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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

September 2, 2001

Q and A

Joshiah: … share with you on your vibrational level, and, once again, we remind you that should you choose to express the intent, there are indeed a multitude of entities anxiously awaiting the opportunity to interact and to share with you on that silent level and to offer you that unconditional love and unending support, and to assure you that you are never alone as you step into this vibrational reality and separate yourselves from the understanding of who and what you truly are, through the existence of the veil.

Now, as you continue this transformation into this new age and into this new energy, you are indeed, as we have suggested many times before, creating the opportunity where you shall be able to create the reality that you desire, consciously. One of the areas where you will have the ability to have a profound effect upon this reality that you experience is in the area of your health concerns. We suggested to you in the past that you shall have the ability to alter those ailments, those diseases that you experience that you now feel are incurable diseases or diseases that are as a result of genetic inheritance. You shall have the capacity to cure and to end all of these ailments and all of these diseases.

This is not new within your vibrational level. Indeed during the time of the Atlantean periods there were entities existing who understood that they had the capacity to balance their physical bodies to sustain their well-being, to sustain their health, to eliminate these diseases and these illnesses, and indeed to live very long lives in comparison to the length of expectancy for your lives within this incarnational period. During those Atlantean periods there also existed, as there does at this time, the belief that there had to be scientific proof in order to create the realities you desire. In other words, if you couldn’t substantiate it, and if you couldn’t prove it scientifically, then it did not exist, you had difficulty bringing it into your reality.

So, during the Atlantean periods you constructed what would appear to you at this time to be temples. The entities that oversaw these temples were both religious and scientific leaders from that era. At that time you understood the connection between spirituality and sciences. You believed that it was necessary to have that interaction and that connection, and so you constructed these temple-like structures that were located on what you felt then were geographical energy areas, on specific longitudes and latitudes where you felt that there was a concentration of energy. As well, there were certain mechanical type of devices contained within these structures that had the capacity to tap into what some have referred to as the energy that is contained within the cosmic lattice, to tap into the energy that you use to create this reality that you experience. It was believed at that time that while you were within these structures and while they were being manned by these priests who were also scientists, that you had the capacity to regenerate your physical being. You had the capacity to heal and to balance your bodies. Now, because that’s what you believed at that time, that’s the reality that you created, but nonetheless the underlying belief was that you could cure any and all diseases, any and all illnesses, and you could prolong your life’s time.

As you enter into this new age and this new energy, you are once again having the capacity to create whatever it is that you desire. And you shall have the capacity, if you believe and if you desire, to create a reality where you can cure your diseases and your illnesses. Now again, because of the strong human consciousness belief that your reality must have scientific support and have scientific validity in order for it to [be experienced] and in order for it to exist, then as long as you continue to hold that belief, you shall continue to create realities based upon some type of scientific validation. However, we suggest that’s not necessary. We suggest that should you choose to hold the belief system that you can indeed cure these diseases and these illnesses, that it would be within your capacity to do so.

Now, there’s a rather interesting phenomena that occurs at this time. You see, in your past few centuries there was the human consciousness belief that there could be a cure found for a disease, and that cure could apply to everyone. For example, you could discover and develop a vaccine which had the capacity to cure that particular disease for which it was developed, in each and every entity that existed within your vibrational level. The results were such that it supported that belief system. For again, that’s how it works: as you hold the belief, you shall create the reality to support the belief system.

As you enter into this new age and into this new energy and you begin to understand and to hold the belief system that you are responsible for and create your own reality, then the individual cures that will eliminate various diseases within you have the capacity to be pertaining to each individual. What may work for one individual may not work for another, and conversely what one individual uses to heal themselves of a particular ailment based upon their particular belief may not work for another. So this concept that you will have overall developments of vaccines or of cures or of methods in order to cure a particular seemingly incurable disease will not work in the way it has in your past because you are choosing to individually create your own reality. You are stepping outside of that human consciousness type of reality creation.

For as you enter into this new age and into this new energy, you are beginning to understand at the conscious level how you create your reality, and as a consequence, beginning to understand that the belief systems you hold create your reality and are not necessarily influenced by the belief systems of others. You are stepping outside of that total human consciousness reality creation, and you are developing individual realities, individual creations, and individual cures for the ailments, for the incurable diseases that at the present time have such an impact upon your reality. So, there will not be a specific cure, but rather each shall have the capacity to discover what it is that works for them, similar to our suggesting that each individual has the capacity to develop their own methods and techniques, to discover what works for them, to discover what reality creation techniques and beliefs they hold that will have an influence upon their reality. And what works for one may not necessarily work for the other. So we suggest that you discover what works for you and you hold the belief that you have the capacity to create the reality you desire, and that you shall bring into your consciousness the understanding of the method that’s necessary for you to alter the belief systems so you can create whatever it is that you desire, including cures to these seemingly incurable diseases.

