which influence your choices and decisions, and are the gauge for your response. When you respond to your individual needs for various reasons, you do so for perpetuating self-love or for not perpetuating self-love. And conversely, when you respond to others and you have a response to various interactions with others, you do so for the purpose of expressing or not expressing that love for others. But it is still your response and it is still based upon your responsibility—your ability to have a response, in other words.

Now, there are those within your vibrational level who feel that there are the others who have the influence, and they create that reality to support that influence, absolutely. Indeed if you believe that there are guides and if you believe there are angels or whatever other label you wish to identify those so-called entities with, then you can create the reality to support that belief. And then you can suggest that those guides or those angels will create whatever it is that you desire. We have spoken of this in the past and have suggested there is a problem with that kind of creation. And the problem is that, to a certain extent, you give away some of your power. You delegate your response to others. You delegate your ability to have a response to various situations to someone that you feel is outside of your personal control, and thereby you give away some of your power to create what it is that you desire.

You see, power is another one of those words within your vocabulary that has different meanings to different individuals. For example, there are those who believe that power may be when an individual has the ability to control others, be it control through fear or be it control through monetary type of controls put in place, or any other type of control that an individual may have over another, and feel that that is power.

Individuals can be involved in personal relationships where they allow one to have control over the other and to exercise power, power that is exercised many times through fear, or power that is exercised through “love.” You see, when two individuals are involved in a relationship and one expresses love for the purposes of controlling another, then that is not really love. When you are involved in a relationship and you are doing various things in order to perpetuate feelings or emotions in others when the other feels controlled, then it is not a loving relationship. Then the doing is not for the purposes of creating feelings of security or joy. Absolutely not. It is done for the purposes of controlling. It is done for the purposes of exercising that power over another. And in that sense it is not a loving relationship at all.

Now, the more obvious type of power, of course, is what you would refer to as abusive relationships where one has power over another in terms of a physical control, or even many times mental control or abuse of another, but nonetheless, for the purposes of feeling power over another. And you have individuals involved in groups where there are one or two individuals who control the others, who have power over the others. Once again, that can be power that many times is in the disguise of a loving relationship. But ironically, you cannot have a loving relationship where one holds power over another, absolutely not. Or it can be in a relationship where a group is controlled by one or two individuals through the use of fear. And it can also be power held over a group of individuals by one or two others through the use of controlling the ability of that group to obtain abundance.

We have spoken to you in the past about the times of Atlantis in which there were individuals involved in reality creation process similar to what you are now having the opportunity to experience and enter into. There were individuals involved in the Atlantean period who understood the process of reality creation, absolutely, who understood that through their belief systems and through their choices and decisions that they could create the reality that they desire. And they used that power to control the masses. They withheld that knowledge from others. And by withholding that knowledge, they had a seemingly unattainable ability that gave them power, that set them apart. And they used that power to control others.

As we have suggested in the past, it is as a result of that particular activity that you as individuals, both involved in the controlling and being controlled, chose to terminate that particular time-frame, that era of the Atlantean period. But nonetheless, there was indeed this issue of individuals controlling masses through the use of methods that did not seem to be attainable by those masses; and that was, in a sense, using and inflicting a certain power over others. And that is one type of power as pertaining to your understanding of your vocabulary.

Power. The ability to control others. Many times you will find that ability to control others is more readily accomplished through fear than it is through love and understanding. But nonetheless, regardless of the method, it is power. It is an exercise of one attempting to control another individual’s life. And while it may seem to come in the disguise of being a loving individual, there is nowhere in the definition of love—an individual doing certain things for creating those feelings of security, of joy, of understanding, of trust—that can be applied when one is attempting to hold power over another. And so in that sense, power is a very fleeting and limiting ability.

To hold power over another, regardless of the method that is applied, is not true power. You see, it is a method of control of another, and the only way you can control another is when the other agrees to be controlled. So that sense of power is an illusion, absolutely. It is one that can readily be taken away by the individual who is being controlled deciding to no longer be controlled. So that individual who seems to have the power has an illusion that they are creating. It is an illusion that can only be perpetuated as long as all of the individuals involved in that particular interaction agree. And in that sense, even the individual who seems to be in control of the power is having their reality influenced by allowing others to control their true power.

Now, you create your reality, absolutely. And many times when we talk about others having influence on your reality, it sounds like we are suggesting that others have that capacity. But the only way they can have that capacity is if you allow it—if you choose to respond in such a way that you allow others to have an influence on your reality.

So what is power? True power, absolute power, comes by accepting your ability to have a response. Accepting responsibility allows you to assume true power, the power to create whatever it is that you desire. Not some entity that exists in some other vibrational level, not the guides or angels that you have set up, indeed not other individuals involved in this incarnational period that you interact with on your day-to-day activities and you feel they somehow have the capacity to influence your reality and have some power over you. Absolutely not.

