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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

October 7, 2001

Q and A

Joshiah: … the circumstances that allow for the opportunity we have to interact and to exchange with each of you. We remind you that the entities and the energy that are with us are quite interested in interacting with you on that silent communication, that silent level that we speak of so often. And should you express the intent, we would assure you that telepathic communication and exchange of information most certainly does occur.

Now, once again, we would remind you that the entities who accompany us at this time are honored for this opportunity and are in awe of the reality that you create, of the circumstances that you have established for the purposes of creating without the understanding, at the conscious level, of who and what you are. It is a rather unique type of creation that does not exist at any other vibrational level. It is a creation which allows you to experience a very broad and a very intense range of feelings that just is not possible when you understand who and what you are and that you create from a position of love. The extent to which you establish and maintain a veil, for the purposes of lending credibility to this rather illusionary reality that you experience, is not only unique, but indeed is somewhat incomprehensible to some of the entities who exist outside of your vibrational level and have never experienced your vibrational level, and indeed have no desire to experience your vibrational level, but nonetheless who are quite interested in the experiment and in the results of this experiment that you are creating and conducting.

Now, again, we suggest that should you attempt to alter your consciousness and express the intent for that silent communication, that interaction, to occur at the silent level, then indeed there shall be a telepathic exchange of information. As we have suggested so many times before, very often that information is information not only that you desire, but is information you have access to that exists within your understanding of who and what you are, and exists within your understanding at some level of this creation and of this reality that you are experiencing.

As we have suggested, there are no entities existing outside of your reality who have the capacity or the ability to communicate with you unless you express the desire. And most certainly there are no entities existing outside of your vibrational level who have the capacity or the ability to create your reality for you, and there are no entities existing outside of your vibrational level who have knowledge that is somehow inaccessible to you, and who are somehow superior to you and therefore have knowledge which you do not have access to, knowledge which you do not contain within each of you at some level of your consciousness. So the information you hear, many times is information which is a reflection of that which you desire to hear, based upon your understanding and your belief systems at that time.

Now, for some that would be a stretch, no doubt. However, to suggest to you that there are entities existing outside of your vibrational level who have access to knowledge which you do not have access to, is to suggest that you are somehow an inferior Piece of the One, that you are somehow less than, and as we have suggested so many times before, that simply is not the case. You are a Piece of the One. You are a Piece of what you would refer to as God. And you have access to all of the information that exists throughout all of creation. And indeed within your vibrational level, where you have established such a strong veil for the purposes of creating without outside interference, you have access to information that is not available to entities who exist outside of your vibrational level and who do not have an influence or do not have the capacity to have an influence upon this reality that you experience. So, again, we suggest to you that you look withinside for your answers, that you begin to believe in who and what you are and in the capacity that you have to create the reality that you desire.

Now, at this time there are many entities existing within your vibrational level who believe in this dark and evil force that is in conflict with the light and the good force. And as a result of those belief systems, you are at this time experiencing many hardships and disasters throughout your vibrational level, many atrocities which you would refer to as acts of war, which are occurring as we speak at this time in various parts of your Earth system.

Now, once again, the conflicts which you are familiar with are the ones which are brought to you as a result of your technology and your ability to transfer information instantaneously throughout your entire Earth system. However, there are your conflicts occurring as well, which are equally as important to those individuals that are participating in them as the ones with which you are familiar with. They are equally as real to those individuals, and the feelings are equally as intense as any of the feelings that are being created in those types of conflicts that you are familiar with. The similarity between the conflicts goes even further, because you see, at some level the belief systems are also very similar.

We have spoken of the new age and the new energy many times, and we have suggested that you are [in] the transition period into this new age and into this new energy, and that it is a choice which you can make to believe or not to believe in the transference into the new age and into the new energy. And there’s no judgment, regardless of which choice you make, other than the judgment which you place upon yourselves. So you can choose, if you wish, to believe in the new age and the new energy, a belief system which is one that is being held at some level of the human consciousness of the entities involved in this experiment within this vibrational level. As a result of that human consciousness belief system, we would suggest that, based upon that belief system and based upon the present understandings of your human consciousness, this transference into the new age and the new energy at this time will continue, and that the disasters which are being forecast by those entities who are still operating from the old energy—while they are in this consciousness level—will not come to pass as was once prophesized.

