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Caveat: This document is a direct transcription from the original recording. Although it has been checked for obvious errors, it has not been finally edited. Editorial comments are in parentheses; probable wording is in square brackets.

April 1, 2001

Joshiah: Well … once again it is an honor for us to have this opportunity that you have presented to interact with you and to exchange with you once more on your side of the veil. And we, once again, would like to express our gratitude for the opportunities that you present for us to interact with you and for the opportunities most certainly that you present for us to learn and to exchange with you.

Now. We would ask, once again, if you choose to express the intent and to open that area of your heart chakra and we would interact with you. We would exchange information with you. And we would offer, once again, our unconditional love and our unending support to you. And should you express the intent to thin the veil, as it were, to further allow entities that would be with us at this time to enter into this sacred space and this sacred energy that you are creating, we would be grateful for that opportunity. And so should you choose to express the intent, we would ask for a moment’s silence to allow for those events to occur.


Well … well … we thank you for allowing us those few moments and for your expressing and choosing to allow the entities that would be with us to enter into this space. Now, once again, throughout the next few moments that we shall share with you we remind you that should you chose to close your eyes and express the intent, should you choose to shift, that indeed there will be an interaction between yourselves and the entities that are present within this place. Not only an interaction with us, but with other entities that you have made the choice and that you have individually expressed the intent to communicate or interact with. And that interaction on what we have referred to as the silent level will be much more complete and a much more accurate transformation of the information than what is expressed through our friend. As well, that particular exchange of information on the silent level will be tailored to your individual requests and desires, and may at times be completely different from the message which we are channeling through our friend. And so, once again, we suggest that the choice is yours. Should you choose to alter your state of consciousness and enter into that particular meditative state that would allow for a more complete interaction on the silent level, most certainly you will find the energy and the entities that are within this space most accommodating to fulfill that request. As always, the choice is yours.

Now, it is rather interesting to observe from our particular point of view the changes that are occurring within your reality. The changes that you are facilitating within your reality. And indeed many of you are experiencing changes. You are experiencing changes within your day-to-day lives that you are questioning whether or not they are as a result of your choice to enter into this new energy, as a result of your choice to allow more of the essence of who you are to be brought forth into your conscious level. You are questioning if they are as a result of the alteration of the energy patterns that exist within you that have been referred to as chakras … the combination of those chakras into a one combined mass of energy, if you would. For indeed that transformation is occurring within those who have expressed and made the choice to facilitate that operation … to facilitate that transformation, if you would, into the new energy, into the new age.

Now, some of these occurrences are not only appearing in your day-to-day activities, but as well are occurring during your dream states. You are, if you choose, able at this time to have more lucid dreams, if you would. You are finding it much easier to enter into that dream state … to take some of the consciousness, if you would, from this particular reality into that dream state for the purposes of controlling and altering that dream.

For you see, it is through the dream states that you facilitate many of the contracts, if you would, many of the agreements that you make with other entities to actively participate in and to create the realities that you experience from your day-to-day occurrences. And as you begin to understand that you have within you the capacity to take some of that consciousness into the dream state, to become more active in what you refer to as lucid dreaming, then it becomes more possible for you to begin to consciously create this reality. It begins to reflect in occurrences that are not such a surprise, if you would. Occurrences that you begin to anticipate. For indeed you should begin to understand that you are the ones responsible for and you begin to understand the process that is unique to each individual for altering and controlling that reality that you are experiencing.

Now, for some it is not necessarily interacting in the dream state. For some, they are not recognizing or experiencing that particular phenomena. And as we have said, for each the path, if you choose, will be different. For each, you must discover your own methods for understanding and manipulating the creation of your realities. For each, the experience will be rather unique and at times quite different from one and another. For some, it shall be possible to understand, as we have suggested, and enter into your dream state from the conscious level and do much of the manipulating of your reality, much of the programming, if you would, of your reality from the dream state. While others shall find it more comprehensible to alter that reality from an altered state of this consciousness, however slight that alteration may be.

You see, there are so many terms which your humanity has put upon this alteration of your consciousness and tried to fit it into different slots to make it so that you can each understand and progress through the steps. But we would suggest that it is a unique experience and it is one which you experience and for which you put the terminology upon. And for each, there is the possibility that that shift is different. For some, that shift can happen while they are what others would term “wide awake.” For some it can be a state of a daydream. For some, it can be surrounded by a group of people and yet they feel for a moment that they are separate, that they are alone, and that they are indeed experiencing the shift in consciousness and experiencing a reality which is much more real than this reality that you experience in your conscious state … in your vibrational level that you exist at at the conscious state.

And so it is not necessary for you to follow preset and preestablished steps to alter this consciousness. It’s not necessary for you to sit down and go through steps of meditation, for example, in order for you to achieve the same phenomena and for you to achieve the results that you desire. And so you determine what it is that you must do to alter that consciousness. And if you choose to attempt to facilitate that transformation during the dream state, that’s your choice. It’ll work fine. If you choose to facilitate this transformation of your reality during the conscious state by simply daydreaming, if you would, by simply altering your state of consciousness momentarily, that would be fine as well. That will work also.

