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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

September 23, 2001

(Note: Joshiah said during this session that this same message would likely be repeated at the next Open Channeling on October 7, 2001. That session, however, was not successfully recorded.)

Joshiah: … our gratitude for your allowing us, creating for us this opportunity to enter into and to share in your reality, to have the opportunity to interact with you on your side of the veil. Now, as is our custom we would, once again, ask you, if you choose, to express the intent to allow for a further thinning of the veil, to allow for that multitude of entities that would be with us to have the opportunity to enter into and to share in this sacred time and this sacred space that you have created for us this afternoon. Now, we also suggest to you that should you choose to express the intent, that these entities are anxious for the opportunity to interact and to share with you on what we have termed the silent level, for that telepathic exchange of information to occur. And, once again, we remind you that many times that interaction is much more complete and much more pertinent to the individual than the information that we express through our friend. Now, we would ask, once again, for a moment’s silence to allow for the entities to enter into this space, to allow for us to adjust and to interact with the energy, and allow for us to fine-tune our connection with our friend.


Well now, again we suggest to you that throughout the next few moments that we are with you, should you choose to express the intent to alter your consciousness, that there would be an interaction, a silent communication that occurs. And while you may feel that you have somehow missed the expression through our friend, nonetheless we suggest to you that not only will you not have missed this interaction, but you may indeed have a much more valuable exchange of information that pertains to each of you individually. For this communication is intended to be an individual type of communication, as opposed to a general type of expression. And therefore, when we are successful is when each of you feel that we have spoken to you individually. And when you have that exchange of information on the silent level, that telepathic exchange of information, and you have received your individual exchanges of information, then our interaction, our purpose of communicating with you, will have been much more successful.

So, we remind you that the entities who are with you at this time would interact with you, would exchange with you, would express to your subconscious information that you desire to have, information which is contained within your vibrational level but which you have limited your access to. For again, we assure you that entities existing outside of your vibrational level do not have the answers to the questions that you have on so many of the problems and so many of the misunderstandings and so many of the desires for knowledge of understanding how you are responsible for and create this reality. for those answers exist within your own vibrational level. They exist within your higher self, within that piece of you which is a Piece of the One. And these entities who are anxious to interact and exchange with you simply facilitate bringing that information into your consciousness or into an area of your consciousness where it becomes accessible when you need it, when it becomes pertinent for the circumstances that you are involved in during your day-to-day creation of your activities.

You see, to attempt to hold all of the understanding of how you create your reality, all of the little nuances that are necessary in order to create the reality that you experience, would be very complicated and would make your focus upon your reality almost impossible. It would present you with an overload to your ego, to your conscious mind, and you would not be able to put all of the interactions into perspective to get an understanding of what is truly occurring. Therefore, when we suggest that you will receive these intuitive nudges, these intuitive thoughts that come to you seemingly out of nowhere, they are these messages. They are the answers that you desire, that you are expressing the intent to have, and they come when they have the most bearing and are most useful to you in order to assist you in creating this reality that you desire. So while you have this desire to understand, to be able to get a grasp of all of the complicated processes of interactions that you have with other entities as you create your reality, nonetheless, you limit that understanding at your conscious mind because it becomes almost incomprehensible that you could hold that understanding and function as what you would call a normal type of human being.

So while it’s interesting for you and it intrigues you to have that understanding, we would suggest that it’s not necessary. It not only is not necessary, but the complications of the interactions would be very difficult for you to comprehend if they were to come to you en masse. Therefore, it is much more beneficial for you to simply understand that you are the creators of your reality and that you have the opportunity to alter your reality and to attempt to bring forth whatever individual or multitude of belief systems that you are holding that are responsible for the reality that you are experiencing.

For, once again, as you change the belief, you change the reality. And therein lies the important piece of information, the important belief for you to grasp from all of this rather complicated and intricate interactions that you have with other entities as you set in place all of the agreements, all of the mini-contracts to create the reality that you desire. Understand that you create it based upon your belief systems. As we have said to you so many times before, those are the important messages for you to hold, for you to continually come back to, to continually come back to that basic understanding in order to get an overall view of the reality that you are creating and experiencing.

You see, you are now still in the aftermath of what has been termed the disastrous events that have happened in your neighboring country. And, once again, as people are experiencing this disaster, they are falling back on the old belief system. They are even beginning to receive information from what they refer to as their channeled entities that are expressing the belief systems that they hold, and they are attempting to revert back into some of the older belief systems, into some of the old energy. And as we have suggested so many times, once you get a grasp of the understanding that you are the creators of your reality, you cannot go back. You cannot revert back. Yet you are beginning to hear all kinds of messages that are reverting back to that old type of energy, to those old belief systems. If you wish to search on your internet and if you wish to talk to other entities involved in the new age movements, you are hearing about messages channeled that there are indeed a multitude of angels that are overseeing the occurrences and assuring that the residents of the United States will be comforted and looked after.

