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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

August 5, 2001

Q and A

Joshiah: … allowing us to enter into your reality and to share with you on your vibrational level. Now, should you choose to open that area which you refer to as your heart chakra and to allow for the energy that is within this space to interact with you and to share with you, we assure you that there are a multitude of entities that are waiting for and would welcome that opportunity and would be grateful for you presenting to them the chance to interact with you, to share with you, and to learn from you. You see, from our vibrational level, we are in awe of the realities that you create and the experiences that you participate in in your vibrational level. You are held in very high esteem for this creation that you are responsible for, this reality that you create for the purposes of experiencing the rather broad and deep range of feelings that are possible only within your vibrational level.

Now, it’s rather interesting that when you are in the consciousness state of this vibrational level, you continue to hold within you the doubt of how long you are going to be able to maintain this consciousness, to maintain this reality you are experiencing and existing in. You see, when you leave this sleep state and when you enter into the consciousness [state], you have no doubt within you that you will return to the dream state. There’s no doubt. You never doubt that you’re going to fall back asleep.

Now, at times when you fall asleep, you may doubt that you’re going to wake up; and as we have suggested before, it very rarely happens that you don’t wake up. But mostly, you wake up. So when you leave this consciousness state and enter into that dream state, you sometimes hold within you the doubt that you’re going to come back into this consciousness state. And when you’re in this consciousness state, you continuously wonder how long can you maintain this consciousness state. However, when you are in that dream state and you leave it to enter into the consciousness state, there is no doubt within you that you will return to the dream state.

Now, take that a step further and understand that when you are in the between incarnation states—despite the fact that you still exist within this vibrational level and are under the effects of a veil—you have no doubt when you leave that vibrational state of between incarnations and enter back into the consciousness state, you still understand that you will not have any difficulty returning to that between incarnation state at some time.

Now, we wish you to take that concept one step further and understand that when you enter into this vibrational level, when you step through the veil, there is absolutely no doubt within your understanding that you will return to that vibrational level that you came from. You cannot fail. So there is always a doubt as you step into this veil, into this vibrational level, and as you step into the consciousness state. You have within you those doubts that you would be able to maintain that consciousness, to maintain that state where you exist behind the veil. But there is absolutely no doubt that you can return to that state that you came from, just as surely as you understand while you are in the consciousness state that you will once again return to the dream state, and you will most definitely once again return to that between incarnation state.

You have a saying within your society that there’s only two things that you’re certain of, and that is death and taxes. That is how strong your belief is. Well, we would suggest that you may escape the taxes, but you will not escape the death, as you will not escape returning to the dream state, and you will not escape returning to the vibrational level from whence you came.

Now, while you are in this vibrational level and you are experiencing the incarnations, it sometimes is rather humorous to step back and see the overview how there are entities existing within your society within this incarnational period who may hold within them certain feelings of prejudice, for example, towards other entities because they may be a different color or they may be a different race or they may hold a different religion or for a various number of reasons. It’s rather ironic that there exists the very strong possibility that those entities, in other incarnational periods, have experienced the very types of realities that they hold a prejudice against, [that] they have come from and been involved in that situation themselves.

You see, you have not always come back into this reality, into this illusion that you create, as the entity who you are at this time in the form of a physical body. You have at many times experienced the other gender, the opposite gender to what you are at this time. You have at many times experienced other races, and you have created circumstances where you have the opportunity to experience all of the realities that are available within this vibrational level that you are creating.

Now, from our particular vantage point we sometimes have difficulty when you express questions to us regarding the gender, for we see each as a total. We understand that all of the genders are interacting simultaneously, all occurring at the same time, and they are all a Piece of the Whole. We understand that there are entities existing throughout all of the realities you are creating who are the same entity, the same Piece of the One, but they may have different races, different colors, and they may be existing in various parts of your universe. However, they are the same entity, be they male or female, be they black or white. It makes no difference. They have chosen that particular incarnation, that particular lifetime, in order to experience the realities that they are capable of creating, and in order to experience the feelings that are associated with those realities.