As we continue on this transformation into this new age and into this new energy, you are going to be hearing more and more of these rather miraculous cures that entities are experiencing. Because you see, while you hold within you still the understanding and the belief that there must be scientific proof for so many of these cures to be experienced, nonetheless there are more and more who are beginning to understand they can cure themselves simply by altering their belief systems. And then, the cures seem rather miraculous. You see, they’re tapping into the same energy that’s used during a scientific experiment. You’re tapping into the same energy that they used in the Atlantean times when they constructed their temples of balancing for the human body. You just are eliminating the belief that you need all of this scientific apparatus in order to achieve the same purpose. You can do it by simply altering your belief systems, by understanding that you have the capacity to create your reality. You create your reality constantly. You do it all the time, whether you believe it or not.

Now, we would be willing to answer any questions that you have for us at this time.

Questioner: I would like to have some insight into the authenticity and meaning of crop circles on this planet.

Joshiah: When we spoke to you in our earlier discussions, we suggested to you that it was indeed within the capacity of each individual to create the reality that they desire, based upon their belief systems, and that at times the seemingly similar realities could have different meanings and be interpreted quite differently by different individuals, based upon their belief systems. So, the crop circles you refer to can indeed be legitimate interaction from entities that exist outside of your Earth systems, entities that we referred to as aliens that were indeed your creations and you were indeed interacting with and creating various circumstances in order to substantiate, in order to prove to you that what you believe is true—that there are indeed aliens existing outside of your Earth systems.

Now, for other entities, for other humans who do not hold that belief, the crop circles then become hoaxes. They become a manifestation of individuals who are attempting to prove that there are aliens who exist outside of your Earth systems, when there are indeed those who are perceiving these crop circles who do not believe that any such aliens exist.

So it becomes a different perception of the same identical interaction. So we would suggest, once again, that the belief precedes the reality, and whatever you believe can indeed be brought into your reality. For those who believe that there are entities existing outside of your Earth systems and who are attempting to validate their existence by the creation of crop circles, that indeed that is a reality that is being created in order to support the belief.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: What about the face on Mars and the Apollo 11 lunar landing?

Joshiah: Two questions. We will deal first with the so-called face on Mars. Now, it’s rather interesting that you also have a so-called face on your moon. And it’s also rather interesting that if you were to observe your planet Earth from Mars, that you could indeed use the outlines of your geographical variances in order to conjure up all kinds of images that you may desire to see, that you may wish that you could perceive. So again, similarly when you observe the moon and when you observe Mars and there are those who see images within that context, it is simply their projection of their belief systems as they attempt to give credibility to an object as being somehow outside of their creation, and to project some type of entity and some type of spirituality within the context of those particular planets.

So the face on Mars, what’s been referred to as the face on Mars, is similar to as what’s been referred to as the face on the moon. It is simply an observation of the distortions of the geographical configurations of those planets. What is interesting is that you have the capacity to create those planets, and you created those images that you see. They are not a haphazard thing which just seemed to appear. They are your creation, as is all that you observe within this vibrational level your creation. It’s also rather interesting that when you understand that concept, you also understand that it’s all illusionary and you can change it.

Now, you ask about the lunar landings, and we have suggested many times that the reality that you experience is as a result of the beliefs that you hold, and that there is no linear time frame, that all exists in the now. And as you alter the belief systems and as you alter the reality that you exist in at what you term the present, you have an effect upon the past and an effect upon the future. And they are all interacting and they are all changing. Now, that’s a difficult concept to accept when you believe in a linear time frame and you believe that what’s happened in the past is somehow set in stone and it can’t be altered. Well, we suggest that’s not how it is, and you have the capacity to alter the past as easily as you can alter the future.

Now, there are those who would suggest that the holocaust, which happened during your period of World War II, never occurred. Yet there are entities still surviving within this incarnational period who understand most certainly that to them that holocaust did occur, that they went through that time period, that they felt the suffering, and they were part of that particular reality creation. We can give you all kinds of examples of suggesting that it was their reality based upon their beliefs and they created it, but, nonetheless, that’s not the point here. The point is that there are realities that were experienced at that time that some entities suggest never happened but other entities will suggest to you most certainly did happen, for they participated in them.

As you continue on your linear time frame and as you enter into incarnational periods in what you would term your future where there will be no entities existing who actually experienced that reality, there exists the very strong possibility that indeed you shall alter your past and that indeed those particular entities who experienced the holocaust shall be discredited, if you would. And it’s not really discredited, but rather that the entities existing in what you would term your future shall hold the belief that the holocaust never happened, and so they shall alter the past.