You could also find that there are entities channeling the numerology to prove that indeed this particular event occurred at dates that can be validated through their adjustments and through their calculations of the numerology. For example, there are those who have the feelings that nine and eleven are very important numbers in the creation of your reality, and that events occur around those particular numbers. They will use that as an example that this particular catastrophe occurred on the ninth month and on the eleventh day. For those that are astute enough to understand your astrology, they will also suggest to you that it happened eleven days before the middle of your solstice, before the twenty-second, when you are halfway between your shortest and your longest day of your year. They will use all of these numbers to prove that their beliefs are right, that the numerology has an important impact upon your reality creation. They are forgetting that rather basic reality, that basic belief that we suggested that you hold: if you believe it, you’ll create the realities to support the belief.

So, if you believe that the numbers can have an impact upon your reality, then you will create the reality to support the belief system. You see, the disaster could have as easily happened on the tenth or the twelfth, but it didn’t. It happened on the eleventh day of the ninth month, eleven days before the middle of your solstice. Rather interesting. But we would suggest you understand that if the numerology had any effect upon that creation, upon that catastrophe, it was of the choice of the individuals involved. It had absolutely nothing to do with numerology having control over the events. Again, you create your reality to support the belief systems. It is not the other way around.

Now, there are also those particular entities who are channeling who will be telling you information that somehow the Americans are the good guys and the others are the bad guys. Again we suggest to you that judgment on what is right or wrong falls within the human capacity and is not a judgment that comes from some entity, or any multitude of entities for that matter, who exist outside of your vibrational level. The entities involved in that particular catastrophe, in that event, chose to be involved in that event. They chose to create that reality for whatever reason. And we suggest that there are a multitude of belief systems, that are reasons, involved in the creation and the experience of that reality.

Again, entities who are attempting to revert back to old energy type of belief systems, entities who have chosen to enter into this new age and are now suddenly feeling the welling up of old age type of emotions, old age belief systems, shall experience a discomfort, shall experience a dis-ease surrounding these events. For you see, while it may seem to be a catastrophe within your vibrational level, we assure you that it is no more of a catastrophe than a multitude of other events occurring throughout your Earth system at this time.

You may say the magnitude is such that it was a much more impressive disaster, for example, or a much more important disaster, or a much larger disaster, a disaster of much greater magnitude. But we assure you that an entity existing within another part of your Earth systems, who may have lost a child to an accident, experiences as much grief, experiences as much trauma, and has as many questions regarding this creation of this reality that you’re experiencing, as any entity who was involved in the catastrophe that happened in your neighboring country. To that individual who lost a child in an accident, that catastrophe is as great, the impact of the loss and the feelings are as great, as it is for the entities who are involved in the catastrophe that is at this time having such a huge influence upon your reality creation.

So we would caution that you understand that you create your reality through your belief systems, and to revert back to old belief systems when you begin to understand that there is a new age and a new energy, is to invite a discomfort and a dis-ease within your reality. To expect that there are somehow a multitude of angels that are somehow overseeing this entire event and are assuring you that things are unfolding as they were set to unfold, and that there are a multitude of angels that are somehow going to [ensure] that the Americans are somehow saved and that their enemies will be destroyed is, once again, to not accept responsibility for the creation of your own reality. It is, once again, allowing your reality to be created out of default, based upon old age belief systems.

As you begin to refuse to accept responsibility for the creation of your reality, and you begin to feel that there are somehow a multitude of angels that are somehow responsible for and are overseeing this entire event, you are giving away your power to control the outcome of the circumstances. You are setting yourself up to, once again, experience a reality created from old age belief systems, created from those belief systems that somehow there must be retaliation, that somehow because these entities have chosen to die, have chosen to be involved in that catastrophe, that there must be a revengeful occurrence to somehow justify that extreme loss.

Well, you can’t justify a loss by creating another loss. It doesn’t quite work that way. When someone chooses to be involved in that type of a reality, there’s nothing wrong with having compassion for those entities. There’s nothing wrong with attempting to understand the events, the belief systems that were in place that were responsible for the creation of that reality. However, to feel that you have some need to avenge that loss is to assume that you have a belief system that is superior to the belief systems of those entities that chose to be involved in that reality.

We’re not suggesting that entities simply step aside and do not feel compassion and do not somehow feel responsibility, for indeed there are entities that have remained in this vibrational level that were as responsible for that catastrophe, that were as involved in that interaction, as the ones who chose to terminate this incarnational period. And indeed those entities have belief systems that they must work on in order to alter the potential of the expansion of that type of reality creation. But nonetheless, it’s not necessary to feel that one must revenge and that one must somehow attempt to alter that reality by further enhancing similar types of interactions between entities within your vibrational level.

