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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

May 6, 2001

Q and A

Joshiah: … your reality, into your vibrational level, to express our gratitude for your allowing for the thinning of the veil for us to interact and to experience some of the depth and range of feelings that you create and experience within your reality.

Now, before we begin, there are a couple of statements which we would like to present to you … what Elias (the channel) would refer to as disclaimers. Now, we suggest to you that as we express information and as we answer your questions, that you understand we are expressing to you information which is based upon your understandings and your belief systems that you hold at this time. And we would request that you accept that information as simply that—information which is a reflection of your understandings and your belief systems. And although the basic message is truthful within the context that we express it to you, nonetheless we would suggest that some of the answers and some of the information we express to you is limited by the use of a vocabulary and by your understanding and by your belief systems.

We’ve used the analogy before that to express an idea or a concept of the society that you exist in within this incarnational period within this time frame that you have created, to express that particular experience to entities who existed two centuries ago of your time frame, would indeed be very foreign to them. It would not be acceptable or understandable to entities that exist within that time period. And yet it is the same entities who exist at that time period that exist at this time period. It is simply your choice to bring more of the understanding of who and what you are and to alter your reality, that makes it possible to communicate with you at this time, based upon ideas and perceptions that would have no bearing to your understanding when you existed several of your incarnational periods previous.

And so, as well, this information has the opportunity to be subject to change as you change your belief systems and change your understanding of this reality that you exist in. So we ask that you take this particular information as simply that: information. Take it and apply it as you would to improve your reality, to improve your understanding at this time. But also understand that you have within you the capacity to move beyond the understanding, to move beyond the belief systems that you presently hold, and therefore do not allow this information to hold you back from altering your understanding and your belief systems.

Now, as well, when we interact with you we are somewhat limited by the use of a vocabulary, and should you choose to once again express the choice to have the interaction, to express the intent for that silent message to occur, then most certainly we would interact with you telepathically on what we have termed the silent level. And that exchange of information will be much more accurate and much more complete than the information that we express through Elias. And, as well, we would have you understand that from our perception and understanding of the now, that you have within you the capacity to interact and to exchange that information at any time you choose to participate in that interaction.

You see, time and space are your creations. They are your perceptions. There is no time or space from our particular vibrational level. We are simply separated by your choice to exist at a different vibrational level. And the vibrational levels of all creation exist within what we would term as the same space, at the same time. And you have but to express the intent to alter your perception of your consciousness reality in order to have that interaction and that exchange of information occur not only with the entities that exist within this group, but most certainly with that portion of yourself which you refer to as your higher self, that part of you which you remain separated from in an illusionary form by the existence of the veil. For indeed, you are that piece of the One. You only hide from that knowledge and that understanding. You are never separate from it.

At times within your particular vibrational level there is the perception that this higher self exists somewhere outside of you, that it’s like a spirit that’s somewhere on the other side of the veil that you can only connect to at certain times. But we would suggest, however, that it is who and what you are, that it is indeed in each and every cell of your being and you simply choose to hide from that understanding through the existence and the creation of the veil.

So now, having expressed those particular concepts, we would be prepared to answer any questions that you may have for us at this time.

Questioner: Would you care to discuss the concept of soul groups and soul clusters and the interaction and learning process that takes place?

Joshiah: Now, it is rather interesting that you choose to reincarnate in what you would call soul groups or soul clusters. While you most certainly have the opportunity to interact with other entities, to change that particular group if you wish, to go on a different path if you choose, you nonetheless choose to interact with what you would refer to as soul groups, those that you feel familiar with. Now, some of that is based upon this belief system that you have to somehow continue to progress and that you have karma or contracts that you have agreed to in order to interact with these particular entities.