So it becomes rather somewhat of a paradox in that at times you feel that there is importance within this reality that you are experiencing. And we’re not belittling it in any way, most certainly not. It is one of the leading forms of creation throughout all of the vibrational levels. Nonetheless, it is illusionary. It is the least real of all the realities that you are capable of creating. You simply believe that it’s real. You believe it to the point where you create circumstances to prove the belief.

You could scientifically prove it if you wish to. And you do, time after time. You continue to have this scientific proof that supports your belief systems. It’s rather ironic though, that as you look back over what you term as the centuries, you will find those scientific proofs that were once held now seem rather flimsy. The scientists of your present day would look back several centuries and believe that the scientists of that particular time were rather naïve for the beliefs that they held. Well, we suggest to you that that same scenario exists were you to have the capacity to look into the future. We suggest you have that capacity to alter your understanding, and as you alter your understanding and your belief systems, you shall alter the reality to support the belief system.

Now, several times when you alter a belief system and you alter the reality, it’s not the reality that you would expect at this time. Not at all. You see—and we use this as an example, although examples and analogies are poor at best—at one time there was held within your human consciousness the belief system that if one were to fly, it would be the flight similar to what you were observing with your birds upon this planet. You assumed that was the key to flight. And there are many tales, many mythologies, of entities within your vibrational level attempting to accomplish flight by duplicating the flight of birds. Never in their wildest imagination did they envision the time within your future when you would be able to create an apparatus that was capable of transporting not only one individual from one place to another, but of transporting hundreds of individuals at the same time. So while they held the concept that flight was possible, they did not have within them the understanding or the belief systems to accurately envision the future as to what that flight would be like.

Now, it’s similar when you hold within you envisions of what it would be like to transport through what you would refer to as tele-transportation. You have within you certain concepts of what that activity would be like, of what the process would appear like to you were you to experience that phenomena. However, there exists the very strong possibility that when you do accomplish that it will not be at all what you thought it was at this time; that the concept may remain constant, but the actual implementation may be entirely different than anything that you expect at this time.

So it is that when we talk to you about the possibilities that, within this new age and within this new energy, you have the capacity within you to cure any diseases that at this time are labeled as incurable, we suggest that facilitating that belief system may be entirely different from what you perceive at this time, based upon your present understanding and your present belief systems regarding your health systems, regarding your technological medical advances. So, while it is important that you hold the belief that you have the capacity to cure those incurable diseases, we would suggest that it can be limiting if you put restrictions upon that belief and you believe that it must be only through certain established medical practices being expanded upon.

We’re not suggesting that it can’t be that way, but rather that it may be in an entirely different direction than what you understand and believe at this time, and we could continue to give many examples of that type of altering of your belief systems. So, what we are suggesting is that in order to create these realities it’s not necessary for you to continuously have a grasp of the technology, but rather that you hold the belief system that it’s possible and then be willing to allow others to interact and to share in that belief system, and then be willing to allow that belief system to go wherever it may in order to accomplish the reality that supports the belief system. And don’t be surprised if it’s different than the one that you expected based upon your present understandings of scientific absolutes regarding that particular belief system.

Again, we suggest that holding the belief system is the important part of the scenario. Allowing your [creativity], in order to create the experience that you want, allowing latitude without putting restrictions upon it by having these preconceived notions within your limited understandings that you hold at this time.

Now, we also suggested that as one holds that belief and as one begins to hold that belief during their dream states and in their between incarnation states and in their meditative states, that you begin to interact with other entities who are in that altered state of consciousness, and they begin to hold that belief. And as more entities begin to hold the belief, you increase by a multiplication factor the possibility of bringing that belief into your reality, of taking that belief and turning it from a possibility into a probability.

You can find examples of this particular type of experience happening throughout your vibrational level. It’s of no accident that when some seemingly gigantic scientific breakthrough occurs in one part of your world and on the other side of the world there’s another whole team coming up with exactly the same ideas, coming up with exactly the same scientific proof, and at times that scientific proof entirely shatters what was held as the common belief and the common understanding surrounding that circumstance.