Now, we hesitate to make prophecies, as prophecies within the new age and the new energy will not be accurate because as entities have the opportunity to alter their belief systems consciously, and thereby alter not only their future but also their past and their present, then predictions become impossible. Predictions can no longer be validated. However, there are certain belief systems that are being held as a human (collective) consciousness as a result of the choice to enter into the new age and the new energy that, although they have the opportunity to alter, are nonetheless in place at this time. We have spoken before of some of those particular belief systems. One of them is that the children who are entering into this incarnational period at this time are, for the most part, having the opportunity to bring in with them the understanding of who and what they are, and to have the understanding at the conscious level that they have the capacity to create their reality. And that’s brand new. That’s a new concept. That’s a belief system which can be held within the subconsciousness, and those entities may not even be aware of it, but their actions and the realities they create based upon their choices will be a reflection to validate that belief system. They shall create realities based upon that belief system, even if that belief system is held at the subconscious level and they’re not aware of it. They shall create their realities consciously. They shall have the opportunity to make choices to create their realities from a position of self-love. And they shall have difficulty in understanding some of the belief systems that are contained and are presented by entities existing in the old energy. We’ve spoken of that possible conflict that shall be present when those two forces meet. When that new generation meets the old generation, it shall give a new meaning to the term “generation gap,” most certainly. For it shall be not only a gap in age, but a gap indeed in belief systems.

This transference into the new age and the new energy was set to be completed in the year of 2012. That was your choice, and you established that guideline and that time frame. We’ve spoken about the reasons for that establishment many times, and we’ve also suggested that you’ve altered that time frame; and you have. It doesn’t mean that you have to be completely transferred before that period, or at that period, or even any time following that period. The choice is still yours whether you desire to enter into this new age and new energy from a conscious point, or whether you wish to terminate this incarnational period and have the opportunity to reincarnate with a choice of understanding who and what you are at the conscious level. However, we suggest that, through what you would term a process of evolution, eventually, based upon your present belief systems and understanding, that transition shall occur.

Now, the next generation after what we have termed the new age children, after what you have termed the indigo children, shall be the children who will consciously hold the understanding and the belief system that they can create their own reality. It won’t be a type of belief system that’s held within their subconsciousness, but, rather, that’s held in their consciousness. And these entities we’ve called the peacemakers. At that time, the conflicts you are experiencing in what you term your present shall no longer exist, and you shall have the opportunity to truly experience what each of you have desired for so long, what every entity within your entire Earth system has desired, which is peace. For you see, even those that seem to be aggressive, even those who were responsible for the tragedies that have occurred and are occurring around your Earth system, do so for the desire to have peace. They just don’t understand that you cannot have peace when you believe that there is a good and an evil. For if you believe that there exists the evil, then you believe as well that the evil must somehow be eliminated in order for the good to survive; and the conflict continues.

The new children that shall come after the completion of your transition into this new age and this new energy shall understand that they are indeed a Piece of the One, and that they are responsible for the creation of their reality and they can do it consciously. They shall operate from a position of self-love. And from that self-love shall radiate love for all of the entities who exist throughout all of your vibrational level. And only from that particular belief system can you eliminate the judgmental type of mentality that exists within your human ego, within your human consciousness, and thereby bring about what each of you desire so much; which is an end to these conflicts, and a peaceful coexistence, a joyful and a loving coexistence throughout all of your vibrational level.

Now, if any of you have questions for us, we would be willing to attempt to answer them for you at this time.

Questioner: I was wondering about a belief system in this reality of moving objects using running electricity through them. Is this really simple? I was trying using a nine volt battery. Was that too small? How does that belief system work?

Joshiah: Now, is it simple? We suggested to you, and have suggested many times in the past, that the limitations you have upon time and space are based upon your concept primarily of a linear time frame and of a beginning and of an end, and that indeed when you begin to understand that concept of the now, then you shall have the capacity to understand and to overcome these limitations that you put on with regard to space and time. As well, you shall begin to understand the connection between this energy that you create and that exists within each and every atom that exists within your entire earth’s system, within your entire galaxy, so to speak, that you are creating within this entire vibrational level you experience at the consciousness level.

