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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

November 4, 2001

Joshiah: … once again we express our gratitude for your creating and allowing us these opportunities to interact with you and to share with each of you. Now, as is our custom, we would ask you, should you choose to express the intent to open that area of your heart chakra, to express the intent to allow for the energy within this place to be such that the entities that would be with us have the opportunity to enter into, to share, and to interact with you in your reality. Now, if you would allow us a moment’s silence, we would use that opportunity to adjust the energy within this sacred space that you have created, and to fine-tune our connection with Elias (the channel).


Well now, we would like to thank you for allowing us those few moments. And, again, we would like to express our gratitude for your offering to us these opportunities to enter into this rather unique reality that you exist in that you create for yourselves. Throughout the next few moments that we spend with you, should you choose to express the intent to have a, what we have termed, silent communication occur between yourselves and the entities that are with us at this time, you have but to express the intent. You have but to close your eyes, if you desire, and shift your consciousness, even if it is ever so slightly, in order to begin to facilitate that telepathic communication that occurs between yourselves, between us, and between the entities that are with us on this afternoon.

We remind you that exchange of information many times is much more pertinent and much more individual, and indeed answers questions that each of you have which are sometimes not answered through the use of your vocabulary and through the expressions of our friend. So, should you choose, we assure you that interaction, that exchange of information, most certainly does occur. And you have the opportunity, as well, to sense the love and support that the entities who are with us on, again, this afternoon, have for you.

Now. We have spoken to you many times of your creation of this reality. And we have, to a certain extent, attempted to stay away from giving you methods or techniques, or suggesting that one way would work better for the creation of a reality than another. For indeed each of you shall discover your own individual methods, if you wish to use that term, that will work for you in your achieving this transformation into the new age and the new energy where you have the capacity to create consciously.

Despite the fact that we’ve stayed away from various techniques, there have been some rather common types of feelings and expressions that we have suggested could be beneficial to you. One of them is that you understand self-love, that you understand that creation comes from love and that self-love enhances in this transformation. Indeed, self-love is the key to this transformation into the new age, into the new energy, and into this conscious creation reality that you are about to experience and that you are putting in place at this time.

We have also suggested that as you are creating your reality, as you are attempting to hold at the consciousness (conscious level) the understanding of the belief systems that are responsible for the reality that you are experiencing, that you pay attention to some of the emotions that you feel, some of the feelings that are present when you are creating your reality. Now, we sort of left it at that. We sort of left you to discover what those feelings are. For again, as we have suggested, for each individual there could be subtle differences in the feelings that you experience [creating] in the same reality, the same similar circumstances of your reality of your day-to-day experiences.

However, there is one emotion, one emotion that you are familiar with, that you feel, and that it could be of benefit for each of you to pay attention to, and that is the emotion of fear. Now, fear, according to your dictionaries, is the experience of anxiety. It’s the experience of traumatic experiences. It’s feeling that you are somehow in danger, and that anxiety overwhelms you at times. And depending upon the intensity of that fear, it can even cause you to do what in the normal circumstances would be considered irrational acts or behavior. So each of you, many times, experience this phenomenon which you refer to as fear.

There are those within the new age and the new energy who like to simplify many of your terminologies; so they would suggest to you that fear exists as the opposite to love, that if you could love, then there would be no fear. Well, in a sense that’s true, but it’s not completely accurate. For you see, you can feel love. Each of you is also familiar with that particular emotion and sensation. And it’s rather ironic that for some who feel love, that with that love comes a feeling of fear. The emotion of fear is intermingled with that loving feeling. And it’s also rather ironic that for some, the more intense the love, the more deep the fear. For you see, it’s a fear of losing that love. So to suggest that love is the opposite to fear, or that if you feel love you will not experience fear, is not entirely accurate at all. Not at all.

Now, there are other circumstances when you experience fear. For example, when you are in a situation where you feel that your physical being, your physical existence, is threatened and you feel fear, and that’s more of a fear of what you have referred to as “flight or fight” type of fear. It’s a fear that some say is necessary and some say is a good fear to have at times, for it can prevent you from putting yourself into a situation where you can experience physical harm. So there were those who would suggest that that fear is a natural and, at times, a desirable fear, and one which you should not attempt to set aside, that you should look upon as a good thing to have in your lives.

