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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

April 7, 2002

Q and A

Joshiah: Well, once again, allow us to express our gratitude for inviting us back into your reality and for presenting this opportunity for us to interact with each of you. The entities and the energy within this sacred space that you have created on this afternoon are, once again, quite willing to interact and share with each of you, you have but to express the intent. The choice is yours. If you choose to close your eyes and to allow your consciousness to shift even ever so slightly, you would find that the energy is such that it would be very easy for you to facilitate that alteration of your consciousness in order to have that telepathic exchange of information occur and assist you in becoming more in contact with that portion that you refer to as your higher self or the Piece of the One that you are. So we would encourage you to partake in that activity, for, once again, many times the information that you receive is much more accurate and much more pertinent to the individual desires than the information that we express through our friend (the channel).

Now, as we have suggested to you so many times, you are involved in a transformation into a new age and into a new energy. And that transformation, in reference to your linear time frame, is approximately halfway—or more accurately, past the halfway point at this time—and many of you are beginning to experience certain phenomena within your activities that seem to be rather strange to some of you. While we attempt to give you some explanation and some example, we remind you that this transformation into the new age and into the new [energy] is an individual transformation. While you, as a group human consciousness, have agreed to put in place the possibility for this transformation into the new age and into the new energy, and are indeed actually altering the very energy that makes up this universe that you exist in, nonetheless, in your consciousness state the choice to make that transference is an individual one.

There is no judgment whether you choose to transfer into the new age and into the new energy, or desire to maintain your reality creation process from a position of the old age and the old energy. There is no judgment other than the one which you, as a human consciousness, place upon yourselves. So, when we explain to you and we describe various phenomena that each of you are experiencing, we ask you to understand that this is an individual experience. Each of you shall experience and develop your own individual methods and techniques to accomplish this transformation, and that the methods and techniques are as unique and are as diverse and are as unlimited as the number of entities who choose to be involved in this transformation into the new age and into the new energy.

Now, some of you have been experiencing difficulties, or at least alterations, in your sleep patterns over the past few weeks, for the past few days for others. Those variances have been such where you have found yourself either desiring to sleep much more than is normal, or a day or two later finding that you have difficulty sleeping more than five or six hours at a time. We would suggest to you that that is nothing to be alarmed about. You are experiencing various physical phenomena as you actually change the very makeup of the energy that exists within each of you, and as you alter that makeup, the need to sleep more or to sleep less can indeed fluctuate and alter. The need to at times experience ten or twelve hours of sleep in order to facilitate that alteration and to facilitate the planning and the contracts for your day-to-day activities can fluctuate. It can indeed be required for that extended period, and within a day or two you may find yourself only being able to sleep for five or six hours, and then for no reason at all being experiencing insomnia. Well, we would suggest that is nothing to be alarmed about, that particular phenomena will pass. You have but to continue on your transformation process, to continue on developing your methods and techniques and beliefs, and understanding, once again, that you create your reality based upon your belief systems.

There are others who have been experiencing some phenomena that are actually more physical, and some that you can actually put your finger on, so to speak. Some entities who are involved in this transformation process have experienced an alteration in their physical makeup in terms of their metabolism. They are experiencing alterations in their body weight or in their body mass, and that alteration has not come as a result of your altering your intake or your diet, or altering your physical activities. Indeed some entities may be actually sleeping more—for the purposes of manifesting this reality that you experience—than the previous group who are desiring to have a longer period of sleep and yet at the same time, while they seem to be more inactive, are actually losing weight. We would suggest that is a result of the actual alteration of energy within your physical makeup, and of the alteration, for some, of your DNA. Now, not all will experience that phenomena, for once again, this is a unique individual journey that each of you are involved in, and there is no judgment whether or not you are experiencing these various alterations and phenomena.

For others there has been the opposite effect of where they have experienced increase in their weight, and for them, of course, you can rely on the old belief systems that your weight increases because of your lack of activity or the increased take of food. However, for some of them, the intake of their food has even been less, and yet they continue to gain weight. And we would suggest once again that that is the alteration of the metabolism within your body based upon the actual alteration of your DNA and your very alteration of your physical makeup. And while some may find that is not very desirable, we would suggest that it is nothing to be alarmed about and it will pass. And if you choose, you shall have the opportunity to reverse that particular phenomena and, if you desire, to actually lose weight without having to alter your intake or to alter your physical activities. Or conversely, if you desire, you can add weight, once again, without altering your day-to-day activities in order to facilitate that gain or that loss, whatever it is that you desire.

