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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

November 17, 2001

Q and A

Joshiah: … to each of you for creating this opportunity for us to interact with you in your reality. We would remind you before we begin that indeed there are a multitude of entities that are within this sacred space that you have created who are quite anxious for that opportunity to have that silent interaction with you, to telepathically communicate with you, and to share with you.

Many times there is the feeling that there has not been that communication take place, there’s nothing that occurred, that you haven’t really experienced anything. You feel that you expressed the intent, you closed your eyes and shifted your consciousness, but you don’t really remember any interaction or feel there has been a communication take place. But we assure you that interaction is real, that sharing is real.

Now, we’re not suggesting for an instant that these entities have information which is superior to the knowledge you contain within each and every one of who and what you truly are. You see, to suggest that the entities existing outside of your vibration level somehow have access to knowledge which is not accessible by your own higher selves is to once again suggest that you are not in control. When these entities interact with you, they assist you in bringing that knowledge that is contained within each and every one of you to a level where you can access it. You may not feel that that has occurred, but at some time as you are in your day-to-day activities, you shall begin to experience more of what you would call the coincidences, those intuitive nudges and suggestions that come seemingly from somewhere outside of your consciousness. The information that you desire is brought up, it’s brought forth withinside yourselves and you can experience it, and you can use it, and it can assist you to create the reality you desire.

As you learn to pay attention to those hunches, those intuitive suggestions, and you learn to act upon them and to react to them, you will find that you can begin to create your reality more consciously. And you will begin to experience those intuitive nudges on a more continuous basis and they shall begin to appear when you desire them, when you need them the most, to create the reality you desire. So that interaction, that silent communication, is not entities somehow telling you information that you do not contain within yourself, but rather they are assisting to bring that information into a level of your consciousness where you can access it. You see, when we express through the use of the vocabulary, the information that we share with you is information, is knowledge, that you contain within yourselves. You see, we tap into it, so to speak. We have that telepathic communication with each of you, and we express back to you information that you contain within yourself.

You see, the veil that you have put in place does not dissipate because we simply have the option and the opportunity to come in and to interact with you, and give you a verbal exchange of information. That veil you have put in place restricts that type of interference. This is not suggesting we can’t interact with you, and it’s not suggesting for an instant that when you express that intent you can’t interact with other entities. Not at all. That interaction can, and most certainly does, occur. But you limit the information you receive. You put in place those restrictions that limit outside interference. And the information that’s given to you is information that you desire to bring forth from within yourselves. For you see, the answers to the questions that you have are within each of you.

You see, you don’t just create this reality, and then experience it without the opportunity of controlling it. Again, that would be to suggest that you don’t have the capacity to create your reality. But, rather, you create your reality and if you don’t like it, you have the capacity to change it. You have the capacity to bring forth from withinside yourself the necessary information that would allow you to identify and alter the belief systems that are resulting in the reality you experience.

When you created this particular vibrational level and when you stepped into and chose to participate in it, through what you may refer to as an evolution of creation—now, we use the term evolution for your convenience, and we will explain there is not evolution in terms of the now, but for convenience of allowing you to understand what we are attempting to express—we would suggest that you created this particular vibrational level through a series of steps, through a series of what you would refer to as time progressions. If you wish to understand and to get the information on what those time lines were, we’ve given that several times, and it’s available to you—you have but ask members of this particular group who could supply you with that information, so we’re not going to spend the time this evening talking about it. But rather, we are going to suggest to you that there were various periods. There was the Lemurian period, the Atlantean period, and there was the pre-Egyptian periods and the Egyptian periods, and then what you would call the pre-Christian periods and the biblical times. If you were of a different religion, we could use other particular time frames to explain to you that there was some type of evolution, but we think you get the idea. And if you wish to know the terms and the occurrences and the progression of your existence and maintenance of the veil within those time frames, again we suggest that that information’s available to you from a member of this group.

