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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

May 4, 2002

Q and A

Wood Acres, Moose Jaw

Joshiah: … our gratitude for your once again creating the opportunity for us to enter into and to share with you in your vibrational level and in your reality. It is indeed an honor for us to have these opportunities and we come as to your request. We come in response to the desires that you express, and we come to learn from each of you. You see, you are involved in a rather unique reality creation process, for nowhere throughout all of the vibrational levels that exist throughout all of creation is there a duplicate to the vibrational level that you exist in where entities create from a position of not understanding who and what they truly are. And the uniqueness of that situation is such that it allows you to create this illusionary reality that seems real, and it allows you to experience a very broad and deep range of emotions and feelings that just is not possible when you have full understanding of who and what you truly are.

You create your reality, absolutely. Whether you consciously choose to believe it or not, you are responsible for the reality that you experience. You create that reality from a position of love. You see, the only way to create is from love. You, as individuals, as multidimensional personalities, create all that you experience from a position of love. As do all of the other entities in all of the other creations that occur in all of the other vibrational levels. You are, as are we, a spark of consciousness that has the capacity to create, and you can only create from a position of love.

While we hesitate to give you techniques, the ultimate technique is to have the capacity to love yourself. Self-love is the key to this transference process into the new age and into the new energy. Self-love is the key to being capable of consciously creating the reality that you desire. Self-love is the key for creating the relationships that you desire, for creating the abundance that you desire. Self-love is the key.

You see, many individuals within your vibrational level, within this particular incarnational period and within past incarnational periods, have been taught that it is not necessarily a good idea to love yourselves. You have been taught, “Oh, you shouldn’t think of yourself as being so special.” You have been taught that you should love others. You are taught not to be selfish. Oh, to love yourself, now that could be a very selfish attitude, couldn’t it? To think that you are worthy. That could be very selfish. To think that you are worthy of creating abundance when there are others existing in your vibrational level that are suffering. Isn’t that kind of a selfish attitude for you to have? And you are taught that.

You are taught that not only within this incarnational period but you have been teaching yourselves that for many incarnational periods. You have ingrained it into your belief system that somehow it is not right to put yourself first, that that is not a healthy attitude. You have been taught that it is not right to love yourself. And when you love others, you aren’t given any indication of [what] love is. When you ask what is love, you are simply told, “Well, it is love. Everyone knows what love is. You know what love is. You can feel it. You know what love is. It is really, really simple.” Well, it is really not quite so simple, and if you don’t love yourself it becomes even more difficult. Self-love is the key. You can only love others to the extent that you love yourself. And you will only be loved by others to the extent that you love yourself.

You see, when you don’t love yourself and when you don’t feel that you are worthy, and when you believe that you are unworthy of having loving relationships, and when you feel that you are not worthy or deserving of having abundance, and you really believe that, then guess what? You create the reality to support the belief. You create the reality where you exist without having the opportunity to experience unconditional love. You create the circumstances where you experience realities that are lacking in abundance because you don’t feel that you deserve, because it is not right to feel that you are worthy, because that is somehow a selfish attitude. You have been taught that money is the root of all evil, so why would you want to have money? You have been taught that there is a God that loves each and every one of you unconditionally, and yet you must meet conditions in order to experience that love, and if you don’t meet those conditions then you are going to be condemned. That is not unconditional love. That is a contract.

You see, unconditional love means love with no conditions. When you put conditions on love, you form a contract. You are not expressing or giving unconditional love. Now, that is not to say that you can’t be involved in a loving relationship where you each agree to contracts. But understand that those are contracts. Those are not an expression of love. They are contracts that individuals can make in order to coexist with each other, in order to be involved in a relationship. And that is fine. But understand that it is a contract.

When you give love, you give love unconditionally, and in that there are no contracts. In that it allows the other the opportunity to change without having to feel that they will lose that love. When you give love you give it for the purposes of creating certain feelings and experiences for the other individual involved in receiving that love. You create feelings of security. You create feelings of joy. You create feelings of understanding and of trust. That is why you give, and you give unconditionally.

Once again, when you give from a position of love, providing that certain conditions are met, that is not giving unconditionally. That is forming a contract. You can begin to experience that unconditional love by first of all giving to yourself unconditionally. Loving yourself unconditionally, even those parts of yourself that you would rather not have others know of. That part that you would rather hide away and not bring out into the open. You see, it is very easy to love those parts of yourself that you would parade out in public and be quite honored to have others see what you do and who you are. But it is those other parts that you must love also. And if you don’t like those parts then change the belief systems that create those particular characteristics within your personality.