Now, some of you in your dream states are having seemingly much more vivid recall of your dreams. And some of you are actually becoming very adept at lucid dreaming. Well, we suggest as we have in the past, that taking part of your consciousness into your dream state for the purposes of lucid dreaming can be quite beneficial in your using your consciousness to attempt to manipulate that dream state. However, while it may seem that you recall a much more accurate, detailed description of your dreams, we would once again reiterate what we have suggested many times, in that what you bring back into your consciousness state, for the most part, is a very distorted perception of what it is that you are actually dreaming, of what it is that you are actually participating in in the activities that you were involved in as a multidimensional personality when you are in that dream state. That does not, however, in any way attempt to belittle or to make it seem insignificant that you recall your dreams. If that is what you wish to do and if the belief you hold is that it can help you in facilitating your reality creation process, then, once again, by all means, whatever works for you we would suggest that you actively pursue it based upon your belief systems, based upon your individual techniques and methods that each of you has the capacity and the desire to develop.

What is interesting is that some of you are having the capacity, while in your consciousness state, to actually feel at times like this reality is more of a dream state, that it becomes rather illusionary, and you become quite adept at times at having these intuitive suggestions of knowing what is going to happen before it actually happens. You are beginning to experience what we have suggested in the past was a strong possibility, and that is that you shall become consciously aware of the process of your reality creation, and you shall have the capacity to begin to understand instantly, as you are creating and experiencing that reality, what the belief systems are that you are holding that are responsible for the reality that you are experiencing. And some of you are beginning to have that experience quite frequently.

Now, many would feel that, yes, they can experience those particular phenomena that we are explaining when it is involving something like your understanding that the traffic light is about to change. You can perceive and you can understand and you can believe and you can actually get a perception of that alteration beforehand, and you know that it is going to occur. But you would suggest it is just a traffic light, it is not really that important at all. Or some of you will know that your phone is about to ring, and not only do you know that it is about to ring but you know who is on the other end. You know who is calling you. And once again, you have a tendency to put that off and say that is just a coincidence, or it is not really all that important. We would suggest to you, however, that you pay attention to those particular feelings you were experiencing at that time, to the particular beliefs that you held, and the thought process that you held at that time. Because you see, your entire reality is an illusion. It is absolutely no harder for you to manipulate anything within your reality than it is to manipulate that traffic light, or to understand that your phone is about to ring and to know who it is.

You see, you can apply whatever belief it is and whatever technique and method it is that you are using to each and every activity in your entire reality creation process. You can use those particular methods and techniques and expand them into what seem to you to be the most difficult areas of your reality creation process. The methods and techniques are the same. You create your reality based upon your belief systems, based upon your choices, based upon what it is that you desire, based upon love. And once again, it is no more difficult to create abundance than it is to create that knowing of who is about to phone you. It is absolutely no more difficult to create relationships than it is to manipulate the traffic light. You have the capacity to create whatever it is that you desire.

So, as you continue to have these experiences as you continue this transference into the new age and into the new energy, and as it becomes more frequent that you have an understanding and you have a previous knowledge—you have that intuitive knowledge of what is about to happen—we would suggest again that you pay attention. That you understand that it is your manipulation, that it is your reality. That you, in conjunction with the individuals that you interact with each and every day, set in place the contracts and the agreements to experience whatever it is that you desire to experience based upon your belief systems. And as you pay attention to those intuitive suggestions that we suggest have come from your higher self, you will discover it is possible to create whatever it is that you desire. And as you continue this transformation into the new age and into the new energy, your reality creation process will not be a surprise. There won’t be any events occurring that you do not want and do not have previous knowledge of, if you so desire. The choice is yours. You have within each of you that capacity, and as you continue this transference into the new age and the new energy and as you continue to bring more of that seemingly dream state into your consciousness, your ability to perceive and your ability to manipulate and your ability to create whatever it is that you desire shall be enhanced, and you shall be able to facilitate that reality creation process consciously.