And then there are many other fears, most certainly. There are those, for example, who create what you seem to see as a very desirable type of reality. They have abundance in their reality. They have relationships in their reality, or whatever other attribute to your reality that you would consider to be desirable. And yet, many of them live in fear. They live in fear that that reality can be taken away from them, that they do not have the capacity to hang onto that reality, and they’re fearful of losing it. It’s a fear which haunts them at times, which causes them to wake up in the middle of the night and feel that they are somehow not in control, and to feel the fear that’s associated with that particular belief system.

Then there are other fears. There are fears which are associated with belief systems that you have brought in from past incarnations, from experiences that you’ve had in other incarnations. And these fears are at times the most difficult for you to get a hold of, to get an understanding of, and to overcome. Many of these fears have been referred to as phobias. Fears which cannot be explained. Fears which entities feel that have no basis in this particular incarnation period, and therefore seem to make no sense. And again, many of these fears are termed as phobias. Fears that there does not seem to be a rational explanation for. Again, the emphasis is upon the words “does not seem to be a rational explanation.” For there is a rational explanation, most certainly. You just have trouble accessing it at times. Nonetheless, it’s there. That explanation is there.

And then there are other fears as well. There are fears that are used to control people. There are fears that are used in abusive situations, in order to control others’ lives. Now, of course, you must understand that those being controlled have agreed to participate in that particular interaction. Nonetheless, fear exists. Fear is a very strong emotional feeling that is present at those times.

There are other fears that exist throughout your religious beliefs and teachings. Fears where entities use that emotion to control others or to suggest to others that if they don’t follow that belief system, that they are indeed putting their afterlife in jeopardy. The very teachings within your Christianity suggest that you should fear your God, that you fear the very God that, at other points within your religions, is an all-loving God. The fear aspect of that particular facet of your religion is put in place for control purposes. It’s there to suggest that if you do not feel fear, then you are not within control.

There are other types of fear as well. There are the fears that are existing now as many entities throughout your entire vibrational level are concerned about the war-faring actions that are occurring. And those fears are causing all types of ripple effects, if you would, throughout your entire civilization; throughout your economic civilization, and indeed throughout your recreational aspects of your civilization. And it goes on and on. Almost every aspect of your particular experience at this time is being affected by those entities who are experiencing fear—fear of the unknown, fear of what will happen. And so fear is a very strong emotion within your vibrational level.

Now, again, there are those who suggest that fear is the opposite of love, and if there can be love then there can be no fear. Again, while there is a certain truth in that, while it rings true to a certain sense, it’s a very limiting belief system. It’s not actually all that accurate. As we have suggested, you can love and still experience fear—fear of love, fear of losing that love. So fear is indeed a very strong emotion that exists throughout your vibrational level.

What’s rather interesting is that this fear is an illusionary reality that you are experiencing. It’s not at all necessary that you experience fear. However, you do experience it. And it’s one of those emotions that we would suggest that you pay attention to, that it can have a very real bearing upon this reality that you are experiencing. You see, when you experience fear, it’s not because of a lack of love. But it’s because of a lack of the belief system that you are creating this reality.

Now, we’ll repeat that. When you experience fear, it’s because you are holding the belief system, at some level, which suggests to you that you are not responsible for the reality that you are experiencing. It suggests to you that you are not in control. So when you experience fear in a situation, we would suggest to you that that is indeed a key to getting a grasp of what belief system that you are holding that is responsible for your co-creating the reality that you are experiencing.

For example, if you are involved in a relationship, and you feel threatened by the loss of that relationship, by an event that occurs, by an interaction with that entity that causes you to feel that you may lose that relationship, you feel that fear welling up inside of you. Well, we suggest that is an indication that, at some level, there’s the belief system that you are not the one that’s in control of that relationship. (This does not mean in control of the other person. See additional information in the November 4, 2001, Q and A session.) Or there’s a belief system that you’re not deserving of that relationship. Or some similar type of belief system that’s causing you to experience the fear.

