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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

December 2, 2001

Q and A

Joshiah: … your vibrational level and express our gratitude for your presenting this opportunity for us to once again interact with you and to share with you. We continue to express these terms of gratitude and of welcoming to each of you because indeed for us it is a very precious and a very anticipated, so to speak, interaction. And while we never really are separated from you by a time or a space, nonetheless, in order to have an interaction with you that is comprehensible for you, we agree to honor and operate within that linear time frame that you believe in and that forms such a large part of this reality you are experiencing. So, while seemingly insignificant for us to repeat those phrases, it nonetheless indicates the true appreciation that we feel for these opportunities you present to us, and we have no difficulty in repeating phrases and reinforcing within each of you the gratitude that we feel.

As well, for us to continue to suggest that if you choose to alter your consciousness and to express the intent, that there are indeed those entities who are quite willing and indeed quite anxious to interact with you on that silent level. While it may seem repetitious, from our perspective it is nonetheless important, for that is the opportunity for you to have that one-on-one type of interaction, if you wish. We would also suggest to you, that because there is no time or space, that you have but to express the intent to shift your consciousness ever so slightly, and that opportunity for that interaction is available for you at any time, and indeed that interaction does occur. While you may feel that you have somehow missed that interaction, we assure you that at some level within your consciousness and within your subconsciousness that interaction most certainly does occur, and that the results of those interactions will come to you when you express the desire and experience the need to have that interaction come into your consciousness in the forms of intuitive suggestions or nudges or those hunches that we have suggested you pay attention to. They are indeed the result of your higher self interacting with your consciousness in order to offer you the opportunity to create your reality consciously, to have the understanding at the conscious level of the belief systems that you hold, in order to alter them and in order to alter the reality you are experiencing, and your perception of the reality you are experiencing.

So, we continue to suggest to you and to encourage you to actively participate in that silent communication, in that telepathic exchange of information that occurs with other entities who are within this sacred time and space that you have created, and indeed interaction with that multidimensional personality that you are, each and every one of you. Now, we would be quite willing to attempt to answer any questions you may have for us at this time.

Questioner: I enjoy your channelings, although sometimes I notice that I feel some anger while you are giving the messages. I’m wondering why I would feel angry?

Joshiah: A short time ago we spoke of anger, and of the experience of that emotion. Now, when you experience anger, it is similar to when you experience fear. Although the two emotions are separate and not necessarily interconnected with each other, there is an underlying connection between the two which at first seems to escape you, and that is when you feel that particular emotion, it’s an indication that somehow you are experiencing a reality you do not feel responsible for, and that you somehow feel that you are not in control. It’s an indicator that there is indeed a perception of a reality that somehow is beyond your capacity to alter.

We deliver a message that you request to hear. You see, we do not come to give you information that you do not have within yourselves, that you do not have the capacity to access within yourselves. Yet you desire to hear it from channeled information and, from that perspective, if you wish to hear it in the form of words, we are quite willing to assist you, and at times to humor you, in presenting to you knowledge that you already understand and know.

But at times, when you experience some of that knowledge it and hear it in the consciousness state, it does not ring true within your conscious understanding of this reality you are experiencing, and it causes you to feel anger. It causes you to feel that you do not necessarily agree with that particular piece of information. And more importantly, at some level within your consciousness and within your subconsciousness, you understand that it is indeed a truism that we reflect back to you in information that you desire, and it is truth based upon your present understanding and belief system. And because there is that conflict within your subconsciousness of recognizing that, “Yes, I understand and accept that,” and yet within the consciousness, the difficulty in presenting it and bringing it into your day-to-day activities causes a conflict and it causes anger.

Again, we suggest that you pay attention to those particular emotions, for they can be triggers. They can be the indicators that at some level there exists a belief system, which is responsible for a reality you are experiencing, that you can benefit from changing. Now, we’re not suggesting that you must change it—that’s your choice. And we’re not suggesting that you do away with the anger, or that you eliminate those feelings—that’s your choice. That’s an emotion that you choose to create and that’s a reality which you choose to create, based upon your belief systems.

However, we ask you to understand that the information we give is information which you desire to hear. We do not present to you information that you do not, at some level, set up the arrangements and the agreements to hear so that you can bring into your consciousness more of the understanding of who and what you truly are, and of the process of this reality creation so that you can change it.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I was wondering when I ran into the individual, in a dream, who said, “You can’t do that,” you said that I was altering some belief systems, and some of them quite complex. Can you indicate what those belief systems were?