True power comes when you accept your ability to respond to situations that arise in your day-to-day activities. True power comes when you accept the responsibility for your reality creation process and you respond. Your response is such that you make the choices and the decisions to create the reality that you desire. Your response is based upon an understanding of what your beliefs are. And if you don’t like them, you can change them. You can have that response as well. You can change whatever it is that you don’t like about your reality, or if you do like what you are creating and experiencing then your response can be to influence that belief system such that you strengthen it in order to perpetuate that reality that you are experiencing.

So, when we suggest to you that you accept responsibility, it is not necessarily that we are saying that you must accept an obligation. Absolutely not. But rather that you accept that you have the ability to choose your response. And that response can be such that it allows you to create the reality that you desire by understanding that your reality is as a result of your choices and your decisions based upon your belief systems, and are reflected in your attitudes. And by having that response, you can have the capacity to have true power. A power which cannot be taken away. A power which is not influenced by others, be it through fear or be it through withholding that abundance or be it by, and under the guise of, loving you.

But rather, understanding that you create your reality, and true power comes by understanding that through your response—through your ability to respond—you can make the choices to create whatever it is that you desire. Through your response you can understand what your belief systems are, and if you don’t like that belief system you can change it. When you, as individuals, hold beliefs that there are others—who are existing either within your vibrational level or who are your guides or your angels—that have the response-ability for your reality, that they are the ones who can respond and make your choices for you, then you give away your power. You can create that reality and you can create those illusionary individuals that are going to be responsible, so to speak, for your reality, but understand that when you do so, you give away your power. You create through default. You no longer accept your ability to respond and you give that to someone else. And when you do that, when you give up your responsibility, you nonetheless continue to create—absolutely—only now you do it without the power to create what it is that you consciously desire.

Because you see, then you are holding the belief that others have the capacity to create for you, that others have the response-ability for your reality, and you create a reality that supports that belief system. And many times that reality is not a very desirable one. Many times it is a reality that you wish you didn’t have to experience, that you don’t feel that you have control. “I mean, look at how miserable my life is. And you are saying that I am the one that is responsible for that? Absolutely not. I wouldn’t choose that reality. There are others that are influencing my reality and there is the proof of it.” And we would suggest to you that that is absolutely so—if that is what you believe, you create the reality to support the belief, absolutely.

The way that you alter that belief is to accept that you have the ability to respond. And when you make the choices to have the responses that allow you to create the reality that you want by understanding that it is your belief system that is influencing your reality, then you can have true power—then you can have the power that no longer allows anyone or any other entity to have any influence upon your reality that you don’t desire. When you begin to have that ability to respond, to have influences upon your reality in such a way that you create the circumstances that assist you in experiencing those feelings of security, joy, intimacy, trust and self-love, and when you begin to experience those within yourself, you will begin to also realize that as you project that particular feeling and belief system that you have about power and responsibility, that others you interact with in your day-to-day activity will indeed offer to you and experience from you a similar type of response that results in creating the opportunity for yourself and others to interact in ways to experience those feelings, those emotions of joy, security, trust, intimacy and love. And you then begin to experience true power. Power over controlling your reality creation process, not power over anyone else and no one else having power over you.

You begin to become involved in relationships that are based upon agreements, exchanges of love. You begin to become involved in feelings of self-love that are not based upon contracts, that do not have conditions upon them. And you begin to become involved in interactions with others in your personal relationships that are unconditional, that do not have the conditions and are not contracts but rather are free expressions of love. Unconditional love that results in true power.

One of those keys is to understand that responsibility is your ability to respond, and you have the ability to respond to situations in any manner that you choose. When you choose to accept that it is a choice, that it is a choice for you to respond in a manner that perpetuates those feelings of self-love and the feelings of love that you express for and feel from others, then you begin to experience true power, the power which is not based upon fear but rather is based on self-love, and which cannot be taken away. The power which is based upon knowing and understanding who and what you truly are, and then expanding that knowing to others. True power. Power based upon love and self-love. Power based upon accepting your responsibility for the reality that you experience. Accepting your ability to respond to your belief systems, and if you don’t like them, you can change them.

Accepting that you have the ability to respond and that you don’t have to give that ability to other entities and you don’t have to allow others involved in your day-to-day activities to have that power, to have that ability to respond to your creations. True power comes from accepting your ability to respond and understanding that you have the opportunity to make the choices and decisions that influence your belief systems, that influence your reality. You have the ability to respond in such a way …

(The remainder of the tape is inaudible.)

(There was no Q and A session.)

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