For again, you create your reality. You create your reality based upon your belief systems. And so when you experience fear, you are experiencing an emotion. It is an emotion that has an effect upon your thought process, and it has an effect upon the choices that you make to create the reality that you are desiring, or to create the reality that you are experiencing. Sometimes you don’t really desire it at the conscious level, at least you don’t feel that you desire it at the conscious level. However, at some level, you are creating that experience based upon the belief system that you have, based upon the choices that you make, based upon the thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing.

And when that feeling is fear, we suggest that’s like a clue that this reality, whatever it may be, is based upon a belief system that you don’t have a full understanding of. And that it’s based upon the belief system that, in these situations particularly when the fear arises, you are not in control. At that time, you do not accept responsibility for that reality that you are experiencing. You see, fear comes as a result of your believing that there is another entity, or there are other influences, or that there are other belief systems that are creating your reality for you, and that you are not in control.

So when you experience fear—for example, when you experience fear surrounding the loss of your life within this incarnational period—it’s because at some level you believe that there are difficulties in that transformation, or you believe that there may not be that afterlife that you desire. You hold beliefs that perhaps there is a hell, or perhaps you have the doubt that you will even continue to exist as a consciousness, and so you hold beliefs which cause you to experience emotions that are fearful emotions. And as you alter that belief, as you understand that you cannot fail to return to the vibrational level that you came from, then you shall lose the fear of death, of leaving this incarnational period.

You see, many of those fears are fears which are based upon belief systems that you brought into this incarnational period, fears that are as the result of your establishing such a strong veil that limits your understanding of who and what you are. And as you continue onto this transformation into the new age and into the new energy, you shall continue to thin that veil. You shall continue to be able to hold at the conscious level more of the understanding of who and what you are, and begin to understand the belief systems that are responsible for creating your reality, and fear shall become less and less of an emotion that you experience.

So, we suggest that you use fear, or the emotion or the feeling of fear, to trigger your responses to understanding what the belief system is that you hold that is surrounding that reality you are experiencing; what belief system it is that’s causing you to feel that emotion, to make the choices that are responsible for your creating that reality in the first place. And to understand that as you accept full responsibility for your creation, as you begin to fully believe and understand that you are the creator of this reality, then there is no need to experience that emotion of fear. For there is nothing for you to fear, other than the realities that you create and the doubts that you hold in your own subconsciousness—belief systems that are illusionary, and can be changed. Fear is illusionary, and it can be changed.

So we would not suggest that you simply disregard this emotion of fear, but rather that you tune into that emotion, that you use it as a trigger to allow you to understand that somewhere within this particular reality you are experiencing, there is a belief system that you feel should be changed in order to alter your feelings of fear, in order to alter those emotions, so that you can understand whatever belief system it is. And you can alter that belief system and alter the reality, and therefore no longer have to experience that emotion of fear. You can begin to feel that you are entirely in control of your reality, and that you have the opportunity to alter that reality by altering your belief systems.

So, we would suggest that fear is an emotion that exists as the result of your not believing and controlling your belief systems regarding your reality. It’s not an emotion that exists as the opposite of love. It’s not just an emotion that is put into place for you to be able to protect your physical body, most certainly not. For you see, when you understand that you create your reality, then you don’t have to fear that reality. You can create whatever you want. And if you can create whatever you want, then you also understand that the reality does not have to be a reality that is harmful to you. And you also begin to understand that when you experience realities that seem harmful to you, and you know at the underlying depth of who and what you are that there is no possibility for any reality to have an everlasting harmful effect upon you, you cannot fail. You cannot fail to return to the vibrational level that you came from.

There is nothing to fear. The fear is based upon the belief system that you are not in control. And when you accept that, when you begin to be able to hold that belief system, to own it and to make it a truism within your reality, then you shall limit the fear in your reality. You shall have that capacity to exist in what those surrounding you would feel is a very fearful and dangerous and an anxious situation, and you shall have the opportunity to be involved in that same reality and that same experience, and yet experience peacefulness; to have feelings of being in control, to have feelings that are not influenced by fear or by doubt or by the lack of understanding of who and what you are, or of the lack of understanding of the belief systems that you hold.