That’s an occurrence which is happening within your dream states, within your altered states of consciousness, where you indeed interact and share and communicate with all of the entities that exist within your vibrational level, where you continuously alter and manipulate this reality that you are experiencing, and where you place the limitations upon this reality that you are experiencing—the so-called scientific absolutes that you decide, “That’s how it’s going to be and we can’t alter that one. We can’t overcome the force of gravity, for example. We are restricted by and are entirely at the mercy of gravity, and in everything we do we have to take into account the force of gravity.” That’s a belief system that you hold. And it’s rather ironic that that particular belief system was not one you always held, but one which has come in since the Atlantean periods when they understood the effects of gravity and how to alter it in order to achieve what they believed at that time was scientifically possible, which you now believe scientifically is impossible.

It’s also rather ironic, as a side note, that it’s the same people who believe it’s now scientifically impossible who thought it was scientifically possible at that time. They just created a different veil, brought in a different set of belief systems, in order to create the reality that they desire. And the reality that they desire, of course, supports the belief system.

So it’s possible for you to alter your reality, most certainly, but you do it by altering your belief systems. And we caution, as you alter your belief systems, that you do not put limitations upon yourselves by suggesting that certain events must occur in certain ways in order to achieve the reality you desire. We suggest that you have within you the capacity to create realties which are beyond your wildest imagination, and you are now entering into a time within your vibrational level where it is becoming possible for you to alter that reality consciously. And this is a particular type of energy that has not existed within your vibrational level before, since before the times which we refer to as the Atlantean periods. It is a type of energy and a type of reality that you were capable of during the Lemurian periods. There is, however, one very, very subtle difference—you still have the veil.

You see, in the early Lemurian periods, you did not exist behind the veil. You understood that you created this reality. You understood entirely that you were a Piece of the One. You understood what it was to have that unconditional love and to create from a position of unconditional love. But you chose to erect a veil in order to limit that understanding. Well, now you’re attempting to alter the energy within this vibrational level, making it possible for you to create your reality from the conscious state while still maintaining that veil. And that’s rather interesting for us. It’s exciting. It’s something which has never occurred throughout all of the vibrational levels, and we are extremely interested.

Now, there are some within your vibrational level who would suggest that if we’re so interested, then why don’t we jump in and give you a hand? Well, you see, we’ve never existed within your vibrational level, and despite the interest that we have, we have no desire to exist within your vibrational level. We have evolved, if you wish to use that term, on other vibrational levels. Now, that’s not to say that we’ve done any better or any worse than you, we just made different choices. And we are, as are you, a Piece of the One, and, as are you, we are equal Pieces of the One. We just have chosen to exist outside of your vibrational level, and we do not have the desire to enter into your vibrational level. And it’s not necessarily a cop-out at all.

You see, if you choose to leave this vibrational level and return to the vibrational level that you came from, there is no judgment in that at all. You will have made that choice without any type of judgment, without any type of decision about what is right or wrong placed upon you. You can make that choice freely, it’s yours to make, and you would be welcomed, most certainly. And, most certainly, you are and will be held in awe for the choices that you have made. However, again, judgment is a human type of emotion. Judgment does not exist at our vibrational level. We are free to create the realities that we desire, and we do not judge and neither are we held in judgment for the realities that we create.

However, we do create our realities from a position of love and from a position of understanding who and what we are. And therefore we understand that the realities we create and exist in are illusionary realities, very similar to the illusionary realities that you exist in. However, because we understand that our realities are illusionary, they also become much more real. We understand that we have the capacity to alter our reality, and that understanding gives our reality more substance, so to speak.

So you create this reality, most certainly. And you, as you exist within this reality, cannot fail to leave this reality and to leave this vibrational level. However, while you are in the consciousness state in this vibrational level, you had the opportunity to, and do, experience a multitude of lifetimes and experiences; and you have the capacity to alter those realities and to alter those experiences. And you do so on a continuous basis.