Joshiah: (Chuckles) Now, you are asking us, once again, to give you indications of a belief system, and you are asking us to present to you those belief systems and conversely, opposite belief systems. We would suggest to you that it would be more beneficial for you to understand those belief systems from your own perspective, and that for us to continue to give you belief systems beyond the three basic belief systems that we have suggested you hold as truisms, is outside of the scope of our intent. And we do not, in any way, wish to influence—beyond those three beliefs—this reality you are experiencing. By choosing to not influence, we are also choosing to not put the limitations upon your reality.

So we would suggest [to you] that indeed you were and are working with altering belief systems, but it is more beneficial for you to discover those belief systems from within yourselves. You can use the indicators we have presented to you, and to hold indeed the belief system that you are creators of your reality, that you are a Piece of the One, and that you cannot fail. When you hold that belief system, and when you base all of your other perceptions upon that belief system, suddenly the belief systems that you are putting importance upon, that at times are causing you discomfort in your dream states, not to mention within this consciousness reality you are experiencing, somehow become insignificant. And when they become insignificant and you begin to get a glimpse of how illusionary and how imaginary they are, it becomes much easier for you to alter them. So, we will not delve into individual belief systems beyond the three that we would suggest that it’s important for you to hold. We would not read your mind for you. (Chuckles)

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I had a dream recently that seemed so very, very real. And I’m wondering if you can you tell me, is this going to happen?

Joshiah: Now, it’s rather ironic that all of your dreams happen. (Chuckles) When you dream, as we have suggested so many times, it is a process of setting in place the agreements and the contracts to create the reality you are about to experience, and is indeed based upon belief systems that you hold.

The dream complex, that particular activity, is beyond your capacity to understand within the consciousness level, due to your establishing the veil that we speak of so frequently. As a result, the memories of that dream that you bring back with you into this reality when you regain what you feel is consciousness—when you move further away from the understanding of who and what you truly are—become very distorted. That dream is not remembered in the context of the arrangements that were made, of the agreements and the contracts that were made while you were in that dream state. So what you bring back is always a distorted message, so to speak.

Now—and we would suggest this to each of you—when you begin to believe that what you are dreaming and what are bringing back is real, when you begin to believe that it is a prophecy on your future, then you begin to create the reality to support the belief system. So when you bring back a distorted image from a dream, and yet you bring it back and it seems so clear—you seem to retain that memory because it was such a crystal clear memory—we would suggest to you that even in those circumstances, it is distorted. Should you hold the belief, however, that that is real, and as being real, it is indeed a forecast prophecy of your future, and you believe that strongly enough, most certainly you will create that particular circumstance to support the belief system.

Now, again, the general concept, or an imaginary concept, should you have an idea or a remembrance of a dream, if you believe that is indeed real, if you believe that is somehow a premonition of your future, then you can create that reality. It’s that simple. When you can imagine it, and desire it, and hold it as being real, you can create it. On the other hand, when you have those particular remembrances of dreams and if they are not desirable, and then you believe and hold the belief that they are distorted perceptions of your future and you do not wish to bring that particular distorted version of your future into your reality, and you hold that belief, then you will not create the reality to support the belief from the dream. So when you ask the question, “Will this particular reality come into being,” within your day-to-day activities, we would ask the question, “What do you believe?” For it is based upon your beliefs that you would create the reality.

However, once again, the remembrance of your dreams is not an accurate portrayal of what you were actually participating in and active in while you were in the dream state. No matter how clear or how vivid it seems to be, you continuously alter, you continuously filter out the remembrances. For we assure you that the memory of that rather complex interaction would be beyond your comprehension within the consciousness state, and were you to bring back all of that particular understanding and attempt to hold it into the consciousness, you would be in what you may term as a state of insanity. You would be out of touch, so to speak, with this illusionary reality that you experience while you are in the consciousness state.

