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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

November 4, 2001

Q and A

Joshiah: … for offering us this opportunity to interact with you, to share with you, and indeed to learn from each of you, for you are, within your own rights, teachers. You are entities who are creating and existing in a rather unique vibrational level that is not duplicated throughout all of creation, and one which we, as an entity, are quite interested in and are quite grateful for that opportunity to share with you. Rather interesting, though that we’re not interested enough to step into your reality.

(Group laughter.)

Now, again, we suggest to you that throughout the moments we are with you, should you choose to alter your consciousness and to express the intent to allow for those entities that are with us to interact with each of you, then that interaction most certainly does occur. That telepathic exchange of communication most certainly shall occur for each of you, and there shall be a real exchange of information, of feelings, and of the expressions of love and support for each of you.

It’s rather interesting that so many of you have similar types of questions and concerns, some of them arising out of our message that we had for you today. You are experiencing different questions, different feelings, surrounding a similar type of reality creation. And that is, how do you affect and create and participate in relationships with each other?

When we suggest relationships, there are, of course, a multitude of relationships. There are the intimate relationships, there are casual relationships, and there are the broad range in between. For all types of relationships, from relationships within families and between friends, to relationships between opposite sexes and between similar sexes, there are a very broad range of relationships. And at times you question how can you be involved in a relationship that seems to have influence over another?

Well, as we have suggested so many times, that doesn’t happen. You see, you do not control another reality, any more than another has the capacity to control your reality. However, you do have mutual consent when you are involved in a relationship. Be that relationship from the casual through the whole spectrum to the intimate relationship, there are agreements, so to speak, there are similarities in belief systems, there are those contracts that you set in place during your dream state to create that reality, to create that relationship. And it’s a mutual agreement. You agree to be involved, as surely as the others that are involved in that relationship agree to be involved. At times those relationships can involve as few as two entities, and it can expand to involve a multitude of entities. Regardless, each is an active and willing participant in that relationship.

Now, should you hold the belief that the relationship you wish to be involved in shall be a long, intimate and committed type of relationship, then you shall indeed create circumstances where you shall have the opportunity to experience that type of relationship. It’s not that you are going to use your influence to alter someone else’s belief systems, but rather that during the dream state and during meditative states and altered states of consciousness, and as you enter into this new age and this new energy, you shall have the capacity to understand consciously that you make the agreements to have that similar type of relationship. So you attract, so to speak, entities who are holding similar belief systems.

If you’re involved in a relationship at this time that seems to be an abusive relationship, for example, and you desire to end that relationship—you desire to hold the belief that you no longer want to be involved, that you begin to have that concept of self-love and deservability and you don’t have to be involved in any type of abusive relationship—so you change your belief systems. There are several possibilities that open up to you as you begin to create your new reality. For you see, there is not only one belief system involved in your reality creation, but it’s a synergy of a multitude of belief systems that create your reality. So as you alter that belief system to leave that abusive situation, there are a multitude of other types of beliefs that can interact and have an effect upon your altering that relationship.

Now, the entity that’s involved with you in that relationship, the partner in that abusive situation, may also alter their belief systems in order to continue the relationship, but to continue it outside of that abusive situation. There also exists the possibility that the relationship will end, that that entity who does not make the choice to alter the abusive situation suddenly desires to leave that relationship, and you, as altering your belief systems, desire to leave that relationship. Well, it’s not that you feel like you have lost something. It’s like you shall feel on both sides of that particular relationship that you have gained something. You will feel that you are creating a reality that you desire.

It may be for whatever reason, for whatever belief system you hold, that there is a separation or a dissolving of that relationship. Entities may feel they’ve lost interest, that they have grown apart, that they have developed different interests that somehow separate them. There are a multitude of belief systems that you can hold that will interact with each other to alter that reality. And it’s not like you are going to feel that you somehow have failed again. Exactly the opposite.

Suppose you are involved in a relationship where there does not feel like there is a commitment, like you have that fear within you that you are about to lose that relationship. As you alter the belief, as you alter the belief surrounding the fear, then you shall alter the relationship. Now, we’re not suggesting for an instant that you’re going to alter the other’s involvement in that relationship, that’s up to them. But at some level within your consciousness and your subconsciousness, you shall set in place the agreements and the contracts to alter that relationship.

Now, that relationship may end. And if it does end, and you become involved in another relationship that gives you the type of commitment you feel and you believe that you are deserving of, you will not feel a loss in that original relationship that you were in, but, rather, you will have the tendency to look back and wonder why you ever got involved in that relationship in the first place, what held you there.

