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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

September 2, 2001

Joshiah: … you this afternoon and to once again express our gratitude for your allowing us this opportunity, for your presenting us with this opportunity to enter into your reality to interact with you on your side of the veil. As always, there are a multitude of entities that are anxious to interact with you, to share with you, and to enter into this sacred space and this sacred time that you have created. And in order to facilitate that occurrence, we would request that you, if you choose, express the intent to allow for a further thinning of the veil to allow for those entities that would be with us to enter into and to share these next few moments that you so graciously present to us.

Now, these entities that are accompanying us are anxious for the opportunity to interact with you and to share with you. And that interaction, once again, we suggest takes place telepathically on the silent level, if you but express the intent, and that exchange of information is indeed much more pertinent to the individual requests and choices that each of you have. So now we would ask you for a moment’s silence and to allow for those entities to enter in, and to allow for us to adjust the energy within this space and to enhance our connection with our friend Elias (the channel).


Well now, again we express our gratitude for your creating this opportunity for us. Each time we come we continue to express to you our gratitude, our unconditional love, and our unending support. At times it may seem like we are repeating ourselves, which we most certainly are. However, from our particular perspective from our side of the veil, each interaction with you, each opportunity that you present for us to enter into and to exchange with you on your vibrational level, is exciting and brand new.

You see, we exist in the now, and so each time we interact is but a continuation and an interaction with other times that we have had the opportunity to communicate with you. So from our particular perspective it becomes important to continue to suggest to you that we are grateful. For indeed we are. You are held in awe for what you do. You are held in awe for the choices you make and for the realities you create, and we are most grateful for these opportunities to share your vibrational level, to enter into and to have the opportunity to interact with you, and to indeed learn from you. For in a sense, you are creating in a reality which is not duplicated anywhere throughout all of existence.

Nowhere throughout all of the multitude of vibrational levels that exist is there a duplication of the vibrational level that you exist at. Nowhere is there a vibrational level where entities make the choice to exist within what we term “the veil” in order to limit their understanding of who and what they are for the opportunity to enhance their perception of the reality they experience. Nowhere throughout all of the other vibrational levels are there entities who make that choice to become so separate from the understanding of who and what they are that this rather illusionary reality you exist in seems, while you are in the conscious state, to be the most real of all the vibrational levels that you exist at, when in reality it is the most illusionary. And while it may seem, from your conscious state, like a type of reality that you wish you didn’t create, we assure you that when you are in your between incarnation states, when you are in your dream states, in your altered states of consciousness, you understand most certainly what it is that you are doing. And you continue to make the choice to enter into this consciousness state and feel this reality is real for the purposes of enhancing the feelings that you have the opportunity to experience.

Again, you are honored for that particular choice and for this reality that you create. So we continue to express to you our unconditional love, our unending support, and our gratitude for the opportunity to interact with you and to share with you. It is indeed an honor, a pleasure, and a joy for us to interact with you, and to feel and to share the love that you express so freely during your silent interaction and communication with the entities who are interacting with you at this time. For again, you exist within a vibrational level that has within it a source of energy, an electromagnetic type of energy, that resists and eliminates interference from entities that exist outside of your vibrational level, and therefore the only opportunity we have to interact and to share with you is when you express the intent.

Now, there are a multitude of ways you express that intent and this type of interaction is but one. You see, there are various ways to search for your spirituality; to come in contact with that part of you which you refer to as your higher self, that Piece of the God that you are that exists within each and every one of you and within each and every cell of each and every one of you. And the choices you make to come in contact with and to find that spirituality are all valid choices.

You see, when entities choose to experience their spirituality through what you term as the conventional religious way, that is an honored attempt to contact and to interact with their spirituality. And when those individuals attempt to pray, they are expressing the intent at that time to interact with entities that exist outside of their vibrational level. Now, that interaction may be enhanced or may be limited by their belief systems, but nonetheless the interaction is real. The intuitive nudges that they feel are the response of spirit are similar to the intuitive nudges that you receive from your higher self. Those entities that are searching for that spirituality [in] what you term the “conventional religious methods” are as legitimate and as real in their search and in their attempt to attain their spirituality as any other entity in any other form of spiritual contact or interaction.

