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Joshiah—Conscious Creation

Contained within the pages of Joshiah—Conscious Creation is information from Joshiah, a gentle, loving entity who exists far outside of our human reality. Delivered in a straightforward style, this channeled material is easily read and understood. The message is simple, yet profound.

Full of inspiring insights into the unlimited possibilities of creating consciously in this reality, the information also offers an explanation as to why we are here, and delves into some of the possibilities that await us in our future.

This wonderfully self-empowering material offers an optimistic outlook at a critical time in the spiritual awakening of humanity. Definitely recommended for those who are searching for a connection with their spirituality.

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Excerpt from Joshiah—Conscious Creation

Questioner: Who or what are you, and do I know you?

Joshiah: Let us begin by a personal explanation of who we truly are. We are a multidimensional entity who exists at a much different vibrational level than the one you exist in. We most definitely are a true and real energy force that communicates with you. The communication, the interaction between our entity and yours, is not new. Indeed it has occurred throughout your history, since you chose to operate within this vibrational level. We have worked with you, we have learned from you, and we have offered you support. Our interactions have been primarily through your Higher Self, through that part of you which is the co-creator of the reality you live in at the conscious level, at this vibrational level. It is indeed a pleasure for us to be able to communicate with you at your conscious level inside the veil.

If you are entertained and if you are in some way assisted in your understanding of what your reality is, of what you truly are, then we are grateful. If you feel joy, if you feel a satisfaction, if you feel gratitude for the opportunity to interact with us on your conscious level, we assure you that from our side of the veil we share the same feelings. For us to participate in and to become a part of your conscious reality at this level of your vibrational existence is a rare and precious phenomenon for us.

We are of the same substance that your Higher Self, or your Oneness is. That spark of consciousness that you refer to as your Soul. When you choose to alter your vibrational level to the extent that you can leave this reality, and leave the other vibrational levels you exist in as your multidimensional personalities, we shall indeed meet again. And we shall be as old friends. For indeed we have been with you forever.

Questioner: Why are you here and what is the source of your information?

We come into this particular vibrational level you exist in because you expressed the intent. You expressed the intent for a loving, understanding, and helpful entity to communicate with you from the other side of the veil. We have not necessarily awaited such a happening, but we are grateful for the opportunity. And as such, we honor your request. The information we express is true within the limits of our ability to understand your existence and even more so, within your ability to understand our existence. It is also true within the framework of your belief systems and your understanding of the creation you exist in.

When we first began this interaction, you expressed concern that the message you were receiving was a message coming from an entity who existed outside of yourself, outside of your belief systems, outside of who you are. You expressed a concern that this was not information you had gathered over your existing lifetimes, but indeed had an authentic origin from an entity who existed outside of yourself. Now, some of the message we give, you know the answers to, you know the information, for it is information that is available to you through many sources. And in that sense we would suggest it is not new. However, some of the information that we give most certainly contradicts the belief systems you hold.

When you first asked for a personal interaction and you wished to be sure of the authenticity of the message, of the source of the message, you attempted this type of recording. What you were searching for was authenticity. What you were searching for was a sign that indeed we are an entity and an energy who exists outside of your level of vibration. To that end, in order to offer you the proof you searched for and to validate the questions and concerns you had, we chose to interfere with your recording system.

Although we are very limited in our ability to alter and have an effect upon the creations within your reality, one of the areas we do have the ability to affect is your electromagnetic type of apparatus. For you see, we are an energy that is primarily an electromagnetic source of energy. When you open your veil and you invite us to come, what comes is a very vibrant and real source of energy. Through our manipulation of that energy it is possible for us to interrupt your recording apparatus, your electromagnetic apparatus, in various ways. And to that end, we interrupted the original recording that you attempted.

You see, by interrupting your recording apparatus, we were giving you proof that we do indeed exist. For us to have voiced the words at that time would have still left you in doubt that we were a real and legitimate source from the other side of the veil. But when we interrupted your recording system, we offered you as close to physical proof as was possible. As others have entered into your group, we have again at times altered your recording systems. We have interrupted the transmission in various ways in order to offer credibility to those entities that required or requested a sign that we are legitimate, that we are real. We have altered the transmission to prove we are not simply an expression of your sub-consciousness or Higher Self.

There are other times when it is more convenient for us to interrupt your recording system in order to have a more accurate transference of information to each individual that is here. When we transmit the information through you as a voice, as a vibrational series, at times the message is limited. At times the interpretation is entirely different between entities based upon their particular belief system or based upon the particular message they have expressed the intent to hear. And so, at those times we interrupt your recording system in order to facilitate all that we can.

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