We would assure you, however, that that is a belief system. Now nonetheless, if it’s a belief system that you hold, then you shall continue to create the reality to support the belief system and to prove that that belief is right. And if you believe that it is necessary to operate within the confinements of contracts that you have made with these other entities, then you shall continue to reincarnate in what you would refer to as the spiritual groups. But nonetheless, you do have the opportunity to step outside of that belief system, to alter that belief system and to allow for those contracts to fall away, to have less of an influence upon this reality that you are existing in.

And so the soul groups that you refer to are simply the establishment of familiarity for the purposes of creating realities, that you may continue to experience the types and depths of feelings that you would wish to bring into this reality. There is not a soul group, per se, that you have an attachment to that it is not within your capacity to alter that attachment.

Now, as well, there is indeed the familiarity, if you wish, of groups of entities that are experimenting and creating similar types of experiences. And so you choose to interact with that particular group of entities. Now, this entire human consciousness is a soul group, is a group of entities who have chosen to create this experiment, to create this illusionary reality that you exist in, for the purposes of experiencing a very broad and wide range of feelings.

Now, we would assure you that there are a multitude of other vibrational levels that have within them soul groups who are interested in creating and experiencing within the perimeters and the belief systems that they have established for themselves. And it may come as some surprise that there are a multitude of those vibrational levels that do not wish to experience the reality that you are operating in, to experience this vibrational level that you have established. And indeed there are other vibrational levels that are not interested in the creations that you are experimenting with, that you are creating in this vibrational level.

Nonetheless, from our perspective what you are experimenting in and what you are creating is a rather interesting phenomena. And we most certainly interact with entities who exist within what you refer to as soul groups. We interact with entities who exist within your entire human consciousness. And we would suggest that at various levels you also interact with all of the entities who exist within this total human consciousness. And you have, aside from that interaction, the smaller fractions of soul groups that you choose to continue to interact with not only in this incarnational period, but have interacted with in many other incarnational periods.

And as we have suggested, sometimes it’s for the purposes of comfort and familiarity, sometimes it’s because you have established a belief system that karma or contracts or the expression of solving what you would refer to as “past problems” require that you continue to interact with this particular group. We would suggest that both of those beliefs are beliefs that are well within your capacity to alter, and you do not have to feel that you are restricted in your interactivities with soul groups or that you must remain within the soul group that you are presently interacting with.

Now, we would elaborate on that particular phenomena slightly, and suggest that the entities that you interact with from day-to-day, that you experience your day-to-day activities with, are entities that you have indeed interacted with many times in other incarnations dating back to and including the Lemurian time and the time during the Atlantean civilizations and all of the other various particular areas of growth, if you would refer to it as growth, that have occurred since that time. And so we are suggesting that you have interacted many times even with those which you meet within this incarnation period who you would refer to as strangers. You do a very good job of hiding from who and what you are and from the memories of all of the realities that you have created.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: In reincarnation, does a person reincarnate in their old thoughts and personalities? Or do you reincarnate just part of it? I’m thinking of a grandchild that has a lot of the similarities of one of my—of my father, actually—and I’m wondering is that person a reincarnation or is that an inherited trait?

Joshiah: Now, we are not going to suggest to you that indeed this entity is your father that has reincarnated, although we are not going to suggest that it’s not either. But we will speak in broader terms, and we would suggest to you that character traits, personality traits, are carried over from incarnation to incarnation. You establish belief systems within that between incarnation period that you bring into this particular reality. And it is part of the basis of the personality of who and what you are within this incarnation period.

You see, the belief systems are the basis of this reality and they are the basis of the thoughts and feelings that you express, of the attitudes that you carry with you, and therefore are a reflection of the personality that you exhibit to other entities you interact with. As entities reincarnate, they bring with them many of those personality traits and characteristics. And again, as we suggested in reference to the question on soul groups, you most certainly do continue to reincarnate and to interact on that personal level with other entities that you have interacted with and experienced realities with before, sometimes for the purposes of comfort, sometimes for the purposes of attempting to solve what you would call contracts. Although, again, we suggest that there are no contracts that you are destined to have to fulfill. It is your choice. And so entities who reincarnate within the same families most certainly bring with them characteristic traits that they have developed and experienced through many incarnations, and these traits have an influence upon the reality they will experience within this incarnation.