In the past (referring to Atlantean times) you have had an understanding of how to accomplish what you are attempting, what you refer to as an antigravity type of activity. We would suggest to you that indeed the energy that is used in terms of your voltage is not nearly as important as the amperage that you use, and it’s not nearly as important as your understanding that you actually alter the electrical energy that is involved in each atom within the substance and within the particular type of object that you wish to enact this antigravity type of a force.

Now, as well, there is not only an involvement of the alteration of the energy in terms of positive and negative energy that is present in each atom, but there is also an interaction to cause a type of electromagnetic type of energy. For you see, not only is there energy involved in your creation of this reality in terms of an electric, or similar to an electric type of energy, but it also involves magnetism. And when you learn to alter not only the energy surrounding the atoms, but also the magnetism that surrounds those atoms, then you shall have the opportunity to have this type of antigravity phenomena that you desire to achieve. It is a phenomenon that has been achieved many times throughout your history. It involves more in terms not of the voltage, but of the amperage that is applied, and of the areas that it is applied in order to not only alter the electrical make-up of the particular object, but also the magnetic make-up of that object. When you combine the two, it’s possible to achieve the results, and it is something which is relatively simple, as are so many things within your vibrational level that seem complicated, only because you choose to make them complicated, when they are all illusionary and imaginary.

Again, we suggest that the key to the experiment you are attempting is not necessarily the voltage, but more in terms of the amperage and more in terms of altering the magnetic make-up as well as the electrical make-up of the object that you are attempting to apply the antigravity theory to.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Well, they pretty well answered the other one, but I got a new one. I understand that we are all a Piece of God, but I was wondering if you could elaborate on who and what we were before we got here?

Joshiah: Who and what you were is who and what you are. You see, within this consciousness level you place upon your reality a linear time frame, that there is a beginning and an end, and there is no beginning and end, but rather all occurs in the now. Of all the concepts that you have created within this vibrational level that you have a difficulty getting a grasp of—even though you can’t really hold the understanding, you can hold the belief system—the ones that are the most difficult are your perceptions of that linear time frame and that there is space, that there is a beginning and an end. So who you were and what you were before you began this particular experiment is who and what you are at this time. You were and are a Piece of the One, a Piece of God.

You see, within your vocabulary it’s very difficult to give an accurate explanation of who and what you are in terms of that Oneness, in terms of that God, in terms of All That Is. It’s a very difficult concept because you wish to have an object which you hold as One, and you wish to be a Piece of that One, and yet you wish the One to be somehow separate and have control. And it’s not possible; it’s all One. It’s all a Piece of the God, if you wish to use that term; it’s all a common Piece of the One. And that’s who you were and what you were, and that’s who you are and what you are. And it has not changed.

You see, you cannot fail to return to that understanding of who and what you are. You are, while you are in this consciousness level, as far removed from your reality as it’s possible for you to be. You see, while you are in this consciousness and while you feel that you are indeed in a rather solid reality, this reality is the least solid and the most imaginary of all the realities that you create and exist in. And it’s much harder for you to maintain this consciousness than it is to maintain the other levels of consciousness that you exist at and have the capacity to exist at, including existing at a vibrational level which is outside of this vibrational level that you exist at within the limitations you place upon yourselves as a result of establishing a veil.

So to answer your question, who and what you are, and who and what you were before you began this experiment, are the same. They are all occurring in the now. When you alter your understanding and your belief systems, you affect not only your future, but also your present and your past. And you have the capacity to alter them all. Because you have established this linear time frame and you hold that belief system, and it is such a strong belief system—indeed one of the strongest perceptions for you to even begin to get an understanding to comprehend how that can be—nonetheless, you exist in the now, and what you do in this linear time frame is only put in place as your choice in order to lend validity to this reality.