Or it could be that both of you make that choice to alter that belief system, that as you consciously make the choice, that the other becomes influenced by that choice and they choose to alter their belief system, and the relationship becomes one which has commitment, which is more fulfilling for each other, which begins to lose that fear of dissolving.

So, it’s not that you create the other’s reality. Most certainly not. But it’s rather that you hold a belief system and you create the reality to support that belief system. And there are a multitude of entities holding similar belief systems who are prepared and willing and do agree to interact with you to create a reality to support both of your belief systems. So you have a saying to an extent that “likes attract each other,” that if you desire to be a loving entity, you shall attract a loving entity to yourself. Well, it’s not that you necessarily attract someone to yourself, it’s more that you create the reality you desire, and you agree and enter into agreements and contracts with others that desire to have the similar type of reality.

And it doesn’t always have to be a joyful reality. It doesn’t always have to be that committed reality. It can be relationships where you are experiencing that abuse that we talked about—both physical or mental or whatever type of beliefs you desire to feel that you should create in order to support your belief systems that somehow you are not deserving, that you don’t have self-love, the belief systems that you are less than another and therefore the other continuously proves that to you to support your belief system. So you agree to enter into a type of relationship with that other, who also lacks self-love and has to feel that they must have power over someone in order to support themselves, in order to feel that they are worthy. So you have similar types of belief systems entering into a relationship where it seems they are totally opposite, where it seems like one is the aggressor and one is the victim. Ironically, when you look deep enough you will find that both hold similar belief systems of lack of self-love, of lack of deservability, of feeling that they are not worthy of an equal type of relationship.

And you can extend that philosophy into any and all of the relationships that you experience and participate in. You create your reality, you create it to support the belief systems that you have. And you shall enter into circumstances, reality creations, with others who have seemingly similar belief systems to create similar types of realities, even if it seems like you are at the opposite end of the spectrum, even if it seems that one is the aggressor and one is the victim. They agree at some level to be involved in that situation, and they hold similar types of belief systems.

Now, we would be willing to answer any questions you may have, and we apologize if we have taken away your questions from you. (The group was discussing “control in a relationship” at the intermission.)

Questioner: I think you already answered it, but I’ll ask anyway. What’s the best way to deal with somebody who you think is being vindictive towards you?

Joshiah: When we began our interaction, we were referring to those types of relationships. Again, we suggest that each involved in that type of interaction has made the choice to be involved, based upon their belief systems, belief systems that involved lack of trust, belief systems that involved lack of deservability, that lack of the understanding of the reality creation and accepting responsibility for that reality creation, desiring to be involved in loving relationships and experiencing that type of fear that is associated with that reality creation. Again, we suggest that the entities involved in that type of a particular interaction, while they may seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum, hold similar belief systems. And as you alter the belief system, the other may or may not alter their belief system, but for sure you will alter that interaction. If that other entity chooses to continue with their belief systems, then they are lacking a victim, and need to search for a new victim. For you see, the victim is in control in those situations, and has the opportunity to alter their belief systems and thereby alter the reality they are experiencing.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I was going to ask a question about the length of time, in Earth time, that an entity would spend in between incarnations. What is the average time? And how soon could you incarnate?

Joshiah: Linear time—earth time, as you refer to it—is an illusion. We are going to attempt to give you an understanding of the perception of the now, whereby all exists at the same time. All is concurrent. All occurs simultaneously, in which case the present is affected by the future, as well as the past. And the past is affected by the present and the future, and vice versa. All interact with each other. If you can understand and hold that concept, then you begin to understand that there is no linear time, per se.

The time between incarnations is a time which we refer to for attempting to put out an explanation that falls within your understanding and belief systems, so that you can get a grasp of this concept of reincarnation. However, we would suggest to you that it occurs simultaneously. We will attempt again to explain within your linear time frame, asking you, however, to understand that it all exists in the now.

Within your linear time frame it is possible for you, as a multidimensional entity, to experience incarnations simultaneously within that same linear time frame. For example, it is possible for you to be a child at this time in another incarnation period, as well as experiencing in the conscious level the incarnation period that you are in, as well as being an entity that is between incarnation states at this time. You are a multidimensional entity existing in many vibrational levels within this overall vibrational level that you refer to as your Earth consciousness. So we would suggest that there is no set time where one can reincarnate, and indeed it is possible for you to experience, within this linear time frame, more than one incarnational period.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I was wondering, in all the established religions of the world that a lot of prayer is being said to the God of whatever religion is being exercised. And I wonder if, in fact, these prayers are credible, or are they exercises in futility?