So, similarly with what you term as your lunar landing. Did that particular event occur? We would ask you, “What do you believe?” For you see, as enough entities hold the belief that particular event happened, most certainly you shall bring the reality into existence. As enough entities hold the belief system that that was a hoax, then you shall have the capacity to alter your past as surely as you have the capacity to alter your future. So what once was held as a firm belief system has the ability to change. You have the ability to alter the past. And you do it on a continuous basis. It’s rather interesting that scientists who held certain concepts that were absolute truths as little as fifty years ago within your linear time frame, at this time would consider those absolute truths to be not so true at all, but rather to be misinterpretations, and indeed at times very false misinterpretations of particular events that occurred in your past. Similarly, this particular event that you refer to, as with all the events that have occurred within your past, have the capacity to alter. You have the capacity to alter your entire existence.

You understand within the present that because of the linear time frame, if you were to alter your choices and decisions, that you can alter what occurs tomorrow. For example, you may at this time feel that tomorrow you are going to go on an extended trip towards the west, and for some reason you alter that choice and you decide instead to go on an extended trip towards the east. You believe that it’s completely within your capacity to alter that future event, that you have the capacity to make that choice and to alter going from the west and begin to go to the east instead. We suggest to you that it is equally within your capacity to alter your past, that you have the capacity to have that influence over your past and indeed when you do make the choices to alter your reality, when you make those individual choices to alter your belief systems, you do have an effect on your past. You have an effect on your past not only within this incarnational period, as recently as the fifty years ago when you refer to the landing on the moon, but as well to the fifty incarnations ago when you were experiencing realities in entirely different centuries and in entirely different time frames or years of your civilization.

So you continuously alter the past as well as you continuously alter the future, for it all exists within the now. It all occurs simultaneously. One cannot be altered without affecting the other. As you alter your belief systems, you most certainly have the capacity to alter the past as well as the future. So as you have entities who begin to believe that the lunar landing was a hoax, you have the capacity to alter that reality. And for some of them it becomes a very real reality that it never occurred, but for those who actually stepped upon the lunar surface at that time, most certainly they understand and hold the belief system that it did occur.

So you have the conflicting belief systems. Which one will prevail is entirely up to the entire human consciousness that exists not only within this particular incarnational period, but all the other incarnational periods that you are experiencing. So it becomes very difficult to look into your past and say that happened or that did not happen. For you have the capacity to alter the past. You have the capacity to alter your reality entirely.

As you understand that you create your reality and you create it all simultaneously and you create it based upon your beliefs and your choices, then you begin to get a better concept of what we refer to as the now and the abilities that you have to alter this rather illusionary reality that you are experiencing. For indeed as we have suggested so many times before, this is the most unreal of all of the realities that you experience. This is the most illusionary. And therefore, although it doesn’t always seem that way while you are in your conscious state, it is the most easy for you to manipulate.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Is there anything that would be helpful for us to know about the year 2012?

Joshiah: The year 2012 is what was originally established by your choices to be the end of this transference into the new age and into the new energy. It was set to be as a time frame when the transference into the new age and the new energy could be completed by those who have made the choice to travel that path into the new age and into the new energy. Now understand that it is based upon a belief system. This particular belief system is one which was held by the human consciousness, if you would. It was one which was set in place at the time that you also altered the termination of this reality, of this vibrational level that you exist in.

That particular year has been continuously expressed as being the beginning of the new age and the new energy, the beginning of when it was possible for you to hold at the conscious level the complete understanding of who and what you were and the complete ability to comprehend your belief systems in order to alter them and in order to create the reality that you desire. However, there’s been a rather interesting phenomena occur as you continue on this transference into the new age and into the new energy. Entities who have made that choice are beginning to grasp that understanding [that] they are the creators of their reality and that they have the capacity to alter their beliefs and thereby alter their reality, and they are saying to themselves, “If that’s the case, why do I have to wait for the year of 2012 in order to complete this transfer? I can believe that it’s possible for me to hold that understanding of who and what I am at the conscious level at this time.”

Well, while they indeed are beginning to have the ability and are beginning to believe they understand this concept of reality creation, they have not completely transformed into the new age and into the new energy. And we would qualify that statement by saying that the majority have not completed that transference into the new age and the new energy. For indeed there are some who have been on this path for a very long time and who have never heard of the term of metaphysics or of new age and of new energy, and yet understand that they have the capacity to alter their reality consciously. So there are some who have completed this transference into the new age and into the new energy, but for the majority who are involved in your particular (North American) society, you are indeed still on this transference journey. You are still in the process of transforming into the new age and the new energy, but you have altered the date when that would be possible.