Now, if you have any questions for us we would be willing to answer them for you at this time.

Questioner: I wonder, when we cross over and we are anticipating meeting up with a loved one, if that loved one has decided to reincarnate, do we have to wait until they return from that particular reincarnation before we meet with them?

Joshiah: You are, as are each and every other entity within your vibrational level and within all the vibrational levels, a multidimensional personality. Now, you, as a human consciousness and all of the other entities involved in your human consciousness creation process, believe in the linear time frame—that there is a beginning and an end, and that you experience incarnations one after the other. Well, we would suggest, as we have so many times, that you exist in the now. That your incarnation periods occur simultaneously. That you are a multidimensional personality who is so much more than what you can perceive from the conscious level.

Now, that leaves the suggestion that somehow this portion of you, which is in the consciousness at this time, is somehow insignificant and there are all of these other incarnations and there is this huge multidimensional personality; but, once again, that is illusion. There is no insignificant part, so to speak. There is no bigger or smaller. You see, time is an illusion and so is space an illusion. They are illusions held within your human consciousness concept and within your human consciousness agreements and belief systems.

So, when you alter your state of consciousness, when you pass over, as you were saying, you simply alter your state of consciousness slightly beyond what it is when you are in your deepest dream states. And in a sense, you, again referring to a linear time frame, leave this body. However, you interact with the multidimensional personality that you are, and you also interact with all of the other multidimensional personalities that exist not only in this incarnational period, but in all of the other incarnational periods simultaneously. And so while you are in those altered dream states—what I would refer to as the near death dream states—you interact with all of the other multidimensional personalities that you interact with in your day-to-day activities, not only in this incarnational period but in other incarnational periods. So when you alter that state of consciousness to where you go into that between incarnation state, we suggest that at that time you simply continue that interaction.

It becomes a very difficult explanation because we are attempting to explain a phenomenon of the now in terms of the linear time frame, and the two just cannot intermix. However, to answer your question more directly, when you pass over you shall have the opportunity to interact with other entities that you may feel have passed over. We would ask you to understand that those other entities, in the portions of the multidimensional personality that they are, may be experiencing other incarnational periods both in this particular time frame and in other incarnational periods simultaneously. So, simply because they are involved in other incarnational periods does not mean that you will not have the opportunity to interact with them.

What is rather interesting is that when you are in your dream states, in those deepest dream states, you do interact with those other entities—those entities that have passed over. And when you return to your consciousness, at times you bring back memories of those interactions. Now, the memories most certainly are distorted, however, that does not mean that because of their distortion that they are not in some sense a reflection of your interaction or a reflection of your having interacted with that entity while you are in your deepest dream states.

So, to answer your question, yes, when you alter that state of consciousness to where you go into what we refer to as the between incarnation states, you most certainly shall be aware of interacting with other entities that supposedly have passed over. Once again, a difficult concept for us to explain when we are referring to existing in the now and you ask your question based upon a linear time frame.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I guess for maybe entertainment purposes, I am wanting to know if I have guides around me, my own personal guides or entities, that stay by me, that I can talk to if I want to? Or is that just my belief system because that is what I have read?

Joshiah: The answer to both of your questions is “yes.” (Chuckles) First of all, it is your belief system. You see, when you believe, you shall create the reality to support the belief system. And if you believe that you have guides around you then that is completely within your capacity to create that type of reality. We have suggested so many times that while you are in your consciousness state this reality is an illusion. That is not to suggest it is not important, and we are not trying to belittle it at all. It is an illusion which is very important to the process that you are involved in in attempting to experience this broad range of feelings. However, nonetheless it is an illusion.

Now, if you desire to believe that there is an entity existing outside of your vibrational level that somehow creates your reality for you, then most certainly you shall create realities that support that belief system. You shall be the creator of that reality. You shall be the creator of that particular entity that you feel is the creator. And if you desire to have guides to assist you, then you have that capacity to create those guides, absolutely. What we would suggest you understand is that it is your creation. If you feel comfortable with that creation and you are willing to accept responsibility for that creation, then so be it. There is no judgment. It is not good or bad. It is not right or wrong. It is simply your creation. You see, you create whatever it is based upon your belief systems and your desires. Each and every experience that you have within this consciousness state and within this vibrational level is as a result of your belief systems and of your desires, and it is all illusionary. Again, we are not suggesting that it is unimportant, but that it is illusionary.