Joshiah: Well now, the answer to that could be quite controversial. (Chuckles) When entities believe that there is a God that exists outside of this vibrational level that somehow has control over this vibrational level, they create realities to support that belief. And to pray to that God, and to give that God power, is also to allow them to create realities to support that belief. And it is, in a sense, giving away that power. It is creating through default. It is allowing some entity that has been created to have the power to have an influence upon your experience, upon your reality.

You see, as you believe, you shall create the realities to support the belief. And this reality is illusionary. It’s an illusionary, it is an imaginary reality. It’s the least real of all the realities that you shall experience. The realities that you experience in your dream times and in your meditative states and in your between incarnation states are much more real than this reality that you experience when you are in your conscious state.

Now, at some level within you, you understand that you are that God. You understand that you are the God that creates the reality you experience. And when you pray to that God, you are, in a sense, praying to yourself. You are, in sense, praying to that part of you that will support your belief systems, that will create the reality that you desire, that will give you the examples that your prayer is working. You do it yourself. You do it based upon your belief systems. And if you desire to have an illusionary God that listens to your prayers in order to create the reality that you are praying for, you shall indeed have the opportunity to experience that type of reality.

But you see, the problem with that type of reality is that so often when you create that God and you give that God those powers, you also believe that if he can create the reality that you pray for, then he can also create the reality that your neighbor prays for. And so now you may be at the whim of your neighbor’s prayers in order for you to experience your reality. Or even worse, you may be at the whim of an entity that is on the opposite side of the world from you and wishes to destroy you, and is praying to that same God.

So you give away your powers, and you create a reality by which you allow others to have an influence upon your reality, and you allow others to be able to hold belief systems that can influence your reality. And because you believe that, because you hold that belief, you create this illusionary reality to support the belief. So, we would suggest that feeling there is a God, believing that there is an entity that is somehow responsible for creating the reality based upon the prayers that you have, is to allow a belief system to exist that this reality is outside of your control, and so you shall prove that it is outside of your control. You shall create the circumstances to support the belief, and this illusionary reality becomes more real than ever, because suddenly you no longer have control of this reality. So we would suggest that to pray, if you wish to pray, is not at all a futile effort. Understand that when you pray, you pray to yourself. You pray to that Piece of God that you are that creates the reality that you experience. Understand that you are in control, and that that Piece of God that you are listens to you and creates the reality that you desire, absolutely, based upon the beliefs that you hold.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I will ask one I was thinking about. On the level of vibration that you exist at, or anything outside of the veil, is there ever a desire or an understanding that something needs to be healed? Or is that simply an understanding that happens from us within the veil, at some level within the veil?

Joshiah: An interesting question. One which we had not thought of before. (Chuckles) So in there you may find your answer.

You see, in order for something to be healed, first of all you have to create a circumstance that there is something that has to be healed. If you don’t create that circumstance, if you don’t create a reality where there is an illness, for example, or a relationship, or any other of the multitude of realities that you create that need healing, if you don’t create those realities in the first place, or if you understand that you are the creator of that reality and you create it from a position of love, then you do not need to create a healing type of reality. You can simply alter your belief, and thereby alter the reality.

When you heal your body, when you go to your medical doctors at this time—and we are not for an instant suggesting that you should drop that belief and stop that practice, most certainly not—but when you go to that doctor, the doctor instills in you the belief that either he, or the medicine that he’s giving you, or the suggestions that he is giving you, can heal you; and you believe that. And when you believe that, you heal yourself. So it’s the belief that heals. It’s not the drugs, and it’s not the doctor, and it’s not something outside of who and what you are.

Once again, it is the belief within you that you can heal. Regardless of what it is that instills that belief—if it’s a doctor, then go to doctor; if it’s a drug, then take the drug. But there must be the belief that it can heal. If you don’t hold that belief, if you think that doctor’s a quack and can’t do it, then you’re not going to get healed are you? And if you think the drug is a placebo, if it’s got no type of medical credibility at all, then it’s not going to heal you. But understand at the same time, that those who receive placebos, and believe that they are a drug, become healed. Because you see, it’s not the drug that’s important, it’s the belief that’s important.

