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Transcribed and Audio Channelings

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The following is a transcript of a channeling in which Joshiah explains unique terms used during the channelings.

Joshiah: Now, we understand you have concerns regarding some of the terms we use during our exchanges with you. Those terms we use exist within the understanding and vocabulary that you and our friend, the channel, operate within. At times, those phrases are not the truest form or indication of the message we choose to transmit, but they are the expressions that exist within your vocabulary. Indeed, the information we transfer at what we have referred to as the silent level is far more accurate, as it transcends the need to have a vocabulary. It is based upon emotions, feelings, and understandings. Nonetheless, for us to express verbally, we are limited, as are you, by the terms within your vocabularies.

Vibrational Levels

Now, we often refer to different “vibrational levels.” Each reality that exists throughout all of creation exists within, for lack of a better term, a certain vibrational level. Energy is required to maintain a reality, and that energy fluctuates at a vibration. Now again, we use this term simply because a vibration is a concept which is understandable within your vocabulary.

We can refer to a vibration as being similar to the vibrations that transfer messages across your earth in the forms of wavelengths, of what you refer to as radio frequencies. Those are similar to the various vibrational levels that exist throughout all of creation. Similarly, as your radio frequencies can exist within the same space, so all of the vibrational levels throughout creation can exist within the same space, as it were. They are separated from each other by a slight alteration in the vibration. By altering the vibration one level, it appears to be completely separate from and discernible from other vibrations.

Simply put, it is very similar to your radio frequencies, in which, as you tune into those particular frequencies with your receiving equipment, you can discern and separate them one from another. You can tune into one particular radio frequency for the purposes of receiving and understanding that transmission, while eliminating and ignoring all of the other radio frequencies that exist simultaneously within the same space at the same time.

Similarly, you choose to tune into this particular frequency, which allows you to experience this reality, while ignoring all of the other frequencies, all of the other realities that exist around you. Indeed some of these frequencies not only exist around you, but you are also participating in them in what you would refer to as other time frames or lifetimes. Yet from this particular conscious state you are tuned into the one frequency or vibration and do not have an understanding or a concept of the other realities that exist simultaneously in the same space at the same time. There is a multitude of realities existing within the same space, and yet each is separate one from the other, and we refer to these realities as vibrational levels.


We also use the term “veil” during the process of channeling. Depending upon the context of the information, the term “veil” can have different meanings. It can refer to different sets of circumstances.

You see there exists throughout your universe a veil that you, as a collective human consciousness, have chosen to establish. It is similar to an electromagnetic type of energy that exists within each and every cell, within each and every atom and molecule throughout your entire universe. That veil is a magnetic type of energy field that you have established for the purposes of allowing you to create this reality without outside interference and indeed it effectively hides you from entities outside of your vibrational level. We would suggest this collective consciousness veil is very difficult for you to alter.

There also exists what we refer to as the personal veil. While we refer to it simply as the veil, we use it in the context of referring to personal occurrences and creations within the reality you exist in. The personal veil is one which you choose to establish to effectively hide from the understanding of who you are and what you are. You maintain and establish that veil to varying degrees, depending upon your personal and individual choices.

For some that veil is very thick, very strong, as they choose to restrict their understanding of who they are. They choose to restrict the spirituality from entering into and influencing their understanding of who they are as a Piece of the One. There are others who choose to thin that veil, who attempt to bring into this consciousness reality the understanding of who they are and what they are. It is much easier for you to alter this personal veil than it is to alter the collective veil.

As you allow for this particular type of interaction [channeling] with entities who exist outside of your vibrational level, you succeed in thinning, to an extent, both the collective human consciousness veil and your personal veil. So when we ask you to thin the veil to allow for our interaction, we are referring to thinning both veils.

Silent Message

Now, as we exchange information with you through the channel, we are indeed limited by your vocabulary. We suggest that we also exchange information with you at the silent level, what we term the “silent message.” We have a silent communication that occurs throughout the channelings, should you express the intent. Indeed the possibility for this exchange of information on the silent level exists at any time that you choose to express the intent to allow for that interaction.

We exchange that information on the silent level through an interaction with your Higher Self, and it occurs telepathically. Now, each of you has within you the capacity to communicate telepathically. At times you exchange information on particular concepts and ideas at the telepathic level. And so it should come as no surprise that you have the capacity to interact and to exchange telepathically with entities existing at other vibrational levels.

Through the exchange of information on the silent level you get a much more accurate transference of the thoughts and the feelings without the limitations of a vocabulary. We also suggest the transference of information on the silent level is a two-way communication in which you indeed transfer to us thoughts and feelings as we exchange and transfer to you our thoughts and feelings. Any time you choose to express the intent we would be honored to interact with you on the silent level.

We would like to express to you our gratitude for the opportunity you present for us to interact and to exchange with you. It is for us a very enjoyable and indeed a very profitable interaction. Now, once again we suggest there is no space. The vibrational level we exist in is indeed within the same space as the vibrational level you exist in. Should you choose to have us exchange with you, you have but to express the intent.

Disease and Dis-ease

(From the August 4, 2002 transcript.)

Joshiah: Now, once again, your vocabulary can be very limiting at times. Indeed it is open to various interpretations that many times are quite different from individual to individual. It can have different meanings, based upon one’s understanding and interpretation of your vocabulary, of your language. And many times we have used various words in different ways in order to relay what intended meaning of that particular word within your vocabulary is. We use the word “dis-ease,” for example. And we put an emphasis on the “dis-ease,” as opposed to the way many of the entities existing within your vibrational level in this incarnational period would interpret that word as, “It is a disease.”

You see, to suggest that it is a “disease” is to suggest that it is some type of an illness, some type of a sickness, that is somehow being perpetuated from elements and forces outside of your physical being. But when we suggest that it is a dis-ease, then the emphasis comes upon the importance of understanding that the illness or the sickness many times is caused by discomfort or dis-ease within the physical body. It is a reflection of beliefs. It is a reflection of attitudes. It is a dis-ease. It is a state of being uncomfortable, so to speak, which is reflected through physical illness.

So it is a dis-ease which is first of all formed or given birth within your belief systems, within your attitudes, within your choices and decisions, absolutely. And that dis-ease reflects itself in physical discomforts, which you would refer to as illnesses. So many times the word disease is used to reflect an illness, and in its original conception it was an understanding that there was a dis-ease within the mental capacity of an individual that was reflected in a physical ailment. To understand that it is a dis-ease and if you deal with the discomfort, then many times you remove the illness or the ailment or the sickness.

You see, what you experience within your physical reality is a reflection of your belief systems and of your choices and decisions and your attitudes. Absolutely you believe it, and as you believe it you create the reality to support the belief. And when you perpetuate beliefs in a discomfort or a dis-ease, then you create the reality to support it, resulting in that illness or that sickness. And it can be varying, and indeed you can even have all types of scientific proof to support that that ailment is present, absolutely. But nonetheless it is as a result of that dis-ease.

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