However, when you began to establish this veil, there were some very important, significant types of what we call human consciousness agreements that you put in place, that you agreed to maintain as you existed within this vibrational level. One of them was the maintenance and establishment of the veil. Another very important human consciousness belief system you hold is that there is a linear time frame, that there is a beginning and there is an end. So you create a past and a present and a future because it makes sense for you to be able to logically explain your existence within this vibrational level when you do not have the conscious understanding of who and what you truly are. When you do not consciously understand the concept of the now, it’s a very difficult concept to explain, but we will attempt to give you a type of explanation.

The other major belief system that you agreed to exist within was that there is space, that there exists space between objects within your vibrational level. At times it’s difficult for us to wrap our particular consciousness around those ideas, and to express to you in terms that you can grasp and understand. For you see, there is no time. There is no beginning or end. It is all in the now. We’re not referring to the type of now where you have your consciousness simply focused on one particular item and therefore you are in the now. We’re suggesting that all occurs in the now.

You believe you are in this linear time frame that you exist in, and that there is a beginning and an end, and a beginning and an end. You can apply that to your various incarnation periods and to your between incarnation periods, and you can apply it to the evolution of your Earth system. You can apply it to the evolution of your entire planetary system. You can make sense of it all because you can indeed look at the past, and have a progression into the present, and therefore feel that there is a future. However, we would suggest to you that it all exists in the now. Again, it is a very difficult concept to attempt to have you understand that it all exists in the now.

When we say that it all exists in the now, we are suggesting that the past and the present and the future all exist in the now. Now, you feel at this time that you can make decisions that have influence on and can affect your future. That’s a given. You belief that and you can accept that quite readily. The difficult task is to believe that the decisions and the choices that you make can also affect your past; that you can alter your past. It is difficult to believe that all of the incarnational periods are existing simultaneously, that one influences the other, and that you are a multidimensional personality who, while you are in the consciousness state, is simply dwelling upon this particular incarnational period. You are existing in the now, and you experience all these particular incarnational periods simultaneously. So, as you have the opportunity to affect the future, you can also affect your past, for it all exists in the now.

Again, that’s a difficult concept to have you grasp and understand. It’s one of the most difficult concepts for you to grasp and understand, and that lends credibility to this particular vibrational level you have created. For you to feel that you can have an influence upon your past is indeed a very difficult concept for you to grasp. And yet, you have but to get an understanding that you are the creators of your reality and you can get a grasp of that understanding that if you can create your future, then you can also alter your past.

Now, when we suggest to you that all of the incarnational periods occur simultaneously and you are (inaudible) that multidimensional personality, you can also get a grasp of the concept that you experience both genders simultaneously. So, many times when we are asked a question involving a particular relationship or interaction from your particular perspective of your understanding within this vibrational level within this incarnational period of what sex you are, we quite often respond in a manner where we understand the full complexity of who and what you are and we see both sexes. So the answer sometimes becomes rather contradictory in terms of your understanding from the consciousness level who and what you truly are.

When you begin to understand that you exist in the now, that all of the incarnations are occurring simultaneously, then you begin to understand that you have the capacity to alter all of the incarnational periods. You see, you have existed in what we have termed the old energy. Within the old energy, you created your reality primarily from your between incarnation states, your sleep state, and for some, your meditative states. It was in those altered states of consciousness—and continues to be within those altered states of consciousness—that you make the agreements, what you would refer to as the contracts, with other entities to create the particular experiences that you are involved in.

When you set in place those contracts and those agreements in that old energy, it was possible for you to set in place many of those contracts from that altered state of consciousness that we refer to as the between incarnation states. Again, you look at that as a linear time frame, feeling that at times you are indeed absent from your existence within your Earth system, that you are on what you refer to as the other side. And within the old energy, it is in that state—what you refer to as the other side—that you have the capacity to bring in belief systems that, depending upon the belief system, would have a direct and very positive or negative influence upon this reality that you are experiencing within this incarnational period.

You set in place belief systems within your subconsciousness that created many of the belief systems that you held at the conscious level within this particular incarnational period. Also, while you are in this incarnational period you are not aware at the conscious level of many of those belief systems that you put in place when you are in that between incarnational period, and so it becomes very difficult for you to alter that belief system. And in the old energy, indeed it was at times virtually impossible for you to alter that belief system. Many of the incarnational periods that you experienced—again based upon your linear time frame—were predetermined in that between incarnation state, and you set up the circumstances for you to experience the reality that you experienced while you were in this consciousness state. And you felt out of control. It was like, “I didn’t agree to this. I did not wish to set this up. You’re suggesting that I’m to blame for this type of reality that I’m experiencing?” Well, we would suggest, absolutely, you are responsible for it.