So, when you bring back that memory of a dream, understand that it has been altered and distorted in order for you to comprehend it within this consciousness state and for you to get a glimpse and an understanding that you were dreaming. And it offers you the opportunity through that understanding to enter into your dream states and, from the consciousness state, to manipulate that particular dreaming activity. However, again, what you bring back, that memory of that dream, is distorted and is not necessarily an accurate portrayal of what you are about to experience in this particular reality, in the consciousness state of your reality.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I was just wondering about reincarnation. If a child dies and they’re young, and they reincarnate, is that child recognizable to the other members of the family that he might choose to incarnate with?

Joshiah: Now, we are going to touch upon belief systems here in order to give you a sensible answer. For again, we suggest that incarnations occur in the now, and that you have indeed interacted with and are presently interacting with many other entities who are members of your family and are associates in various other incarnational periods.

However, now, if you would, within your consciousness, look at these children when they are first born and you first are supposedly meeting them, when you look into the depth of their eyes, there is a recognition there. There is a recognition and a connection which takes place, which you feel when it occurs that it is an absolute connection. It’s a knowing and an understanding and a recognition of this entity. But then, of course, your rational mind begins to enter into the picture and you begin to say, “Oh, that was just my imagination,” or, “That was rather a pleasant feeling. I really love this child. I almost feel like I have met them before, but, of course, you know that’s not really possible, is it?” Well, we’re suggesting that not only is it really possible, but it is occurring and does occur on a regular basis. Entities have a tendency to continue to interact, to continue to reincarnate, if you wish to attempt to use that linear time frame, with various groups that they have interacted with many times before.

From the position of the understanding that you are experiencing a multitude of incarnations in the now, then it becomes much easier for you to comprehend that the entities that you are interacting with within this incarnational period are indeed, in many circumstances and instances, entities that you are interacting with in a various number of other incarnational periods. And it should come as no surprise that so-called entities who have passed away within this particular incarnation period would reincarnate supposedly in a different body for that purposes of continuing the interaction.

It may come as rather a surprise for you to understand that as a result of having a multidimensional personality it’s possible for you to experience more than one incarnation within this particular incarnational period, within this particular linear time frame that you have established. And it’s possible for you to be interacting with two different groups of family types of individuals, all occurring simultaneously. The fact that it is occurring within the particular linear time frame gives it no more credibility than understanding that you are interacting with these multitude of entities in other incarnational periods in a various amount of linear time frames.

So, to answer your question quite simply, yes, it’s entirely possible for entities who have passed on, be they elders or children, to reincarnate while you are continuing to exist within this incarnational period. And it’s entirely probable that you will feel a very deep connection with that individual when you first interact with them. We would suggest that you do not set aside that connection and feel that it was imaginary, but rather you reverse the process, and feel and understand and believe that it is indeed a true and real connection. Would you allow your imagination to expand, you can get that telepathic interaction and communication to give you an understanding of which particular entities and which particular activities you participated with, and which roles you played with this individual in other incarnational periods.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Last night, it felt like I woke up yelling. That’s all I remember. I don’t remember dreaming. Then I went right back to sleep again. Can you tell me what that was about?

Joshiah: Again, you create your reality during the dream state, most certainly. You set in place the contracts and the agreements. You set in place the contracts and the agreements to experience those circumstances that will allow you to experience fear, if you wish, or to experience anger, or to experience love, or to experience any other various emotion that you wish to bring into your reality. And at times there is that bleed-through of that particular process of reality creation, and you bring it back into this consciousness state.

At times, when your consciousness is interacting in that dream state, to a certain extent it becomes very real to you and you can indeed begin to experience those emotions and those feelings while you are in the state of establishing the agreements and the contracts to bring it into your experience. And when this happens, many times you can awaken from a dream, feeling that anxiousness or at times feeling the joy of a very desirable type of experience, and not have within the consciousness state any remembrance of the particular activity or the particular agreements or contracts that you were setting in place to bring that reality into your day-to-day experiences. We would suggest this was indeed that type of an interaction, that type of an agreement and contract setting, to bring those particular realities into your day-to-day activities.

Now, again, you exist in this linear time frame where you feel there’s a beginning and an end, and a beginning and an end. When you are in that dream state, however, we assure you that you are much closer to understanding the concept of the now. And while you may feel that you are creating the realities for in your future, when you exist in the now there is no future. The future and the past and the present run together, and there is only the now. So those dream states that you feel are happening in this particular linear time frame can be dream states that are influencing and affecting your past as well as your future.