So, again, it comes back to that rather simple message, that you are the creators of your reality. And fear can only exist when you doubt that. It can only exist when it creeps into your mind that somehow you’re not in control, that consciously you look at a situation and feel that it’s beyond your manipulation, that it’s beyond your being able to do whatever it is you desire to do within that circumstance. When you understand that, when you feel that fear beginning to rear up inside of you, then we suggest that’s the time you step back and ask yourself, “What’s the belief system that I have surrounding this circumstance that’s causing me to feel fear? Why do I not feel in control here? Why do I not have the capacity here to alter this reality? What belief system is it that’s causing the difficulty, that’s causing the fear, that’s causing me to consciously experience a reality that I don’t consciously desire?” And when you use that understanding of the emotion of fear, then it shall be an aid to you. You can look upon that as one of the emotions that it would do you well to pay attention to as you begin to comprehend consciously the process of creating this reality.

So, we’re not suggesting that you simply do away with fear, or that you disregard it, most certainly not, but rather that you use it, that you use it as a signal to aid you in this transformation process, to aid you in understanding what the belief system is that you are experiencing. And as you alter the belief system, you shall find that the fear dissipates. When you begin to be involved in the same reality and no longer experience fear, but feel in control, then you will have an understanding that at some level you have altered that belief system into one that’s creating a reality that you find much more desirable, one that you are consciously in control of, and that there is no other entity or no other circumstance existing outside of yourself that you have to fear. The only fear that you have to be concerned with is the one that you create based upon your belief systems. There is no fear that can be projected upon you by other entities.

Fear comes from a lack of understanding of your belief systems. Fear comes from allowing your reality at times to be created out of default because you do not take the responsibility for your reality. Fear is not an emotion that exists as the opposite of love, but rather an emotion that exists and is illusionary because of your lack of understanding of who and what you are, and because of your lack of grasping that belief system that you are indeed the creators of your reality and that you cannot fail.

From the very beginning times when we began this interaction with you, we presented that rather simple message. Sometimes it is rather profound how the simplest things can have the most meaning, how the simplest statements can sometimes be the most complicated. Within your conscious creation process, within your transformation into the new age and new energy process, within this day-to-day reality that you experience, and indeed within your dream states and your between incarnation states, you have but three belief systems that you can continuously bring all of your feelings, all of emotions, even those ones regarding and surrounding fear, back to that common denominator: you create your reality, you are a Piece of God, and you cannot fail.

It fits it all. It fits any type of interaction that you are involved in. It fits any belief system that you are involved in. It fits any of the religious types of beliefs that you wish to experience. You can apply those simple belief systems to the most complicated events and circumstances within your day-to-day activity. And as you continuously remind yourself of those simple facts—that you are the creator of your reality, that you are a Piece of God—then you shall begin more and more to experience at the conscious level the belief systems that are responsible for the reality you are experiencing. And you shall begin more and more to create realities to support those belief systems that you are a Piece of God, that you cannot fail, that you are creators of your reality. You shall once again have that opportunity to experience whatever it is you desire, whatever you can imagine. You shall have the opportunity to create realities that are beyond your wildest imaginations at this time. The only limits upon your reality are your belief systems. The only fear that exists in your reality is as a result of your belief systems.

So, as you alter your beliefs, and as you again begin to control and own that belief that you are responsible for the creation of your reality, then you shall experience realities where that emotion of fear does not exist. For you shall be in control. You shall have the opportunity to create a loving, joyful and peaceful reality filled with abundance, filled with whatever it is that you desire. Again, the only limitations upon the reality that you can experience are the limitations you place upon yourselves by the belief systems that you choose, belief systems that are illusionary and can be altered. They can be changed in a whim, and when you change the belief, you alter the reality, most certainly.

Now, we understand that you may have a few questions for us, and we would welcome those questions. And, most certainly, we welcome the opportunity to interact with you on an individual basis. For us it is enjoyable and is an event that we look forward to as an opportunity to participate with you. So, now we would break for a few moments to allow you to arrange and organize any questions that you have for us, and we will return and attempt to answer those questions for you.

We remind you, that should you choose to interact with entities that are with us, you have but to express the intent. The energy and the entities that are within this space at this time do not leave as we take our break. Indeed, we are only ever separated by a vibrational level. You have but to express the intent and we are with you always. Now, we would break for a moment or two, and we will return, if you desire, to answer any questions that you have for us. And so we will return, with love and with peace.

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