Now, there is a rather interesting twist to this phenomenon. As you enter into this new age, and as you make the choice to bring into your consciousness the understanding of who and what you are, you will find that it shall be much easier to alter those belief systems. You shall find that you have within you the capacity to alter this realty you are experiencing. And as you alter those belief systems, as you begin to understand that you are the creator of this reality that you are experiencing, you shall also experience a change in what you refer to as the personality. Entities shall begin to look upon circumstances occurring in their day-to-day activities from a different point of view, from an understanding of peacefulness as opposed to an understanding and a position of anxiety, for example. We could go on to give you many more examples of the different perceptions that are possible for you to experience from the position of understanding who and what you are. And so at this time there exists more strongly than ever the possibilities for entities to alter that personality, to alter their characteristic traits, something which was much more difficult in what we refer to as the old energy.

And so, while we will not tell you whether we feel that that entity is indeed an entity that has experienced interactions with you before in other incarnations, we would suggest that there is the very strong possibility that all of the entities you are interacting with are entities that you have interacted with and shared activities with in other incarnations, and many times in reverse roles and in reverse genders.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I have a project that’s in this reality that is stalled at a certain point. Can you … are you able to tell me where or how I will find the clue to continue with this project?

Joshiah: Once again, we hesitate to express particular thoughts or feelings or suggestions which may lead you in a certain direction of action in order to create your reality. Now, while that may seem like a cop-out, we would ask you to understand that it can be very limiting for us to make suggestions. For while it is within our capacity, as it is within your capacity, to telepathically exchange with others and understand the beliefs and the choices that are influencing the decisions to create the reality that you desire, nonetheless there exists an even stronger possibility for you to alter that understanding and that belief system and to create a reality which is much more beneficial or is much more reflective of your belief systems. And for us suggest that you should take certain steps or hold certain beliefs can be limiting as opposed to being enlightening. And indeed you may miss other opportunities to create other realities that will be more beneficial and more supportive of the belief systems that you are experiencing.

Now, having suggested that, we would continue to suggest that when you are creating this reality and when you run into what you have referred to as these stalling tactics in the reality creation, we would suggest that you step aside and have a more general overview of the total picture that you are creating. Ask for assistance from within yourself for the solutions for these problems. And indeed many times when an activity stalls or when an activity runs up the flags that say this particular thing is not all that beneficial to you, we suggest that you learn to pay attention to the flags, that you learn to step aside and understand that your higher self, that portion of you which is a piece of the One, causes the synchronicities, causes the hunches to occur, so that you can have that opportunity to step back and evaluate and to determine if this is truly the reality that you wish to create to support your belief systems.

So many times within your reality, entities run up against the walls. They run up against the stalling tactics. And without realizing it, they shift the blame for those stalls, for those particular walls, to other entities instead of recognizing that they themselves have erected the wall because they themselves—within this mishmash that we talked about of belief systems—have a belief that they should be going in a different direction, that there are other realities which would be more supportive of their belief systems.

Nonetheless, should you continue to batter against the wall and should you continue to reinforce the belief system and make it strong enough that you indeed remove the stumbling blocks, you remove the wall, then your higher self most certainly will assist you in creating the reality that you are desiring, that you are holding the belief system for. But so many times when you look back and you say, “I saw all the signals, but I still continued. I saw all the flags being run up and the wall was built and I battered against the wall until I knocked it down. And now I wished to hell I’d listened to what my higher self was trying to tell me, and I’ve gone in a different direction.”