It’s rather ironic that you somehow feel that we have an understanding of your future and that we have the capacity to predict your future. We can do that, most certainly, based upon the present understandings and the belief systems that you hold, that’s not a difficult task to do. But you see, when you have that particular prediction made to you, it also has the possibility of limiting your understandings of your belief systems, and you begin to look forward to creating that reality that we may have predicted for you. And so you begin to believe that it’s real, “Well, it’s set. I was told that that’s how it’s going to be and that’s what’s going to happen, so I’m going to create this reality and this is how it’s going to be and I can’t step out of it.” Well, we would suggest that that’s ludicrous. It’s never set. You have within you the capacity to alter your reality. You must simply alter the belief systems and you shall alter the reality. However, when you ask for and receive those predictions and you begin to believe in those predictions, then there exists the strong possibility that you shall create the reality to support the belief in that predicted future.

And so predictions can be limiting. Predictions can set upon you certain restrictions. They can limit the possibilities that are open to you. So we always hesitate to offer you those predictions. We attempt to stay away from those parlor tricks, if you would, where it’s possible to read your minds. You see, we can do that quite easily, and you can do that with each other quite easily. It’s not a difficult concept. You don’t do it because you respect each other’s privacy.

Now, it’s not always true that you don’t read each other’s minds. At times there are interactions where both parties are in agreement, and you most certainly do interact and you receive that information. Each of you has within you that capacity, and at times you do it. You do it whether you believe it or not. And we have within us the same capacity to interact with you and to share with you at that level. However, unless you express the intent, we restrict that activity. It is not our intent to be mind readers or to invade your privacy. Indeed, our desire is to interact with you because you have made the choice.

As well, we do not attempt to try to impress you by suggesting to you that we can predict your future. However, it is rather interesting at times that you will find that we have answered your questions. And that is because you have set the intent to allow us to interact with you at that silent level, and to communicate with you and to share in that information, and we have that information and we can project to you the answers that you desire. But you must understand that we only do that with your permission. We do not invade your privacy. We have absolutely no desire to be invasive in your realities or into your private thoughts.

Now, if you have any questions for us, we would be willing to attempt to answer them at this time.

Questioner: I would like to ask a question that has been asked to me. As entities, were we created from the One in the big bang theory, or are entities being created as we speak?

Joshiah: A very interesting question. Now, again, you had within you an understanding that there is space—that somehow there is space and there is size—and that if you are a Piece of the One, then what is the One? Are you somehow separate from the One? And we would suggest to you that no, you are not separate from the One. You are a Piece of the One, but you are an equal piece of the One. There is no big One that somehow is much larger than what you are.

It’s a rather hard concept to explain within the limited use of your vocabulary; but if you are a Piece of the One, then you are equal to all of the other Pieces of the One. Now, we speak of equal to in terms of your ability to create and to understand from a position of love. We suggest that you are equal in your ability to be a Part of the One, so to speak. We’re not suggesting that you’re equal in size. We’re not suggesting that there is a big piece here and you are a small piece of the big piece. Not at all. But rather that each piece is equal. Each Piece of the One is equal, and forms the One. And so if you are a Piece of the One, then you are also equal to every other Piece of the One, and therefore you are also equal to the One. Again, a very difficult concept to understand and to explain.

Now, you have a linear time frame that you have established, [in] which you feel that things began here and they’re going to end here, and so you have what you refer to as the big bang theory, when it all began here and somewhere it’s going to end up there. Well, it’s not that way at all. It occurs simultaneously in the now. It all is occurring in the now. There is no such thing as a beginning or an end. There is an expansion in creation, most certainly, but that expansion folds back within itself. It is like a circle which never ends and is ever-expanding.

It is very difficult to give you an accurate analogy of what the now is. And, again, as we suggested, one of the most difficult concepts for you to understand is the concept of the now because of your establishment of that linear time frame. And the question that you ask is based upon the linear time frame, and there is no linear time frame.

Are there new entities being created? Again, creation is ever-expanding. Are there new Pieces of the One? Again, there, is no such thing as new or old once you step outside of your vibrational level, once you step into the now. It is an ever-expanding creation of which you are an equal part of the One. There is not one entity, there is no large One that is greater than what you are as an individual.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Is it possible for entities that exist in our reality to move from this reality and enter into yours?