Now, again, we would suggest that when one begins to believe there is an entity outside of their vibrational level that creates for them, then we would suggest that they begin to create their reality from a position of default. They do not accept responsibility. Now, that in itself is a choice. That in itself is a belief system. And as you embrace that belief system, so you shall create the circumstances to support the belief system. And while in the consciousness state you may not be entirely overjoyed with your reality that is being created, nonetheless, it is still your creation.

Once again, the Piece of the One that you are, the spark of consciousness that you are that creates your reality, does so without judgment. It does not decide, “Well, this is good,” or “This is bad.” You can only create from a position of love, and it will create for you whatever it is that you desire based upon your belief system. And if you desire to have guides that make you feel comfortable while you are in your consciousness state, then so be it. That is your belief and you can have whatever it is that you desire. We would ask you to understand that when you give that belief the power to create for you, then you have made a choice to create through default, and it will create, once again, based upon your belief systems and based upon your desires. There is a tendency within some of your human consciousness to feel that the guides somehow have the power to create your reality for you. And we suggest that it is not that way at all. You have the power to create the guides, and you create your reality.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Sort of. So if I want to talk to somebody, if I have a lot of questions and I want to talk, and it is not happening, does that mean I don’t believe it totally, then? If I want to talk to, say, my higher self or a portion of my—and that is what (the channel) is doing now with you, you are a portion of him—and I want to do that but I don’t really want to channel it, I just maybe want to do it with myself, then I have to have a stronger belief to connect to my higher self then?

Joshiah: Your higher self exists within you. It is not separate. It is not something that you can become disconnected from. Your higher self creates your reality for you. You are in contact with your higher self, absolutely. Now, many times when in the consciousness state, individuals have a tendency to ignore the messages that come from the higher self, to feel that it is just your imagination. And many times when it is your imagination, and you experience this intuitive suggestion and you know that it is your imagination but you begin to follow it anyway, then you are simply fooling yourself. And, ironically, when that occurs, you know that it occurs.

However, there are those intuitive suggestions that are interactions with your higher self, with that Piece of the One that you are, that you receive, and that many entities within your vibrational level receive, but have a tendency to set aside. You have a tendency to feel, “Oh, that is just my imagination.” And even when you reflect back and you realize that it was an intuitive suggestion and you did not pay attention, the next time it occurs you still simply feel that, “Oh, that is just my imagination.” Again, we would suggest the key to that interaction is self-love. Love yourself. Now, we are not suggesting that you don’t already love yourself. We are suggesting that strengthening that self-love will indeed encourage you to pay more attention to those intuitive suggestions, to allow you to have that interaction.

Now, we are hesitant in suggesting various methods and techniques, for many times they can be limiting. What may work for one individual may not work for another. We suggest when we are doing our channelings and our interactions here that you allow for that telepathic exchange of information, and that is to encourage you to make that connection with your higher self. For that telepathic exchange of information is a reflection back into your consciousness of information which is contained within each of you and which you, each of you, have access to if you but believe and make that choice to have that access.

Now, when we interact through our friend (the channel), our friend has, and has developed quite accurately and quite neatly, the ability to get out of the way, to put his consciousness aside. To give you an example of what he is experiencing, it is similar to your going to sleep and having a dream. Many times while we are interacting and expressing our ideas to each of you, he is visualizing different emotions and feelings, and if you pay attention at times, you will actually see tears or you will see different emotions upon his face, which do not reflect the words that are coming out. And that is because his higher self, or his consciousness, is separate and is allowing us the opportunity to interact down through his physical body to express our message to you.

We are, as we have said so many times before, an individual entity separate from our friend Elias (the channel). We are as you are, a spark of consciousness, a multidimensional personality. And we are quite grateful for the opportunity to interact in your vibrational level and in your reality, and we are quite grateful for the fact that Elias is willing to allow his consciousness to move aside and to allow us to interact with each of you and to use his physical attributes. We would also suggest that the intent of the group intensifies our opportunity to enter into your vibrational level, and it is not all Elias’ doing but rather is indeed intensified and magnified by the intent of the group. And so it is that when we interact with you each time we ask that you would open your heart chakras and express the intent to allow for a further thinning of the veil to enhance that ability for us to step down through the vibrations or to raise up through the vibrations, whichever you choose to use as an analogy for us to have this interaction with each of you.