Again, from the concept of the now it becomes very difficult to explain that when you are in that dream state you are in an altered state of consciousness and have no perception of this linear time frame, and it all occurs in the now. The dreams are all simultaneous. A difficult concept for you to accept, especially when there are other entities who are continuing the illusion of the linear time frame and are continuing to experience that time frame while you are in the sleep state and supposedly participating in the linear time frame from an altered state of consciousness. However, we would suggest that when you are in that altered state of consciousness, you have no perception of the time. Not only do you have no perception of the time, you have no perception of the date. You have no perception of this linear time frame. You have no perception of the past, or of the future, but only of the now.

So, it all exists simultaneously. And when you are setting in place those contracts—while we have left you with the illusion that you are setting in place those contracts for your next day’s adventures—we would suggest, however, that they can indeed be agreements and contracts that influence your past as well.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I have a question that was mentioned in an area of the channeling, and I have also been wondering about it. You say that we influence our other incarnations all the time and that we essentially change our history and our future. My question is, as we bring through this transformation and we begin to create consciously here—a couple of questions—are all of our incarnations going to begin to create consciously? And the other question is, if we create the peace through these peacemakers in our future, does our history change and are all of our other incarnations peaceful at that point too?

Joshiah: Very interesting question. Now again, we perceive the concept of the now, and it is a very difficult concept to try to explain to you. However, in what you refer to as your past, when you came into these incarnational periods, when you formed this vibrational level, you had set in place the agreements to terminate and you had set in place this agreement that there would be a linear time frame and that there would be a beginning and an end. And now you have altered that particular belief system.

As we have suggested, you are entering into this new age and into the new energy, and you are beginning to enter into a time frame—and we hesitate to use that particular phrase, but there are no others—you are beginning to enter into a time frame when you shall create consciously, and you shall create with the understanding of a perception of the now. And when you create from the now, there is no perception of the future or of the past, but it is a continual evolving type of creation that continues to fold back in upon itself, so to speak, and continues to have one influencing the other, and yet it is always changing, it is always expanding, it is always choosing to experience new feelings. The purpose of that creation and that expansion of creation is to experience those feelings and to create the circumstances that allow you to experience those feelings.

Now, as you enter into this new age and into this new energy, you shall indeed have that capacity to create consciously while existing behind a veil. You shall have that capacity, should you continue on your present understanding and belief systems, to have a concept of the now, if only momentary glimpses of that truism that it is the now. And when that occurs, then you shall indeed be able to alter your reality at a whim, if you wish, because it is all illusionary.

Now, you are asking us if that will influence all of your past incarnations, and we would suggest to you that most certainly it will. Now, how will that influence be? That depends upon your belief systems. At that time, it depends upon what you desire. And as free individuals, as Pieces of the One who are free to make the choices and hold belief systems to create the reality that you experience, the answer to your question is impossible for us to give or for you to give yourselves. It’s within your capacity to create whatever reality you desire.

As we have suggested before, this is a rather exciting time from our particular vibrational level or from our vantage point, for you are about to enter into a time frame, if you wish to use that linear experience and understanding, where you shall have the capacity to create with the understanding of who and what you are, with the understanding of a concept of the now, and yet still exist within this linear time frame, still exist within this veil, within this vibrational level that is limited through that veil, that has these restrictions maintained with an electromagnetic type of energy that limits interference from other entities existing outside of your vibrational level.

There is indeed no entity throughout your vibrational level or throughout all of the vibrational levels that can answer the questions that you ask. For it shall be your capacity to create the reality that you desire consciously, and you are taking away all those predictions, those established belief systems, that allowed prophets to accurately predict your future. Those types of predictions shall no longer be valid, and it becomes impossible for any entity to answer your questions that you desire the answers for, to predict your future.

You are indeed the creators of your reality and you have the capacity to create whatever reality it is that you desire. When you understand that capacity, then you understand how illusionary this reality is, and how impossible it is to predict what your belief systems will be and what your choices will be and what feelings it is that you will desire to experience.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I have another question that someone has e-mailed me and it is quite lengthy, so I will just read it, if you could answer her or not. She says, “I understand you are able to experience the intensity of the range of feelings we experience, which are much more intense than it is possible for you to create. Since we created this reality for the purposes of allowing us to experience those so-called negative range of feelings and positive range of feelings, what purpose is there in coming to believe that we create our own reality and therefore no longer feel the range and depth of emotions we now experience. Is it possible to have it both ways at once?”