And so we suggest should you choose to continue on this path, that you express the intent, that you hold the belief systems. And we would also suggest that you absorb the hunches, that you absorb the synchronicities that are occurring that are offering you direction either in the completion of this particular task or in what may be a more profitable avenue of abandoning the task. Again, we do not attempt to influence your choices or your decisions, but rather offer you alternatives, offer you different types of information, different ways that you may look at this particular project and determine what it is that you desire to create.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I was wondering about some of the things that I have read lately about animals choosing disease and leaving the planet in order to bless mankind in their progress and be a help to them. Can you comment on this please?

Joshiah: We have suggested and continue to suggest that you are the creators of all that you perceive. Now, at times that becomes a very difficult concept to accept, most certainly, because it also means that you are also responsible for all that you perceive. But nonetheless, as you accept the responsibility and as you accept the understanding, then you also can conceive of the possibility that you can create and alter it in whichever direction you choose.

Throughout all of this particular reality that you are experiencing, you are responsible for the creation of each and every atom that exists within it. And that includes the animals that exist upon this particular planet you are inhabiting at this time. And so while it may seem like a nice little package to allow that particular group of animals—or in some circumstances the Earth itself—to have an identity, a soul that operates completely outside of who and what you are, that is simply shifting the responsibility of who and what you are. You are the creator and you are the ones in control of this reality that you are experiencing.

And so indeed when various animals are eliminated from your reality, we would suggest that that is simply a process of the evolution which you, at some level as a group consciousness, have put in place, which you have determined would occur. It is not a phenomenon which lies within the capacity of those particular creations of yours to determine. Nor is it within the capacity of some entity that lies outside of your particular vibrational level to determine, but rather it is your creation. It is your choice, based upon your belief systems. You are ultimately responsible for all that you experience within this reality that you exist in.

Now, as we suggest “you,” we would ask you to understand that we at times are referring to the total human consciousness and at other times, in more personal effects of your reality, we are referring to simply you, to separate entities that exist within your vibrational level.

And so to answer your question, we would suggest that when various animals are extinct from this reality, it is the process of an evolutionary reality that you have established, that you have put into motion. To suggest that those animals have within them the capacity to somehow have a direct effect upon your reality is to reverse the procedure, to reverse the process. For indeed, they are your creations. You are not their creations. You have effect upon their reality through your belief systems, through your choices, through the particular guidelines that you as human consciousness have established and operate within.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Okay, from your perspective, I was wondering what are the top ten or the top five most common belief systems which limits people’s ability to create the reality that they want?

Joshiah: That is a rather loaded question in that you are asking us to give you particular understandings of your belief systems. And by answering that question, once again, we can [be limiting] your understanding of which belief systems are the ones that you should alter or change.

These belief systems are a rather interesting phenomenon. And this entering into the new age is a rather interesting phenomenon. We hesitate to offer to you particular techniques that each of you should follow in order to create your reality, because for each individual the particular technique or method can be different. It depends on your belief systems. It depends on what you believe is possible.

You see, there are indeed entities who exist within your particular incarnational period who do not believe, for example, that flight is possible. And for them, it isn’t. For them, they can’t recognize it. They can’t hold it within their reality. And yet for all of the entities existing within this particular room, that sounds like a rather profound statement. And yet it is accurate. There are entities still existing within this vibrational level that do not understand the principles of flight.

And so again, based upon the belief system, each of you has the opportunity to choose different methods of creating your reality. For each one, the path may be different. The choices may be different. And yet you may be as effective as the next by taking an entirely alternate route to get there. And so the methods and beliefs that you hold are as varied as the individuals who exist within your vibrational level. And so to answer your question becomes almost impossible. For us to express that there are various beliefs that each person holds which have the most limiting effect upon the entire human consciousness is not possible, for those beliefs can alter from individual to individual.

So rather than express to you that there are certain beliefs you should alter, we would suggest rather that there are certain beliefs that you should hold—the beliefs that you create your reality, you are a piece of God, and you cannot fail. All the rest are up for grabs. All the other beliefs we suggest you can alter at will and create the reality that you desire. And for some, the belief system that is the most limiting in their reality may be the one which is liberating for other entities existing in other realities.