So, what you are experiencing and what we are expressing through our friend is not necessarily from Elias’ higher self, but we are a separate entity. That does not mean that many of the messages we give are not influenced by Elias’ belief systems, but we ask you to understand as well that they are influenced by each of your belief systems. We reflect back upon each of you the message that you desire to hear. And when you are involved in that telepathic exchange of information, many times the message is quite different than the message that we express through our friend Elias. And that is because the energy that is transferred down through the vibrations and is interacting with each of you is an exchange of thoughts and feelings. It is an interaction with that portion of you that you desire to have an interaction with from your conscious state.

Again, we suggest that you pay attention to those intuitive suggestions that you receive, to the hunches that you get, and to learn to discern which ones are your imagination and which ones are an interaction from your higher self, from the Piece of the One that you are. You see, it is inseparable from you. The messages are within you. All of the information that you desire is within each of you. You have but to learn to access it.

Now, it is rather ironic that many of you feel as Elias is involved in this channeling process, that he somehow has a unique connection to his higher self, and we would suggest that is not quite so. Although many of you who may have been involved with him on a more personal level may be somewhat mystified by some of his abilities to have his reality occur around him, we suggest, however, that is not unique. Each of you has that capacity. It is not as a result of our interacting through him, but more as a result of his years of meditating and of becoming in contact with who and what he truly is.

So, when we express to you these ideas and our messages, we would ask you to understand that it is influenced not only by Elias’ belief systems, but by the belief systems of all of the entities that are involved in our interaction, and that we are, as Joshiah, a multidimensional personality equal to each and every one of you multidimensional personalities. We are no less and no more than what you are.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Yes. And lastly, self-love on a conscious level is hard, I think it is hard to obtain (inaudible) I mean, like you said, you can love all the good things about yourself, but there are parts of yourself that are hard, that you think on a conscious level are hard to love, so I am wondering to get to self-love—truly, like, wholly self-love—do you just have to express the intent, and then meditate on it and it will come?

Joshiah: Love is a state of being, and a state of doing. There are things that you do in order to put yourself into a state of being, of experiencing certain feelings. Now, to have self-love on a continual basis is a very difficult concept while you are in your consciousness state, absolutely. We are suggesting that that is a position which you attempt to obtain, but not necessarily one which you will experience constantly.

It is similar to our suggesting that it is possible for you, while in the consciousness state, to experience the understanding of who and what you truly are, to get a glimpse of the now, if you wish. But to continuously have that experience in your consciousness state is a very difficult concept. Similarly, to absolutely feel self-love one hundred percent of the time while in your consciousness state is not something that is impossible, but it is indeed very difficult for you to attain. What we are suggesting is that you strive towards understanding and experiencing self-love.

Once again, love is a state of being and a state of doing. You do various things for the purposes of creating and experiencing various feelings. You give to yourself, for example, for the purposes of experiencing joy or for the purposes of experiencing gratitude or for the purposes of experiencing security. You trust yourself. You allow yourself to know who and what you truly are for the purposes of having those various experiences. And so, love is a state of being and a state of doing. And you do certain things for yourself and for others in order to facilitate, in order to encourage, those feelings of security and of joy and of trust and of understanding and of knowing.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I have a question on behalf of my husband. He asked me to ask this. I have telepathically asked you. The answer I got is that, “The answer is within yourself.” How does he go about bringing that out?

Joshiah: So many times we suggest that the answer is within yourself. (Chuckles) Now, again, to express and to give to you various techniques, while they can assist you for a very short period of time, may not be of assistance in the long periods of time. However, that allowing your consciousness to shift, and expressing the intent to interact with your higher self and to interact with the entities who would assist you in bringing forth from your consciousness into your reality that which it is you desire, is a technique which can be very beneficial, and it is one which we encourage each time that we channel and interact with you.