And then there is a little part where she says, “From this conversation, I gather we do not aspire to your existence, with your loving, peaceful, gentle, reality where you expand from a position of total love, but that our ultimate goal is to be able to simultaneously create consciously and experience with the same range and depth as before, or is it to continue to flail around in this morass and from time to time be able to access the understanding of our creation?”

Joshiah: You create this reality, most certainly. But you see, you have the concept and you have the belief that because at times it’s a less than desirable reality—that you experience these negative emotions of fear and anger—that somehow you are not creating from a position of love. But you see, all of creation is from a position of love. There is no other way to create. There is not an evil force that must be overcome by love in order for love to dominate; but, rather, you are love. You are a Piece of the One, you create from a position of love, as we create from a position of love. You simply choose to hide from that understanding. You simply choose to put in place a veil that makes this reality, which is so illusionary, seem real.

As we have explained so many times, you do that for the purposes of allowing you to experience a broader range of feelings from your consciousness state that was not possible, and is not possible, for us from our conscious understanding of who and what we are and that we do create from a position of love. And we understand, most certainly, that you similarly create from a position of love. You do not create from any other position—it’s not possible. You are a Piece of the One. You are a Piece of love. You can only create from love. You can hide from that, and you do a very effective job of that by creating this vibrational level where you have that electromagnetic type of energy that you have chosen to experience, that you have chosen to create.

Now, the question is what will happen when you have an understanding that you create from that position of love. Well, again we go back to the former question to suggest to you that indeed there exists the possibility that you shall have that understanding consciously, that you shall consciously get a grasp of this reality creation process, and therefore be able to alter it, but at the same time be maintaining a veil. To what extent that reality creation will affect this reality you are experiencing, we cannot answer you. For that is indeed existing in the now; it is ever-changing, it is ever-expanding.

You see, creation cannot be explained in a linear time frame. To suggest that when you reach a certain point, suddenly this is what will occur, and when you reach that point, something else will occur—that’s the progression that you use in your scientific community to prove and to expand upon to the next discovery, be it discovery in areas of your problems and concerns related to health, or in other areas such as your discovery of the planetary systems within your vibrational level—that’s a linear time frame. That’s a human concept of how things must progress, and we suggest to you that does not occur from the position of the now. And we do not create from that understanding. Yet it does not mean that creation is stagnant, but rather that it is ever-changing, ever-expanding.

Now, what will happen when you have that understanding consciously? Again, you are asking us to prophesize what you will be experiencing within this vibrational level, and we cannot do that for we do not have that answer. You do not within you have that answer. That’s a portion of expanding creation.

Any entity that attempts to give you an answer to that is simply stroking your ego. They are putting in place for you suggestions as to what you are to experience. And they are, to a point, influencing what your choices and what your belief systems will be when you reach that point. Should you listen to that and believe it and hold it as a truism, then you are, in a sense, giving up some of your responsibility. You are, in a sense, limiting your own reality creation process by accepting another’s belief systems rather than understanding that you create your reality and you have the possibility to alter it by altering your belief systems. And when you hear a belief system that does not ring true to you, understand that beliefs are illusionary. You can change them.

When you believe that you are the creators of your reality and that you cannot fail, then you understand that the illusionary reality is based upon illusionary belief systems, and you can change them so you can create whatever it is that you desire. And if you desire to have, at the conscious level, the understanding of who and what you are and the understanding that you create from a position of love, and you believe that it’s possible for you to have that, then you can have it. You can have whatever you want. There are no limitations except the limitations that you place upon yourselves.

So the answer to that question is, “What do you believe?” How many limitations do you wish to place upon your reality by limiting your belief systems? The choice is yours. It always has been yours. Understand that you already create from a position of love. There is no other way to create. You create from a position of a Piece of the One. A Piece of the One is love.

Does that answer your question?

(End of questions. We thank Joshiah and others.)

Again, we would like to thank you. For indeed it has been a very enjoyable afternoon and we are most grateful for these opportunities that you present to us, so we would suggest to you that most certainly the gratitude is ours. We look forward to the next opportunity that we have to interact with you and to share with each of you. And until that time, we would wish you farewell, with love and with peace.

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