You see, you create your character by having a set of principles that you exist by. You can set out your principles. They will be different for individuals, and some will put more emphasis on one like integrity and others will put more emphasis on another characteristic. It doesn’t matter. You can continually add to your list of principles as you continuously apply them. As you apply them consistently, so you shall develop character. And you will find it easier to love yourself. And as you find it easier to love yourself, lo and behold you will find that others will begin to love you. And you will also find it easier to love others. And you find it easier to be more forgiving of others, to understand others have within them the capacity to create the reality that they desire. And you can love them even though you may not necessarily agree with the particular set of principles and character that they choose to exist by.

They nonetheless are an equal Piece of the One, as are you. They also, as do you, create from a position of love. And one of the keys to creating what it is they desire within this vibrational level is to accept the responsibility for their reality creation process and to understand that self-love is absolutely necessary in order to create what it is that you desire consciously and in order to be involved in loving relationships and in order to feel the deservability and the worthiness that is necessary for you to create the abundance that you desire to bring into your life. Self-love. Love without conditions is a necessary element in this reality creation process if you wish to do it consciously.

When we come to interact with each of you we come because you, as individuals, have expressed the intent, and all that we can really offer to you is our unconditional love and our unending support. We do not have the capacity or the desire to interfere in or to create your reality for you. We would not be so bold as to even begin to believe that we somehow have knowledge which is superior to you and therefore we could create a better reality for you than what you can create for yourself—that is absolute nonsense. Each of you has within you the knowledge that is necessary for you to create whatever it is that you desire. Each of you has within you the capacity to tap into all of the knowledge that exists within your vibrational level. It is within each of you. You have but to believe and to express the intent to bring it into your consciousness.

Now, if you have any questions we would be more than willing to attempt to answer them for you.

(Someone states their question was just answered.)

Questioner: So this reality that we are in we created, and it is an illusion. And some of the books I read say we pass over, or death, whatever, to go into the spirit and we go home. And there we go to a little spirit school and learn more of things and we evaluate our past life or the life that we just came from—or part of our energy came from, because our energy is split in all different vibrations. And that is home for us and we have our own little groups there which we reincarnate with, and on and on and on. Now, that is an illusion too, is it not? I mean, all these things—we’re sparks. We are just this spark of energy, and we are going out and we are creating all of these things, all these different levels. So, then going back to this so-called spirit level, that is just another level we have created.

Oh, and there is a second question just before you start. Could give me some kind of a clue to which life that is influencing this life right now with my addiction to tobacco and why I brought that with me. And is it really bad? I mean, I know you are going to say, “Well, if you think it is bad, it’s bad.” But I would like to sort of release that and, but not go into denial and fight it, just sort of release it naturally and if I could tap into where it came from and why I brought it then I figure once I release that then it will be gone.

That’s two questions.

Joshiah: There are actually about three questions. Ironically, the answer to your second question—which is not your second question, but what we would call your third question—would relate to all of your questions.

You exist in the now. We have attempted to give analogies which give an accurate description of the now, and it is very difficult. It is very difficult for you to get a concept of something that is not within your capacity to consciously understand. We would use a simple analogy to give you a bit of a glimpse of what we are trying to explain.

If you were to go back in your so-called time and into your history, as little as three or four hundred year ago, if you were to park outside of your home one of the vehicles which you presently use for your transportation systems within this particular incarnational period, it would have absolutely no value to you at all. And in fact, it would be considered to be a useless piece of junk. You would have absolutely no concept of the internal combustion engine that is necessary to propel that particular vehicle. You would not have in place any types of road systems in order to support using that particular type of vehicle. And in fact, you wouldn’t even know what it meant to turn it on and start it. It would be absolutely foreign. It would be, once again, a useless piece of junk. And to try to give you explanations at that time of what you now accept as being your day-to-day life activity—you don’t even question it—but however, to try and attempt to explain it to you four hundred years ago of your linear time would be a futile effort. It would make absolutely no sense to you.

So, when we try to express to you a concept of the now, it is similar to that type of analogy. However, as surely as you can drive that vehicle now and it would make no sense to those entities—which were you, living four hundred years ago—so it is to explain to you that you exist in the now. Your vibrational level that you exist in is a multidimensional vibrational level. You are experiencing your incarnation periods simultaneously. And even that is not an accurate description, for simultaneously, once again, implies that there is a linear time frame, and there just is not.