Now, we quite often suggest that some of the beliefs that are held by individuals in the conventional religious types of interactions are rather limiting beliefs in that they indeed allow their power to be given away, so to speak. They allow others to seemingly have a responsibility in the creation of their reality, and from that context it’s a limiting belief system. In that context they continuously have problems when they attempt to create the reality that they desire. For again, until you accept the responsibility for your reality, you will have difficulty in controlling it and altering it and creating the reality that you desire. And when you continue to suggest that there are some entities that exist outside of your vibrational level that have the power to create your reality, to influence your reality, indeed to even make decisions regarding the reality you are about to experience, then you give away some of your power and you shall continue to create realities that support that belief system. And from that perspective, it’s a limiting belief to feel that there are an entity or entities who have the power to make your choices, to influence your reality, to create the reality that they feel is the right reality for you.

You see, regardless of whether you hold that belief system or not, you still create the reality you experience. The reality you create is based upon your belief systems and it will support your belief systems. So if you believe there are entities that have control over your reality, then you shall experience realities that support that belief. You see, there are no wrong beliefs. Beliefs are illusionary, much like the reality that you experience. There are but few beliefs which are what we would call truisms, ones that you cannot alter, and we’ve suggested them to you many times. One of them being, of course, that you are the creator of your own reality. You cannot escape that. It’s a truism. It’s one that you brought with you into this vibrational level and it’s one that exists throughout all of the vibrational levels.

One of the major differences is within the other vibrational levels—for example, within the vibrational level that we exist at and the vibrational level that the entities who are with us this afternoon exist at—we understand that we are the creators of our reality. We accept that responsibility and we create the realities we desire through our belief systems, similar to, in fact identical to, the methods of reality creation that you experience within this vibrational level. We just don’t hide from the fact that we do it. We understand consciously, if you would, that we are the creators of our reality.

Now, as you enter into this new age and into this new energy, you are having the opportunity to bring into your consciousness the understanding of who and what you are, and to create your reality consciously and still do it while you are operating within the limitations of the veil. They’re contradicting types of belief systems, contradicting types of reality creation that you are about to enter into. But nonetheless, they are choices you have made, and indeed they offer realities that you are bringing into your day-to-day experiences. You are beginning to understand, most certainly, that you are a Piece of God and that you have the opportunity to create your reality consciously, based upon your belief systems and your choices. That’s happening now and it’s happening to a greater extent than ever before. And it shall continue to evolve, if you wish to use that term, until you reach the state where you have actually altered the energy within this vibrational level and have that capacity to create your reality consciously.

Now, we would talk to you to an extent regarding this vibrational level you are existing in and the creations that exist within your vibrational level. Within your human understanding, you have the belief that if one has intelligence then one also has spirituality. You continue throughout your scientific experiments and discoveries to attempt to attach spirituality to intelligence. Now, you can look around you at various examples that are occurring throughout your entire scientific community that would support that particular statement. You can find evidence in many areas of scientific experimentation and discovery. For example, there are those within your metaphysical type of movements who feel that some of the animals that exist within your seas have special spiritual attributes. You have dolphins and you have whales, for example, existing within your seas and within your oceans that are highly intelligent individuals that contain intelligence that is indeed equal to, in many areas, the intelligence of the human species. They have the capacity to interact telepathically. They have communication, although you do not have the capacity to fully understand it. Nonetheless, they do have the capacity to communicate, and they do so on a regular basis.

Now, they have not evolved in areas of technological advancement but nonetheless they have indeed, if you wish to use the term, evolved in areas of intellectual advancement. However, we would suggest that they are your creations and they do not have the spirituality that each of you have. We suggest to you many times that as you create, within each and every cell of your creation there is a spark of consciousness that you are. And that’s true, most certainly. But that does not mean that that particular spark of consciousness has the ability within itself to continue to create. It does most certainly have the capacity to evolve, if you wish to use that term, based upon your understanding and your belief systems.

And when you look at the overall concept and get out of the linear time frame that you exist in and begin to understand from the position of the now, then you begin to understand that evolution is, once again, one of your belief systems, one of your inventions, if you would. For as you see the overall picture in the now, you begin to understand that the present and the future and the past all interact and are connected, and you can’t alter one without altering the other. So evolution becomes rather a figment of your imagination. It is a validation of your linear time frame that you have chosen to establish. So while you may feel these particular species that you have created have evolved, they are nonetheless evolving based upon your belief systems. For you see, as you hold the belief, you shall create the reality that supports the belief. And you can apply that particular understanding to any area within your reality.