You set it up for the purposes of experiencing the feelings. You see, you create this reality for the purpose of experiencing feelings. When you look at your day-to-day activities, when you look at all of the particular realities that you attempt to create, when you get down to the bottom line of why you are creating this reality, it is for the purposes of experiencing feeling. You came into this particular setting on this particular day (referring to meditation seminar), and you spent many hours attempting to experience feeling. And you do that throughout your entire existence within this vibrational level. You set up circumstances, and you set up the particular day-to-day activities and realities that you experience, for the purposes of experiencing the feelings that you associate with that reality, based upon the belief systems that you hold.

Now, what is unique about this particular vibrational level is that the feelings are intense, because at the conscious level you do not believe that you create this reality. At the conscious level, you believe that this reality is real, that it’s not an illusion, and because it’s real to you, you feel that the feelings are real. They are very intense indeed. You see, we’ve used the analogy and we will use the analogy again—although analogies are poor at best—but we’ve used the analogy that when you were children and you first went into a movie theatre and you did not understand the process of movie production, you were mesmerized by what you saw on the screen, and it had very intense feelings to you. And when someone were to attempt to explain that it was not real, and you said, “Of course it’s real,” you experienced very intense feelings because you believed that what you were observing was real.

Now, as you continued to progress into this incarnational period, in what you would call your adulthood, and as you became more experienced, you began to realize that what you were visualizing on that screen was not real, that it was an illusion. Not only did you begin to realize that it was an illusion, but you even began to doubt when you were told that it was real, for you knew that it could be manipulated and could be an illusion. So, while you can still sit in that movie theatre and you can watch that projection upon that screen and you can experience all types of emotions and feelings, when you leave the movie theatre you understand absolutely that it was an illusion, and the feelings do not have the same intensity that they do when you are in the real world.

So, when you begin to understand that this particular reality is illusionary, then the intensity of the feelings is not nearly as strong. You created that veil, and you created that illusion for the purposes of experiencing those rather intense feelings. You created this linear time frame so that the illusion could become real, and so that you were not in control when you were in the consciousness state. Now, when you were in that between incarnation state in that old energy and you were setting in place those contracts and those agreements and you came into an incarnational period and experienced them, we’re not suggesting for a minute that you did not have the opportunity or that you did not indeed interact from your day-to-day activities and alter some of those experiences. For, most certainly, you have that capacity and you do it on a regular basis, and primarily you do it in that sleep state. You do it in that altered state of consciousness when you are dreaming.

Now, when you are in that dream state, you set up the agreements and the contracts and you interact with a multitude of entities. Not only do you interact with a multitude of entities who exist within this vibrational period that you interact with on a day-to-day basis, but you also interact with that portion which we refer to as the Piece of the One, that multidimensional personality that you are. And you also interact with those other, what you would call, portions of your multidimensional personality that are experiencing other incarnational periods simultaneously with this incarnational period.

So, when you are in that dream state, you once again alter your agreements and contracts to create the reality that you desire. And as you go through this particular state of consciousness, you indeed create those realities and those experiences. And in the old energy you had difficulty in altering that particular reality once you were involved in it. We’re not saying you couldn’t alter it, we’re saying you had difficulty. And when it was a reality which was extended and experienced over some expansion of your linear time frame, you could—through various methods and techniques—alter the belief systems, alter your understanding, and alter the reality, and alter your particular feelings and your particular reactions to that reality. But in the old energy it took time for you to do that, for you had set in place those human consciousness belief systems that you were somehow not responsible for creating this reality and this reality in the consciousness state is real and very difficult for you to alter.