You see, if you were to follow along the general linear time frame that was established, which began in your year of 1987 and was to be completed in your year of 2012, you would find that there was a twenty-five year progression, and you would at this time be at approximately fourteen years of that progression stage. In fact, it’s rather interesting, if you were to study some of the metaphysical teachings that have been given to you, that you are now simply a few days past the fourteen year term based upon that linear time frame. For indeed it was during the month of August in the year of 1987 that presumably the choice was made, the beginning was made to enter into the new age and the new energy. But again, as more entities have begun to understand that they have the capacity to alter their reality, then they have made the choice to alter that time frame. So while the year of 2012 was and does still remain the time when many entities feel that that’s when they will have the capacity to complete the transformation into the new age and into the new energy, we would suggest that for the majority of entities involved in this transition period, you are indeed far beyond the halfway point. The date when the transference into that new age and into that new energy can be completed is rather elusive. But we would assure you that it is sooner than the year of 2012 which was originally chosen and predicted for that transference to be completed.

Now, there’s another rather interesting phenomena that occurs that hasn’t been spoken of very much, and that is that originally there was a time frame, if you wish, a window of opportunity where one could choose to enter into this new age and into this new energy. And that window of opportunity was in what you would refer to as the last decade of your last century. It was prophesized at that time and it was held as a belief system that if you hadn’t made the choice to transfer into this new age and into this new energy, that it would not be possible for you to make that transference by the year of 2012. And if you hadn’t completed it by that time, then it wouldn’t be possible while you were within this incarnational period to make the choice to transfer into the new age and into the new energy. The only way that you could get there would be for you to die and to reincarnate and bring in with you the understanding of who and what you were, and to bring in with you that capacity to understand at the conscious level how you create this reality.

However, you not only have altered that time frame, that year of 2012, for the completion of your transference into the new age and into the new energy, but also there has been an alteration of the understanding that you had to make that choice, that that window of opportunity existed only in the last decade of your last century. Now the belief is held that you can, while you are within this incarnational period, continue to make that choice. There’s not a time frame. As long as you exist within this incarnational period and you make the choice, the opportunity exists; there are no limitations. You see, that limitation was only put on as the result of a belief system. You have but to alter the belief system in order to alter the limitation. We would suggest that has occurred, as well as the alteration of the year of 2012, which was originally set as the time frame necessary for you to have completed this transference into the new age and into the new energy.

So to answer your question, the year of 2012 will still contain significance for many. And there will be many who will indeed await that time because of the suggested possibilities that exist at that time. However, we would suggest to you that that time frame has been altered. There are many who will reach that transference into the new age and into the new energy before that time; and there are many who will not have completed the transference at that time, for they will have chosen to extend their period of transformation into the new age and into the new energy.

We would caution that there are those who expect to continue with their present belief systems, who continue to hold the beliefs that they are not responsible for their reality, to not have the understanding that they are a Piece of One, to not hold within them the concept of self-love and begin to love who and what they are for who and what they are, to begin to love themselves without the limitations and without contracts. When those entities wake up in the year of 2012 and expect that suddenly because they’ve heard of the possibilities of this new energy that suddenly because it’s the year 2012 they can automatically transform into the new age and the new energy, we would suggest that that’s not going to happen.

The changes will be subtle, similar to the subtle changes that occurred in the year of 1987 when you set the time frame and when you, as a human consciousness, chose to begin the alteration of your energy within this vibrational level. When you reach the age of and the year of 2012, you shall again have only subtle, what you may refer to as, indications that there has been a transference, that there has indeed been a tremendous shift in the energy in the vibrational level you exist in. And those who have made the choice and those who have consciously expressed the desire to enter into this new age and into this new energy will have at that time have achieved a level of understanding so that the transformation will seem insignificant, for they will already be there.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I experienced a past-life regression to the year 1607. Is it possible to go to that area and find the tablets that I had hidden at that time?

Joshiah: It’s rather interesting, as we suggested, that it’s possible for you to alter that past as you alter the future. Now, a very simple answer to your question would be yes, most certainly it’s possible. You see, your archeologists continue to find sites that leave indications of your past history. And we suggested that indeed there will be within your near future discoveries of similar such sites that seemingly have gone unnoticed for centuries where seemingly there have been civilizations existing that were walking upon these archeological areas and had no concept of what they were perceiving.