You also have within your human consciousness the belief system that there are entities existing outside of your Earth system, what you would call extraterrestrial beings. Aliens, if you wish. Whatever terminology you wish to apply. And that they visit your Earth, and that they are somehow observing you, and that they are somehow superior to who and what you are. Again we suggest to you that there are no entities existing within your vibrational level that are not your creation. Now, you may hold the belief that these entities have some type of knowledge or superior intelligence that you don’t have. We suggest that simply is not true. At some level within your consciousness you have the answers to all of the questions you desire. The only limitations upon your reality are the limitations you place upon yourself by your belief systems. So when you believe there are aliens existing outside of your Earth system, most certainly through your beliefs you create the reality.

Now, you believe these entities are superior to you in many ways in terms of their technological advances and in terms of their mental capacity, and so you create realities to support that belief. However, we would suggest to you that during the time of the early Atlantean periods you, as a human consciousness within this vibrational level, experienced interplanetary travel which was as advanced as any interplanetary travel that is occurring between these aliens that you have created who exist outside of your Earth’s system. You understood at that time how to tap into the unlimited sources of power that are available to you, and you understood how to alter your physical makeup in order to enhance space travel. You have chosen to hide from that technology. You have chosen to create realities that do not support that type of a belief system. And again, as you believe, so you shall create the reality to support the belief system.

Now, these entities that you feel are aliens or extraterrestrial beings, only have more technological advancement than what you have because you create that reality through your belief systems. They do not, however, have within them the spirituality that exists within each of you. For again, all that you perceive within this vibrational level is your creation. So when these entities interact with and visit your Earth’s systems and at times seem to interact with humans through what some have termed as kidnapping, understand, once again, that you create the reality based upon your belief systems. At some level these particular humans have made that choice. They have held the belief system that there are aliens, that there are some extraterrestrial beings who have superior technological advancement over them and who wish to study them. And you create the reality to support the belief.

Now, there are many people who would suggest that that is not possible, that that cannot occur, “There is no such thing as these extraterrestrial beings,” and these people can exist within this vibrational level on your Earth for their entire existence and never experience an interaction with an alien, with an extraterrestrial being. Again, your belief systems precede your reality, and should you believe strongly enough that that interaction will not occur, it will not occur. You create your reality based upon your belief systems.

The key to that statement is to understand the belief system, not the reality. The reality follows the belief system. So when you experience your reality and it seems to be in complete conflict with another’s reality within your vibrational level, and the realities don’t seem to support each other and they are conflicting realities, we would suggest it’s not the realities that are conflicting, it’s the belief systems. So, while each person has a valid reality, those realities are based upon their belief systems. And should you interact with these people and should you have the capacity to understand their belief systems, you would discover that they both firmly believe whatever it is that’s creating their reality, and those belief systems may be entirely opposite. It does not mean that one reality is more valid than the other.

So when you see someone trying to discredit another’s reality that the other holds as an absolute truism, understand that for both of them the realities may be entirely different because they hold entirely different belief systems. And what one perceives as a particular interaction, the other would have an entirely different perspective of the same event, both valid based upon the individual belief systems. So it becomes important that you understand that you are the creators of your reality. And when entities choose to take a different perspective on the reality that they experience, understand that is their choice.

From our particular vibrational level and from your perspective when you are in your between incarnation states and indeed in your dream states, there is no judgment. At those levels you understand that each has the opportunity to create the reality they desire and there is no judgment as to whether it is a right or wrong reality. It is a choice. And ironically, you have the choice to be involved or not to be involved in that particular interaction in each individual reality that you experience. There is no predetermined fate that would suggest you must interact with or you must experience certain events. You make the choice based upon your belief systems. If you don’t like the reality you’re experiencing, then alter your belief system.

Again, that is a very simple statement and one which we make quite frequently. But we also ask you to understand that you have put a limitation on your transference into this new age and into this new energy, and this ability to understand your belief systems shall become more enhanced as you continue on the transformation into the new age and into the new energy. And as you come nearer to completion of that transference, you shall begin to experience consciously more of an understanding of what belief system you hold that is creating the reality you are experiencing, whether it’s one you desire or one you don’t desire. At that point you shall have the opportunity to alter that belief system and thereby alter the reality you are experiencing.

When you begin to understand that each is responsible for the creation of their reality based upon their belief systems, it becomes easier for you to not be so judgmental of another’s reality. It becomes much easier for you to grant that individual the opportunity to create the reality they desire, and it’s not necessary for you to enforce your beliefs upon them. It’s not necessary for them to believe as you believe. For indeed, at some level they understand most certainly that they are a Piece of God and that they are the ones responsible for this reality they are experiencing.