Joshiah: An interesting question. When you enter into this vibrational level, when you step through the veil, you make the choice to restrict your understanding of who and what you truly are. However, when you are between incarnation periods—and again we speak in terms of a linear time frame in order to fit into your understanding, as the concept of the now alters many of the suggestions that we make—however, within your linear time frame when you enter into the between incarnation states, you still have various levels of consciousness. It’s not that you leave this consciousness, that you die and you enter into that between incarnation states and suddenly you are a spirit equal to each and every spirit—not that you’re not equal to each and every spirit, but you still exist within limiting levels of your understanding. You still make that choice to exist within the veil.

You have various levels of consciousness within what you feel now is this vibrational level. For example, you have this consciousness and you know you can alter this consciousness and go into the meditative state, and you know that you can alter that consciousness and go into the dream state. So it is similar that when you are between the incarnation periods, you have the capacity to alter the levels of your consciousness. And as you alter those levels of consciousness, you can approach much closer to that level of consciousness where you have the understanding of who and what you truly are, and you have within you the capacity then to make the choice to step out of this vibrational level.

However, you also have within you the capacity to interact with entities that exist within our vibrational level, and at that level that interaction is much easier, it is much clearer, it is much more of an equal interaction. However, we suggest to you that we can interact with you on this vibrational level, most certainly. And to a certain extent, for entities who are capable of altering their consciousness, it’s possible to have that interaction outside of the vibrational level without completely leaving this vibrational level.

Now, we interact with you, most certainly, during your dream states. Again, that interaction is somewhat distorted, for you still do not step outside of the veil and you still have within you very limiting concepts of who and what you are. Nonetheless, interactions take place not only with entities that exist outside of your vibrational level, but with a multitude of entities that exist inside of your vibration level. And as you enter into the between incarnation states, this interaction is even more intense. It is more clear. You have more of an understanding, for you have altered a level of consciousness that puts you closer to that understanding of who and what you are. However, you do not step outside of this vibrational level very easily. And when you make that choice, when you decide to step outside this vibrational level, it is very rare for you to return within this vibrational level.

Now, again, we suggest that it is very rare, but not impossible. For certainly nothing is impossible if you can hold the belief that it’s possible. And so to answer your question, we most certainly interact with you in various levels of your consciousness. A multitude of entities who exist outside of your vibrational level interact with you and welcome those opportunities to interact with you. And it is possible for you to interact with entities outside of this vibrational level. However, we would suggest that for you to retain the memory of that interaction and to bring it back into your conscious level would be very, very difficult for you to do. You still maintain the erection of a veil that limits you from understanding who and what you are, and were you to bring that understanding into the consciousness level, that full understanding of who and what you are, then this entire reality would lose the effect. You would lose the opportunities to experience the creations of this reality without the understanding of who and what you truly are.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: So is that why we maintain the veil, then?

Joshiah: You maintain the veil for the purposes of creating reality without the understanding who and what you are so you can experience a much broader range of feelings than what would be possible were you to understand that you were the ones entirely responsible for the creation of this reality, were you to understand that this reality is very illusionary and you could change it in a whim if you wished, and there is nothing outside of the possibilities, other than what you hold within your belief system. So you maintain the veil for the purposes of limiting your understanding of who and what you are. For the purposes of limiting that understanding that you cannot fail to return to the vibrational level that you came from. And that limited understanding allows you to create what appears to you to be a very real reality. And that allows you to experience a much more intense range of feelings than what would be possible should you understand that you were indeed a Piece of the One.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I just want to ask a question about the age of the dinosaurs, and if they existed before the creation of the human soul?

Joshiah: Now, you ask two questions. The age of the dinosaurs indeed existed, but you must understand that you existed before the age of the dinosaurs. You see, you created this reality and all that is within this reality. It is the creation of the entities that exist within this vibrational level, and it is the creation of those entities that has occurred without interference from entities that exist outside of your vibrational level.