You see, when you understand that you can alter that past as well as the future, then suddenly the past doesn’t have the effect upon you that it once had. You understand that it’s all illusionary, and the feelings don’t have the meaning and the intensity that they once had, and so the whole experiment falls apart and it doesn’t have any purpose. So you create a linear time frame, and you choose to exist at the conscious level behind a veil that restricts your understanding of who and what you are, and who and what you were, and who and what you will be. And they’re all the same. They all exist in the now. They all interact with each other.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Joshiah, I have a question here from someone who lives in the United States. They’ve read a couple of the channelings. I’ll just read to you what they wrote: “One of the things that occurs to me on this idea of creating our reality by what we believe, the people of the U.S. have always thought they would never have any terrorism activities here. We have felt pretty nigh invulnerable. That’s the first thought. What do you think about that?”

Joshiah: A rather interesting concept, for you see, a country that feels that they shall not have terrorist acts and yet their government has gone to great lengths in order to prevent those terrorist attacks, would kind of contradict that idea. Indeed the government of that particular country, should you study your history as recently as within the last decade, has established many anti-terror groups and committees to come up with ways to prevent the very types of tragedies that occurred. And it’s rather interesting that one of those groups, which was established by one of their past presidents, even predicted that there existed the strong possibility that terrorists could use their airline service for the purposes of attacking their primary centers of their governments, such as their White House and their Pentagon. And so, should you suggest that indeed they did not feel that terrorism could attack their country, [it] is not an accurate description or understanding of the belief systems held by many of the entities existing within that country.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Also, I know this person is feeling quite a bit of frustration right now, and I was just wondering if you would have any message for them, if you even know who is giving this question?

Joshiah: Our suggestion has always been, and continues to be, that the secret to understanding the realities you experience is to look within and to have a concept of self-love. To understand that you are a Piece of the One, that love is the basis of all creation, and that self-love is necessary before it’s possible to extend that love to others. And that through love and through self-love you can accept the responsibility for the reality you experience and the understanding that you are a Piece of the One. And through the acceptance of those simple belief systems, you can have access to the knowledge that gives you the ability to understand, and indeed to feel sympathy for and to feel a release of responsibility for, those types of actions that have occurred and are continuing to occur throughout your Earth systems, an understanding that each is responsible for the creation of the reality that they experience, and the true way to eliminate that type of experience and repetition of that experience is through the expression of love, not through the expression of evil or the belief that there exists evil.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Was it us that affected the tape recording or did you do it? (The beginning of this session, prior to the start of the Q and A, was not recorded successfully.)

Joshiah: (Chuckles) An interesting question. We did not have any effect intentionally upon your recording system. However, as we have suggested before, when there are different entities involved not only within your vibrational level, but also entities that come from other vibrational levels for the opportunity to interact with each of you, then there exists the strong possibility that there will be interference with your recording system. However, it was not intentional on our behalf.

As new entities exist within the group that we are experiencing within your vibrational level, we would assure you that there are new entities who would use this opportunity to enter into this sacred space for the purposes of interacting personally with those individuals who are not always present or familiar with our regular types of interactions. And therefore the possibility for interruption of your recording system exists not only from entities within your vibrational level, but other entities who use this opportunity to interact with those entities existing within your vibrational level, and sometimes are not in tune, as you would say, with your particular energy. Or perhaps to better phrase it, they have knocked your energy a little off-kilter and are having an effect upon the energy within this sacred space that you create.

Now, again, we do not use—or we did not at this time use—this particular technique for the purposes of that validation that there is an interaction that is occurring. However, we would suggest to you as we did when we first began this type of channeling and interaction, that the interference that occurs is an interference in the electromagnetic type of energy that is present within this area. And your particular recording apparatus operates based upon electricity and magnetism, and therefore the interference is not only possible, but quite probable, and lends validity that there is indeed an exchange of information occurring, and that interaction that we refer to as the silent communication, the silent message, is real and valid, and each of you have the opportunity to experience and to have that type of interaction not only at this time, but at any time that you choose to express the intent and to shift your consciousness.

Does that answer your question?

(End of questions. We thank Joshiah and the others.)

Once again, we would like to express our gratitude to each of you for allowing us what we term as these very special and precious times, these few moments that we have the opportunity to share with you and to learn from each of you. We, once again, suggest to you that you are loved beyond what you could comprehend. There is unconditional love and unending support for each of you. And until the next time that you so graciously offer us this opportunity, we would wish you farewell, with love and with peace.

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