Does that answer your question?

Questioner: I was wondering … we are a handful of people or entities that are in the new energy in a sea of old energy. Does this mean that we could be on our last incarnations?

Joshiah: Most definitely not. Now, we would clarify that statement. It is your choice. You have the choice at any time to leave this particular vibrational reality. You are only here because of your choice. There is not a lesson that you must learn. There is no particular graduate status that you must achieve before you can leave this vibrational level. It is rather a choice that you make to remain for the purposes of experimentation. You are in control, totally. You are, once again, the creators of this reality and you are a piece of God and you cannot fail. And so you have the opportunity to leave this reality whenever you choose.

However, as we enter into this new energy, as we enter into this new age, as you have so often referred to it, we would suggest that there is an evolutionary process going on. An evolutionary process that you have established through your beliefs in evolution.

Now, there are entities existing in this old energy that are terminating their existence at this time. See, we didn’t talk today about the termination of your entire Earth’s system. But indeed there has been that carryover in the old energy of the belief system that you would entirely terminate this vibrational level. And some entities continue to carry within them that belief system that there will be termination of this entire reality, of this entire vibrational level. And indeed they do experience physical disasters and catastrophes that prove to them, that reinforce the belief system that they are ending their existence in this particular vibrational level.

Now, those same entities, while in their between incarnation states, shall be much more aware of who and what they are and of the changes that are occurring within this vibrational level. And they shall have the opportunity, should they choose to reincarnate, to bring in with them the understanding of who and what they are. And so you shall go through and experience an evolutionary process that is occurring at this time, where the children that reincarnate in this vibrational level shall bring with them the understanding of who and what they are. And it is through your understanding at some level that that particular phenomenon is occurring, that you have established this particular linear time frame of transference into that new energy. And you, as entities that are experiencing this transference into the new energy while remaining in this incarnational period, are doing so for the purpose of offering to these new children a path they can follow—leadership for them, understanding for them.

For you see, some of these children are experiencing and shall continue to experience difficulties when they try to operate within that old energy. Some of those children come in understanding who and what they are. They come in loving themselves, trusting themselves. And they do not look outside of this vibrational reality to have things given to them by some God that exists outside, but rather they understand that they have within them the inherent right to have those things. And they reach out and expect to create those things … expect to have them come into their reality. And for entities who exist in the old energy, this goes against their understanding and their belief systems, and these children then experience difficulty. They don’t understand why they can’t have that which they know is inherently theirs. They don’t understand why there are those who don’t trust themselves. They don’t understand this concept that one may exist without experiencing self-love.

And so you as entities have chosen to be the leaders, if you would. And these children shall come to you and they shall ask for leadership and guidance. They shall indeed observe your reactions, and they shall learn from you, and you shall be the teachers most certainly.

And so to answer your question, as we enter into this new energy, those who are choosing to remain in the old energy shall have that opportunity in their between incarnation states to reincarnate, bringing with them the understanding of who and what they are. And they shall also have the opportunity, for a limited time, to reincarnate in the old energy. And they shall have the opportunity, should they choose, to not reincarnate at all. But we would suggest that should you continue upon your present belief systems and your present understandings, that eventually you shall, through this process which you have referred to as evolution, transform your entire human consciousness into the new energy.

Does that answer your question?

(End of questions. We thank Joshiah and the others.)

We thank you. It has indeed been a very enjoyable exchange for us, and we assure you that the entities and the energy that exist within this place have had and enjoyed the opportunity to learn from you. For each of you, within your own right, are teachers. Each of you, within your own right, are indeed creators far beyond what it is possible for you to conceive or to understand. You are honored. You are deeply loved. And indeed we offer you our unending support. Now, we would leave you, once again, with love and with peace.

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