You see, from the concept of the now, the creation of the human soul is a Piece of the One, and that always has been. Again from the concept of the now, it is an ever-expanding creation. However, from that soul, as you refer to it, from that Piece of the One that chose to enter into this vibrational level, then you chose to create all that you perceive within this vibrational level, within this reality.

It’s rather interesting that as your scientists attempt to put a time line on this reality, that they can’t find a beginning. They can’t find where it started. Now, they can find certain portions within this reality that they can date back to and say. “Okay, we know that this occurred within this time frame and this occurred within this time frame.” But they can’t get back to the point where they created this reality. They can’t explain to you how the Earth came into being. They can put out all kinds of theories, but it’s rather interesting that those theories continue to be altered, and change as people alter their belief systems and their understandings.

Now, there’s another rather interesting phenomena. Not only can your scientists not understand when the Earth began, they cannot put a time line on when the first human, as they refer to it, began to walk upon your Earth. They can refer back to what they would call humanoids, or what they would refer to as ape-like creatures, all your creation, similarly as the body you exist in at this time is your creation, however, they cannot put a time on when that human became the type of human that they are today when they made the choice to enter into this reality and establish a veil that limited their understanding of who and what they are.

And so you see, you created this entire reality. You created all of that past. And you continue to alter that past. It’s rather ironic that at times your archeologists will discover certain relics in an area where they never seemed to exist in the past, where people walked for hundreds of years and did not know of their existence, and yet suddenly an archeologist who believes that it was there begins to create the reality that puts it there. It’s also rather ironic that through those beliefs, they alter the past that makes it possible to put that relic there so that they can find it.

So, again from the concept of the now, you are creating this reality simultaneously, and those dinosaurs that you feel existed in the past, only existed in the past when you apply your linear time frame. They exist at this time, within another vibrational level, if you wish. And you do have within you the capacity to alter that time frame. You are the creators of this reality, and the human soul that you are is what you were before you decided to create this reality, before you made that choice, before you expanded into this area of creation. You are, and always have been, a Piece of the One.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I was wondering what beliefs do I have to change in order to not require any medication?

Joshiah: Again, you ask personal information regarding belief systems that you hold. Now, we would suggest that you have the capacity to alter your reality, most certainly, and you have the capacity to alter the condition that requires that you hold the medication. However, you must understand that it is a difficult concept to alter belief systems which you have, and continue to express and to establish in those between incarnation periods and in other incarnation periods. And it is an example of where it may be beneficial to express the intent to allow for those influences from other incarnations to dissipate and to fall away—one of the phenomena that you have allowed to experience as you transform into this new age and into this new energy.

However, again, for us to specifically suggest to you what belief systems that you hold that you may alter in order to alter your reality, may be counterproductive. It’s similar to us explaining to you and using the analogy of how many incarnations ago they believed that flight was necessary and possible only through one individual entity imitating the bird’s wings. As you continued to expand upon that belief system, you found out that indeed there were a multitude of other influences upon the belief that you had the capacity for flight. And similarly when you dwell upon one particular event within your reality as being the most significant, you sometimes miss the bigger picture. You sometimes do not get the understanding of this reality that you are creating, and therefore it becomes very difficult for you to alter this reality. That particular circumstance takes on a belief of its own, if you would, and it becomes a belief which you hold as real. And as you hold it as real, it becomes more difficult to alter and to change. And at times you miss, indeed, the entire thought process that was behind the creation of that reality in the first place.

So again, we hesitate to suggest to you which belief systems that you should alter, but rather we suggest that you understand you have within you the capacity to alter the belief systems, and that the belief system to hold is that you are the creator of your reality. And as you accept responsibility and begin to really live that belief system, then you shall have the capacity to alter your reality. And as you alter your reality, hold within you the understanding that you are altering not only the reality that you experience within this incarnational period, but you are altering the realities that are occurring in all of the incarnation periods, and one cannot occur without affecting the other, and they are all interacting. And the belief and the reality that you are experiencing at this time is having an influence on all of the other realities that you are creating and experiencing. And conversely …

(Tape ends.)

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