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When Joshiah first made verbal contact with us, in the late summer of 2000, we were curious as to what and who this entity was. The question of his identity was asked of Joshiah, and the following was his response.

We are a Piece of the One, similar to you, only we exist at a vibrational level that is outside of your vibrational level. We are an entity who has never existed within your vibrational level. We have never experienced the incarnations and the human bodies that you assume.

We give to you the name of Joshiah primarily for the purposes of allowing you to identify with us. On our particular vibrational level we do not have names that would be comprehensible within the vocabulary you operate in at your conscious level. We are entities who are recognizable through our personalities. We communicate on a telepathic plane, for we do not have the physical capabilities of communicating through the use of sound. We exist without the restrictions of the physical form.

We are, as is each individual within your vibrational level, ever-expanding. We seek to learn, to experience and to expand our creation and our ability to experience feelings. We come to you, not as an entity who is any way superior to who or what you are, but rather to express our friendship. We also come for the opportunity to learn and to exchange with you. We do not suggest we are entities who you should in some way put up as leaders, or entities who have solutions to your problems. For the answers and the solutions to those problems are within each of you. They are not, in any way, answers or solutions which are known to entities outside of who you are and what you are.


On the CD entitled “An Introduction to JOSHIAH,” Joshiah gives an explanation of who he is and why he communicates with us. He also describes his basic message and gives us insights as to our purpose for being here. Listening to this CD enables you to experience the energy of Joshiah and the uniqueness of the channeling experience.

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