It’s rather interesting that suddenly within this incarnational period, within your near future, these archeologists will begin to discover these seemingly undiscovered areas. However, again we suggest to you that your choices within your present influence your realities within your past. And what may have seemed to be obscure yesterday was indeed obscure because for all intents and purposes, because no one believed it existed, it was not there. And yet at this time, because of an alteration in your belief systems, suddenly these discoveries are made where, for some reason, they were not discovered in your past.

Indeed it’s rather interesting that many of the archeologists discovering these particular sites and areas and artifacts are the same people, the same entities, that existed within the time frame, within that incarnational period, that experienced those rather forgotten civilizations. It’s like they were hiding their own future from themselves. Hiding these particular artifacts so they could come in this incarnational period and discover them.

Now, again, it all occurs in the now simultaneously. It all has an influence one upon another. So to suggest that you could go back into your time frame and experience these past incarnations is indeed a very valid concept. And if you bring forward into this reality particular memories from the happenings within some of those incarnational periods, understand that it all occurs within the now and if it is within your memories, then most certainly you have the capacity to rediscover those artifacts, those tablets, which you believe existed at that time, and because of your beliefs, most certainly did exist at that time within your reality and continue to exist at this time within your reality, should you believe.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I was talking at the break about a dream I had where I saw (name) but she was definitely not in the body that she’s in at this point in time. She was a young, tall woman with long black hair. Can you tell me if that was her in a different incarnation or was that just my perception of her in my dream?

Joshiah: The answer to that question is yes. (Chuckles) You see, when you perceive someone in your dreams and you are interacting with them, when you are in that dream state, when you are in that altered state of consciousness and you are at the extreme ends of your dream state—what we have referred to as as far as you can go without leaving this particular incarnation period, without dying, in other words—you experience realities in the now. And when you interact with entities at that time, you interact with entities who have an understanding of the multidimensional existence they are active in, that the vibrational levels all exist simultaneously, that they are not [separated] by time or by space, that the time or space is your belief system, is your creation. So when you interact with those individuals, yes, to answer your question, most certainly they can be in other incarnational periods, and yes, you perceive them as being in those incarnational periods and you project the image that you would have perceived as you interacted with them in those incarnational periods.

Now again, it’s rather interesting that you have the capacity to project images based upon your belief systems and your understandings of those incarnational periods, and as we have suggested, you have interacted many, many times with the entities that exist within your group and most certainly with entities that you interact with from day-to-day. So it’s not surprising that you would project the image of a young and dark person and the female gender upon this entity at that time. However, it’s also rather interesting that you could project a male image upon the same entity and may not recognize it or at least may not retain the memory of recognition when you come back into this vibrational level. For you see, you understand and perceive at the conscious level that that entity within this incarnational period is of the female gender, and therefore it’s difficult to bring back the concept that within your dream it was the same entity that you were interacting with and that you were planning and that you were creating realities with in other vibrational levels in other incarnational periods, and that that entity in that incarnational period was a male entity.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I also was going to ask about an understanding I had when I awakened this morning. I realized my arm had been asleep while I was sleeping, and I remembered in my dream that I mentioned and paid particular attention to the fact that my arm was asleep and said, “Look, it’s almost as if my arm is asleep, I have no feeling at the end of it.” Of course, when I woke up I realized I had been laying on it physically and it affected my physical body, and yet in my dream it was affecting my dream. It then occurred to me that that’s probably exactly how all of our incarnations and everything are affecting each other because the consciousness of my physical body and the consciousness of my dream state were affecting each other that way too. Is that an analogy of how things can be affecting each other in the now?

Joshiah: We would suggest that’s a very accurate analogy, and your example is a very good example. We could continue to express many other types of interactions that occur as your conscious mind continues to perceive what is occurring within this reality and transfer information, if you would, into your subconscious mind. Now, at that level of your dream state when you are indeed interacting with your higher self, when your higher self has more of the stage, so to speak, then you get an understanding of that feeling between the conscious state and the higher self or the Piece of the One that you are, the subconsciousness, or whatever term you would like to use to describe that area of your being. If you could understand, as well, that interaction works the other way—when you, in the conscious state, hold belief systems and make choices, those belief systems are also carried back to and are perceived and are acted upon by your higher self, similar to the transference of information that occurs when you are in that dream state and there is a physical occurrence that is transferred to your higher self, and your higher self perceives that and indeed at times uses it as a safety precaution, if you would, to assure your well-being while you are in the sleep state. It’s why entities who can sleep through seemingly profound noises and situations can become awakened at the slightest interference which can trigger alarm. Your higher self receives that information from your consciousness and acts upon it. So it does as well while you are in your conscious state, you’re just not as aware of it as you are when you are in the dream state.

Does that answer your question?

(Tape ends.)

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