Now, as you progressed on what you would term that evolution, there was a time when you had set in place agreements and contracts to terminate this particular vibrational reality that you are experiencing. And you have altered that termination, you have altered that agreement, most certainly. You are entering into what we refer to as the new age. You are entering into the new energy, where it shall be possible for you to create consciously. Now, that’s a rather interesting concept. Basically, what we are referring to is that you shall have the capacity to understand at the conscious level the belief systems and the contracts and the agreements that you put in place while you are in that dream state, and if you desire, you shall have the capacity to alter your perception of that reality, and to alter that reality consciously. Instantaneously, if you wish.

You see, when you are in that dream state, many of you now are beginning to learn to have the capacity to do what you refer to as lucid dreaming. You are having the capacity more and more to take your consciousness into that dream state and to manipulate consciously within that dream state in order to create the reality that you desire. Now, when you come back from that dream state, you bring back very distorted memories and images of what you actually were creating, what you were actually putting in place while you were in that dream state.

You see, if you were to remember it consciously, then you would lose that effect of creating that reality which allows you to experience those intense feelings. It would be like walking out of the movie theater and understanding that the particular movie that was just presented to you was illusionary, manipulated. If you were to have that particular understanding of your vibrational level on your consciousness, then this reality would be illusionary and it would lose its impact of allowing the very broad and deep range of feelings that you are capable of experiencing. For that is the reason why you created this vibrational level, to have the opportunity to experience those feelings without the understanding that you were the creator of your reality.

When you are in the consciousness state, you experience your reality on a day-to-day basis, and when you [are] at the end of the contracts and the agreements and the reality experiences that you have set in place during the dream state, you return to the dream state to plan your next day, so to speak, to plan your next reality creation. You see, you do not have to sleep in order to rest your body. You all understand, in fact, that if you do not use your body, it does not get stronger, but actually degenerates. And so if you wish to strengthen and build up your body, you do so by using it. And when you have used up the particular energy that is stored within each of your cells, then you rest in order to allow for those cells to dissipate the used-up energy, the waste materials. And you do not necessarily have to sleep for that to occur, you can simply rest. You see, you sleep to dream. You sleep to create this reality that you are experiencing.

Now, as you continue on this transformation into this new age and this new energy, as you make that choice—and by the way, it’s a choice you can make, and you don’t have to make it if you don’t want to; there’s no judgment whether you choose to remain in the old energy or in the new energy, and we will discuss that particular aspect in a moment—but as you progress into this transformation into the new age and the new energy, you shall begin to have that capacity to create the reality consciously. Some are already having the opportunity to get glimpses of that particular phenomenon—to have that capacity to dream, or to be in a dream-like state, while you are conscious.

As you begin to have that experience, and as you become more proficient at that particular type of experience, you will find that you require less sleep. You will find that you require less of the dream state. And you will find that sleeping what you thought was a regular eight hours of sleep that you once required in order for you to arise refreshed and ready to face the day, now leaves you arising feeling groggy. It’s like your mind has been working overtime in that dream state. And it’s actually that the mind has got sluggish in that dream state because you have already set in place the understandings that you can begin to create the reality consciously, and you can dream, if you wish, while you are in the conscious state. So the dream time that comes within your sleep state, within that altered state of consciousness, is not nearly as necessary as it was in the old energy.

Now, entering into the new age and into the new energy is an individual choice, and there is no judgment if you do or do not decide to make that alteration. Once again, as a human consciousness you have agreed to alter the energy, the very make-up of this vibrational level that you exist in. And, again, it’s an illusionary reality, it’s not a space thing, it’s not a huge concept to alter the energy within an area where there is no space. It’s not a difficult concept. But when you begin to apply to your understanding of space, then it becomes almost phenomenal. But it’s not that way at all. It’s rather a simple concept that you have the capacity to alter the energy within the vibrational level that you exist at. You have, as a human consciousness, agreed to this new age and this new energy advancement. As long as you continue, as a human consciousness, to hold that belief and understanding, then you shall continue this transformation into the new age and into the new energy.