You see, when you alter that state of consciousness, even though it may only seem for a brief moment … for a brief second, when you understand the concept of the now, during that brief second you can manipulate and experience and set the platform, if you would, for a multitude of occurrences that can be brought into this conscious reality. It doesn’t take a long time. For you see, time is your particular creation. And when you step outside of this time, then the linear time frame that you exist in on this reality becomes obsolete. It does not have an effect. And so while you understand most certainly that during the dream state you can experience a wide range of activity that can span lifetimes, if you would, most certainly you understand that the dream has not spanned lifetimes. The dream has been momentary. And yet within that momentary dream, you have had the opportunity to experience a multitude of time dimensions.

We would suggest that it is similar when you alter your consciousness while you are in the awake state, if you would, while you are on this vibrational level, this consciousness reality. As you step outside of it, even momentarily, while you may be surrounded, as we have suggested, by multitudes of people, it is possible for you within that brief instant of altering of consciousness to experience once again a wide range of activities that you can choose to bring into and have occur at the conscious level, on this vibrational level, in this reality. And so it is not necessary that you follow any set procedure, but rather that you choose your own methods. And we assure you that each of them will work. All of them are valid. There is no set system that you must follow. For, once again, if you believe, you can create.

You see, it all comes back to this “believing” thing. It all comes back to: if you believe, through that belief you will make the choices and you will create the circumstances to prove that the belief is true. And so if you believe that it is possible for you to alter your consciousness for a moment while you are in any situation and to experience the same broad range of feelings and creativity that you experience during the dream state, then it is possible for you to create that. And you shall indeed make the choices and experience the feelings and create the reality because you hold the belief system.

As well, if you believe that it is possible for you to take part of this consciousness into your dream state and be active within that dream state more than what you have ever experienced in what you have termed as lucid dreaming, then we would suggest it’s possible. That that choice is yours. If that’s the way you wish to alter and enter into this new age, then that will work fine. It is your choice.

And so, as we have suggested so many times, we do not attempt to give you methods. We do not attempt to suggest to you that you must follow this particular activity or this particular activity, and go through the methods or follow any set steps of procedures. It’s not necessary. You can choose your own. You have but to understand that you are in control and hold the belief that whichever you choose will work fine. And we assure you that they will, for you are indeed the creators of this reality. And to suggest that there is a set method that you must follow in order to create the reality contradicts that statement that you are in control. For there are no other entities that have power over you and there are no methods that you must follow. It is your choice.

Now, as we have suggested, you are experiencing that phenomena at this time. Many of you in different areas in different ways, but nonetheless the results are similar. You are beginning to understand that you have within you the capacity to alter this reality. And you are believing that you have the capacity to alter this reality. And as you hold that belief and that belief becomes stronger, we would suggest that there will be more and more choices that you make that shall indeed prove that the belief is true … that you are the creators of this reality.

Now, should you continue on the present belief systems and the present choices and understanding that you have, and should humanity … the consciousness of humanity … continue on its present course of belief system and of understanding, you are about to witness and experience some rather dramatic changes in your reality. You are about to witness entities within your reality developing individual cures for diseases to which to this point have not been curable. And it will be rather unique in that particular cure will work for one person but will not work for another. And that each shall begin to develop cures. Each shall begin to hold belief systems that they have the ability to cure themselves, and you shall witness indeed some rather dramatic alterations in those areas.

Some of these particular cures will be deemed by your medical science as miraculous. They will be beyond understanding, if you would. They will be beyond the scientific proof that is necessary to support scientific types of theology and ideas. But nonetheless they will be very real. The entities that will be involved in that particular activity will indeed experience a very real phenomena and there will be cures, as we have suggested, to diseases which, up to this time, have been felt to be incurable. And we would suggest that that particular phenomena, once it begins, will cover your entire spectrum of diseases which up to this particular time have been incurable.

You shall experience indeed entities who have understand or come to understand that they have within them the capacity to alter the very physical makeup that they are. And there shall be alterations to the DNA that exists within entities that shall cure diseases which at one time were felt to be hereditary and beyond cure. We suggest that this shall occur sooner than you may think, that you shall indeed have the opportunity to witness the beginning examples of this type of cure in the very near future. That is what exists at this time within the choices and the belief systems and the understanding that each of you have and that the human consciousness, if you would, holds as a group. And it shall transcend what formally to this time you have thought was impossible. For you see, nothing is impossible. All lies within your realm of possibility. You have but to believe.