So from our perspective, healing is not a situation of altering our belief systems in order to create a healing, for we understand entirely that we create our reality from a position of love. We understand who and what we are. And you, at some level, understand who and what you are, and when you alter that belief that you can heal yourself, that can occur. It’s a rather difficult one for you to alter. It’s a human consciousness state of belief, as well as an individual one, which is very strongly ingrained within your consciousness, and is a very difficult one to alter; but most certainly not one that’s beyond your capacity to alter.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Yes, that answers a section of it. I’m also thinking of the idea that people can go into their meditative states and their dream states, and look for energy that’s out of balance in the whole system, or even look for people that have passed on, or the idea that humans created this whole area inside the veil in order to heal something that was in need of being healed. And I’m thinking that it makes more sense that this (the idea that something needed to be healed) is something that we created inside of the veil. Because if you’re outside of the veil, and you know that you create everything, you would never create something that was out of balance if you knew you couldn’t fix anyway.

So, I guess I’m trying to make sense of some of the information that I’ve been reading—there seems to be this idea that even if it’s not at a physical level, that we need to go to an energetic level and heal something that is out of balance. And I wondered if you ever experienced that sensation or experience outside of the veil?

Joshiah: You create this reality, most certainly. And you also chose to create this reality, most certainly as well. And you did it for a very simple reason. You chose to create this reality for the purposes of allowing you to experience those so-called negative range of feelings and positive range of feelings that you experience without understanding that you were the ones who created the circumstances in the first place. It allows you to experience a range and depth of feelings that is not possible outside of your vibrational level.

We’ve spoken to you before of the analogy of a movie theater. Well, once you understand the process of creating that movie, then it’s no longer possible for you to imagine that it’s real. It becomes illusionary. From our vibrational level, it’s difficult for us to create a type of circumstance where we can experience the range of feelings that you experience, for we understand that it’s illusionary, that we can alter it, and that we do alter it continuously to create the reality that we desire. Now, it should be as no surprise to you that the reality that we desire is a loving, peaceful, gentle type of reality, and we do not say that in a boring sense at all or that we simply sit around without any types of challenges, so to speak, or without feeling that we are somehow expanding and creating. However, we expand from a position of understanding who and what we are, and from a position of total love.

So the concept of healing, the concept of a good versus an evil, is a concept that exists within your vibrational level. And it is one which makes your vibrational level interesting to understand, to interact with, and to experience those feelings. Again, the concepts of healing, the concepts of good and evil, the concepts of judgment, are human consciousness concepts. They do not exist at the position of who and what you are within your subconsciousness, so to speak. Within that portion of you which creates this reality, there is no judgment.

So if you feel and believe that there is a healing that must take place throughout your vibrational level, then you shall create circumstances to support that belief; and you shall be able to point to them and prove that your belief is accurate and that it is right, most certainly so. And you shall be affected by that belief system, if you so hold it and so desire. Understand that there can be entities standing beside you who hold an opposite belief system, and do not experience those feelings of judgment, or having to be healed, but can feel in tune with their reality and understand who and what they are, and, while they experience the same reality, can have an entirely different belief system that is being supported from that reality, and experience an entirely different range of feelings.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Yes. So can you say that you have never experienced the feeling of fear, nor could you experience the feeling of fear, outside of the veil?

Joshiah: Fear is a very difficult emotion to experience when you understand that you create the circumstance that you are fearful of. It’s like holding a water pistol in front of your face, pulling the trigger, and convincing yourself that it’s got a real bullet in there, and that you are afraid of it. You can use your imagination, most certainly, and you can conjure up those kinds of feelings, but you understand, at some level, that they are not real. You can burst the bubble quite easily, and therefore that range of feelings does not have the same depth that it has within your vibrational level, within your consciousness when you believe that it’s real, when you forget that it’s illusionary, when you step behind your veil and experience it from your consciousness point of view.

So for us to experience fear, while we can indeed use our imagination and conjure up realities that would give us an inkling of what that was like, nonetheless, because we do not exist within a veil—because we understand the process of reality creation—the depth of that feeling, that range of fear, is rather shallow. And when we interact with you on what we call that silent level and we have that telepathic exchange of information, when you feel the feelings that we express to you—and some of you at times are overcome with emotion and you have tears because you feel that expression of love that we express to you—when we feel that reverse action, and we have the opportunity to feel the intensity of the range of feelings that you experience, then we feel, as well, feelings which are much more intense in those ranges than what it’s possible for us to create. So, it’s not that we can’t create them. It’s that they do not have the same depth. We understand that they are illusionary, similar to you entering into a movie theatre and experiencing a full range of emotions as you visualize that movie upon the screen, but when you walk out of the theatre you know that it was all illusionary.

When you walk out of this theatre of your consciousness, you will once again understand that it’s all illusionary, and the range of feelings will not be as intense as they are for you at this time.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I was looking for a confirmation of when I can get a grasp of this and I feel okay about everything, and then it kind of slips away because I think, “Oh, wait a second, maybe there is always going to be something to fear, even when we are on the outside of the veil,” because someone has made it sound like that’s the way it is.