There are those who will choose to remain in the old energy. And there is no judgment on that. However, you will then believe in reincarnation. You will believe that there are incarnational periods, and there is this time when you are between incarnation periods and then you reincarnate. And based upon that belief system, you create realities to support that understanding and that belief system. And so those entities who choose to remain, while in the consciousness state, in the old energy, shall indeed pass into that between incarnation state, and during that time they shall become very much aware of this transformation into the new age and new energy that has and is occurring within your vibrational level. And when they reincarnate, when they choose to return to this consciousness level, there is a very strong possibility that they will come in with that understanding that they are indeed in the new age and new energy. They shall have the capacity to create their reality consciously.

Many within your vibrational level have referred to these particular children as the indigo children. That’s a phrase that has been used to describe the type of aura that seems to exist around those entities. We would suggest to you, however, that that’s not necessarily absolutely true. Just because [there are] entities who are existing and coming into your vibrational level who do not have that particular type of aura does not mean that they have not made the choice to enter into the new age and the new energy.

Now, as you continue on this particular evolution that you refer to in your linear time frame, there exists—once again, based upon your present understanding and belief systems—the possibility that you will eventually evolve to the point where the entities who are reincarnating will be entities that are involved in the new age and in the new energy type of creation, and the new entities who have chosen to exist in the old energy will become extinct, so to speak, as you continue on that evolution.

Now, there’s another rather interesting phenomenon that exists—should you continue on the present belief systems and understandings that you hold within yourselves at that level of the One that you are—and that is the belief system that the next generation of entities who shall be evolving and entering into your vibrational level shall be entities who understand that there is no creation except creation that comes from a position of love. Entities who understand at the conscious level that there is no evil and good force that oppose one another. Entities who have the full understanding of who and what they are. And there are those who are channeling within your vibrational level now who will refer to these as the peacemakers. They are the entities who shall understand most certainly that if there is no evil and you can only create from a position of love, then there is indeed no reason to feel that there is a dark force that [is] versus a light force, or that there is a good that [is] versus a bad, or that there must be conflicts in order for one particular type of entity to have influence over another.

For you see, it is only during that belief system that there is a good and an evil that you have the conflicts that exist within your vibrational level. And based upon that belief system, you create the realities to support the belief system. It’s rather ironic that when you look at those particular entities involved in that type of conflict, that each one would perceive themselves as the good, and the other as the evil. You don’t ever see someone stand up and say, “Well, I’m the evil side. You know, I’m the bad guy. You can come and use whatever type of necessary force that is required to eliminate me, ’cause I’m the evil guy.” Absolutely not. Each one feels that they are the good forces, if you would, the light forces, and that they have to somehow overcome the dark forces; and as they hold that belief, they create the reality to support the belief. It’s also rather ironic that each entity involved in that particular type of conflict holds similar belief systems. Each feel that they are the light side and that the other side is the dark side. And they, in their altered states of consciousness, set in place the agreements and the contracts to support their belief systems, and create the realties to support the belief systems.

When these new children enter into your vibrational level—should you continue on the present understanding and belief systems you have put in place—they shall understand that all of creation comes from a position of love, and that there are no evil forces except within the human ego concept. And, again, you shall refer to those children as the peacemakers, for they shall not have a belief system that they need to conquer or to eliminate any dark forces, or that they are in any way superior to any of the other entities existing within your vibrational level.

So, you are, through your choices, entering into a new age and a new energy that’s rather exciting. You are beginning to have that capacity to create your reality consciously. Now, when you create that reality, again, we suggest you create the reality for the purposes of experiencing the feeling. And when you change your concept, when you change your belief systems, there are a variety of particular activities that can occur that support those belief systems. You can be experiencing, for example, similar types of realities that you were experiencing in what you would term your past and suddenly have an entirely different range of emotions, of feelings, that you experience within that circumstance. It’s not that the circumstances necessarily change, but rather you have changed. And as you have altered your belief systems, you have altered your perception of that particular reality creation. You have altered your feelings and your perception of that reality creation, and what at one time may have represented a very stressful interaction for you, can now be a rather peaceful and enjoyment interaction.