As you begin to come to the conclusion of this transference into the new age and into the new energy, there is a tendency for some involved in this new age movement to feel that they are somehow more advanced than those who have chosen to remain in the old energy. And they somehow attempt to take upon themselves the responsibility of converting others into their understanding of reality creation. They wish to become teachers. They wish to become leaders and they wish to do it in a rather aggressive manner. They wish to take someone by the lapels and shake them and say, “This is how it is. Understand, and you shall create the reality that you desire.” We would suggest that at that point it’s time to step back and take a look at what you truly believe. For you see, it is not within your capacity to create realities for others, anymore than it is within others’ capacities to create your reality. And as you have the free choice to enter into this new age and this new energy and as you have the free choice to alter your belief systems as you choose, so others have the choice not to enter into the new age and the new energy and not to alter their belief systems. And there is no judgment upon that. There is nothing wrong with that if that’s the choice that they make. They can create whatever reality it is that they desire.

So when we suggest that as you enter into this new age and into this new energy there will be those who will look towards you for leadership or for some type of teachings, we’re not suggesting that you go out and literally set yourself up as a leader and attempt to have entities follow you and understand because at some level you feel that your way is the superior way, it’s the right way. But, rather, we are suggesting that you understand you are a Piece of God and you understand that each and every entity existing within your vibrational level is a Piece of God, and each is capable of making their own choices and each has the responsibility for their reality creation through their belief systems. And if they wish to observe the reality you are creating, then they have the opportunity to make the choice to come to you and ask, “What is it? What is it within you that makes your life seem so attractive? What is it within you that makes you seem so at ease and so at peace with your surroundings?” And at that time, you teach by example. At that time you only offer what is requested. You do not attempt to enforce or persuade them that your way is in any way superior to any of the other realities that are being experienced within your vibrational level.

When you have within you that capacity to offer through demonstration, as opposed to through direct influence by forcing your ideas and beliefs on others, you will indeed set for yourself a marker that you have passed beyond what we would term the halfway point of this transference into the new age and into the new energy. That you will have indeed begun to understand you are a Piece of God and that you do accept the responsibility for the creation of this reality that you experience, and you are beginning to love yourself to the point where you can love others without judgment. Where you can love others and allow them to create the experience they desire based upon the belief systems that they hold. And that there is no judgment if those belief systems happen to be different from your belief systems. And you, on the other hand, are willing to show through demonstration, and are willing to present to them the belief systems that you hold, should they come to you and make the request to have that understanding; should they come to you and express the desire to understand the transformation process to enter into the new age and into the new energy. Then you shall be truly the teachers that we suggest.

It is within your capacity to be the teachers that you have chosen to be, as you have indeed chosen to create a linear time frame for this transference into the new age and into the new energy in order that you could make that transference while still remaining within this incarnational period, for the purposes of being the teachers for those who would come to you, for the new children who will look for some type of guidance as they come into this new age and into this new energy. Again, we suggest you offer that guidance through demonstration, as opposed to attempting to enforce your belief systems on others.

Now, we would ask you, if you choose, to allow us a moment’s silence. During that time, if you choose to express the intent to allow for that silent interaction, that telepathic communication, to occur with the entities that have accompanied us on this day, we assure you that there are a multitude of entities anxious for that opportunity to interact with you at the silent level. And we assure you that that interaction is real, that there is most certainly an exchange of information and that the entities involved in that interaction are most grateful for that opportunity, and they will share with you their unconditional love and their unending support. Now, if you would close your eyes and express the intent to shift your consciousness slightly in order to further facilitate and enhance that silent interaction, there are entities who would assist you in that interaction, assist you in that consciousness transference, and indeed would be grateful for that interaction. So we ask you for a moment’s silence, and if you choose to shift your consciousness, imagine an opening of that area that we refer to as your heart chakra and feel the interaction, sense the communication that occurs at that time.


Now, we would ask you to gently come back to the awareness of the present that we are in, and we would now break for a few moments, and once again we remind you that at that time we do not exit this place. The entities that are with us remain within this sacred space that you have created, and should you express the intent, indeed that interaction, that silent communication, shall continue and shall most certainly occur with each of you. We would break for a few moments, and if you have any questions for us we would return and be quite willing to attempt to answer them for you. And so [we] would return, with love and with peace.

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