We have used the analogy of a theater where there are a multitude of plays occurring all at the same time, and each act is going on simultaneously. You as a multidimensional individual are involved in many of these one-act plays. So you go out into that play and you do your part that you have agreed to participate in, and then when the act is over you all rush out and you gather in the lobby and you say, “Ah, was that ever great. Now let’s plan what our next act is going to be in all of these plays that are all occurring simultaneously.” And away you go. You make your little agreements with the other entities that are involved in all of these plays—and incidentally, many of these entities are the similar entities that you are experiencing and interacting with in this particular incarnation period. You all agree to the next play and you all disperse back to the stages and the plays all go on simultaneously. And when that play is over you come back again and you do it all over. Now, we are not referring to lifetimes here. We are referring to your day-to-day activities as what the plays are.

You see, this particular consciousness state that you are in is the most difficult state for you to maintain. During your consciousness state you never doubt that you are going to go back to sleep. It is a given. It is an absolute. Each one of you knows that you will sleep. However, your scientists can prove to you that your body does not need sleep, that your body can survive on rest and it can rebuild itself. And in fact, your body does not rebuild itself if you just lay around—you have to exercise to rebuild your body. You only need to rest to allow your body to disperse all of the waste material that builds up, but it is not necessary for you to sleep in order for that to occur. You only have to rest.

You see, you sleep because your mind requires the sleep. Because you come to the end of the play. Because you run out of a reality and it becomes very difficult to maintain this consciousness, and you make it back into that altered state of consciousness that we refer to as the dream state. And in that dream state you absolutely understand what it is to exist in the now. Each of you have had experiences that you recall where in that dream state you have experienced what seems to be various stages of your particular lifetime that spanned years—and not only this incarnational period but in other incarnational periods. And you bring back memories of those particular interactions. However, what you bring back into your consciousness is very distorted from what actually occurs in that dream state. For in that dream state you set in place the agreements and all of the little idiosyncrasies that will affect your day-to-day activities. And you do it each and every evening, or each and every time that you sleep.

While you may have difficulty in maintaining your consciousness, you understand that you will enter into that dream state, absolutely. Now, there is sometimes the doubt that you will awake from that dream state. And as we have said before, it only happens once in each incarnation that you don’t wake up. Mostly you wake up. But every once in awhile you don’t. And you tap into another altered state of consciousness, what you refer to as dying. But you see, you can’t really die, you simply alter your state of consciousness.

In that altered state of consciousness you are still existing in this vibrational level that you have chosen to create and exist in. You have not, at that particular point of your consciousness, entered into a vibrational level similar to the one that we exist in. In other words, you still exist within a veil. Now, that veil is much thinner, so to speak, it is much less limiting than the veil that you experience in your consciousness, and even the veil that you experience while you are in your dream state. However, even in that state, you maintain a veil.

Within that state you continue to create your reality based upon your belief systems, absolutely. And when you believe that you are going to meet other entities and there are going to be angels there for you and there is going to be a judgment day, if you wish, you can create all that, absolutely. It is your choice. However, at that point you also have a much easier time to thin that veil further and to make the choice, if you wish, to leave this vibrational level.

Now, the whole explanation becomes very difficult because we are trying to give you an explanation based upon a linear time frame and there is actually no linear time frame. So, when you ask about past incarnations influencing this particular incarnation we would suggest to you that this incarnation has as much influence on other incarnations, and indeed it may be a future incarnation that is influencing this particular incarnation.

You see, again, you believe that there is a linear time frame. You believe that the past is an absolute. It is done with. You can’t alter that. The present, however—well, the present hardly ever exists. I mean you are just simply worrying about the past or the future. You hardly ever exist in this now in the present. And you believe that you can change the future. It is very easy for us to suggest to you that if you alter your belief systems, if you alter your choices, that there is a very good chance that you alter what is going to happen in your future. It is very easy, for example, to suggest to you that if you desire to stay home from your employment for the next day that that is absolutely is up to you. Or you can go do whatever you want. You see, you believe that you have that capacity to control your future. You do not, however, believe that you have that capacity to also control your past. And you do not believe that you have the capacity within this now to influence the past as well as the future.

So, to suggest that there are past incarnations that are influencing this one is a belief system that if you choose to hold you can create the reality to support it, absolutely. And we are not going to say it is right or wrong to do it either way. That is your choice. However, to believe that what you are experiencing as an addiction within this particular incarnation period because you believe it is an addiction, and to look outside and to feel, “Well, there has to be something in my past that I don’t have control over because I can’t control this addiction, so I am going to look somewhere else for the reason”—we would suggest that the reason exists in the now. And you have the choice to change or to continue. Whether what you feel is an addiction is harmful is your choice.