Now, we suggest that there shall be some other occurrences happening within your reality which you may find rather startling. You have begun to witness alterations in your climatic … in your climatic … effects throughout your entire world. Now, you asked us at one time if it was necessary for these climatic changes to occur as a result of the alteration of the energy, and we suggested to you at that time that no, it was not necessary for these changes to occur. You chose to make the changes to occur to support the theory that there was an alteration of the energy. Now, we suggest to you that there exists at this time, once again, a change in the human consciousness into the understanding that they have the capacity indeed to facilitate the changes of the climates that they are experiencing. And we would suggest that in some of the areas within your Earth that have experienced rather dramatic changes, that those changes now are going to begin to cease. In some of those areas indeed there exists a very strong possibility that those people shall choose to alter their climatic changes in a direction which is more preferable … which is more acceptable to not only their personal comfort, but also to their economic production within those areas. And we would suggest as well that you shall begin to have the opportunity to witness that change in the near future.

There shall be entities within your universe who shall suggest to you that it is impossible for these particular changes to occur, but once again, we suggest to you that there is nothing that is impossible. All is possible within your reality. And some of these particular areas which have, for example, been suffering from extreme drought, extreme temperature changes, shall and are presently at this time experiencing a reversal of that particular phenomena. Now, while all that may be explained that they go through cycles of changes, we would suggest that the reversal in those particular climatic changes will be reversals that facilitate the type of climate that those particular individuals would choose to exist in, and that the extreme swings in their climatic changes will cease. That they shall, should they continue on the choices and the belief systems that they hold, establish and maintain a very desirable type of climate within those areas. And it shall be very stable in terms of repeating itself from year to year, as opposed to entering into the drastic changes, the drastic changes from one type of climate to another. The rather dramatic and radical differences in climates will cease within those areas.

Now, Elias hesitates when we begin to make these predictions and wishes to analyze, if you would. And we would suggest that it has been some time since he has attempted that analyzing.


Now, once again, we suggest to you that there shall continue to be many other changes occurring throughout your reality. And we would suggest as well that you will, once again, begin to experience more dramatic changes of entities that are choosing to enter into this new age, into this new energy. For the interest shall increase dramatically and you shall experience not only entities who have reached what you would term the middle age or in the later phases of this particular incarnation period and who are searching for their spirituality as a result of many experiences upon this Earth within this incarnational period, but indeed we would suggest that there will be a trend for those that are of a much younger age to attempt to enter into this new age, into this new energy, who shall choose to transform into that particular position where they have the capacity to hold within their conscious level the understanding not only of who they are and what they are but of how they create this reality that they experience. And we suggest that you shall indeed begin to experience, as we have forecast, those entities of a young nature that shall seek you out, that shall come to ask the answers.

Now, there will be a startling difference in those particular entities from the entities who have been interacting with you up to this time. And one of the most startling differences is that those entities will understand more rapidly who they are and they shall not ask for assistance but rather shall reach out and accept what they understand is truly theirs, which is rightfully theirs, which is not something that they have to ask for but is something that they have a right to demand. And they shall also understand that they are in control. There shall be no doubt within their conscious understanding. Once they grasp the idea, the belief shall be very strong and the results of that particular understanding will be apparent to you very rapidly. You will not have to wait long to see the results of their choices, of their decisions, and the feelings and the understanding that they generate.

Indeed, at times, they will seem to hold wisdom which is far beyond their years. But we would suggest to you that each of you has wisdom which, if you choose to use your linear time frame, goes back for centuries. And so it is that all of the entities that exist within your vibrational level have at their disposal that wisdom. And so it should come as no surprise that these entities who are young in terms of your incarnational period will nonetheless have and understand that they are indeed capable of possessing that knowledge. And they shall indeed not ask for it, but rather step forward and claim it.

And it is from our particular perspective, a rather exciting time. From your particular perspective we would suggest that there are entities who are existing within your vibrational level who have chosen to remain in the old energy who will have a problem. They will have difficulty in understanding how it is that these so-called children have the capacity to create all that it is that they desire. They will not feel that they have to be subject to poverty. They will not feel that it is their lot to suffer, to be victims. They will step forward and claim all that is rightfully theirs and there will be those who will not understand and who will put them down, if you would. We suggest that at that time those entities will come to you again, those young entities, and at that time they will need your support. And that is why you have chosen to stay and that is why you have chosen to enter into this new energy. And we suggested to you that indeed this time would come. We are now suggesting to you that it is going to come much sooner than even we expected.

Now, before we break for a few moments to allow for any questions that you may have for us, we would once again ask you, if you choose to express the intent, to open that area of your heart chakra and to allow for the entities and the energy that is here to have the opportunity to interact and to exchange with you. For most certainly that is one of the primary reasons why we come. We come for this opportunity to learn and to share with you. And so, should you express the intent, we would be grateful for that opportunity and we would ask for a moment’s silence.


Well … once again we are grateful for those opportunities that you present for us and we would break for a moment now and allow you to organize any questions that you may have for us and we will return. Once again, before we leave we suggest to you that we do not really leave this space, but rather that the energy and the entities that exist within this space will remain throughout our intermission and shall you choose to have an interaction with these people, that they would be most anxious to interact with you. And now we would break for a moment and we will return, with love and peace.

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