Joshiah: As we suggested earlier this afternoon, you fear because you do not feel that you are in control because of the veil that you have established and you have chosen to exist behind. When you remove that veil, when you understand who and what you are, then you understand that you are in control, and when you are in control, you have nothing to fear.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I was wondering about the entities that come with you to visit in this reality. I’m not sure how they know that it’s possible to come here, other than intuition or something. But are they are aware of you?

Joshiah: We exist, as do you, on a vibrational level. While it’s much easier for us to alter that vibrational level to interact with others in other vibrational levels, we do not necessarily always attempt to do that. We do not necessarily interact with all of the other vibrational levels, but only various ones that we choose to interact with at the time, similar to the choices that you make to interact with individuals within your consciousness.

Now, it’s entirely possible for these vibrational levels to exist, and indeed they do all exist, at the same time and in the same space. So, as you express the intent to thin the veil, as it were, we leave you with the impression that somehow you are creating a hole that these entities can enter through and enter into this space. But, rather, what you are doing is allowing for an alteration of that vibrational level, and there are various vibrational levels that have the opportunity to exist within the same space at the same time. So there are many entities that are interacting here that choose not to interact with others, that choose not to alter their vibrational level to the extent that they are aware of those others, similarly as you can maintain your vibrational level and restrict yourself from understanding the other vibrational levels that exist not only all around you, but within the same time and within the same space.

So, we would suggest to you that no, not all of the entities here are aware of the other entities that are here at the same time within the same space, as you each have expressed the intent to alter your veil, to alter your consciousness, to thin that veil to allow for that interaction. And as we have suggested before, the interaction that you feel is much more individual and much more pertinent to the questions that you have as an individual because you have the opportunity to interact with entities that are in various vibrational levels. And at times indeed that interaction occurs, and as that interaction occurs between one individual in this group, there is a similar interaction occurring between another individual within this group, and yet there is a separation of a vibrational level so that all of those entities are not aware of what is occurring between the individuals within your vibrational level.

So, to suggest that they are all aware of all of the interactions would not be true at all. However, it is within their capacity to be aware of those interactions, should they so choose. But you see, we don’t necessarily choose to interfere because it’s capable and possible for us to read your minds, for example. We do not participate in that type of activity any more than you do. We allow that privacy. We respect that individual choice. So, as entities enter into this sacred space that you have created, many of them stay within their vibrational level, interact with each of you individually and do not have that awareness of all of the entities that are experiencing this creation, this reality that you offer the opportunity for them to experience.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Joshiah, I just was wondering, when we become aware of who and what we are, do we not lose that experiencing part of God that’s within us?

Joshiah: A very interesting question. And we have suggested in the past that as you continue on this transformation into the new age and into the new energy, it’s an exciting time for all entities existing not only those existing within your vibrational level who have made the choice, whether consciously or unconsciously, to be involved in this energy and new age transformation, but, as well, entities existing outside of your vibrational level. For you see, you have begun to hold the belief system and have made the choice to create a new energy where it’s possible for you to hold at the conscious level the understanding of who and what you are, although that may only be for brief conscious periods of time. However, the profoundness of that particular experience is such that you shall have the understanding, most certainly, that you are the creator of this reality, and then you shall have the capacity to create your reality consciously. And that’s a rather exciting concept.

And to answer your question as to what’s going to happen at that time, no one knows. No one knows. And so it becomes impossible to predict your future. And you shall also discover that it shall become impossible to predict your past. And your whole vibrational level is about to change. And over a period of time, if you wish to use that linear time frame, we assure you that it shall change, and this concept of living in the now shall be much more real within your vibrational level than it is at this point, should you continue upon your present choices and beliefs and your present advancement of your understanding of this reality.

So, again, to answer the question that you ask, we do not know the answer. We do not know. It’s a rather exciting time for all of the entities that are interested in your vibrational level. For you are on the leading edge of creation and you are creating a reality that has not been duplicated throughout all of creation. And it’s very exciting for us, and we are extremely interested in the outcome.

Does that answer your question?

(End of questions. We thank Joshiah and the others.)

We would like to express our gratitude to each of you and we would remind you that should you choose to have that silent communication, that interaction, we are not separated by time or space, but only by your choice. You have but to express the intent, and we would be with you. And we would be more than grateful for the opportunity to interact with you, to share with you, to offer you our unending support and our unconditional love. So, until the next time that you present this opportunity, we would wish you farewell, with love and peace.

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