You see, within your human consciousness belief systems, there are various belief systems that have to do with diseases within your body. And it becomes very difficult for you to step outside of that human consciousness belief system in order to alter your physical body. Very difficult, but not impossible.

There are entities who are quite successful at stepping outside of that human consciousness belief system in relation to health issues and experiencing what seems to be miraculous cures. Experiencing, in reference to your particular addiction—and we use that word very lightly (chuckles)—entities who can be involved in the habit of smoking for a very, very long period, live and enjoy very healthful lives well into what within your particular incarnational period would be considered to be longevity and to experience no ill effects from this so-called habit of smoking. However, the human consciousness belief system has over your past several decades formed a belief, reinforced it by creating realities to support it, that smoking is harmful and that it can to you cause dis-ease and discomfort within your physical body. And as a consequence, you create the reality to support the belief system.

We would suggest that it is within your capacity to discover what it is that influences your choices and your decisions. And it is also within your capacity to alter those particular belief systems and thereby alter what you feel is a habit that is out of your control. For it absolutely is within your control. Your whole reality creation process is within your control.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Could you tell me if I have ever lived outside of the veil?

Joshiah: Each entity existing within your entire vibrational level began creating this vibrational period in what we refer to as the Lemurian period. And in that period, once again, to use your linear time frame, each of you existed outside of the veil. Each of you has existed in other vibrational levels. And we absolutely guarantee that you cannot fail to return to a vibrational level similar to or the one which you came from before you chose to enter into this particular vibrational level.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Will there ever be a point where physical incarnations will no longer be required? Where we have learned and experienced all we need to experience?

Joshiah: Being within your vibrational level is an individual choice. No one is put here because there are lessons that you must learn or that there is some type of progression that you must go through in order to leave this vibrational level. It is a choice. It is a choice that each individual makes to become involved in this particular reality creation process existing within this vibrational level and experiencing your consciousness creation without the understanding of who and what you truly are. But it is a choice. It is an individual choice. It is a choice made in the now. And it is a choice which you can end at any time.

You believe in—and we say you as a human consciousness and as a group of individuals—you believe in a linear time frame. And as you are in your consciousness state you believe that you must pass through this linear time frame and then you die, so to speak, you should leave your physical body and you shall enter into a different state of existence. Well, that exists in the now. And you shall indeed leave this particular incarnational period if you wish—to use that particular analogy—you shall indeed come to the end of this incarnational period and you shall alter your consciousness to the state where you have that understanding of who and what you truly are. And you can at that time, if you wish, make the choice to leave this vibrational level.

Now, again, the linear time frame is an illusion. This entire reality that you exist in is an illusion. It is an illusion that you create. It is not a punishment. It is not something that you have been put here and you must experience and progress through. Absolutely not. You chose to be involved in this reality creation process, and the reason that you chose is rather alarmingly simple. You choose to be actively involved in a reality creation process in a vibrational level where you limit the understanding of who and what you truly are so that you have the opportunity to experience feelings and emotions that are not possible to experience in any other vibrational level.

It is that intensity of feelings and emotions that you experience that we are interested in sharing. Quite often when we interact with our friend (the channel) he is in a very emotional state and tears will be flowing through his eyes while we are speaking through him. It is because he is off in another area and it is because of his experience in feelings that we are assisting him in, and he is experiencing unconditional love and it enhances him—and it reaches his being. It enlightens him and it brings him to tears.

And in return we share in the feelings that he experiences and we in turn receive a notion of what it is like to experience intense feelings, for you do not have the understanding that your reality is illusionary. When you believe that it is real, when you create the illusionary time and space in order to make it legitimate and you feel that you are somehow out of control, then it becomes real to you. Even though it is a very illusionary reality, nonetheless, while you are in your consciousness state it becomes very real to you and it allows you that broad range of intensity in your feelings and emotions. And it allows the other entities who exist outside of your vibrational level and who are grateful for the opportunity to interact with you, to learn from you what it is to feel that intense emotion and feeling.

So, to answer your question, you can at any time—and it is your choice to be involved in this reality creation process—you can at any time have the full understanding of who and what you truly are, and you can at any time enter into other vibrational levels and experience reality creation process in those other vibrational levels.

Does that answer your question?

(End of questions and we thank Joshiah and others.)

As always, we would like to thank you for indeed we are grateful for these opportunities that you present to us. And we come to you, once again, as a loving entity who is with you always, you have but to express the intent. We are only separated by a vibrational level; time and space are your illusions. And we, as always, are grateful and willing to interact and to share with each of you. And until the next time that you so graciously present this opportunity to us, we would bid you farewell, with love and with peace.

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