Now, once again, there is no time and there is no space. They are illusions. They are illusions within your consciousness state within this vibrational level that you create for the purposes of giving legitimacy to this reality you are experiencing. When you close your eyes and allow your consciousness to shift, and when you express the intent to interact with other entities that exist in other vibrational levels, you have the capacity to bring that interaction into your consciousness state. You can, while you are in that altered state of consciousness, have that interaction not only with other entities but indeed with your higher self. And through various methods of, for some, visualization; for some, hearing voices; for some, simply receiving ideas or thoughts, you can bring into your consciousness state that which you desire to have, that which you desire to understand.

So much of your reality creation process is based upon belief systems. (Inaudible) The meditative techniques that we suggest, for the most part, are techniques which have been in existence for centuries, so to speak, from the beginning of your Atlantean periods. There are also—within your consciousness and within your human consciousness belief systems—the beliefs that this meditative process is a difficult one. There is the belief that it is very difficult to alter your consciousness to that state where you can have that interaction. And you see, so long as you have that belief, then it is very difficult and you do experience problems in having that transference of your consciousness so that you can see that information, so that you can have that interaction.

Ironically, for those who do achieve that transformation, for those who have stepped beyond that belief system that it is difficult, they find it rather easy to go into a meditative state and to have that interaction. And for some it is, once again, visualizations, and for some it is a thought process, or a hearing of voices, and for some it is a combination of all three. It doesn’t really matter what you see. It doesn’t really matter what you hear. What matters is what you believe when you have completed the process, and that you get an understanding of what it is that you desire to hear.

So, again, we hesitate to suggest that there are methods that would work to accomplish the feat that you desire. However, that simple message and that simple method of closing your eyes and sitting quietly and allowing your consciousness to shift, and expressing the intent to receive information can be a very powerful and a very helpful technique to develop.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I also have another question. I see different times, in almost dream time, I see myself in a certain place, and I am wondering is that in this “here and now” lifetime? Is it a previous lifetime? Or is it a future one?

Joshiah: Again, so many of your perceptions and so many of your memories from your dream states are distorted. They are distorted because when you are in your consciousness state, were you to have an absolute recall of all of the events and all of the happenings that you are participating in in your dream state, it would be incomprehensible for you to hold that within your consciousness. As we have suggested before, you would be termed as being someone who was insane. And it would definitely drive you to insanity to attempt to sort that all out.

So, you have a built-in safety mechanism, so to speak, that when you come back into this consciousness state, you bring back very distorted memories of what your experiences were in your dream state. And many times that memory you bring back is a repetition of other memories of other dreams; however, we would suggest that is not an accurate reflection of the dream. In other words, because you bring back the same memory each time does not mean that you were experiencing the same dream. And if you as individuals—and we are referring now to each of you within the human consciousness state—would learn to take some of your consciousness into that dream state for the purposes of manipulating that dream, you would find that the memory that you bring back would not be the same memory. It does not mean that it would not be more distorted or less distorted than what the first memory was. Simply that it would be a different memory of that dream.

So again, when you ask is that from a lifetime in a previous or future [time], you are asking a question based upon a linear time frame, based upon a distorted perception of a dream. You exist in the now. While you are in that dream state, you are in the now. All of your interactions and all of your incarnations are occurring simultaneously. Past and future are an illusion. They are an illusion that you experience in your consciousness, not in your altered dream state. And so there is no past or future in your dream state. It all occurs simultaneously. It all interacts with each other. And each incarnation is as important as the other. And they all are interacting with this incarnational period, as this incarnational period is interacting and influencing all of the others. And so there is no past or present or future. There is only the now.

You have within your human consciousness the understanding and the belief that you can alter your future but not your past. Ironically, there is no future or past; you can only exist in the now. In your dreams, and when you are in your dream state, you understand that concept, absolutely. And when you are in that dream state, you do experience the now. Each of you can bring back into your consciousness memories of your dreams—especially when you are lucid dreaming—that seemed to have spanned many lifetimes, or at least certainly have spanned this entire lifetime. And when you bring it back into your consciousness you believe that was an illusion—how could you experience all of those lifetimes within the short period that you were dreaming? However, we assure you that the dream was not the illusion, that this consciousness state is the illusion. And you can alter it if you wish. (Inaudible) very illusionary.

(Tape ends. There were no more questions for this session.)

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