You see, it’s rather interesting that when you are involved in a reality creation now that one person can experience intense fear, while the other involved in that same reality creation can experience intense joy. You can, for example—and again we use an analogy, and analogies are poor at best—but you can, for example, be riding on a roller-coaster with someone who has an intense fear of heights for whatever type of belief that they hold, and for them, riding on that roller-coaster and going to the very top of the roller-coaster and dropping down can be a devastating experience, conjuring up all types of fear, all types of feelings surrounding that experience. And there can be someone sitting beside them who feels that this is somehow a very enjoyable experience, that it’s an exhilarating, ultimate type of experience, and for them, they can experience absolute, extreme joy and exhilaration.

So, you have two entities who are holding different belief systems, experiencing the same type of reality and having entirely opposite feelings arise out of that reality. And so it is as you enter into this new age and this new energy that you have the opportunity to alter your belief systems and to alter your perception, and thereby alter your reality and alter your feelings surrounding that reality. Once again, we suggest that it is the feelings that are important, that it’s the feelings that have meaning to you. The second you alter your feelings, you indeed alter the entire perception of the reality.

There’s another rather interesting phenomenon that quite possibly shall occur within your vibrational level as you continue on this transformation into the new age and into the new energy and you begin to create consciously. And that is that that reality which once seemed so important to you, that the desire to have certain things in your reality that you now feel are absolute musts—if you could just get them, you would be so happy, everything would be going great if you could just have that abundance or that relationship—but as you continue to alter your perception of this reality and you enter into that new age and that new energy, do not be surprised if your desires also alter, and what once seemed to be such a desirable thing for you to have suddenly does not have the same type of attraction to you. And it’s not that you feel that you are losing something, but rather that you are gaining an understanding of who and what you truly are. You shall have the capacity to experience a much more enjoyable and peaceful type of experience, although at times, compared to those who like this conflict and who get high on having all types of abundance issues and relationship issues, it could be rather boring to not have those issues anymore in your reality. Again, those are your choices. You can and do create whatever type of reality it is that you desire.

Now, we understand that you may have some questions for us, and we would be quite willing to attempt to answer them for you. We ask you to understand, once again, that when we reflect an answer, many times we are interacting with what you call [your] higher self, or inner self, or subconsciousness, whatever term you wish to put on that Piece of the One that you are, and when we interact with that particular part of you, many times we simply reflect back to you answers which you already know of. Again, we would be quite willing to answer any questions that you may have for us.

Questioner: That symbol that I draw, where does it come from? What religion or race, whatever, and what significance does it have for me?

Joshiah: You are asking about incarnational records and we would suggest to you, again, that when we provide information, you accept it as entertainment purposes only and you do not read too much into it. But we would suggest that the symbol that you are referring to is a symbol which comes from Egyptian times—in the early Egyptian times when that type of symbolism was what you would call new, in terms of its evolutionary process.

You see, in the Atlantean times, and at the end of the Atlantean times, those types of symbols were not necessary among types, particular realities of particular entities that were creating those realities. Entities at that time had the capacity to understand at the conscious level who and what they truly were, and they did not symbolize. However, as you strengthened the veil and as you entered into that early Egyptian type of time period, there was the necessity to create symbols. We would suggest you were what [you would call] a scholar at that time, and you indeed were one of the ones who were designing and creating symbols, and this is but a memory of that particular incarnational period.

Does it have significance to you? That is entirely up to whatever perspective you would wish to put upon that past. It’s rather interesting, though, that that image seems to have such an influence upon this particular incarnational period, not only at the consciousness state, but you are indeed bringing that image out of your dream state into the consciousness state, and you find yourself creating that image almost within a daydream type of state, in an altered state of consciousness, while being aware of your surroundings.

We would suggest that in the concept of the now, that that is a bleed-through from that particular incarnational period, and it indeed, once it has manifested itself in this incarnational period, it gives you some idea of the effect that you not only can have on other incarnational periods, but also that other incarnational periods are having upon you within this incarnational period.

The significance is very minimal. It’s simply that it’s something that you realize has come from within you, but you don’t know the source. And that in itself is what is intriguing, not necessarily the symbol or the significance of the symbol. The symbol within itself is a rather insignificant type of symbol in terms of application within that particular incarnational period when you were creating and using that symbol. It’s simply that as it has bled-through, if you wish to use that term, as it has entered into this particular consciousness, it is significant in that it awakens within you an awareness that there is …

(Tape ends.)

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