You see, you can’t bring about peaceful solutions by going and attempting to harm others, by attempting to wreak your revenge upon others. One does not beget the other. Again, we’re not suggesting that people simply take a negative approach or a neutral approach to this type of reality creation. For to sit back and suggest that, “Well, we were not involved,” for that American public to sit back and feel that they did not in some way have a responsibility in the creation of that reality, is to invite that reality to occur again. But, rather, to understand what it is that they hold as a belief system, or as a multitude of belief systems, that allowed that particular catastrophe to occur is the solution to solving any further types of that kind of reality creation.

Now, that’s a rather difficult concept for those entities who are at this time feeling intense suffering, and those entities who are willingly choosing to remain [in] the old energy, to accept. They do not wish to accept that they are responsible for their creation of their reality. They want to blame someone else. And it is difficult to express to them that they are responsible for the reality they experience, for they still feel that somehow there is a God outside of their reality that’s responsible for this type of catastrophe. And they feel that there’s a multitude of angels who are going to somehow protect them from further creations of this types of reality.

However, we are attempting to address those who have made the choice to enter into the new age and into the new energy. To caution that you cannot go back, to caution that as you attempt to return into that old age way of thinking and attempt to believe that somehow there were other entities who were responsible for the creation of this reality, to believe that those involved in the catastrophe were innocents in terms of their reality creation, is to attempt to step back into the old age energy. And it won’t work. You will continue to have conflicting ideas and thoughts surrounding that particular event. And as you continue to attempt to use old age types of beliefs and old age types of understanding in order to get a grasp on what occurred, you shall indeed experience a discomfort and a dis-ease surrounding your attempts to enter back into the old age, to believe in those old age ways of thinking and of thought processes.

Now, we do not have the answers for you. Again, we have no intentions of attempting to bring to you answers. For you to look outside of this vibrational level and feel that there are somehow entities outside of there who have answers for you is as invalid a process as to expect that those entities can have control over your reality creation or even have a direct influence on your reality. It just doesn’t happen that way. It’s not possible. You set it up so that it wouldn’t be possible. So we suggest that you continue to look for the answers that are within each of you, to understand the belief systems that each hold that are responsible for the creations of the realities you experience.

You see, until entities begin to accept the responsibility for the reality that they experience, and until they begin to alter the belief systems they hold, we would suggest that this type of event shall indeed have a very strong possibility of repeating itself over and over, until those entities have all made the choice to terminate this incarnation or until they accept the responsibility for their reality and begin to alter the belief systems that create the reality that they experience.

Again, it comes back to the simple belief systems which we have stated from the very first time we interacted with you. You are indeed responsible for the creation of your reality. You do it through your belief systems, which have an influence upon your thoughts and your feelings and upon your choices and decisions that you make. And the fact that you are the creators of your reality should indeed instill in you the belief that you are an equal Piece of the One, and as such, you cannot fail.

We suggest that should you continuously come back to the basic belief systems, you stand a very good chance of having an overview of circumstances occurring within your vibrational level. That will give you an insight and an understanding that seems, for those in the old age and in the old energy, to be far advanced, very mature, so to speak, and those entities shall look towards you for some type of guidance. They shall look to you to demonstrate the way to solve these problems. And through your actions and through your belief systems and through your understanding, you shall indeed offer to them that guidance. You shall be the teachers, so to speak, and there are many who will be looking to those entities who seem to have that peacefulness and that understanding within them, those entities who do not react based upon old age belief systems and old age energy.

Now, we present this particular information to you at this time because throughout your entire Earth system, wherever there is your modern technology, this particular event has been, and still is, on the minds of so many people. As we suggested the last time we interacted with you, because of the technological advances within the last few years of your linear time frame, this event has had a much broader impact upon your reality creation than what it would have had as few as fifty years ago of your linear time frame. And many more entities are involved in holding particular belief systems surrounding this particular event that are having a much larger impact upon your reality creation than what would have occurred a half a century ago on your linear time frame. So, this particular event has a much broader scope in terms of affecting your reality creation, despite the fact that it is not nearly as disastrous as some of the events that occurred as little as seventy or eighty years ago in your linear time frame.

Now, we are very near, once again, to our time when you choose to open up our interactions with more entities (This is a reference to the upcoming Open Channeling for October 7, 2001.) and we would suggest that there exists at this time the very strong possibility that we will once again present a very similar message at that time for those entities who are anxious to hear it, who are at this time are already anticipating that particular event and hoping to receive information that will somehow allow them to make sense of what they seem to feel is a senseless disaster that has occurred. So again, there exists the very strong possibility at this time that we will once again repeat this message at that time.

Now, if you have any questions for us we would take a break for a few moments and we will return. Once again, we remind you that during our intermission, should you choose to have that silent interaction occur, that indeed there are a multitude of entities who are quite anxious and quite willing to interact with you, to share with you, and to at this time to offer you that unending support and unconditional love that we feel for each and every one of you. Now, having said that, we would take a moment’s intermission and we would return if you choose, with love and with peace.

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